$12M lawsuit: Mary-Lou LaPratte comments on “astonishing” comparisons to Ipperwash

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgMary-Lou LaPratte has spent the last 15 years of her life trying to tell the true story of what happened in Ipperwash to innocent residents. She was a guest speaker at the inaugural March for Freedom last Oct 15/06, and everyone who is fortunate enough to know her knows just how much her heart aches for the people of Caledonia, and their needless suffering.

After reading excerpts from the $12M Brown/Chatwell lawsuit, she sent this comment, which I decided to publish as its own article:

Dear Mark,

The comparison of policy used by the OPP at Ipperwash and at Caledonia is astonishing.  As at Ipperwash the incidents in this lawsuit from the Caledonia family are almost the same.   It is completely unconscionable that the victims of crime should be victimized again by the OPP and the government on top of the native abuse they have already endured.  This method of completely acting like you are not important by the OPP and the government induces enormous fear.  Fear prevents people from going public with their problems.   Very few have gone public at Ipperwash, because of fear of where the abuse in the future will come from, OPP or government, or the natives.  The death of Dudley George entrenched the OPP policy we have today.

The Ipperwash Inquiry finally put the nail in the coffin for Justice for all in exonerating the natives of any blame in violent land occupations and disputes.  Justice Linden even went so far as to use the weather(winter coming on) for the aborrhent, violent takeover of the former Ipperwash Military Base.   What I fail to understand is that since Ipperwash, twelve years ago, and since more victims are being traumatized every day under this OPP best practices policy, why has no one in the OPP or the government tried to make an effort to change the ramifications of this policy????

It is because most Canadians are law-abiding, don’t go around chasing militant natives, harassing, threatening and assaulting.  Most Canadians would try to help the OPP by reporting what is happening in relation to criminal offenses.  Most Canadians would assume the services from the OPP they pay for would be there if needed. Not enough Canadians know that the Inquiry by crass ommission of residents’ suffering through the violent native agenda at Ipperwash was never allowed to be made public. The OPP and the government do not care if residents follow all the rules and are patient and understanding.   If you complain about OPP non-action,  crimes ongoing, or ask the question.”Why won’t anyone in authority help us?”  you are setting yourself up to be victimized again for speaking out by the very institutions legislated to keep you, your family and your property safe. 

I wish Dave and Dana success in this endeavour,  however it will be a long battle as those in power will use every tool at their disposal to prevent themselves  from having to  face a Judge and pay the consequences of this abhorrent native policy.   That is assuming the Judge acknowledges that something stinks in small town Ontario.  That leaves only one question that must be answered.   “How many victims will it take before something is done by the authorities to stop this madness, or before law-abiding citizens finally lose it and civil war breaks out????? 


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