“OPP are aiding and abetting criminals and terrorists” – Caledonia resident

UPDATE 1912 EST Sept 17/07: Donna Pitcher of Haldimand’s Unheard Voice talks about her chat with Liberal candidate Lorraine Bergstrand, and comments on the need for the OPP to be replaced in, My Chat with Lorraine Bergstrand.

UPDATED 1425 EST Sept 17/07

sam-gualtieri-stirling-assault0001.jpg2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgAfter doing a mini-protest in Brantford in support of a builder who claimed the Six Nations Confederacy was extorting money from him, we spent approximately 5 hours at the OPP barricades near the Stirling Street building site where Sam Gualtieri was brutally assaulted by a group of native thugs.

While there, we had the honour of meeting Sam’s brother, Joe, who gave me a photo of Sam’s injuries to run on VoC. Joe’s strength and dignity were obvious along with his determination to hold the government, the OPP and the actual criminals responsible.

westernstandard-jul0207.jpgWe brought signs and flags and did interviews with the media as did many residents. The best quote I heard that made the media was Merlyn Kinrade’s interview with CHCH TV in which he said, “The OPP are aiding and abetting criminals and terrorists.” Bravo Merlyn!

During our joint interview Gary McHale pointed out to the numerous media outlets present that if the OPP had done their job in the first place by removing the native occupiers tresspassing on the site, Sam wouldn’t be lying in the hospital.

I told the media that Mr. Gualtieri’s assault was both predictable and preventable because the McGuinty Ipperwash Inquiry covered up all evidence of native crime against innocent Ipperwash residents, and then issued a report that – in effect – removed landclaim crimes from the Criminal Code.

In the OPP ‘Truth is stranger than fiction’ department…

question-mark_cartoon.jpegEven after the vicious assault on Sam Gualtieri on Sept 12th, the OPP still refused to remove the native occupiers from the construction site! Last night, they were plainly visible on top of a hill with Mohawk Warrior flags flying.  This police force really has lost its soul along with any shred of moral authority it had left. It is sad to watch, especially in living colour.

During the evening, a carload of natives tried to get through the OPP barricade but, in a rare display of common sense, the officers convinced them to leave. When we first arrived, however, the police told us that the natives could get through by walking “all the way around.” We asked them how to do that, but the officer replied, “I don’t have a map.”

Some great coverage by CaledoniaWakeUpCall

Jeff Parkinson, editor of the CaledoniaWakeUpCall blog, has written a great account of yesterday’s events with some photos. See CWUC visits Brantford, & spends an evening on Stirling Street.

See also, the very extensive coverage in a special Stirling Street feature on CaledoniaWakeUpCall.

Was the assault on Sam Gualtieri a ‘hate crime?’

I watched the Confederacy Chiefs apologize to Joe Gualtieri on the 11pm news. I couldn’t help but wonder what they expected to happen when they sent out thugs to intimidate people while carrying signs saying things like “KKKanada commits genocide.” What, exactly, did they think was going to happen when they encourage lawlessness, intimidation, and extortion by people fueled with such outrageous propaganda?

A couple of people suggested that perhaps the perpetrators of the violence and/or the Confederacy that enabled it could be charged with a ‘hate crime,’ so I called a contact of mine with a lot of experience in human rights complaints and legislation to get an opinion. He told me that hate crimes are very, very difficult to prove, and gave me his emphatic opinion that, while this particular assault may not fit the definition of a hate crime, he felt that what is happening in Caledonia definitely fits the definition of ‘terrorism.’ 


I guess that’s why they feel the need to carry signs saying, “We are not terrorists!”

A message for OPP officers

Please read ‘OPP ONLY.’ It’s important – for you, our province and our country.

Gualtieri family, our thoughts are with you…

To the Gualtieri family, our thoughts are with you. You also deserve our respect for having the courage and determination to speak out against those responsible for this attempted murder of Sam. Perhaps, now, someone will listen and stop this insanity.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

2 responses to ““OPP are aiding and abetting criminals and terrorists” – Caledonia resident

  1. This is getting stupid. Now they’re beating innocent husbands and fathers. Wasn’t even adults, it was youths…Who of course cannot be named under our great country’s Youth Criminal Justice Act.

    I read this in the news paper and felt sick.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Ty. 1. For the youths to be named, they’d have to be arrested, and for that to happen, the brass have to authorize it, and for that to happen, they’d have to have IQs higher than a turnip. 2. I share your revulsion, especially since I can predict, with virtually 100% certainty, that more people – native and non-native – will be victimized before the OPP re-discovers their role as a real, honest-to-goodness police force. Regards, Mark

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