Questions for Ontario from a Caledonia resident

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgThis post has its beginnings as a comment to $12M lawsuit: “Misfeasance” by OPP and Liberal ministers re agreements not to enforce law, an article containing excerpts from the shocking Statement of Claim for the $12M Brown/Chatwell lawsuit against the OPP and Ontario government.

Dave Hartless, is more than qualified to comment on the Caledonia crisis. He and his family live near the occupied Douglas Creek Estates, he was assaulted by occupiers, and was later forced to (successfully!) defend his right to speak out against an outrageous attempt to silence him by OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino and Caledonia OPP Detachment Commander Inspector McLean.

This is what he had to say about the shocking story told by the Brown/Chatwell lawsuit:

“What I find absolutely incredible is that even now there are people who do not believe that the Caledonia issue is of enough significance to impact upon their lives. Dave and Dana, Mary Lou, Anne Marie, Bo, Steve and even myself along with countless others have stood up and pointed out the crimes and double standards and atrocities committed against everyone involved.

“The government reps, the Haudenosaunee, the OPP upper echelon move us around on the meeting tables like chess pieces on a board…. we are forgotten, we hold no importance, we are dehumanized and dismissed as acceptable losses. There are 10,000 people in Caledonia and 22,000 people in Six Nations of the Grand River territory yet those numbers mean ABSOLUTELY nothing because they are just numbers….. 32,000 PEOPLE, men, women, children held hostage, trivialized, ignored, assaulted, intimidated and otherwise abused by an essentially small group of thugs who have been empowered by a small group of politicians and high ranking police officers…. why?…. because the road they have taken requires far less of them than the road that holds adversity, the road that holds on the other side of that adversity the truth, the road that simply by going through the adversity carries such outdated notions of Honour, Integrity, Justice, Equality……..

“We don’t want anything special, we want our homes and loved ones protected, we want the law to be upheld regardless of any other factor, we want honour in how we are dealt with, we want our rights and freedoms as GUARANTEED in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

question-mark_cartoon.jpegquestion-mark_cartoon.jpeg“These are not strange or unreasonable demands, policing the people on 6th Line is not an unreasonable demand. Can anyone understand why Dave and Dana have had to go through this? Why any of us have had to go through this? How did politics and appearance become more valuable than 32,000 human beings with lives, hopes and dreams? Anyone?”

David Hartless

VoC comment

Yes, indeed, Dave. How DID politics and appearance become more valuable than 32,000 people? 

I felt that Dave’s comments and poignant closing questions deserved a post of their own, because, while he doesn’t mention the upcoming ‘Remember Us’ March, for me his words fairly scream out to every voter in Ontario begging them to come to Caledonia on Oct 8th to support a town that has already suffered too much. Will you answer his questions? Will you answer his unspoken call to action? Will you march with us?

Mark Vandermaas, Editor



3 responses to “Questions for Ontario from a Caledonia resident

  1. Mary-Lou LaPratte

    Dear Mark,

    Mr. Hartless asked a very important question that deserves a blunt answer. In fifteen years we at Ipperwash have never had this question answered correctly. The response has always been,”You must be patient and understanding until the land ownership issue has been resolved.”

    Nineteen months of escalating victimization of innocent residents in Caledonia is appalling. Fifteen years in Ipperwash is beyond the pale. Will we ever know who calls the shots in this Province.???? NO. Not one politician or political appointee will ever admit, “This was all my call, and I take full responsibility for the fallout.”

    The only avenue we have is to stand tall, united, and continue to publicly get out the ongoing abuses. Politicians respond to numbers. The numbers are not large enough primarily due to fear of what will happen to them or their families if they go public.

    Recently a scandal has broken out in my hometown over the building of our new hospital addition which has been on the books since 1993. It has escalated in cost from sixty-seven million to now three hundred and nineteen million. Mr. McGuinty has raised the money through privately mortgaging this building with a Native Band in the North West Territories so that with the revenues earned on the mortgage the band can build a wellness centre. I do not object to the financing from a native band. I do object to any mortgage on a hospital when it is the Province’s job to support all levels of health care including our hospitals. I object to McGuinty if he must do this, going out of the Province of Ontario for money that will not generate funds in our economy.

    I also object to this deal being kept quiet for the past four years under McGuinty’s reign because I wonder now if no response to native lawlessness was so this deal would not be compromised. Ours is not the only hospital addition or improvement in this Province being financed this way. Then we have our Conservative candidate Bob Bailey stating at a live Candidates meeting that he personnally knows OPP officers who have been told to stand down at Caledonia. Who gave this order?????

    You can bet your sweet bippy Bob isn’t telling. My question to him is “Why”??????


    VoC REPLY: Well, well, well. Dalton’s been a busy boy hiding his hospital financing plan from us while he allows whole areas of Ontario to be reduced to near anarchy. Regards, Mark

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    The politics and political agendas in this province are/have become so anti-civil, so corrupt and so elitist, we see citizens dealt with contempt and dismissal routinely by authorities and politicians alike.

    Frankly, depending on what I see transpire in this election I’m seriously willing to sell off my assets here and move my business and personal holdings to a province which respects individual property rights and protects its productive citizens….instead of lying to them, fleecing them and contemptuously abandoning them and their property to criminal pillage.

    Ontario’s political leadership is truly civilly degenerate….and Caledonia and Ipperwash are the glaring examples where corruption of constitutional values shows through the veneer of stability spun by political propagandists and a sycophant GTA media.

    VoC REPLY: Well, WL, given that the Liberals are predicted to win a majority, we should book our moving trucks early. Do you think we could get a volume discount? Thanks for the comment. I only wish it weren’t so bitingly true! Regards, Mark

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    I have been shopping real estate in Red Deer AB Mark….the relief in property and provincial tax alone makes it worth the move…business tax is virtually non existent ( for realty)…and the place is stable culturally and politically.

    VoC REPLY: Keep in touch, and let us know how you make out. Red Deer might be getting an influx of Ontarian refugees if Dalton wins tonight. Mark