McHale strikes back at OPP’s “nice little package”

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgA long time reader and supporter of the struggle against Two Tier Justice wrote in to comment on the OPP’s “nice little package.” After posting a reply, I thought our exchange deserved a post of its own:

Larry Dicy December 9, 2007 at 7:07 am

This all seems to work into a nice little package for the OPP doesn’t it Mark? The only one they missed was Well, I guess they will aim for you next time around or maybe me or perhaps the people reading this! Scary isn’t it?

[Larry was commenting on Caledonia violence deliberately incited by depraved liar]

VoC REPLY: Hi Larry. Thanks for writing. Ever heard the saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it’? The OPP and Fantino may think they’ve got a nice package, but they’re going to find out that it’s filled with dogshit. That’s because…

1. Even Fantino is going to find it hard to justify the pre-investigation interference [scroll down to ‘Fantino and OPP…place blame before investigation begins’] by him and the Caledonia detachment when the inevitable Police Act complaints and lawsuits are filed over the Dec 1st antics of the OPP, and his outrageous defamation of McHale published by the Hamilton Spectator on Dec 09/07.

2. Gary stated on a discussion board that he has already demanded that the OPP turn over ALL evidence to him. This is what he said (NOTE: Gary has a disability that makes spelling and sentence composition very difficult for him. Instead of making excuses, however, as to why he couldn’t help fellow Canadians in need, he chose to act, instead. Be sure to read, HELP WANTED: Person to change history. Spelling skills not necessary for a humorous and inspiring look at McHale’s ‘shortcomings.’):

“I also already filed at Cayuga a requests for all evidence.. copies of all video, witness statements etc. Names and notebooks of all officers at the scene and at Unity Rd. All email to/from regard the event and/or Gary McHale on that day. All OPP radio Transmission. Names of any ART or MELT team members at the scene. I will be faxing Fantino and McGunity office and putting them on notice that they will be required to testify at the hearing.”

Given Fantino’s past statements about McHale, including within the email he sent to Haldimand Council that was – by the way – cc’d to 3 people close to McGuinty, I’m pretty sure neither one of them will want to testify under oath. I suspect the OPP don’t want their ART/MELT members to have to testify or turn over notes, either.

Then, of course, there’s that small matter of the native woman liar actually inciting the violence against Gary by screaming that she had been assaulted. I’m sure Julie wasn’t happy that her antics got caught on video – kind of shoots down his predetermined plan that, no matter what happened, the residents were going to get blamed. Oops! Now, Fantino’s boys charge the victim of her depraved actions? Oops again.

Believe it or not, the OPP were actually making noises about charging Jeff Parkinson while he was in the hospital after being injured by a cop while filming Gary’s attack!

My bet is that the charge against McHale never makes it into court. Hopefully, the other defendants will follow McHale’s lead by asking for the same evidence and summoning Fantino as a witness.

If the OPP try to charge me (for what – being assaulted by natives before blocking a car for 3 minutes???), the crown will be getting a similar request from me and, since I once filed a Police Act against Fantino for defamation that was dismissed before the consultant hired by the Solicitor General had even finished his report, I’d be calling Monte Kwinter to testify in addition to Fantino.

Sooner or later, even the Liberal-biased media are going to start doing their damn jobs and ask some tough questions like, “Due to Fantino’s interference in the investigation, why hasn’t the RCMP been called in to take over?”

Oh yes, my friend, it was all a nice little set-up wrapped up as a gift for Julie.

“Sniff, sniff. What’s that smell? Somebody let a dog in here?”

Regards, Mark

Yes, Larry, it all is very scary, except for the fact that Gary McHale is incapable of being intimidated. Fantino and McGuinty just haven’t learned that, yet.

And…you just inspired my next post!

Please remember them… 

Remember Kyle, Doug and Gary. They risked their freedom to defend your rights.

VoC NOTE: Gary McHale is not permitted to communicate with me. I am allowed to speak to his wife, Christine, if she calls, but she cannot pass messages between us. I am respecting those conditions.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


2 responses to “McHale strikes back at OPP’s “nice little package”

  1. Mark if Gary isn’t allowed to communicate with either you or Jeff how can he prepare his defense against the bogus charges brought by Fantino against Gary?

    It seems that the Government of Ontario, Fantino and the very Justice System that is supposed to protect us are in a conspiracy to deny Gary his basic rights under the constitutition to freedom of association, freedom of speech and the right to defend himself against unreasonable prosecution.

    It seems to me to be a criminal act in itself when a room full of Government paid lawyers, Police leaders and government spokespeople meet to scheme about how to take out a Civil Rights Leader who has only pointed out the failings of our Government and especially Fantino and the OPP in the media.

    This was surely a very bad day for democracy in our Country and a warning to the rest of us as to where things are headed if we as a group don’t speak out so that our voices are heard.

    Everyone in Canada should see a huge red flag in this issue and be screaming for justice and an end to this madness and unfair persecution against the Non Native residents at the hands of Government, Fantino and the OPP.

    VoC REPLY: Amen, Jim. You said it better than I could. First of all, I am working flat-out both on VoiceofCanada and behind the scenes to get the word out without communicating with Gary as per the BS restrictions they have put on him. I have a journalist-friend by the name of Doug Aldridge of TheRightSide helping out a little, and he just sent me a copy of an email he sent to a very prominent MPP asking for help. I asked Doug to see if he could verify a document we got (before Gary was arrested) that contains a bunch of questions that the OPPA Board of Directors is alleged to have asked OPPA brass back in August 2006. One of them asks why Caledonia officers are being asked the race of suspects, and then being told to “stand down” or “release” if they’re non-white or First Nations. As you can imagine, we’re looking forward to knowing if the information is accurate.

    I will also be posting a request for volunteers to help with a very creative protest that will not involve confrontations with native thugs or any civil disobedience, but is guaranteed to draw attention to Caledonia’s agony and Fantino’s attack on democracy, date to be set. I am not allowed to communicate with Gary, therefore he is unable to provide input into the planning. I can tell you, however, that we had plans for a similar protest prior to his arrest.

    I believe that truth always rises to the surface – eventually. If the OPP think they have ended this, they are very, very wrong. They think they have ‘cut off the head of the snake’ and now our struggle will die. They don’t understand is that a fight against injustice has a life of its own. You can’t cut the head off an idea. No one, not even Julian Fantino with 7,500 police officers at his disposal, can destroy the idea that all people must be equal before the law, that police should protect the innocent and arrest the criminal. Gary McHale and the people who follow him, and the people who will follow us will bring the OPP to their knees with non-violent peaceful protests. The native extremists can lie about us and beat us. The police can arrest us. The politicians can ignore us. The media can pretend it doesn’t see the truth. None of this matters. Canada will be restored as a country of laws and equality just as surely as Vimy Ridge was taken the moment Canadians were assigned the task.

    Anyone who doubts whether today’s Canadians are capable of similar courage and determination need only read the inspiring story of how a small group of Canadian peacekeepers heroically stood and fought Croatian soldiers as part of a peacekeeping mission in a country where every other UN force had fled for their own safety when attacked. It is called the Battle of the Medak Pocket, and was fought by members of 2 PPCLI (2nd Regiment, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry).

    Canadians are very slow to anger, but when we decide to fight, we fight to win. Gary McHale fights to win, as do I. The OPP do not understand that McHale cannot be bought off, cannot be intimidated, cannot be convinced to abandon the struggle by anyone but God. That is because he believes that God has called him to do everything within his ability to fight against the evil arrayed against us, and that God will bring victory just so long as we do our best with what we have.

    After a year of working with him, I can’t say he’s wrong. I could cite many examples of how we have been given great gifts that could only be explained by Providence. How else can you explain that Jeff’s camera was trained right on the native woman who incited the violence on Dec 01/07 by screaming her false allegation that Gary had pushed her? That one video puts the lie to Julian Fantino and the OPP’s assertion that we were responsible, and also reveals the ugly depths of hate and depravity within the native extremist movement.

    If not God, who brought people like you, Chris, Bo, Merlyn, Doug, Jeff, Gary, me and many, many others together to stand against evil. Who was it that gave us strong women to support us through the dark times? I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that there are forces at work that I do not understand, a force for good that compells me to continue this fight for the soul of my country no matter what the cost. I believe that even those who criticize us viciously – like the Brantford Expositor – have a purpose that helps propel the struggle forward, creating new opportunities for us to reach out and educate. The more injustices that are created, the more opportunities there are to tell our story.

    As for Gary, trust me when I say that he is more than capable of handling his own defence. He’s done it before. It still doesn’t make it right that he is denied access to us, though. The important thing is that we continue the struggle. The residents need to put aside petty differences and come together to unite against the evil that is attacking our democracy. To do any less is to waste the sacrifices of all those who risked their freedom and safety for us all on December 1st.

    Remember, the night is always darkest just before the dawn. Our dawn will come. Soon. Your help, as always, is much appreciated.


  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Mark: First I want to thank you and Gary for the burdens you have shouldered in fighting for civil liberties most Canadians are unworthy of having.

    Second: Can you clue me as what repugnant denizen of McGuilty’s anus issued a communications ban between 2 co-defendants??

    This scum should be removed from the bench/bar.

    VoC REPLY: First: Thank you. Believe it or not it is our wives who carry the bigger burden and deserve a lot of the credit for allowing us to work on this. Second: the scumbag was the OPP who arrested Gary on Friday morning, knowing that if he refused to agree that he would be held in jail for 3 full days over the weekend before appearing in front of a judge. Christine told me that they drove all the way to Cayuga afterwards to see if a judge there would modify the conditions, but were too late. Apparently, it takes a few days notice to get the conditions lifted or modified, so it won’t happen until late next week.

    Hopefully, there’s at least one judge on the bench who can smell a dirty politically motivated rat when its dropped in his/her lap. I remember when McHale was about to appear in court after the OPP held him overnight without charge (you’re going to LOVE the OPP report on that fiasco – I’ve read it, and it shows that even the crown attorneys and police officers disagreed with the decision to hold him. Of course, the OPP didn’t find any fault with the idiot officer who decided to hold him. Surprise.) the duty counsel came out and said to us, “This smells more political than criminal to me.” Took him 5 minutes to sniff through the OPP B.S.

    Thanks again for writing and for the compliment. Mark

    P.S. Speaking of civil liberties, would you believe that I have contacted the Canadian Civil Liberties Association at least four times, and they absolutely refuse to return my calls or requests for meetings. The last contact was during Holocaust Education Week the day after I watched a movie at a synagogue in Hamilton about Simon Wiesenthal. I awoke the next day and drove from London to Toronto to deliver a draft copy of a 105 page book Gary and I are writing called, ‘The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations’ to their office. Never heard back from them.

    I’ve called, faxed and emailed. I’ve told them about the Ipperwash cover-up before we released The Ipperwash Papers at Queen’s Park on March 14/07. No response. I told them about children afraid in their homes because they have no policing. No response. I gave them a book about Caledonia containing stories and excerpts from court documents that show the depths of the depravity that has also led to the rapes of native women on DCE. No response. I even invited someone from the CCLA to speak at the October 8th ‘Remember Us’ March. Silence. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero response.

    Apparently, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association doesn’t give a shit about the civil rights of innocent people caught up in land claims through no fault of their own. The CCLA will defend drug dealers, panhandlers, and even the guy who was charged for putting up posters on hydro poles (Ramsden v. Peterborough, 1993 is the decision that gives us the right to place items like flags on public utility poles.), but they absolutely refuse to even meet and listen to innocent victims of systemic race-based policing and landclaim lawlessness from Caledonia.

    The police won’t protect you because you’re the wrong race? Tough. The police arrest you because you are the wrong race? Nope. The police arrest you for putting up a Canadian flag and hold you overnight without a charge? Not interested. Cabinet ministers making deals with native criminals not to enforce the law? Yawn. Native women being raped on lawless land? Only if it’s non-native criminals doing it, I suppose.

    The CCLA’s wilful blindness to the suffering of innocent people in Caledonia due to systemic civil rights abuses by the OPP is one of the most disappointing aspects of this struggle. One day they – and all those who support them – will be ashamed that they did not act. When that day comes, they will not be able to say that they did not know.

    I’ve been planning to write a post about how the CCLA has ignored the suffering of Caledonia for a long time. Feel free to contact them yourself and ask why they keep ignoring our pleas for help: Their website is, phone 416.363.0321, email

    Well, I think I just wrote my next post, WL. Thanks!