Caledonia man’s injuries on hands of McGuinty, Kwinter, Fantino and many, many others

sam-gualtieri-stirling-assault0001.jpgUPDATE 1952 EST Sept 15/07: Last night we were at the Stirling Street site to support Caledonia residents as they gathered at the OPP barricade to show their respect and support for the Gualtieri family. See “The OPP are aiding and abetting criminals and terrorists” – Caledonia resident. While there, we met the victim’s brother, Joe, who gave me the photo, left. Click to enlarge; notice the extensive yellow bruising on the right side of Sam’s face in addition to the obvious wounds. 

UPDATE 1031 EST Sept 14/07: After last nights wholly preventable and shocking assault on an innocent resident by out-of-control native thugs, Haldimand resident Donna Pitcher, editor of Haldimand’s Unheard Voice, has organized a simple, strongly worded petition to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty calling on law and order to be upheld. Please…take a few minutes from your busy schedule to sign it. Without rule of law in Ontario, nothing else matters.


As reported to CaledoniaWakeUpCall, at approximately 5pm, a resident checking on his partially built home at the Stirling Woods housing development was viciously attacked by a group of native occupiers and sent to hospital. The man’s family reports that he is very badly injured, and that the natives continued to beat him even after he was unconscious. They were scared away when family members walked in on the scene.

Residents are also reporting that threats are being made by natives who are being allowed to freely come and go from the occupation site by the OPP.

Stirling Woods is the same housing development where, during a recent occupation, the native thugs carried signs saying they were not terrorists, and that KKKanada was committing genocide against them. (See “We are not terrorists!” Really? Prove it.)

“The rule of law is a social contract which allows people in a civilized society to live in peace. The people of Caledonia – and Six Nations for that matter – have every right to expect to live their daily lives without fear of vandalism, assault or worse.”

St. Catharines Standard/Toronto Star editorials, Dec 19/06 and Dec 21/06 respectively


“I don’t give a rat’s ass if we creat victims.”

Shawn Brant, Mohawk Warrior
Leader of Deseronto occupation, rail blockade, and issuer of threats forcing closure of Highway 401


“The weaklings at Queen’s Park responded [to the Caledonia occupation] by reining in police and promising the lawbreakers that the province would not call in the military. The province then appealed an entirely reasonable cease-and-desist order from a judge in Cayuga. Having created an absolute power vacuum, the province tosses this hot potato into the lap of the federal government.

As we saw in Hagersville, natives are going to test the limits of this power vacuum until somone pushes back. This cannot go on forever. More of this and our reluctant leaders will have a militia movement [my emphasis] to contend with along with growing native unrest.”

Simcoe Reformer, May 28/07: Passing the buck


 “That’s one reason Mr. Quattociocchi is in the situation he’s in. The province has set the tone by ignoring lawlessness. I’m afraid if it keeps up there’s going to be violence because there’s no rule of law.”

Dan McCreary, Progressive Conservative candidate, quoted in Brantford Expositor, Sept 13/07: Official blasted for saying developers on their own

On June 6/07 – the anniversary of D-Day, I wrote an ominous article called, Canada at the crossroads: Rule of law or anarchy? in which I talked about the black hole our leaders are pushing us into, where citizens realize that the police will not protect them from native criminals, and are forced to take the law into their own hands.

Earlier today, after the government’s announcement yesterday that it will not protect landowners from native lawlessness, I quoted Mr. McCreary’s prediction above and wrote the following in my reply to a comment by Mary-Lou LaPratte:

“If innocent people are injured or killed defending themselves or their property against landclaim violence and extortion their blood will be on the hands of McGuinty, the Liberal Party, and every MPP and media outlet who remained silent or ignored the truth. It will be on the hands of those who perpetrated the Ipperwash Inquiry cover-up, and on those who ought to have known better – like the Canadian Civil Liberties Association who refused to return our calls begging for help for Dancer, and who refused to meet with us prior to our release of the Ipperwash Papers. Most of all, however, the blood of innocents injured due to native lawlessness will be on the hands of Julian Fantino and every single officer of the OPP who have been ‘just following orders’ not to enforce the law.”

Now, an innocent man lies in a hospital bed from an attack that was entirely predictable and preventable. Every one of these people – directly or indirectly – have the injuries and possibly the life of this man on their conscience today. How many more people will be killed or injured before the OPP/McGuinty madness ends?

To the people of Caledonia

We can imagine your anger at this most predictable outcome. We urge you, however, to remain calm and not to resort to revenge by sinking to the level of the criminals. As hard as it may be, now is the time to comfort the family, and quietly and peacefully gather evidence to force our government and police to return to the rule of law. 

To the family of the injured man, you have our heartfelt sympathies. Our thoughts are with you tonight.

Some readers have already sent letters to the Premier and/or the Liberal Party. Here is their address: .

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


10 responses to “Caledonia man’s injuries on hands of McGuinty, Kwinter, Fantino and many, many others

  1. Mary-Lou LaPratte

    The news of an innocent homeowner next to DCE in the Stirling subdivision in Caledonia today has brought back all the heartache of Ipperwash. The natives have tried to burn a home down and are staying the night. Now the OPP are patrolling the streets adjacent to this new occupied site, because residents are being threatened. The lack of support for the OPP at Ipperwash by the government and the Courts brought the two-tier justice we now have. The Ipperwash Inquiry carved it in stone. Now native warriors all over Ontario have the green light to threaten, vandalize, occupy land illegally and even attempt murder without interference. We truly live in dangerous times.

    I have written the Liberal Party to tell them that blood of innocent residents caught in land claims violence is on the hands of the government for allowing the escalation of crimes and violence to continue unabated in this Province for seventeen months (if you do not include Ipperwash). Justice Linden also has blood on his hands for this recent injury of a homeowner for finding natives blameless in land disputes.

    If we don’t have the Rule of Law, we have nothing. I have spent one quarter of my life fighting the injustice of violent native land occupations, and I wonder if I will live long enough to feel truly safe in this Province ever again. Perhaps if enough people are willing to tell their stories, the government will have to admit they have taken the wrong road and we will succumb to Anarchy if it is not straightened out. I fear for the future of my grandchildren. I so hoped to leave a safer, cleaner and fairer society for them to live to the best of their ability and means.

    Take Care and God Bless

    VoC REPLY: Thanks so much for being the first to comment on this terrible story. When I heard about the man’s injuries, I felt the same combination of rage and sadness as that day with you in the lawyer’s office back in January when I realized that the Ipperwash Inquiry cover-up was destined to create more victims of landclaim lawlessness. I can’t tell you how awful this feels, but I guess you really do know, having lived through many such incidents in Ipperwash. Mark

    Mary-Lou LaPratte lived through the Ipperwash turmoil, and has spent the last 15 years of her life trying to tell the story of her town and the suffering of its residents at the hands of natives, OPP and DND inaction and more recently, the shameful Ipperwash Inquiry which deliberately ignored the residents who were the real victims in the Ipperwash saga.

  2. To all of you commenting above, how would you feel if your family member lost their property in DCE or now in Stirling Woods? If your husband or father or brother was beaten unconscious and continued to be beaten even after he was unconscious? I guess as long as nothing happens to you, anything else is okay. It’s easy to philosophize and criticize when it doesn’t affect you personally.

    My family and I have been living with this for over 19 months now, and it is time for this nonsense to STOP!!! I’m sick of watching this situation with DCE, and now Stirling Woods, take its toll on my family. And please don’t give me your sympathies, because unless you’re willing to stand up for what’s right, sympathies don’t matter at all.

    And Mark and Gary, thank you for making us feel like we are not alone in this and that there are other Canadians who care.

    VoC REPLY: I really don’t know what to say to you tonight, Elaine. Thank you for the kind words; you are not alone, we care more than you know, and it saddens me so much that we were unable to prevent this. We will re-double our efforts and our commitment to expose this evil and resist it with all our power with the help of other Canadians. Thank you for your thoughts on this awful night. Mark

    NOTE: Elaine’s comment was originally left to counter some critical comments left by readers of another VoC post, “Audio recordings reveal OPP hid DCE dangers from public – Part 2.” I have reprinted it here for the benefit of readers of this post, which is directly related to her words and tonight’s events.

  3. Caledonia Resident

    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007 10:49 PM
    To: Dalton. Mcguinty
    Cc:;; Toby Barrett; MARIE TRAINER; DL-COUNCIL; Prime Minister/Premier ministre

    Subject: Serious injury as a result of your approach to Six Nations occupations

    Mr. Premier:

    You may not know or care but a man was attacked by natives in Caledonia today in his own house. This man may not live tonight. Your policy of non-action has likely now cost a life of an individual who wanted nothing but to build a new home for himself and his family.

    If it wasn’t time up until today for you to step in and end these senseless occupations by Six Nations natives of developments in this Province it is now. Mr. Premier, get off your comfortable ass and deal with this situation and deal with it now.

    Since Land Management and Land Titles is the responsibility of the Province I want no longer to hear your stupid comment that it is Federal responsibility. You control deeds, land management and the OPP and it is high time that you now find the spine to deal with an issue that has been yours from the beginning.

    If there was no reason to come to Caledonia so far I think we now have a situation that warrants you coming here and apologizing to the citizens of this fine town.

    I expect you likely will not respond to this message because that would mean you would actually have to deal with a real issue in this Province.

    VoC NOTE: ‘Caledonia Resident’ forwarded a copy of the original email to me, and gave me permission to post it as a comment. This Premier should be utterly ashamed of his ignorance and wilful blindness in abandoning honest, law-abiding, innocent people to the whims of animals who would beat an unarmed, unconsious man to near death. Where is his conscience? Where are the consciences of those around him? Where was the conscience of Justice Sidney Linden when he deliberately excluded the residents of Ipperwash from McGuinty’s Inquiry just so he could give native gangsters a licence to victimize anyone they choose? How do these people sleep at night?

    I wonder if we occupied the Premier’s office, would he say it was a federal problem? Mark

  4. The longer this goes on, the stronger the smell coming from all policial authorities and agencies under the auspices of the Provincal Government.

    It would appear that this governments concerns are fluffing up the cushions they sit their asses on while using the residents of Ontario as doormats and footstools. (In other words, we matter not, right or wrong matters not, legal or illegal matters not, courts and constitution matters not, just send in your tax money).

    Caledonia resident.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Donna, what has happened in Ontario under McGuinty and the OPP is unspeakable. It demonstrates clearly the need for legislation allowing the federal government to intervene when the province refuses to act. The callousness and wilful blindness of the McGuinty government and its disgusting cover-up that licenced native lawlessness – the Ipperwash Inquiry – is responsible for this man’s injuries as much as the animals who beat him. We will continue to resist – peacefully and legally. Start working the phones – Call the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services. Call the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Call the Prime Minister’s office. Call the OPP. Call the Liberal Party. Call the NDP. Call anyone who will listen. We are organizing more peaceful protests in Brantford and Caledonia to make sure that the media, the public and the politicians know that the Rule of Law is the ONLY issue in this election. Be safe. Thanks for the comment. Mark

  5. They don’t like it, the solution is simple…


    VoC REPLY: Now you and everyone else knows why I don’t publish your comments. Go crawl back under your rock while I take a shower to wash the stench off me. Don’t bother writing again, I’ve added your email address to my spam list, so I won’t even see any more of your disgusting, hateful comments. Mark

    P.S. Just a suggestion, but you might want to check out the definition of ‘SOCIOPATH’ and get some professional help. would be a good place to start.

  6. Elliot Lake News

    Mark, you’re doing an admirable job of informing a complacent public of the homegrown terrorist injustices wrought upon the Ontario towns of Caledonia, Ipperwash and now Brantford.

    Appealing to “Premier” McGuinty, who has always been a lying lame duck not only prior to this upcoming provincial election but ever since first being elected…… has only proven to be an exercise in futility.

    Along with once-respected O.P.P. “Commissioner” Fantino, these two sycophants are only interested in winning favour by genuflecting before the alter of political-correctness.

    It’s this pernicious mind-set that has to be broken before any headway can be made in this matter. We’ve all been duped into allowing special interest “victim” groups to become the tail wagging the dog. The dog in this example are White Canadians who’ve lost any sense of solidarity amongst ourselves. I know many brainwashed White people will cringe with embarrassment with even uttering the ‘White’ word which only proves that their thoroughly induced, guilt-fed indoctrination, to be a fact.

    Canadian organizations such as Ontario Human Rights Commission, Canadian Race Relations Foundation, Canadian Commission for UNESCO or the federal Human Rights Commission are only a small sampling of NGO’s whose obvious self-interest is paramount, so it’s imperative to keep a heightened alert for any threat against these special interest groups…that seldom include White Canadians as a group.

    In another example, Toronto has a coalition of about 22 race-based Black community groups catering exclusively to Blacks. Now replace the word ‘Black’ with ‘White’ and you’ll have 22 “racist” community groups. These double standards are mostly impervious to the common man because it’s not polite to discuss these matters amongst ourselves.

    Well, that’s the problem! We’re afraid to discuss racial matters in polite company in fear of being thought of as ‘racist’.

    I’ve tried to outline the major hurdle to overcome with these illustrations, but I must say, I don’t have much hope in this issue being resolved until we acquire some real leadership at the top who can say with gusto, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”.

    ….and that’s not likely to happen.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for compliment ELN. Nice to hear from you again. As someone who has endured many months of accusations of being racist, a white supremacist and of provoking violence and hatred by natives and the OPP/OPPA simply for peacefully and legally protesting and writing in support of the rule of law, equality before the law and respect for the Supreme Court and the Constitution, I am very distressed by how easy it is to throw ‘racist’ slurs to try to silence people you disagree with. Still, this nonsense is dying out because the media doesn’t believe their garbage anymore.

    I do believe that our standing up to these people and taking all the garbage they have dished out has helped the media feel more comfortable about telling more and more of the truth. In fact, check out one of my latest posts called, “OPP are aiding and abetting criminals and terrorists” – Caledonia resident. One year ago, no TV station in the country would have aired this resident’s statement about native criminals.

    Gary McHale and I have both been approved to submit complaints to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, which we have done. I’m sure they will do the right thing by protecting ALL citizens from systemic racism – white, black, asian, native. Injustice is injustice, no matter what the colour of one’s skin.

    Recently, I’ve mentioned in an article that the Canadian Civil Liberties Association wouldn’t return even one of my messages begging for help for Dancer. I’ve phoned, emailed and faxed them asking for a meeting without getting a return phone call. It’s hard to believe that they’d be so callous if Caledonia was filled with Black or Asian people who were afraid in their homes because of white gangs protected by the OPP. Their refusal to even acknowledge us or this issue is one of the great disappointments to me.

    Every one of us has an obligation to preserve Canada as a country where free speech is a vital part of our democracy. It’s not easy, but it must be done, even when those who are supposed to know better don’t. Thanks for writing. Mark

    P.S. For the record, the first person to be arrested in Caledonia was an Asian woman who defied the OPP and the natives by sitting in a lawn chair with a cup of Tim Hortons coffee on the edge of the Douglas Creek Estates.

  7. Granted, by not enforcing the law, McGuinty, Fantino, and Kwinty are indirectly responsible. But let’s not forget, it was the Mohawk Youths that did it. Please do not forget that these protesters are getting dangerous…It is not safe for people to live in, visit, or be in Caledonia at all right now.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Ty. You’re absolutely right, of course. I didn’t mention the actual perpetrators because I didn’t think it necessary given my consistent opposition to the criminals who perpetrate landclaim lawlessness. Besides, this article was specifically designed to hold those in positions of power responsible for their role in a crime that even a moron with a 25 IQ could have seen coming from 100 miles away. It was predictable and preventable, and there were more than enough people who ought to have seen it coming besides us. Thanks for writing, Ty. Mark

  8. I read our national paper (the Globe and Mail) and am appalled at the poverty of coverage and the skewed content of what little coverage there has been, concerning the situation in Caledonia. The citizens of Toronto and subsequently much of Canada are poorly informed about this complex situation. They are generally unaware of the terrible difficulties that continue to plague the citizens of Caledonia area. I feel they are also unaware of the enormous potential problems we all face down the road as this problem continues to get more and more out of control.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing, JB. You are very correct in saying that the public and the majority of politicians are woefully unaware of just how out of control things are getting. A lot of the blame has to be placed on the media, many of whom have refused to tell the true story of Caledonia. The good news is the rise of ‘citizen journalists’ like VoC, and others. We are highly involved, highly motivated and exceptionally well-informed in a way mainstream media can never be. Thanks for writing. Mark

  9. Thanks Mark for posting my “on-line petition to Premier Dalton McGuinty”.

    The petition is up to 655 signatures. Every signature counts. Our voices are being heard!


    VoC REPLY: You’re most welcome. Thanks for doing it, and thanks for the update. Regards, Mark

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