Is suffering of innocent people worth covering up so Dalton can have 4 more years?

UPDATE 1348 EST Sept 21/07: Great article on, Caledonia Shrouded in Silence. Be sure to see Bob’s other article, Caledonia May Bite McGuinty in the Hind-quarters.

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgToday, I sent variations of the following message to various media outlets and officials in the Conservative Party today regarding Greg Sorbara’s attempt to defend Liberal negligence in Caledonia using the Ipperwash Inquiry to support their position.

One media outlet wrote back to advise that my email had been forwarded to a senior editor for review. Here is my letter to them:

Dear Mr. xxxxx:

Yesterday, Greg Sorbara used the Ipperwash Inquiry to justify the Liberals’ refusal to act in Caledonia. When we presented The Ipperwash Papers at Queen’s Park on March 14/07 we left a copy of our press kit for Mr. McGuinty as well as the leaders of the PCs and NDP. The Ipperwash Papers prove that McGuinty’s Inquiry deliberately covered up all evidence related to the suffering of innocent residents due to landclaim lawlessness. It would be like investing 3 years and $20M on an inquiry into Caledonia and never allowing a single resident to testify, and excluding every shred of evidence of native crimes against them.

I would be pleased to meet with you at your convenience to present The Ipperwash Papers to you and members of your staff, and answer any questions you may have. In the meantime all 400+ pages of documents are online at the website below.

What happened to Sam Gualtieri was very predictable and very preventable. The Liberals are using the Ipperwash Inquiry to justify an approach to landclaim lawlessness that is taking us to the edge of anarchy. The truth about it must be told before other people are harmed.

westernstandard-jul0207.jpgThe Western Standard magazine has recently printed an in-depth expose of the Ipperwash Inquiry based, in large part, on our work on The Ipperwash Papers. I have attached a PDF copy.

We must never forget that the Liberal/OPP policies endorsed by the Ipperwash Inquiry are victimizing native people, too. According to native media, there have been 2 rapes on DCE as well as other assaults and drug use. Natives in Ipperwash were also victimized.

Please call me, day or night at my home office:, or cell:

Mark Vandermaas, Editor



Truth always rises to the top 

Sooner or later, Ontario media will tell this story and reveal the politically-incorrect truth that the OPP and the Liberals have been trying to shift blame for their failures onto the feds by using a $20M mockery of the truth called the Ipperwash Inquiry, a shameful cover-up that is having dangerous consequences for thousands of people in our province. McGuinty’s Inquiry deliberately ignored the suffering of the innocent residents of Ipperwash due to landclaim lawlessness, just as McGuinty is ignoring the people of Caledonia.

OPP activities in Caledonia are considered to be “best practices”(!) 

The worst insult of all is that the Ipperwash Inquiry report says the OPP are applying “best practices” in Caledonia. If you believe that what the OPP have been doing to the people there should be considered “best practices,” I’ve got some swamp land in Florida for sale.

Are the lives of innocent people worth covering up so Dalton can have 4 more years?

Shame on you, Dalton. Shame on everyone who had a hand in the Ipperwash cover-up.  Is political correctness more important than Sam Gualtieri’s brain function and broken bones? Is it worth the lives of the other people who will be killed or injured before this insanity is stopped, and the province has ‘One law for All’ once again?

Are the lives of innocent people in Ipperwash, Caledonia, Deseronto, Brantford, etc. worth sacrificing just so Dalton can be premier for four more years?

God, I hope not.

Ask your candidate why their party isn’t talking about the Ipperwash cover-up 

Why not give the PCs and NDP a call and ask them why they’re not talking about The Ipperwash Papers’ evidence that proves the official Ipperwash Inquiry was a cover-up? Believe me, it’s not because we haven’t told them! Heck, even if you’re a life-long Liberal, why not call your candidate and ask them about it? You just might change your vote! 

Let’s share the truth

If you belong to a group or organization you think needs to know how the Ipperwash cover-up impacts the OPP and everything else connected to landclaim lawlessness, check out my Invite VoC to Speak page. Let’s get the truth out there!

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

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