Caledonia violence deliberately incited by depraved liar


UPDATE Jan 26/07: As of Dec 24/07, Camille Powless was charged with Public Mischief for filing a false report that she had been assaulted by Gary McHale on Dec 01/07. She has not, however, been charged – yet – for her assault on him.

  • CANACE Incident Summary, Dec 13/07: CANACE calls for RCMP to take over investigation after Fantino blames victims of Caledonia violence
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    This article is for those journalists and members of the public who bought into the OPP fabrication that it was the peaceful residents and Gary McHale who were responsible for last weekend’s violence in Caledonia because they dared to peacefully protest the appearance of another illegal, obnoxious smoke shack in their town.

    Caledonia violence deliberately incited by depraved liar 

    The vicious, unprovoked attacks on McHale, and the subsequent violence on police officers and residents can be laid at the feet of a depraved liar who knew exactly what she was trying to do: a woman caught on video and watched by witnesses as she attempted to fabricate an assault charge against Gary McHale so native thugs would have an excuse to attack him.

    The video shows the woman coming up to McHale and loudly yelling “Don’t you fuckin’ push me!” just before SHE assaults McHale by pushing him. McHale says he was punched in the head from behind immediately afterwards by a native thug. Clearly, McHale was set up to be attacked by this woman’s attempt to bear false witness against him. For additional videos, including the aftermath of the set up, see Brantford Expositor endorses violence against civil rights activist.

    Fantino arrests the victim of the set-up 

    gary_hospital-dec01-07-small.jpgOf course, Fantino and the Caledonia detachment had already decided – before the investigation had begun – who was responsible, so they arrested Gary McHale, the blooded and bruised victim of a prevaricated assault, and three genuine attacks that sent him to the hospital. 

    In addition to McHale’s assault, other residents were attacked as were numerous police officers who were hung out to dry without backup by OPP brass. And, let’s not forget CANACE co-founder Jeff Parkinson who suffered what we hope is a temporary brain injury after being knocked violently to the ground.

    Liar files false assault charge against McHale 

    When we visited the Cayuga detachment after McHale and Parkinson were released from the hospital, the investigating officer advised Gary – in front of me and his wife – that someone had filed an assault complaint against him. He then told us he was “unbiased.” Needless to say, given OPP statements, past and present, about us we did not believe him. 

    Bring in a real police force, or arrest the real criminals and we’ll cooperate

    When the detective later called me on my cell phone to ask if I would make a statement I told him, as McHale had, that I would cooperate fully with the RCMP once they are brought in to get to the bottom of this sordid little set-up.

    Now, if Fantino and the Caledonia OPP were to issue a public apology for their ‘rush to judgement,’ announce that charges have been dropped against the ‘Caledonia 3,’ and that charges have been brought against the liar who actually incited the violence, I would be forced to reconsider my position that the OPP are incapable of conducting an impartial investigation.

    Please remember them… 

    Remember Kyle, Doug and Gary. They risked their freedom to defend your rights.


    Mark Vandermaas, Editor


    9 responses to “Caledonia violence deliberately incited by depraved liar

    1. This all seems to work into a nice little package for the OPP doesn’t it Mark? The only one they missed was Well, I guess they will aim for you next time around or maybe me or perhaps the people reading this! Scary isn’t it?

      VoC REPLY: Hi Larry. Thanks for writing. Ever heard the saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it’? The OPP and Fantino may think they’ve got a nice package, but they’re going to find out that it’s filled with dogshit. That’s because…

      1. Even Fantino is going to find it hard to justify the pre-investigation interference [scroll down to ‘Fantino and OPP…place blame before investigation begins’] by him and the Caledonia detachment when the inevitable Police Act complaints and lawsuits are filed over the Dec 1st antics of the OPP, and his outrageous defamation of McHale published by the Hamilton Spectator on Dec 09/07.

      2. Gary stated on a discussion board that he has already demanded that the OPP turn over ALL evidence to him. This is what he said (NOTE: Gary has a disability that makes spelling and sentence composition very difficult for him. Instead of making excuses, however, as to why he couldn’t help fellow Canadians in need, he chose to act, instead. Be sure to read, HELP WANTED: Person to change history. Spelling skills not necessary for a humorous and inspiring look at McHale’s ‘shortcomings.’):

      “I also already filed at Cayuga a requests for all evidence.. copies of all video, witness statements etc. Names and notebooks of all officers at the scene and at Unity Rd. All email to/from regard the event and/or Gary McHale on that day. All OPP radio Transmission. Names of any ART or MELT team members at the scene. I will be faxing Fantino and McGunity office and putting them on notice that they will be required to testify at the hearing.”

      Given Fantino’s past statements about McHale, including within the email he sent to Haldimand Council that was – by the way – cc’d to 3 people close to McGuinty, I’m pretty sure neither one of them will want to testify under oath. I suspect the OPP don’t want their ART/MELT members to have to testify or turn over notes, either.

      Then, of course, there’s that small matter of the native woman liar actually inciting the violence against Gary by screaming that she had been assaulted. I’m sure Julie wasn’t happy that her antics got caught on video – kind of shoots down his predetermined plan that, no matter what happened, the residents were going to get blamed. Oops! Now, Fantino’s boys charge the victim of her depraved actions? Oops again.

      Believe it or not, the OPP were actually making noises about charging Jeff Parkinson while he was in the hospital after being injured by a cop while filming Gary’s attack!

      My bet is that the charge against McHale never makes it into court. Hopefully, the other defendants will follow McHale’s lead by asking for the same evidence and summoning Fantino as a witness.

      If the OPP try to charge me (for what – being assaulted by natives before blocking a car for 3 minutes???), the crown will be getting a similar request from me and, since I once filed a Police Act against Fantino for defamation that was dismissed before the consultant hired by the Solicitor General had even finished his report, I’d be calling Monte Kwinter to testify in addition to Fantino.

      Sooner or later, even the Liberal-biased media are going to start doing their damn jobs and ask some tough questions like, “Due to Fantino’s interference in the investigation, why hasn’t the RCMP been called in to take over?”

      Oh yes, my friend, it was all a nice little set-up wrapped up as a gift for Julie.

      “Sniff, sniff. What’s that smell? Somebody let a dog in here?”

      Regards, Mark

    2. WL Mackenzie Redux

      Mark: As the provable malfeasance stacks up in this Caladonia occupation I can see it becoming easier to interest the RCMP and the federal justice ministry.

      I presume you know the process by which you can petition the LG to bring in the feds to investigate unresolved provincial bureaucratic malfeasance?

      VoC REPLY: Doug Fleming and a bunch of patriotic Caledonians have definitely moved us closer to revealing the depth of the ‘malfeasance’ in Caledonia. I don’t know of such a process of getting the feds involved, however, so I’m all ears, WL. Thanks, Mark

    3. Hey Mark
      Quit your sniveling, you want this, you want that, why dont you just get on the mayflower and go home, because you and all like you dont belong here. you may as well get a subpoena for god with what you want. And for wanting to call in the RCMP, i think they have their plate full with the scandals they are involved with, (money, tasers).
      Think they have time to put another crap shoot on the table for them.
      You talking to Gary anytime soon? Tell him you have room on the ship, leaving ASAP.
      Whaaaa Whaaaaa, get some cheese over here.
      damn w(h)iner.
      I may as well be a racist like you, because i despise people like you. Thinking you are always right. You arent always right. You think “white is right” well youre wrong bud, youre fng wrong.

      Look at what your kind has done to this country, (world). We are on a downward trend because of your greed. Stop and get off mother earth.
      Because she cant handle people like you.
      take care
      shaun michael

      VoC REPLY: Hi Shaun, thanks for proving where the real racism in this issue is coming from. I’m going to turn your comments into a post of its own. Did you happen to watch my speech: Two Tier Justice Victimizes Native People? Pretty racist stuff, huh, talking about how native people in Ipperwash and Caledonia have been victimized? Talking about how I don’t believe that the violent criminals speak for all native people? Talking about my hope that native people and non-native people can come together? Yeah, I can see how you would come to the conclusion that I’m a racist – NOT! Get a clue, buddy.

      The only racists asociated with this issue that I see are the ones using racist slurs like yours when they attack peaceful people demonstrating against injustice. Your blind hatred is very ugly and very revealing. Thanks for helping me to expose it for all to see. Mark

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