Caledonia resident to Fantino: “Oh please.”

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgKudos to Karen Sorrell of Caledonia for putting Julian Fantino in his place with an absolutely brilliant letter to the editor published in today’s Hamilton Spectator. She was responding to Fantino’s silly and irrational attempt to blame Caledonia residents for the violence committed against peaceful non-native protestors one week ago (Dec 03/07).

Here’s part of what Karen had to say:

So OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino is upset that Caledonia residents were “provoking” those running an illegal smoke shop and he states that he is going to end the madness. Oh, please. Bullies hide behind words, which is all Fantino has done since assuming the top cop position.

Provocation is smoke shops being set up and allowed to conduct business freely on land under the jurisdiction of Haldimand County and its designated police service, the OPP. Provocation is being told that the main street of your town is under the jurisdiction of natives and having that street illegally barricaded at a moment’s notice. Provocation is having Six Nations stickers stuck on the sign bearing the town’s name. Provocation is warrior flags on vehicles driving around town. But most importantly, provocation is police officers doing nothing to stop the escalation, yet turning on and charging only the residents when things get out of hand.

Madness is allowing this situation to continue for almost two years, with no end in sight. Madness is the distinct and growing feeling in Caledonia that we are being left to fend for ourselves despite the numbers of police present in town who seem to utilize their time with radar traps and RIDE programs.

Excerpt from Karen Sorrell letter to editor of Hamilton Spectator, Dec 08/07: The madness in Caledonia

Thank you Karen – whoever you are – for having the guts to say what the politicians will not – the problems in Caledonia have been caused by native thugs and the police who protect them. They were NOT caused by innocent, frustrated residents driven to peaceful civil disobedience by the arrogant refusal to listen to their pain and act upon it.

Given that Fantino and the Caledonia OPP detachment have tainted the investigation into last weekend’s law enforcement fiasco with their pre-investigation pronouncement of guilt, residents of Caledonia should be flooding every media outlet in Ontario with letters like Karen’s demanding that the RCMP be called in to investigate. Fantino’s force has proven that, not only will it not enforce the law, it cannot be trusted to tell the truth. 

While you’re at it, how about calling or writing your MPP and MP to tell them that the OPP’s heavy handed, politically-motivated charge against Gary McHale, and the stifling restrictions that keep him out of Caledonia and from speaking with his associates are an outrage, especially considering the petty nature of the non-violent ‘crime’ he is charged with.

Please remember… 

Remember Kyle, Doug and Gary. They risked their freedom to defend your rights.


Mark Vandermaas, Editor


One response to “Caledonia resident to Fantino: “Oh please.”

  1. Who I am is a 17 year resident of Caledonia who has invested everything I have in this community, only to have it be slowly rendered worthless by the gutless wonders who supposedly govern and police this county, the province and the country as whole. I’m not Canadian-born and thank God for that, because I would be ashamed to be Canadian in today’s politically correct climate.

    My only regret is that Fantino won’t read what I wrote and wouldn’t have the courage to respond to me personally even if he did.

    Like I said, bullies will rarely stand up to direct confrontation. Much safer to simply mouth off instead.

    VoC REPLY: Thank you so very much for writing and for speaking out against the corruption that has immersed Caledonia. It is very much appreciated, and very much needed at this very dark time in Ontario’s history. I, too, am ashamed of my country and ashamed of the people and organizations who should know enough to listen, but have deliberately covered their eyes, ears and mouths so they do not have to act.

    Please…continue to speak out loudly. Encourage your friends to do the same. Tell them about the words of Pastor Martin Niemoller that cried out against those who did not speak out against the Holocaust because it did not affect them.

    Now is the time to take to the streets in peaceful protests against those who have defiled Canada’s Charter of Rights for their own political agenda. If you belong to any organizations, ask if they will invite us to speak to them as we did at the University of Waterloo recently. Call the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and ask them to help. Why not send me a message of encouragement for Dancer – another young lady with the courage to speak out – and I will make sure she gets it. And be sure to send a copy to the Spectator. Let her know that she is not alone, that others care about her, that others will fight for her until she feels safe in her home once again. And, while you’re at it, why not call some women’s organizations and ask them to speak out for the women being raped on the lawless DCE due, in large part, to McGuinty and Fantino’s refusal to enforce the law. Thanks again for writing. Mark