NEWS RELEASE: Greg Sorbara comments re Caledonia & Ipperwash Inquiry called “shameful”

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September 20, 2007


Lead investigator for Ipperwash Papers project calls Greg Sorbara’s use of Ipperwash Inquiry to justify Liberals’ handling of Caledonia crisis “shameful”

Mark Vandermaas, lead investigator for The Ipperwash Papers project, is directing all media outlets to documents proving that the official Ipperwash Inquiry deliberately covered up all evidence related to the suffering of innocent Ipperwash residents due to landclaim lawlessness. He, along with other contributors to the project – long-time Ipperwash resident and activist, Mary-Lou LaPratte, and founder, Gary McHale – provided a summary of this evidence to the Premier’s office on March 14, 2007 following a Queen’s Park news conference where they released 400+ pages of documents ‘overlooked’ by the Inquiry.

Vandermaas’ concern was prompted by Cabinet Minister Greg Sorbara’s recent remarks in which he justified the Liberal’s ‘hands-off’ policy to the Caledonia crisis by saying his statements conform to recommendations of the Ipperwash Inquiry.

Vandermaas says, “Imagine if the government invested $20M and 3 years on an inquiry into Caledonia, but refused to allow a single resident to testify, and went out of its way to exclude every shred of evidence of native crimes against them? What if this inquiry was then used to justify a ‘hands off’ policy against native lawlessness in another Ontario town? That’s the legacy of the Ipperwash Inquiry for Caledonians.”

“It is shameful that a member of the McGuinty government would knowingly use a fundamentally unfair inquiry to justify Liberal inaction when areas of Ontario are so dangerously close to anarchy. The Ipperwash Inquiry deliberately ignored the suffering of innocent people in Ipperwash just as the Liberals are now ignoring the people of Caledonia,” he said.

westernstandard-jul0207.jpgAt least one media outlet in the Haldimand area is speaking openly of the dangerous situation caused by the McGuinty government’s disregard for the safety and security of residents. In a Sept 20th article, Monte Sonnenberg says that the 900,000 people in the Grand River watershed are “threatened by insurrection. Yet our buck-passing provincial government does nothing but enable their antagonists.”  

The Western Standard magazine recently published an expose of the Ipperwash Inquiry in an article entitled, Protection Racket: An Ontario judge glosses over illegal aboriginal acts at Ipperwash. The Ipperwash Papers project provided significant assistance to the author.

Supporting documents can be found at The Ipperwash Papers website at .



Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Lead Investigator – The Ipperwash Papers

Gary McHale, Editor

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One response to “NEWS RELEASE: Greg Sorbara comments re Caledonia & Ipperwash Inquiry called “shameful”

  1. The hands off approach to Native insurrection was in effect prior to the release of the Ipperwash Inquiry papers. (In order to get a survey or or any study to come out the way you want, the bottom line is provided.)

    VoC REPLY: Hi Donna, you’re absolutely right. The whole purpose of The Ipperwash Papers was to expose the truth that the people of Ipperwash suffered through an insurrection that was never acknowledged by the Ipperwash Inquiry.

    In the case of the Ipperwash Inquiry, the ‘bottom line’ was most definitely provided in advance.

    By the way, the use of the words ‘insurrection’ can be found in the Ipperwash Papers in the form of a letter from an insurance company telling one resident that their insurance is not valid since what was happening in Ipperwash was considered an “insurrection” and “rebellion.” Thanks for writing. Mark