Fantino – delusional or desperate?


Bad as Fantino’s recent comments about Gary McHale and his ‘interlopers’ were in Susan Clairmont’s Nov 08/07 Hamilton Spectator article called Fantino Takes Aim [reprint], they pale in comparison to other remarks attributed to Fantino in a Nov 09/07 Spectator transcript of the entire interview [PDF].

Here is an email I sent to reporter Clairmont today:

Hi Susan,

1. I just read the full text of Fantino’s remarks. Given the various Police Act complaints, Human Rights complaints and lawsuits against him, his force and the OPPA – including several for slander – that we have submitted, I am shocked that Fantino would continue his outright lies and misinformation. There are too many statements to respond to here, but this one is simply beyond the pale:

“You can’t call in the army and deal with this issue. You can’t do it because what are we going to have? Civil war in our own country. I mean that’s crazy. These things have to be resolved. We’re a sophisticated society. We’re a democratic society. We don’t use the police as the army of occupation. Look what’s happening in Pakistan for goodness sakes. And that’s what the expectation is that a lot of people have, including McHale and company. But you know they want to see this thing escalate to a violent outcome, and for what? For a piece of land.”

Native women are being raped on the DCE, the original occupiers are afraid to enter the DCE, Sam Gualtieri is almost murdered and children on Sixth Line in Caledonia are afraid in their homes, all because of the OPP’s failures, yet Fantino says WE want violence? We have consistently spoken out against violence and in favour of equal treatment before the law, respect for the Charter and for the Supreme Court, but Fantino says WE want a Pakistani-style dictatorship and repression of civil rights? Is the commissioner of the OPP delusional or just desperate to silence the truth that innocent human beings – native and non-natives are paying a terrible price for the so-called ‘peacekeeping’ approach used by his force?

In order to show the absolute fallacy of Fantino’s statement and the overall impression of us given by Fantino, may I suggest that you listen to our speeches from our October 08th ‘Remember Us’ March. I have attached a transcript of my speech for the day called, ‘Natives are victims of Two Tier Justice, too.’

2. Is the Spectator prepared to provide McHale and me with an opportunity to provide a detailed response to Fantino’s statements? We are more than willing to meet with you in Hamilton along with copies of our various complaints as well as documents from our Ipperwash Papers project, documentation that proves the Inquiry deliberately ignored the suffering of innocent residents, just as Fantino did during your interview.


P.S. On Nov 01/07, McHale and I visited the University of Waterloo, by invititation, to speak to a class conducting extensive research into the Caledonia situation for a presentation schedule to take place in Feb 2008. I’ll be talking about this in my next post on VoiceofCanada.

P.P.S. We are currently preparing a detailed report called ‘The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations.’ Would you like to be among the first to see a draft copy when available?


Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Lead Investigator – ‘The Ipperwash Papers’

I defy Fantino to supply a single shred of proof that McHale or I have EVER advocated for the use of violence or force other than that required to preserve the rule of law for the benefit of innocent victims of landclaim lawlessness. 

I defy Fantino to supply a single shred of proof that we are motivated by anything other than a sincere desire to stop landclaim lawlessness and OPP violations of civil/human rights against non-natives.

I would hope that the Hamilton Spectator will allow us the opportunity to address this outrageous libel and the other mis-information in Fantino’s statements in an attempt to mitigate the further damage he has done to our reputations.

To Julian Fantino: we do appreciate you exposing, for all to see, your irrational logic, and your obsession with silencing opposition to your force’s failures, but you really do need to get a grip, man! You’re the commissioner for a 7,500 member police force; truth and reality should matter to you, at least a little.

Oh yes…you’ll be hearing from our lawyer – again.

Let me close with a question Susan Clairmont should have asked you:

“You seem to be spending a lot of time and energy obsessing over Gary McHale and his followers who haven’t committed a single crime in Caledonia while exercising their Charter rights to Freedom of Expression. Is that the reason you haven’t taken the time to meet with the people on the Sixth Line and/or issued an order to police their street so the children who live there no longer have to take medication and attend counselling [dial-up]because they’re afraid in their homes?”

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


8 responses to “Fantino – delusional or desperate?

  1. Fantino used to be a cops cop. He did what was right for the public and his officers when he was in Toronto and London. However, since he took a political position he has become that which he seemed to despise in the past. He is now a political hack who’s only interest is himself.

    He claims that it has cost $500,000.00 dollars in additional costs because citizens exercised their right to free speech. Bullsh&%, because he was protecting native terrorists from their own uncontrollable urge to violence.

    Fantino stated that the O.P.P. has used 700,000 man hours in Caledonia. Taking into account that these out of area officers require food and accommodation, that alone would total, on a conservative estimate, at least $14,0000,000.00 (14 Million) dollars of tax payers money. Money that would not have needed to be spent if he had the courage and fortitude to enforce the court order to remove the natives from the site. But he is not a policeman anymore but a mere political lackey for the Liberano$ Government.

    In Ipperwash, law-enforcement was told to leave the natives alone, no matter what, and only enforce the rule of law on non-natives and the same circumstances are now playing out in Caledonia. One set of laws for the natives and a strict set of rule interpretation for non-natives.

    Why you might ask, because the natives have the police out-gunned and out manned, not necessarily at the site, but very close by on the reserve, mere minutes away, there will be a group of extremely heavily armed Mohawk Warriors ready to kill anyone who dares oppose the natives at the DCE. This was true in Ipperwash and is true in Caledonia today.

    Which in my mind means that native terrorists rule over a submissive and scared O.P.P.!!

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the comment, Johnny. It is quite clear from the evidence we have gathered that the OPP are under the indirect control of the DCE occupiers. We have a tape recording that proves Inspector McLean had no problem with our flagraising events until he was pressured by native occupiers. Of course, we also have the 1,000 hours +/- of OPP/DCE radio traffic that proves how dangerous the occupiers are, and how they interfere with OPP operations.

    Interesting how Fantino only has criticism for non-citizens who have peacefully protested against his force, and none for the natives who terrorized Caledonia and attacked his officers. Perhaps I should have titled this article: Fantino – delusional, desperate, terrified or racist? Regards, Mark

  2. When you read the entire transcript – particularly Fantino’s responses to questions about the incident in the Canadian Tire parking lot – reading between the lines it is pretty clear that Fantino is saying that his officers do in fact respond to natives different than non-natives in Caledonia. Of course this is no surprise to anyone following this issue. If anyone actually doubts the existence of racial profiling in Caledonia, they only need to take a stroll down one of the lovely publicly owned roads on the DCE and wait for the OPP to respond. OPP Response – Step 1 – are you native? Yes – OK no problem. No – arrest for breach of the peace.

    The other bizarre part of this interview was Fantino’s rant about country wide native protest bordering on civil war! He says that he has to look at the big picture – well last time I checked he was in charge of the ONTARIO police. So Fantino is basing his decisions in ONTARIO on NATIONAL issues – who is directing him at the national level? Where is his information coming from? If his statements are accurate – and violent native terrorist groups are bent on civil war (as Fantino’s own words portrait them) then the public needs to know the full extent of the danger NOW – and the Federal government must step in NOW to protect its citizens. Unless of course Fantino is just full of shit.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing, Simon. First time, I think? You make a very astute observation re Fantino’s remark about civil war. I have said several times on VoC and in my Police Act complaints that if the OPP were to report that the occupiers are SO dangerous and SO well armed and SO volatile that the mere erection of a Canadian flag (for example) would incite them to violence that could not be controlled, then the Commissioner has a duty to warn the public and the government of the dangers these people pose. So far, he has not seen fit to do so; Fantino instead continues to libel those of us who have peacefully and legally protested against his force’s failures with scurrilous accusations that he is already being sued over. Funny how he didn’t want to talk about the video camera in the Caledonia residents’ home because there was a lawsuit, but he had no problem slurring Gary McHale despite the lawsuits against him, his force and the OPPA. ‘Fantino – full of shit?‘ would have been a good title too. Regards, Mark

  3. If the top cop speaks of possibility of civil war starting because of some non natives using their civil rights, than it’s time to bring in the army and put an end to this travesty.

    Do we have a force in Caledonia that is ready to start a civil war? Fantino says ‘Yes’. The tanks have to move in if he is right. If he is wrong, he is not fit for his position. Plain and simple, that man can’t have it both ways with his master McGuinty.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Aaron. I agree, Fantino let the cat out of the bag. Now, let’s watch him put it back in.

    Unfortunately, civil war or not, we can’t call in the army because our politicians allegedly made a deal with the criminals not to call them. See VoC post, ‘$12M lawsuit: “Misfeasance by OPP and Liberal ministers re agreements not to enforce the law” which was written 2 weeks before the election, but was never covered by mainstream media (What else is new?). You might also want to check out ‘$12M lawsuit: 100 RCMP officers at Hamilton Airport, not called by OPP to assist in failed raid’.

    Fantino’s behaviour and sense of outrage against people who have committed no crimes while speaking fondly of those who have terrorized Caledonia is so bizarre and out there that I can’t find the words to describe it. Well, we’re working on some more complaints and legal action to help convince even McGuinty that it’s time to put him out to pasture. Thanks for the comment. Regards, Mark

  4. DELUSIONAL – I looked up the word in the Thesaurus in hopes another word would be as appropriate.

    DELUSION (n): fallacy, misbelief, misconception, falseness, belief, unreality; then I looked up unreality.

    UNREALITY (n): delusional, hallucination, illusion, optical illusion, mirage, nonenity, shadow, dream, vision, phantom, phantasm, phantasmagory, apparition, ghost, specter, chimera, mare’s nest, will-0-the-wisp (fairy land, wonderland)

    YES – That pretty well describes Mr. Fantino’s interview.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Donna, thanks for writing and for the definitions – glad I don’t have to change the title! 🙂 Both Gary and I have written to Susan Clairmont asking that the Spec give us the chance to respond, in detail, to the outrageous statements in the Fantino interview, not only to the slurs against ‘interlopers’ but to his absolute lack of compassion for the real victims of landclaim lawlessness – people like you. Stay strong! Mark

  5. Mary-Lou LaPratte

    It is so great to finally see others who have not responded for some time or new people finally realizing and voicing their opinions about how insanely Fantino is going after innocent victims of lawlessness and those who try to help get the message out. Persistence is the key here. Truthfullness is the catalyst that will make a change. More voices need to be heard so that the sound of complaint will be so loud the authorities will have to deal with it or drown in the muddy waters they have willingly created.

    Wake up McGuinty, Fantino and Harper. Your constituents have had enough.


    VoC REPLY: Gary and I have talked about how people we do not know have responded to Fantino’s irrational and maliciously false attacks on us, and on the truth. I just received a great email from BC along with a copy of a letter the writer sent to Susan Clairmont which says, in part, “The answers you received were not answers, but statements. They didn’t answer the questions that you asked, a good interviewer would go back as often as needed to get the answer to the question asked. Obviously Fantino wanted to have his say on his one sided slant on what was happening and how he wants the public to perceive the (unjust) actions of the OPP.”

    I have often wondered if Fantino has ever read even a single post on VoiceofCanada. His statements look pretty silly and just plain irrational when one actually reads or listens to our words, don’t you think?

    Both Gary and I have written to Susan Clairmont asking for the chance to refute Fantino’s statements. So far, no reply.

    Thanks, as always. Mark

  6. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Delusional or Desperate…hmmmmm…..I’d say a bit of both.

    Fantino is displaying the mental breakdown of a guy under immense stress…he has a no win job…he did the moment his boss McSkidmark told him to allow natives to go unmolested in illegal acts but to come down hard on anything that would aggravate them to become even more lawless…like reminding them they are breaking the law….at the same time he has to convince people used to living under the protection and equitable rule of law that this is somehow “normal” to allow native crime and that repressing criticism of this injustice is an act of breaching the peace.

    To keep a lie this big under wraps for 20 plus months is an insurmountable task….spurts of truth keep leaking all over Fantino’s big whopper and his temperment, reason and demeanour are beginning to become surreal and theatrical…as if Fantino has stepped into the whopper he has concocted and can no longer distinguish reality from spin.

    VoC REPLY: After writing this post – admittedly with anger and disbelief in my heart – I am seriously beginning to wonder if Commissioner Fantino might have a neurological condition that is causing a break from reality. This could explain the bizarre statements and his obsession with attacking law-abiding citizens while displaying a seeming total lack of empathy for the victims of landclaim lawlessness. Unfortunately, the head of a 7,500 strong police force must be rational, truthful and committed to the fair and equal enforcement of the law without bias, so it places us in the awkward position of having to defend ourselves against a man who may be ill through no fault of his own. I don’t like it, and I wish that the Solicitor General would quietly arrange for the Commissioner to resign in order to spend more time with his family. Thanks, Mark

  7. Hi Mark:

    Fantino certainly is directing such a massive amount of his (energy) towards Gary, yourself and any Caledonia resident who dares stand up for the rights of all Canadians. Disgorging all his misguided personal resourses against those that have taken up the ‘flag for freedom’ illustrates that he’s not doing what it was he’s supposed to. He’s supposed to be guiding OPP protection to the entire province of Ontario which isn’t being done when he’s so focussed on disinformation. Not only is he doing all this wrong and bad crap he’s also not doing anything good elsewhere.
    Murray Hilton

    PS You have only six comments regarding Susan Clairmonts interview with Fantino, remember the one I sent you? MH

    VoC REPLY: Hi Murray. If Fantino would get someone to explain the Canadian Charter of Rights to him, and his obligations to defend them as part of his Oath of Office, maybe he could stop wasting the resources of the province. Your comment re Susan Clairmont’s article must have found its way into the spam file for some reason. Please send it via email and I’ll make sure it gets up. Thanks for letting me know. Mark

  8. Hi. This Fantino character. The first thing that came to mind when I first looked at him on TV while he was doing his thing in TO was that he is nothing but a politician who has developed a poker face extraordinairre. One fellow above stated that at one time he was a cops cop. I don’t believe that for an instant. He was a politician from day one and has even written a book describing what a great guy he is.

    VoC REPLY: Ah, yes, he did tell us what a great guy he was, didn’t he? ROTFLMAO. Thanks for that, Walter! Mark