Dumb and dumber in Caledonia

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgUPDATE Oct 25/07: A feature page for the October 08/07 ‘Remember Us’ March has been set up. It includes videos of speeches and some terrific media coverage including an amazing editorial by Bill Jackson of The Regional criticizing Caledonia’s leaders – both political and business – for their conspicuous lack of participation.

15 year old ‘Dancer‘ moved some to tears with her speech. People mentioned just how much they learned from listening to her about how people on the Sixth Line were suffering without police protection.

We had a surprise guest speaker from the native community who asked to say a few words – none other than Clyde Powless! I thank him for showing the entire native community that they have nothing to fear from us. I’m glad he felt comfortable enough to come out to listen and to believe that we would allow him to speak.

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Dumb and dumber in Caledonia

Many thanks also to the OPP for giving us lots of material for future lawsuits, police complaints and human rights complaints after they blocked our access to Stirling Street at the request of developer John Kragten in order to prevent us from placing a Canadian flag on a utility pole. Thanks, John, for your key role in helping the OPP violate our rights and those of your fellow Caledonians yet again. 

mark-oct-08-07.JPGThe photos in this post were taken by Jeff Parkinson. The photo to the left was taken during my speech about the role of Two Tier Justice in victimizing native people. 

Caledonia resident and CANACE co-founder, Merlyn Kinrade is behind me. He did a great job as Master of Ceremonies. 

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


CaledoniaWakeUpCall.com feature page: ‘Remember Us’ March, Oct 08/07 

4 responses to “Dumb and dumber in Caledonia

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux

    “none other than Clyde Powless”

    Was it not a Powless clan member who beat that contractor almost to death?

    I saw Clyde’s sound bite on CHCH…he seems media-coached with all the happy face talking point spin.

    I noticed he blamed the trespassers crimes on the government….I assume this means that gooning Canadian citizens, beating developer, vandalizing private property and threatening Calidonian citizens with violence is how they fight “the government”.

    He also states that this is “his” government as well as “our” government that is allegedly at fault for the SN crime spree …..this seems to depart from the revisionist narcotics spread through the DCE trepassers by demagogues like Hazel Hill, Jamie Jameson and K.Horn who stated many times that the SN are not liable to the laws of Canada …that it is an illegitimate government of “occupation” and that they are a sovereign nation…now you can’t have it both ways….seems it’s “our” government when they claim victimhood and “their” government when the blackmail payments are forth coming.

    But I guess you can if you have a long term inbred culture of self serving hatred, deceit and situational ethics which get you your way, hypocrisy and duplicity are just tools of the trade.

    Frankly, Mark it is openly apparent that the self serving deceit and devolved ethics in SN politics is so deep and so delusional that making a deal with people so factually and ethically challenged is the act of a self destructive optimist.

    VoC REPLY:I’m not sure if ‘inbred culture’ is a fair term, but I do think there is a sub-culture that seems to encourage violence and lawlessness within some native communities.

    I didn’t agree with what Powless said, but I’m pleased he felt comfortable enough to ask us to speak. It sure shows we’re not a bunch of racists, doesn’t it? Maybe it will open the door a crack, maybe it won’t. We tried to get David General, politicians and someone from the Caledonia Alliance to speak, but they weren’t interested in helping. What a shame. It’s pretty bad when a 15 year old girl who lives on a street with no policing has to step up and take the place of those who should be speaking for her. Why is it that we have to speak up for native victims of Two Tier Justice? In fairness, David General did speak out against the rapes on DCE, which is how we found out about them. That was why I was so sad that he turned us down.

    I don’t know much about the validity of native land claims. All I care is that they are addressed without violence. If some people in the native community have unrealistic expectations it only emphasizes the importance of eliminating the criminality and violence, etc. NOW because this could take a long, long time to resolve.

    BTW, check out the National Post’s editorial today: The Caledonias keep coming. It’s a keeper. Also, read this very interesting article about how native elders are fighting AGAINST self-government! Thanks for writing WL. Mark

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    I am a great proponent of free speech Mark…I believe everyone has the right to voice their personal opinion…as long as that IS a personal view point based in the facts as you know it.

    What I heard from Clyde was the same old “redman is a victim” BS political talking points that I could get from any fanatical SN political source…this is NOT expressing personal opinion this is giving a platform to revisionist political propaganda.

    I personally believe we will NEVER have an honest debate with these people as long as we quietly accept the politicized revisionist BS they spew…revisionist garbage needs to be challenged, debunked and discarded before honest dialog can be engaged…essentially cut all the cow dung dogmatism, and talk honestly….but I’m afraid in SN case an honest discussion of SNs agenda (without the revisionist victimization BS to elicit guilt/emotion) would reveal cold calculating and vulgar material motives premised on thin or false bases…and they can’t have that…have to keep this shake down of weak free spending governments wrapped in a emotional blanket of redman victimization and white man oppressor BS…playing the racism card on a very large bluff.

    I say the disingenuous, one way, accusatory talking is over. We need an intense factual research project of all dealings with these troublesome state wards who the Brits imported here… and if it is found they are making groundless claims for extortive purposes, we offer a legal ultimatum to desist under threat of a martial solution to reserve fanaticism, terrorism and criminality.

    If the claims of radical revisionist/insurgent SN groups proves to be fraudulent, these groups should immediately be added to outlawed crime and terror groups and the leaders and followers be rounded up for prosecution the moment they set foot off a reserve.

    Frankly I think people like K Horn et al who spew anti Canadian, anti government Marxist revolutionary radicalization should be doing time for sedition.

    The confrontational criminality of the past 19 months and the surreal revisionist racism I hear spewed from so called SN “spokes people” has hardened my heart to offering anything but ultimatum to Native lawlessness, revisionist fanaticism and civil disobedience.

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    “VoC REPLY:I’m not sure if ‘inbred culture’ is a fair term,”

    With the small number of last names listed in the rez phone books, I’d say it’s more than accurate reference to reserve “culture”…”fair” is a relative term.

    VoC REPLY: Hi WL. Sorry to take so long to post this, but I’ve been tied up in ‘behind the scenes’ work. Since I have been involved in the Caledonia issue, I have met and been made aware of many examples of inter-marriage between natives and non-natives, so I have to stand by my statement, I think. Thanks for defending your point of view, though. Mark

  4. We should not be distracted by the changes in positions of the native leaders and ordinary natives – they will flip-flop and waver all the time, because it’s their strategy and tactics.

    Their most important flip-flop is the one with first selling the land, then 200 years later claiming that the chief who sold it was ‘not authorized’…

    It is important to understand, that flip-flop is the cornerstone of their strategy in dealing with Canada. No matter what agreements will be achieved with whoever on their side, will not be honoured down the road.

    The only reason I can think of for flip-flopping is perception of non-natives as occupiers. It’s like dealing with a tired baby who wants to sleep, but is too tired and crying and can’t settle down.

    I said it many times and will say again: you can’t have it both ways. You are either traditional aboriginal, or you live in Canadian society. When you claim traditional lifestyle, you go hunting with a bow and spear, fishing with a harpoon, and travel by canoe. When you demand that government builds you a gas heated and hydro powered home and provide you with semiautomatic guns for hunting, sorry – you’ve waved your traditional status, so please be nice and get a fr—-ng job like everyone else.

    There is a lot of money to be made in a situation when certain people are above the law and live from smuggling, gambling and extortion and the left knows that. That is why the liberals are turning blind eye – they are busy filling their pockets in zillion number of government jobs having to do with aboriginals, while some communities are paying high price.

    VoC REPLY: Sorry to take so long to get your comment up, Aaron; I’ve been busy on some ‘behind the scenes’ work. Since I am not an expert on native culture or the supposed benefits native people receive, I try to be cautious and avoid generalizations, but there are elements of truth in what you say. Given the many competing groups on Six Nations, some elected to represent their people, some un-elected, who exactly does one get to sign an agreement with, and how can one be sure that 20 years later, let alone 200, someone will not come forward to claim they were not consulted, or did not approve? Mayor Trainer has publicly expressed frustration with this herself.

    I’m sure native people would argue that we are the ones who have not honoured our agreements. If this is proven in court, then we need to do so to the best of our abilities in the context of the realities of the 21st century. Every society must evolve. Understanding one’s history and heritage is good, but living is done today. In today’s society, we use courts to settle disputes, not violence.

    Let us not forget, Aaron, however, that the thugs who have terrorized Caledonia and Ipperwash do not speak for all native people, and that native people themselves are being victimized by the extremists in their community. Mark