BULLETIN: Reinforcements arrive at Caledonia frontlines on D-Day!

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgDear friends, supporters and victims of the awful struggle against Two Tier Justice in Ontario,

I have just called Mary-Lou LaPratte to advise her that the ‘Battle for Truth’ has been won today.

John Tory and the Ontario Conservative Party have now joined the people on the frontlines at Caledonia. September 23, 2007 is D-Day as the final battle to destroy Two Tier Justice begins.

This is a great day for Ontario and for Canada.

Be sure to read the PC’s announcement below. It is both tough and fair. Kudos to the party, and to Mr. Tory for taking a stand to protect all Ontarios – native and non-native.

Mark Vandermaas


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Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2007 1:27 PM
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Subject: One Law For All

A Message from the PC Party of Ontario
Today, John Tory returned to Caledonia, the site of the ongoing land claim dispute
and occupation, where he called for new leadership to resolve the current standoff
and to prevent other illegal occupations in the future.
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John Tory’s plan for One Law For All.

Tory outlined the new ground rules that a PC government would enforce when confronted
with an illegal occupation:

  • No negotiation with anyone engaging in an illegal occupation;
  • Oppose any group using an illegal occupation to extort concessions
    or payments;
  • Insist that the authority of the courts, including court injunctions, are respected
    and enforced; and,
  • Use the justice system to pursue civil action against those who participate in,
    direct, or financially support illegal occupations.

Tory reiterated his commitments to showing new leadership on addressing the many
longstanding issues of Ontario’s First Nations’ communities:

  • Make it a priority to resolve Aboriginal land claims, working with Aboriginal peoples
    and the federal government;
  • Work with Ontario’s Aboriginal peoples to meet essential needs in education, health,
    social services, and infrastructure;
  • Improve mental health service capacity in Aboriginal communities; and,
  • Promote and enhance access to our college and university programs by Aboriginal

Dalton McGuinty has refused to insist on the rule of law when it comes to illegal
The Caledonia occupation alone has cost Ontario taxpayers $55 million so far.
Similar disputes have since threatened communities ranging from Desoronto, Brantford,
Hagersville, the Village of York, and Dunnville.

For a safe and strong Ontario, Leadership Matters.

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© 2007 The Ontario PC Party. Authorized by the CFO of The Ontario PC Party.

2 responses to “BULLETIN: Reinforcements arrive at Caledonia frontlines on D-Day!

  1. Unfortunately,Tory seems to be getting crucified by the press. “Tory Stirring The Pot”,is in almost every media headline today. I guess people prefer lawlessness over civility. One side is always favoured,that of the protesters and their illegal acts.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Cathy. Funny, that’s what they said about us! 🙂 Don’t be disturbed by the media coverage – the gloves have come off, and now the truth can be told. Remember, for almost a year now we have been providing the PC’s with every bit of evidence they need to counter Liberal propaganda, including the Ipperwash Inquiry cover-up. Believe me, he’s got the evidence. Let’s watch and see if he uses it. Thanks so much for writing. Mark

  2. Well Mark, I’ve never voted PC in my life and never thought I would, but after watching the candidates debate and reading and hearing what Tory has to say about Caledonia my mind is made up. I don’t agree on Tory’s school policy, but that’s the only thing about the man I disagree with. What he says he will do for Caledonia and the rest of Ontario is good enough for me, I mean he can’t lie to me anymore than I’ve been lied to now and I say give the man a chance, at least he has come up with some positive ideas. So let’s get rid of that grinning liar Mcguinty and get Ontario back to the time when police were respected and so where are laws. Jail the criminals and terrorists and feel safe in our own homes.

    VoC REPLY: Hi William. Thanks so much for your comment. As much as I enjoyed the herpetological adjectives and the references to the Mustela family of mammals (http://www.dictionary.com) in your comment, I do try to stay away from writing or printing personal attacks on people, even McGuinty and his cronies, so I apologize for editing your comment a bit. As far as the ‘liar’ comment goes, there are a lot of media outlets he’d have to sue before he got to me. Plus, I think we have enough evidence from our Caledonia efforts to back up that one. If you haven’t done so, check out $12M lawsuit: “Misfeasance” by OPP and Liberal ministers re agreements not to enforce law and Liberals use Ipperwash cover-up in election.

    You’re not the first to write to say you’re voting PC for the first time. You don’t have to be a PC to believe that the law should apply to all and that our leaders shouldn’t make deals with criminals to protect them from prosecution because of their race. Yes, perhaps you do have to vote against the Liberals this time and remove them from power so they can rediscover the meaning of democracy and rebuild their party from the basement up. Pierre Trudeau was a Liberal. I must admit that I didn’t think much of him when he was in power, but after being so heavily involved in this struggle, I have new appreciation for his steadfast commitment to preserving democracy, a commitment that is – unfortunately – not shared by McGuinty and crew.

    I have voted NDP, PC and Green Party in past elections, so I thank you so much for not clinging to political dogma. I/we appreciate it.

    As for the school funding issue, either we fund them all or we fund none. Personally, I think we should fund none, but school funding issues don’t mean a damn if you have no rule of law. When people don’t feel safe in their homes due to direct interference and a political cover-up masking as an unbiased Inquiry, nothing else matters. As far as I’m concerned, ‘Rule of Law’ is the ONLY issue in this election. Thanks for having the smarts to figure that one out on your own! Regards, Mark