OPP Brass, native thugs ensure violence in Caledonia

Last update 1309 EST Dec 03/07


gary_hospital-dec01-07-small.jpgWe have been working flat out to gather evidence to prove to the courts and the media that the violence that occurred in Caledonia last Saturday, Dec 01/07 was not the fault of peaceful residents, but was the work of native thugs who initiated the attacks on officers and residents, and of the OPP leadership who deliberately allowed the situation to escalate in order to ensure violence against residents would occur, most likely as a means to discredit them, Gary McHale and his supporters.

Gary and I have both been interviewed by media sources. Today, I appeared on AM920 for about 15 minutes. Other media interviews are scheduled to take place today. Links to all stories as they become available can be found at a special page on CaledoniaWakeUpCall.com.

We will be providing much more information as time allows, but for now, here are the basic facts to counter the OPP media propaganda that somehow the victims of native violence were to blame for what happened: 

Dec 01/07: BASIC FACTS

Gary McHale was NOT the organizer of the protest. It was organized by Caledonia resident Doug Fleming. We went to support him and the residents.

Events included:

1. I was attacked while holding my Canadian flag. Natives pushed me, tried to take and damage my flag. OPP Sgt. refused to arrest them, told me to “get back”.

2. Road was blocked by natives who put a black Avalanche truck across the road. OPP did nothing to stop them.

3. After native truck was moved, resident Doug Fleming pulled his truck across the road. He moved it after 30 mins +/- after OPP agreed to talk to him about the illegal smoke shack issue.

4. OPP arrested non-native resident standing on the road within a group of about 40 of us who were also standing on the road. He was not saying anything, or doing anything and he was not near any natives. Residents were angry when he was arrested, but not violent, and never touched the officers. Gary told everyone to not interfere with the police.

5. The mother of the man who was arrested blocked traffic by standing in front of a car going northbound in order to protest the unwarranted arrest of her son. Other residents joined her.

6. Natives were driving the wrong way on the east shoulder of the road to get around residents. I stepped in front of one of the cars. The driver slowly moved up hitting my flagpole. Then he falsely claimed that I had intentionally done damage to his car. Police took me away to file an ‘accident report,’ but I don’t know if the driver was detained.

7. A native woman falsely accused Gary of assaulting her before pushing him. A native man then attacked Gary from behind, hitting him in the head as he was trying walk away. Witnesses and video confirm her attempt to fabricate an assault charge. This was the first of two attacks on Gary.

8. Approx 20 mins or so later, Clyde Powless confronted Gary with the clear intention of attacking him. The officers asked if Gary wanted to leave, which he agreed to do. They told him to keep walking no matter what happened. The natives assaulted the officers while trying to get at Gary. In one video, you can clearly see a woman grabbing Gary’s arm while Clyde Powless cowardly attacks Gary from behind trying to jump on his back with a hand around Gary’s neck. Caledonia resident Doug Fleming, however, tackled Powless to the ground. Another native punched Gary in the face causing his glasses to come off. Gary fell to the ground and was stomped and kicked by natives who bruised his ribs, and hurt his foot so badly that the top of his running shoe was soaked with blood.

9. Our associate Jeff Parkinson was filming the attack on Gary when he was thrown to the ground by an OPP officer where he hit his head and was knocked unconscious for about 20 minutes. A witness said not one officer came over to check on him, that he was forced to call an officer over and request a blanket. Jeff was taken to hospital. As of today, he is suffering the effects of a bad concussion, and is having trouble remembering, reading and with his concentration.

10. During the day, natives assaulted police who made no attempt to arrest them. During the day the police faced the residents who were not violent instead of the natives. One witness said she saw a native push an officer violently from behind. The officer turned, looked at the native, did nothing and then turned back to face the residents.

11. Although OPP did not send any meaningful backup (one reporter said about 10 officers did come to join approx. 8 original officers) as the situation was escalating during during a 2 hour period, they blocked the main road about one mile away near the Canadian Tire store in town. They allowed natives to get through to the scene, but refused to allow residents to pass.

OPP brass hung residents and their own officers out to dry 

Initial media accounts stated that OPP were forced to “call in reinforcements.” Although we certainly did not notice their arrival, a native reporter told the Brantford Expositor that 10 officers arrived to join approximately 8 original officers on the scene.  We have been contacted by a man on the scene who asked two officers early on in the protest if they had called for backup, and was told “It’s on it’s way.” There were at least 8 separate incidents during the day – including an attack on me and the first of two unprovoked assaults on Gary McHale – that should have indicated that many more officers were needed. They never came. OPP brass hung their own officers out to dry along with innocent residents who did not attack anyone.  

According to a native reporter quoted by the Brantford Expositor today:

The OPP allowed this to escalate without intervening.”

Contrast this with Jan 20/07 when the OPP had 350 officers – including the London riot squad – to keep us from putting Canadian flags on public utility poles! The reporter also told the Expositor that a sudden surge in the crowd meant that the police were suddenly on the outside of the circle and people began attacking McHale. The ‘sudden surge’ might well be explained by the fact that the police allowed natives to travel to the scene while blocking passage of non-natives.

 The OPP press release blamed the residents for “taunting and provoking” the natives, giving the impression that residents started the altercation. Another fabrication. Some residents responded with some angry words, but it was the natives who initiated the taunts and threats. I was attacked almost right at the start by natives who pushed me, tried to take and damage my flag and threatened to hurt me.

In every case, it was the natives who initiated the violence. They assaulted us. They assaulted police, but not one of them was arrested.

We met with OPP officers in Cayuga on Saturday night. The officer told us that someone was complaining that Gary had assaulted them (see note re false accusation by native above during 1st attack on Gary). Gary told them he was not cooperating with the OPP, that he would only share evidence and make statements to an independent RCMP investigation due to Fantino’s prior public comments.

OPP Brass try to discredit Gary McHale and his followers 

We have not committed a single crime in Caledonia. We do not believe in using violence and our protests are peaceful. No one has ever been hurt at a protest organized by us. These are simple facts, yet Fantino has consistently tried to blame “McHale and company” for Caledonia’s problems. Unfortunately for him the facts don’t support his defamatory attacks.

On Nov 09/07 the Hamilton Spectator published the complete transcript of Susan Clairmont’s interview with Fantino including some false and irrational statements about Gary McHale and his supporters. Yesterday, even before any investigation had begun, he was already blaming him and the residents for the violence. Clearly the OPP is trying to discredit us with false accusations of violence and phony criminal charges. 

In my/our opinion the OPP brass deliberately set out to target Gary in the media with false statements about him, and deliberately allowed the violence to occur on Saturday in order to discredit us, and the residents who assist us. 

For these reasons, we have decided not to cooperate with the OPP. We are not turning over any evidence to them so they work their way around the facts and fabricate more lies. The OPP are no longer an effective police force and they simply cannot be trusted. We want an independent investigation by the RCMP into what happened, and we will cooperate with them fully.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned.




9 responses to “OPP Brass, native thugs ensure violence in Caledonia

  1. The whole thing was needless and senseless and none of it needed to happen, it was a manufactured situation in an area that anyone with half a brain knows is a “hot spot”..

    Unless one wished to pick scabs that have barely healed it was plain old stupid to do this. Anger is never right, nor is violence. Great example for the children on all sides being set…..

    I hope people are happy….violence was provoked where there need not have been ANY and now it can be written and ranted about.

    Productive…healing….good energy…..NOT.

    VoC REPLY: see “Provoking violence in Caledonia” for my reply. History has addressed very well the issue of whether people should refrain from confronting injustice due to the possibility that violence may occur. Mark

  2. Mark what you forgot to mention was that the OPP officer who so cowardly attacked Jeff while Jeff was looking through the view finder on his cam corder used such excessive force that Jeff flew through the air past me with his feet off the ground. Jeff did not see it comming and the Officer used force far in excess of what was required. Especially since Jeff was of no threat to the Officer or anyone else at the time. Jeff was only videoing the unprovoked attack on Gary led by Clyde Powess. I too have refused to cooperate with the OPP because of Fantino’s lies and will only provide my eye witness accounts to the Investigating RCMP and as a witness at the impending civil lawsuites that I am sure will follow.

    Jim Anderson

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    My prayers and hopes are with Jeff and his family for a swift recovery. I’m also grateful Garry and yourself were not more seriously assaulted.

    Words fail me. The renegades acted like the atavists they are and the cops were obviously instructed to allow native violence and assaults and hopefully let them get Garry hurt as a side benefit.

    Also, Fantino’s ranting about blaming/charging the victims puts him in the company of the sundry loathsome creatures that reside in McGuinty’s anus. I used to think he was a cop but he’s just another gutless fart catcher.

    Caledonia has no law and no justice now….the inverted priorities of the police function in charging the innocent and taking orders from the law breakers has set a shameful blot on the history of this nation. The state of law enforcement policy has taken on a deadly surreal set of values.

    We’ll wait to see if charges reflect reality and the course of justice or political pragmatics. I suspect degenerate McGuinty race politics will prevail and civil justice will again be defecated upon. I’m beginning to think your only hope are federal forces which can be provoked to restore the rule of law in the community…you gotta fire these cops…they work for the local native mob, not the community….hire the RCMP.

    Mark I was going to goto this deal but I’m glad I didn’t because I’m just not built like you guys. I couldn’t sit peacefully and be assaulted without offering justified self defense…meat and fur would fly from anything laying its paws on me…and when I get going I don’t turn off until the attacker is immobile…you say this is a job for pacifists…well that ain’t me.

  4. The Most Rev. David F. Milne DD

    Greetings Mark!

    Yesterday during the noon news on CHCH a comment came up that I based an entire letter on. The statement “the Provincial Goverment won’t move because they say this is a Federal Problem, and the Federal Goverment won’t move because they claim this is a Provincial Problem”. (Best summary so far). At any rate I sent a letter to my MP in Hamilton (Cristopherson) informing him I’m preparing a “time-line” letter for both the PM and Premier. It’s interesting that since this all began neither have ventured to Caledonia to “see for themselves” what is going on. As far as the OPP are concerned, especially the Chief, I’d like to recommend that the Premier be called upon to replace him as he is obviously not helping anyone including his own officers in this mess. Further, the only way I see this ending will be when someone calls in the military to shut this down once and for all. In my view both the Province and the Federals are letting this region down, and I would not want to be either the PM or Premier should someone get killed, be in native or white, and unfortunately that is exactly the direction we are heading for, “Civil War”, “another Oka”.
    If you’d like a copy of the letter I sent out this morning, please forward a email address.



  5. Wow. What a MESS. I don’t really know what to say, I’m at a total loss. This is madness.

  6. Sounds like it sucks to be Canadian in Canada.

  7. Mary-Lou LaPratte

    Dear Mark,
    Several weeks ago I had written and explained that the government and the OPP use a tactic that pits neighbour against neighbour, fathers against sons etc. because it is effective. Divide and conquer is happening in Caledonia and the authorities love it. While everyone is fighting with each other no one has to be accountable for what the policies of the police and government are doing to tear communities apart. In this assault scenario the police need a definite come-uppance. It is not their job to carry out or be complicit with the agenda of Fantino against McHale. Fantino has no right to declare who is guilty before an investigation is started. Fantino has no right to ignore the evidence of the videos quite available on the internet . Fantino has no right to assume that the residents are always wrong and the native activists are always innocent. The Brantford expositor story about Gary was utter and complete trash. Has this Province gotten so insensitive to lawlessness that now the victims are being ostracized in the press, told not to live in a certain Town, and blatantly stating that everyone hates them. What of the perpetrator of the crime. Oh ! He is driving all over Caledonia , a free man, because his status card gives him a free out of jail pass. Thank You Fantino and McGuinty. This Province is going to Hell in a hand basket delivered by you to all law-abiding citizens. The victims now are being blamed for all the problems and the police are being paid for doing nothing to prevent crime. It is time to leave Ontario for the safety of your families. Would the last one out please turn out the light.


  8. Mark I went and read the post you referenced as your reply. I still do not agree…but I can RESPECTFULLY disagree after LISTENING.

    Problem is many cannot……shouting at and over each other is all that happens in these confrontations….it gets us nowhere, it adds to bad blood and it has now caused injuries and criminal charges.
    The Laws of the Universe…basically if you put out negative you will get it back. If you do not listen no one will listen to you.

    And again……what do the children think as they see “adults” behaving in this manner? What are the children learning? Will they grow up hating their neighbors while not even knowing why? We owe them more respect than that………

    VoC REPLY: Hi CraZee. I think you’re going to have to reconsider your ‘handle’ – you don’t sound crazy to me. 🙂 At the time I read your comment, I was just writing a letter to the Brantford Expositor to try to explain the importance of understanding, so I decided to write a whole new post based on your observations. Thanks! Mark

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