VoC looks back after passing 100,000 page milestone

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgAs of today, VoiceofCanada passed the milestone of having 100,000 pages viewed by readers, and I couldn’t help but think back…  

I first began writing about Caledonia back in April (I think) on my first blog called VoiceofLondon just before Gary McHale created CaledoniaWakeUpCall . 

It wasn’t until Oct 05/06 that I would meet McHale for the first time in Brantford. That night I recorded with my video camera his good natured composure as he was viciously heckled by supporters of the Douglas Creek Estates occupiers while sharing his simple message that laws should be enforced equally and that we had to influence the next election by taking Caledonia’s story to the media.

brantford_oct05-06-003.jpgMcHale had to speak outside on the grass under the streetlights because Mayor Hancock cancelled his room rental at the Lions Hall. As I watched and listened to disgusting slurs thrown at him by those opposed to his message of equality, justice and peaceful protest, I was frightened by what I witnessed and decided that I had to do everything I could do to help him.

I immediately replaced VoiceofLondon with VoiceofCanada and, on October 08/06, my first post was a rebuttal of Jamie West’s criticism of the inaugural March for Freedom. Three days later I posted MARCH FOR FREEDOM, a movie I made to expose what I called, the “underbelly of a dangerous movement that now feels untouchable thanks to a police force that has abandoned its responsibility of providing law and order in favour of appeasement.” March for Freedom helps explain to others why I felt compelled to join McHale’s struggle. It has now been viewed thousands of times.

A lot of articles and chronicled events, both good and bad, have passed through the pages of VoiceofCanada, but I think one of the most satisfying (aside from my work on The Ipperwash Papers project) is my recent reprint of Gary McHale’s letter to the hapless Brantford politician who thought his city would be safe from landclaim lawlessness if only he could keep McHale from speaking about the plight of Caledonians that October night. History shows how wrong Mayor Hancock was and, of course, how right McHale was about the dangers of landclaim lawlessness.

“Instead of defending the rule of law and equality for fellow Canadians in a nearby town, he ignored their plight and prevented a meeting by average people like us who have been forced to take a stand for law and order as occupation after occupation occurred across Ontario.”

I am so proud to have stood by Gary McHale’s side along with all the other ‘average’ people who are taking a stand against the lawlessness that has our province on the brink of disaster. Despite the financial pressures, disgusting allegations of racism and connections to white supremacists, the slander and libel of the OPP/OPP and my arrest for trying to raise a Canadian flag, I would do it over in a heartbeat. Naturally, of course, I can’t wait to celebrate an Ontario with ‘One Law for All’ after McGuinty and Fantino become unemployed. Now, THAT will be a milestone!

Thanks for reading VoiceofCanada, and for your encouragement and messages of support. Thank you especially to those who donated your hard-earned money to help make this awful struggle a little less difficult. Your support has meant a lot to me and my wife.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


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