Who’s in charge – Six Nations Confederacy or Julian Fantino?

UPDATED 0232 EST Sept 20/07

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgCaledoniaWakeUpCall.com is reporting that Clyde Powless, the man who ordered the main street of Caledonia dug up for weeks last year, gave the ‘OK’ for an OPP force led by a plainclothes RCMP officer to arrest a bunch of native thugs at the Stirling Street development site as described in Bulletin: RCMP lead OPP arrest of 13 natives during crisis at Stirling Street development in Caledonia.

Around 7:30pm I got a call from a Caledonia resident who met an OPP officer and asked him, given the news that arrests of natives had actually occurred, if Julian Fantino had been fired. The officer replied that as far as they knew, Fantino was still in charge, but that they got the “blessing of the Six Nations Confederacy” to make the arrests.

Who is in charge of the OPP – the Six Nations Confederacy or Julian Fantino and the government of Ontario?

lady_justice_not_blind.jpegWe have more than enough evidence to prove that the OPP in Caledonia are taking direction from native occupiers to violate the rights of non-natives: We have tape recordings of Inspector McLean admitting that he didn’t have a problem with us raising flags until he was pressured by the occupiers of DCE. We also have approx. 1,000 hours of OPP/DCE radio traffic during which the native gangsters on DCE threaten to shoot OPP officers and civilians, and tell the OPP which roads they can use and which roads they can’t. See Audio recordings reveal OPP hid DCE dangers from public – Part 2.

So, it’s absolutely no surprise to us and our readers to find out that the OPP felt it necessary to obtain permission from the Six Nations Confederacy (the same group that has instituted its own land development extortion program, see also Local builder balks at payment) in order to make some arrests of potentially violent criminals. 

This province’s police force has been rendered so impotent that it now can’t even arrest a bunch of native thugs without permission of the people who have been encouraging the very lawlessness that caused the whole situation in the first place! Don’t get me wrong, the arrests are great, but let’s not kid ourselves here; nothing has changed fundamentally. The only thing that happened today is that one group of gangsters gave permission to a police force to arrest another group of gangsters who were giving their landclaim extortion program some bad PR. That’s it.

Of course, there’s another angle to these most dramatic arrests just mere weeks before the election, as suggested by one reader: 

“Is it just me or does anyone else think that todays arrests on Sterling St. will become a liberal political ploy to gather more votes on October 10? Watch them claim that you should vote for them because they put on a big show today.”

Eenie. Meenie. Minie. Moe. Catch a liar by his toe… 

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

One response to “Who’s in charge – Six Nations Confederacy or Julian Fantino?

  1. Mary-Lou LaPratte

    Dear Mark,

    I had written on another post that I knew in my heart that our Political Leaders had no input into the arrests on the Stirling Subdivision. It is unconscionable that the OPP can have protocol dictated by the Six Nations, but our government officials are impotent. If McGuinty uses this to further his votes he is indeed a liar. His expensive Ipperwash Inquiry report up to now has been his excuse for not acting.

    Many times at Ipperwash we asked our elected leaders why the natives could dictate to the OPP how to do their job, but if the government intervened it was political influence which is not allowed. We never got an answer to this question and hence the stalemate on resolution at Ipperwash for over a decade.

    The militant natives as a result of the Ipperwash Inquiry have been allowed to harass, threaten, occupy land illegally and committ criminal offenses up to and including attempted murder without consequences. We now can add that they have the authority to tell the OPP how to do their job.

    You are absolutely right. Who is in charge of Policing and enforcing the Law in this Province? It sure isn’t McWimpy , and it sure isn’t those appointed or elected and paid to do so. Caledonia will be Ipperwash in another decade if the Rule of Law is suspended any longer. No wonder no one wants to live or set up a business in Ontario. No one wants to risk the safety of their family and livelihood just to give McWimpy another four years of Power to do nothing and get well paid for the privilege. Perhaps McGuinty could give Ontario a tax break, and shift the expense for policing to the Six Nations since they are the only ones who are allowed to have the OPP act on anything.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Mary-Lou. McGuinty can give all the direction he needs to by having his Solicitor General fire commissioners until we get one who understands that the Ipperwash Inquiry was a sham, and therefore, all policing protocols need to be held under a microscope of truth and reality. This commissioner needs to fire the top 200 officers no matter how much it costs us, and restore the rule of law – and respect for the OPP – to our province. Personally, I think politicians have a duty to direct the police to enforce the law, and do it equally, especially since there is overwhelming evidence to prove they are not doing so. If they don’t do it, who can? You and me and a group of Canadians willing to risk everything we have? Thanks as always for your comment. Regards, Mark