Powless, McHale charged: OPP impose gag orders


UPDATED: 1145 EST Dec 07/07

gary_hospital-dec01-07-small.jpgEarly this morning, I received a call from Christine McHale saying that Gary McHale was being charged with ‘counselling mischief’ and that Clyde Powless had been charged with ‘assault’ and ‘counselling mischief.’

More details and commentary will be released once I’ve had a chance to speak with Gary personally. He should be back from processing at the Aurora OPP detachment later this morning.

For now, please see this CANACE.ca Media Release issued Dec 05/07: OPP allowed the violence to escalate in which media is told to expect charges to be laid against him.

1156 DEC 07/07: McHale not permitted to communicate with VoiceofCanada

I received a call from Christine McHale telling me that Gary is not permitted to communicate with me. I am not even allowed to email him. Jeff Parkinson, the other victim who went to the hospital last Saturday, received a similar call. 

Obviously, our lawyer has been contacted.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


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