Fantino to meet with Haldimand Police Services Board

LAST UPDATED 2238 EST Dec 12/07: The Haldimand Police Services Board closed their meeting with Fantino at 3:03pm, three minutes after it began. We went outside where we were interviewed by the Hamilton Spectator and a CTV cameraman from their Kitchener station.

The Spec reporter suggested that it would be a good idea if we could come in and meet the editorial staff for an interview, especially since Fantino refused to do so. Since I had already suggested that idea twice to the Spec’s editor-in-chief, I readily agreed to make myself available on short notice if he could make it happen.

We waited until Fantino came out at about 4:30 whereupon I was filmed by CTV confronting Fantino in the lobby asking him two questions. Here is my recollection of what I said: 

“Commissioner, why are you lying to the public about who was responsible for the violence in Caledonia on December first? Are you going to call in the RCMP to take over the investigation that you tainted?”

The commissioner didn’t look at me and didn’t respond.

Afterwards, Inspector Dave McLean, commander of the Caledonia detachment introduced himself to me and we chatted about my flag and good places to eat in the area. For a guy who had just watched me publicly call his boss a liar in front of the media, he seemed pretty laid back about it.

Jeff Parkinson came to show his support despite his brain injury that he is still recovering from due to being thrown to the pavement by an OPP officer on Dec 01/07. We brought a chair for him to sit on while we waited for Fantino to come out.  
———————————————————— has posted a notice asking people to be at the Haldimand County admin building in Cayuga early enough to welcome Julian Fantino as he arrives for his 3:00pm meeting with the Haldimand Police Services Board tomorrow.

fantino.jpgWow, maybe I can get a real look at Julian this time; last time he was peeking out at us from a window at the OPP Caledonia detactment on Unity Road like a frightened rabbit, hiding so he wouldn’t have to answer questions about why his force was violating our civil rights. (Be sure to read ‘OPP & OPPA vs. Supreme Court of Canada and the Charter of Rights & Freedoms.‘ Scroll down near the bottom to read about our visit to Unity Rd.)

I’ll be there by 2:30. I’ll be the one with the duct tape on my mouth and plugs in my ears so Julian’s boys and girls can’t accuse Gary of violating his recognizance order by communicating with me. 

Let’s all go out tomorrow and stand up for Kyle Hagan, Doug Fleming and Gary McHale, civil rights protesters who have risked their freedom for us all! Let’s send a strong message that Fantino is the problem, NOT peaceful residents who were attacked while protesting against injustice.

My original source (a Caledonia resident) advises that the meeting will be open to the public until Fantino wants it closed.

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgI received a tip today from a Caledonia resident that OPP Commissioner Fantino will be meeting behind closed doors with the Haldimand County Police Services Board on Wednesday Dec 12th at the Cayuga administration building. According to my source, these meetings used to be public, and were even held in various communities in the area so that citizens could have greater access to them.

I guess Fantino needs secrecy so he can try to convince the PSB – against all evidence to the contrary – that it was the peaceful, demonstrating residents – and, of course, Gary McHale – who were responsible for the ugly violence committed by native extremists on Dec 01/07, and not the failures of him and his force. 

gary_hospital-dec01-07-small.jpgI’m sure he won’t volunteer the fact that the worst of the violence against Gary McHale was incited first by a native woman who got caught on video trying to set up McHale for a phoney assault charge by yelling, “Don’t you fuckin’ push me!” before SHE pushed him, [see link below] allowing other native thugs to use her piece of ‘street theatre’ as an excuse to escalate the violence.

Given Fantino’s pronouncement in a press release issued the next day blaming the peaceful, non-native protesters for the violence before the investigation had begun, I do hope the Police Services Board will demand that the RCMP be called in to investigate both the crimes committed that day, and the OPP’s role in allowing it to happen. In particular, they should ask why the OPP had only 18 officers (+/-) at an event that was well publicized in advance, and why no backup officers arrived once the natives began attacking residents. According to a native media reporter who was there, “The OPP allowed this to escalate without intervening.” 

Back in April 2007, Haldimand Council met with Fantino after he threatened Council and – again – defamed Gary McHale and his followers, but they refused to meet with a delegation consisting of Merlyn Kinrade, Gary McHale and me so we could clear our names.

There’s simply no excuse anymore for Haldimand politicians to accept Fantino’s dishonest attempts to blame Gary McHale and peaceful residents for protesting against violent native extremists now that the ugly face of landclaim lawlessness has been captured on video for all to see during the Dec 01/07 protest at an illegal smoke shack.

Here are the links to material every member on the Haldimand Police Services Board should review before meeting with Fantino on Wednesday:

Caledonia violence deliberately incited by depraved liar

The two speeches of Clyde Powless – Oct 08/07 & Dec 01/07 [dial-up]

Queen’s Park speech by Merlyn Kinrade: “Are we a failed state?”

Mark Watson, Caledonia resident: The Realities of Citizens under Occupation and the Dangers of ignoring Civil Rights

Brantford Expositor endorses violence against civil rights activist [links to videos of some of the many assaults by native thugs on Dec 01/07]

OPP Brass, native thugs ensure violence in Caledonia media release, Dec 05/07: OPP allowed the violence to escalate 

CANACE release, Nov 26/07: Michael Bryant: Ontario deserves fair inquiry into violence against residents (why the Ipperwash Inquiry can never help Caledonia)

If members of the PSB have any questions, they are most welcome to contact me at any time, day or night at 519.457.0709. Since Gary McHale is not allowed to visit Caledonia, I am prepared – on short notice – to meet with the PSB members individually or as a group to answer any questions they may have about the statements made in the above articles and to provide supporting evidence to back them up.

The people of Haldimand deserve to know the whole ugly, rotten truth about December 1/07 as a first step to restoring their community to its former self.  I urge the Haldimand Police Services Board to demand that Fantino step aside and call in the RCMP to take over the OPP’s tainted investigation into the events of Dec 1st. Once the lies stop, the truth revealed, the true criminals arrested, and equal justice returned to Caledonia, then – and only then – can the healing and reconciliation begin in earnest. 

PSB members may also wish to listen to my speech from the October 08/07 ‘Remember Us’ March called, Natives are victims of Two Tier Justice. This is the last paragraph:

My hope is that one day people will come to Caledonia, not to study the destruction caused by those who would do evil to other human beings for their own selfish purposes, but to learn about your culture, about the damage that was done to it, and how Caledonians – native and non-native – came together as one in the dark days to peacefully proclaim Six Nations and the rest of Haldimand County as a sanctuary from that evil.” VoiceofCanada to native reader, Jan 12/07 in ‘Mediation & negotiation with natives? Yes. With sociopaths? No.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

13 responses to “Fantino to meet with Haldimand Police Services Board

  1. Whatisyourpurpose


    Council, various boards, and surely Fantino meet “in camera” for a reason there Mark.

    Check out the Haldimand County website to establish why Haldimand Council meets “in camera”, and then understand why sessions such as this would be “in camera”.

    Are you that desperate for information because of your lack of communication with Gary McHale due to restrictions for his pending charge from December 1, 2007 that you will float such an article on the web via your own site and a chat board? How is this helping your credibility?

    Are you aligning yourself to be the next “go to” guy for Caledonia? Or are you banking on finding loopholes that McHale will be able to jump through?

    If I were you Mark, I’d keep my nose clean on the off chance that there could be much bigger consequences that your friend (McHale) could face because of your efforts.

    That’s no way to help a friend. Just like it was no way to help a friend when Gary McHale stood there taking pictures of your alleged assault on Dec. 1/07 prior to the major melee that ensued where he and Mr. Parkinson were injured. If his (and your) intentions were truly for peaceful protest, he would have put down his camera to get you the heck out of harms way instead of snapping pictures. And surely you would have had no reason to be heard stating on unedited video footage “They did exactly what I wanted them to do” after your own fiasco was over.

    Have a Merry Christmas Mark. I, and many others, pray for you daily.

    VoC REPLY: Yes, the people who attacked me did exactly what I wanted them to do – they showed their ugly, hateful, violent agenda for all of Canada to see in front of a camera operated by a man who knew that capturing their unprovoked assault on me and my Canadian flag while I stood there facing them down without retaliating was more important than jumping in to help me. I don’t expect you to understand the concept of allowing others to victimize you for the greater good, but if you want to, go rent the movie, Gandhi.

    Of course, Jeff was also there when the native woman liar incited the violence by falsely claiming to be assaulted by Gary, but I’m sure you would rather not talk about that, would you?

    Native violence, lies, racial hatred [one could argue – and I think McHale will definitely do so – that the violence against him was a hate crime given the racist remarks about white people made by the native side], and false witness are the surest sign that those who have terrorized Caledonia are getting weaker while those of us who oppose them are getting stronger.

    As long as you’re praying, pray for the many victims – native and non-native – of native sociopaths who don’t care who they hurt to get what they want. Merry Christmas to you, too. Mark

  2. Well that last comment struck me Mark. Evil? Are you seriously suggesting that the people involved are ‘evil’. I also wonder how one would expect this dream to come about when the first message they here is that they are ‘ doing evil’ and then yes…now lets all come together and learn about how evil we’ve been.

    VoC REPLY: I didn’t say the people are evil. I said they were doing evil to other human beings. But, hey, if you’ve watched the videos from Dec 01/07 and seen the other terrible things done to innocent people in Caledonia, and you can’t come to the conclusion that there are evil people doing evil things to other human beings, then I don’t expect you to grasp my vision/dream either. Did you actually watch my speech from Oct 8th about how native people were being victimized by Two Tier Justice? (My guess is, not.) About how native women were being raped on the DCE? Any thoughts on that ‘non-evil’ perpetrated by ‘non-evil’ people? Stop arguing semantics. Stop pretending native extremists aren’t hurting people. Help us stop them, and maybe, just maybe, we can focus on the legitimate grievances of honourable native people and not on a bunch of lawless thugs. Then this nightmare can end on a positive note. Mark

  3. Whatisyourpurpose

    Of course, of course Mark.

    As an interested viewer of all of the video footage from that day that is available on the net, your snide grin at McHale after climbing out of the ditch said it all. Your statement above and reply to YOUR recorded words to Lisa Parent of says it all too – it was a set up on your part. You got what you wanted and then went on in later footage provided by one “Timmer” to inflame the situation with unfounded accusations against him.

    AND BELIEVE YOU ME, I AM NO FAN OF TIMMER. But you seriously need to give some consideration to your diatribe of “Law and Order” and “equality” if you are going to blatantly slander any person without concrete proof of your accusations.

    Your actions that day were anything but honourable as a Canadian fighting for their rights – or – as a former member of the UN peacekeeping force wearing the blue beret that is respected worldwide. Don’t you dare talk to me about how the Canadian Flag was desecrated on that day.

    I heard the comments flying back and forth that day. I heard you herald some of the worst comments that were spewed against your fellow man. How dare you speak of equality and use your service in the UN peacekeeping force in a country a world away with real crimes against humanity. How dare you try and equate one with the other and then chastize those fellow Canadians who do not provoke other citizens in this country for abandonment of your chase and pursuit. That should be telling you something right there….No?

    Shame on you Mark Vandermaas. I will continue to pray for you.

    VoC REPLY: So, does this mean you’re not going to watch Gandhi? In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m allowing you to show how your blind hatred and disregard for the truth is forcing you to resort to stupid statements such as your assinine assertion that I was responsible for violence (or whatever) because I had a smile on my face after I was attacked just so you can avoid having to address the points in my reply. As for the rest of your idiotic statements, I’ll let readers judge for themselves who’s lying to them and who’s not. Mark

  4. Whatisyourpurpose

    Go ahead Mark…

    Utilize the names of men far greater than you or I could ever hope to be by plastering them about on forums, blogs or internet sites laced with actions that would appear to the untrained eye, or unread mind, on all issues native as the only truth that exists, when you must recognize that your truth is not necessarily the only truth.

    And you want to question my knowledge or viewing pleasure on the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi or Simon Weisenthal for your benefit? How exactly? You do not state how, with the exception that they all appear to be something or someone newly discovered in your freshly minted coin effort to expose something that you believe contravenes your rights – somehow – or, as you like to think, my rights as a resident of Caledonia.

    Stop exploiting me. Stop abusing me. Stop disrupting my right to peaceful assembly. Stop interfering in my ability to exist where I have chosen to live because I am free to live where I want to live in this country – and I live here in Caledonia, Ontario.

    Your rights will never supercede the rights of another and you know it. Your rights are equal to mine. Your rights end where my rights begin, and vice versa. You do me a massive disservice if you think that you are fighting for my rights. You do yourself an even larger disservice.

    Just because you hate the OPP and the Liberal Government of Ontario does not mean that everyone does. IN FACT, the majority of Ontario likes the provincial Liberals to the point of a majority government reelection just 2 months ago for another 4-year term…so go hang the majority of Ontario and leave Caledonia out of your anti-liberal diatribe – because we voted conservative. Maybe you don’t like the provincial liberals and maybe I don’t like them either, but the majority does. That is democracy. Accept it, acknowledge it, and then get over it.

    VoC REPLY: I think you have me confused with the people who burned your bridge, destroyed your hydro station, assaulted your fellow citizens and police officers, I promise that it wasn’t me who attacked Sam Gualtieri. It’s not me raping the women on DCE – which you still refuse to acknowledge, by the way. It’s not me trying to set up an innocent man for a gang attack by crying wolf on Dec 1st. It’s not me who spoke of ‘peace’ and ‘not believing in violence’ at our October 8th march and then cowardly jumped on Gary’s back in an unprovoked attack. Yes, I definitely think you have me confused with someone else.

    By the way, since you claim to be a fan of democracy, check out the Preamble to the Charter of Rights says, “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of…the rule of law:” Now, if you’ll just write back and tell me that the rule of law is being upheld in Caledonia by the OPP and the Liberals, I will have proved my point that there are none so blind as those who will not see, and another enlightening exchange with a landclaim terror apologist will have come to a satisfactory conclusion. Mark

  5. Yes Mark I have read your speech and am well aware of your claim about the alleged rapes on the DCE and your comments on natives being victimized as well. I’m wondering if you have actually spoken to the people involved and what proof you can provide that these incidents occured. These are fairly harsh statements to be making against people if they aren’t based on anything more then more then mere talk. (believe me I know about the multitude of rumors that abound about what did and not occur on the DCE)

    I believe you first started talking about them after a comment was made in the paper by then chief General…(who then later retracted them by the way..because they are unsubstantiated claims…based on rumors…. and made as part of a political showdown by someone who has a history of taking this tact. )
    I also read that you consider yourself speaking for these woman. Do you actually know who they are? Have you spoken to the FN’s involved are they happy your speaking for them?

    My concern is not so much your opinion on things…thats your right to say whatever you wish and promote what you think is the right way to solve these issues. However if, when putting forth this opinion it’s smattered with potentially incorrect info, then it does everyone a disservice and in my mind to use your words…it’s simply not honorable.

    I also have to argue that it’s not semantics we’re arguing over. When people, especially native people read this statement…I know I’ve showed
    them, they read it just as I have questioned about. There isn’t a lot of difference between saying someone is ‘doing evil’ and jumping to saying they are evil. Good people as far as I know aren’t in the habit of doing evil things but evil people are.

    Have you actually spoken with some of the hundreds of people on SN’s that have been involved one way or another with the protest over the past 20 months? If so do you consider them all thugs and extremists? Are there any honorable people among them at all? (I’m just trying to get insight into your definition of what constitutes honorable)

    I do understand your dream and I don’t think that there’s anything particularly wrong with wanting people from different communities to come together for some common good. I’m just questioning the reality of approaching it in this fashion and with these particular characterization of the people that are involved.

    VoC REPLY (updated 0951 EST Dec 11/07): Now…you’re asking some good questions, Saoi. Sorry, this turned out to be longer than I thought it would be. I hope you’ll stick with my longwinded explanation. 🙂

    1. Long time readers know I generally don’t make statements I can’t prove. Once in a while, I do make a mistake and I correct it. My source re the rapes is NOT ‘talk’ – it is from Turtle Island News. A reporter for native media also confirmed it for me.

    The sources for other victimized natives can be found in several posts, including VICTIMIZING NATIVE PEOPLE, and DCE rapists enabled by OPP “best practices” endorsed by McGuinty Inquiry. There are links to documents from the Ipperwash Inquiry and our own The Ipperwash Papers project.

    There are also links to the Turtle Island story that told how the original occupiers of DCE are too afraid to go there, just as the original occupiers of Camp Ipperwash were, by the way.

    2. I don’t need anyone’s permission to speak out for women who are being raped, or for anyone else who has suffered injustices. I don’t decide who I will or won’t speak out for on the basis of race.

    3. Have I talked to native people? Our town hall meetings are open to all who wish to come and listen, and to speak respectfully to us afterwards. We allowed Clyde Powless to speak at our Oct 8th event. I personally went up to him afterwards and gave him my home phone number and told him to please call any time. He’s never called. Powless spoke of peace and non-violence that day, and then viciously attacked Gary on Dec 1st.

    We invited Chief David General to speak at the Oct 8th event; he wouldn’t come.

    I have had some great exchanges with native people on VoC, including one from Karone:rorakwe, and an Iroquois man named Terry Jamieson Jr. You can find them listed in OUR STRUGGLE under the ‘Is the struggle against Two Tier Justice about racism towards native people?’ Karone:rorakwe was there on Jan 20/07 when the DCE occupiers screamed obscenities at us as we stood quietly with our flags. He told me he was ashamed, which I appreciated. He also helped me to understand, at a personal level, how Residential Schools affected his life. Terry Jamieson Jr. and I didn’t start off on the right foot, the ending is pretty good. I hope one day to share a meal with them.

    Dec 1st put a very ugly face on native extremism for me because it was so personal. I have never seen such racist hate, wanton violence and callousness directed at peaceful people who simply wanted to oppose illegal behaviours in their town and the injustices of Two Tier Justice. I’m not sure I could share a meal with people who can hate that much.

    I would love to talk to more native people, but I am not interested in listening to those who try to justify the use of violence and hate and crime against innocent people. I have always tried to make a distinction between the relatively small group of violent natives who perpetrated the violence and native people as a whole. If you read my speech (I’m not sure how you did that since it’s not published anywhere. Maybe you meant that you listened to it.) you have to know that I do not hate native people, but I do hate the attitude that allows native extremists to feel that they have the right to harm innocent people. I’m not a social worker or a land claims expert. I’m a simple guy who knows that those issues aren’t going to be resolved overnight, but I am smart enough to know that it is impossible to obtain justice by bringing injustice onto others.

    For more than a year now, I have been talking about equality and non-violence. I’ve said that land claims should be settled fairly, and that we should honour our treaty obligations to the best of our ability within the limits of the modern society we live in. I will not, however, live in a country where one race of people is allowed to victimize others.

    Healing and reconciliation can only take place when there is truth, repentence, a cessation of lawlessness and justice – for all. I’ve spent the last year of my life working towards these things. I’m not perfect, but my heart is pure. I think you know that. I would love to have your help in understanding native culture & history, but first I need your help to stop the violence and victimization of innocents, and it doesn’t matter to me whether they are native or non-native. I will speak for them.

    Gary and I have had long debates with native media reporters. The last time, I expressed my frustration that, one and a half years later, we still have to waste our time debating as to whether or not one race of people should be allowed to use violence against another. Please, when do we get to the part where we can at least agree on that and actually mean it, not just talk about it like Powless did!!!

    You know, the irony of the situation is that if reasonable (not those who use, advocate or excuse the use of violence) native people actually met McHale on a personal, non-confrontational manner without the threat of violence present, they’d find they have much more in common with him than they’d expect. Believe it or not, he is the most un-racist person I have ever met. If you get a few minutes check out his speech from Oct 8th in which he criticizes the media (CBC) for a story they did praising Residential Schools. His point was that the media never recognize injustice when it occurs, and probably, the first people to speak out against them were vilified, just as we are today.

    If you really want to promote understanding, I’m all for it, but I want to work with native people who want to help end the violence and injustices for all people – native and non-native. I would love to have a native person to work with to accomplish these goals and educate me along the way, but so far, I haven’t found anyone who wants to step forward and help me build that bridge.

    It may sound unreasonable or uncompromising to you for me to say that I only want to work with a native person committed to ending lawlessness rather than taking time to listen to rationalizations for the violence, but I’m not expecting any more or less from the native community than I do from OPP officers, for example. I’ve had many people, including the families of officers try to justify their refusal to enforce the law because ‘they’re just following orders.’ I want to build a bridge with front line OPP officers, too, but I won’t accept their excuses, either.

    The issues at play are complicated and time consuming. This makes it all the more imperative that we stand on the solid foundation that is our Charter of Rights as we try to work them out: Rule of law. Equality before the law. Freedom of expression and, yes, respect for treaties with aboriginal people.

    Thanks for writing, saoi. I appreciate it. Sorry to go on so long. Regards, Mark.

  6. Whatisyourpurpose

    Are you going to acknowledge my rights as laid out in my post above that I, and many, many others believe you, yourself are imposing restrictions on? Are you? Will you?

    You are not without sin in the instigation Mr. Vandermaas. Make no mistake.

    Don’t try and blindside your readers with your failure to address a resident of Caledonia who just happens to disagree with your approach. Don’t try and hid your animosity behind a thinly veiled speech by another and then say “See! That’s what I mean!”

    Find your own words, your own reasons – and then believe them, and then maybe – just maybe, others will believe you.

    What I have witnessed from your actions is a man of ignorance. Have you ever, ever made the effort to speak to one single person from Six Nations? Have you ever, ever made the effort to speak to one single person from Caledonia who is not affiliated with your “friends”? Have you ever attempted to round out your perspective in an effort to fully understand the dynamics of Caledonia, Six Nations, native rights, land claims, or just plain ol’ fashioned morality on these issues?

    I doubt it.

    Can you carry on a conversation without applying “labels” or “colours” to people? Can you, or would you ever try to understand that there are likely as many varied opinions on these issues as there are people involved and allow some form of miniscule validation for the view of another over your own?

    I doubt it.

    Keep your hatred flowing. It is starting to become you in a befitting sort of way.

    By the way, on the off chance you bothered to actually research the reason for the Ipperwash Inquiry (aside from your usual ‘it was McGuinty’s liberals trying to whitewash the Harris conservatives’), do you actually know what the intended purpose of the proceeding was for?

    Furthermore, spare me the replay of the ‘do you remember’. I live here. I lived it. I have the pictures. I have the personal experience. I have the knowledge of what actually happened on the ground for many of the events that you can only write about, and I get to continue to raise my family here. So don’t you dare tell me what the hell has happened in Caledonia, you coward.

    It’s easy to preach from a keyboard isn’t it?

    VoC REPLY (updated 0944 EST Dec 11/07): This ‘coward’ went to jail in Caledonia on Dec 16/06 for trying to raise a Canadian flag. This coward has endured threats of kidnapping, torture and death. This coward was attacked by thugs in Caledonia on Dec 1/07 and refused to retaliate. This coward has spoken at Queen’s Park twice and brought a 14 year old girl from 6th line who asked me to help her tell her story. This coward spoke from a hill on Oct 8th about how native people were being victimized by native criminals and Two Tier Justice. This coward spoke of his dream that native and non-native people will come together to end the violence and be recognized for their commitment to peace. This coward endures disgusting insults for a cause in which he is prepared to give all that he has just to advance that dream just a little further each day. Mark

    P.S. Readers who want to see the depth of my/our research into the Ipperwash Inquiry can visit The Ipperwash Papers feature page on VoC, and the website for The Ipperwash Papers project we presented at a Queen’s Park media studio news conference on March 14/07.

  7. “I heard you herald some of the worst comments that were spewed against your fellow man.”


    If you’re going to lie and spread slanderous innuendo at least use a spell checker…oh great one of “trained eye” and “well read mind”.

    LOL 😛

    Hey Mark: I see you have some truly odious, depraved perjurers in your fan club….when deranged lying haters line up to slander you, it’s obvious their greatest fear is you’re exposing the truth about them.

    BTW: I don’t think these Atavist wonders knows any more about “civil rights” than they do about concocting a frame up or a libelous whisper campaign that will stop the truth.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Bill. I told Gary (before he was arrested) that the violence used against us on Dec 1st, and the depths the OPP sunk to that day by allowing it to continue, and then falsely blaming it on us were signs of desperation, which is the surest indicator that we are getting stronger while they grow weaker.

    All they have on their side is lies, violence and insults. On our side we have truth, justice, the Charter of Rights and a proud history of defending basic human freedoms. Let them use their violence against us. Let them bear false witness against us. Let them slander us. They degrade themselves at every opportunity, while more and more people join our cause because they have seen the ugly future our opponents offer to our beloved country.

    I have been advised by more than one Caledonia resident that, since Dec 1st, people who used to oppose us, people who have previously refused to become involved, people who have ignored our appeals for financial support, are now joining the cause and helping to spread our message to their neighbours. Calling on them to put aside petty differences to join in this epic struggle that will determine whether Canada falls in the abyss of anarchy due to a small group of criminals and extremists or rises from its knees to once again to become a beacon of tolerance, justice and hope where disputes are settled in the courts and not with violence.

    People are coming out to take a stand publicly in the light with us. Witness Mark Watson’s eloquent call to action: “Is it not the duty of the people to stand up and demand that the politicians get control of a police force that is acting outside of its intended purpose?”

    Witness the words of a 17 year old girl from Caledonia by the name of Karen Sorrell whose letter was published in the Hamilton Spectator on December 8th: “…provocation is police officers doing nothing to stop the escalation, yet turning on and charging the residents when things get out of hand. Madness is allowing this situation to continue for almost two years, with no end in sight.”

    Karen Sorrell follows in the giant footsteps of a 15 year old girl from Caledonia named Pam (Dancer) who showed extraordinary courage by accompanying us to Queen’s Park on April 17/06 to share her ‘Road of Hope’ message on behalf of the children of Sixth Line, and then stood on the hill with us on Oct 8th to share it once again with the people of Caledonia. Pam/Dancer was speaking out for her town when many who did have ‘policing’ on their streets refused to do so. (I do hope that one day, she will be recognized for her courage in doing so.)

    Good things are happening, Bill. Very good things.

    Fantino may be under the mistaken belief that he has ‘cut the head off the snake’ by arresting Gary McHale, and imposing extreme limitations on his freedom to associate, but what he doesn’t understand that one can’t cut the head off the idea that all citizens should be equal before the law.

    I’ll leave you with something I said to ‘James’ who wrote in to defend me against someone who called me a coward:

    “Did you notice how the commenter never responded with a single ounce of sympathy for the victims of native extremists? All he/she has are insults. How sad. How can one negotiate with such callousness and blatant disrespect for truth? Now you understand why Martin Luther King Jr., in his famous ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail‘ of April 16, 1963 stated his belief that negotiations should only come afterthe ugly truth of injustice is exposed and dramatized through non-violent direct action.

    Thanks again for writing. Regards, Mark

    P.S. What the heck does ROTFLMAO mean?

  8. Thank you for your reply Mark and I took a short time to read the posts you linked to. I would still like to suggest that your information about the alleged rapes is still only circumstantial…and that they seemed mainly to be based on the comments by David General in the paper. Comments which he later retracted. If you understood General’s relationship with the DCE protest then perhaps you can get a better idea of why such comments were put forth in the first place. I will leave it at that.
    As for your info about the original occupiers not going to the site anymore it is severely outdated and is simply not the case at this time. All of the people mentioned in that article have been there regularly and the incidents mentioned and the issues with the people mentioned were dealt with by the people.
    To characterize the DCE as simply a place of lawlessness where the people don’t care whats going on…or don’t deal with any problems that arise is simply untrue. There have been instances where problem people did do things and they were dealt with. Just like in any community.

    I would also like to point out that currently there is only a symbolic occupation of the site with only a handful of people there permanently. This was done in accordance with agreements made during negotiations. The houses were removed in order to facilitate this.
    These “lawless thugs’ are also working on a plan at the tables to restore the property and the hope is to restore some of the damage that was done to the natural creek beds and set about some environmental restoration.

    I’m glad you made overtures to some native people, but I am not talking about just the leaders here. I would suggest that in order to get a comprehensive idea of what these ‘thugs’ are all about that talking to average person is order.
    I did read your exchange with Mr. Jamieson and in my opinion and from people I know that are involved with the DCE he is representative of the majority and the way that they think. I would characterize most of the people I’ve met as close to his way of thinking.

    I am not trying to deny that obsenities were thrown at you, nor that any bad behavior never happened. However I also saw the equivalent behavior and speech from the other side as well, including some of the most vile and racist things that I have ever heard a person say.

    This includes the Dec. 1st incident where both sides were caught on video, swearing and cursing at each other…including those that you support. They were right in there with the best of them.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right of course, but what we end up with each side saying…well you guys started it…with both sides feeling justified. You get into a vicious circle.

    You also have commented that you have yet to find an native person to help you along the way and educate you as you go. I know very many Native people and yes those who are involved in this who are more then willing and have never had any trouble in talking about the very issues that you speak about here. I have had discussions to numerous to count on these very issues. Perhaps if I may make a suggestion that it’s not so much that they don’t exist…they truly do but that perhaps something in the way that you are coming across is putting up a block somewhere.

    Communication is about breaking down those blocks and take the time to really listen and yes sometimes this does take time. I’ve found in my own experience, that I don’t have to compromise my own beliefs in order to do this and I’ve gained a broader understanding of the complexity of the issues and the complexity of the humanity thats involved here.

  9. Whats yer name.

    I’m not sure how you can complain about one man’s right to free speech and assembly. How is anyone but the DCE occupiers infringing on your rights? Could you walk freely down Argyll Street last year?

    I also don’t follow why anyone should have to talk to and try to understand the crime and the criminal when I know what is WRONG and that the are LAWS against such crimes. Such bleeding heart drivel.

    By the way, the cowardly don’t use their real names. If you feel so strongly…

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for coming to my defence, James. I appreciate it. (James was commenting on ‘Whatisyourpurpose’s’ anonymous comment above dated Dec 10/07 10:51pm in which I was called a ‘coward.’) It’s pretty funny, actually, to read the ‘sky is green’ comments from those who scurry anonymously around in the shadows hurling baseless insults and accusations in attempt to defend the indefensible on behalf of evildoers.

    They deliberately avoid the facts in an attempt to rewrite history, relying instead on attacking the character of those who choose to stand in the light. They got away with it in Ipperwash, and they were getting away with it in Caledonia – until Gary McHale began to stand against them.

    Most of the time I just relegate such comments to the trash bin, but sometimes I use them to expose just how demented their logic is, and how futile it is to think they and the criminals they try to excuse can be reasoned with. This was one of those times. Thanks for noticing.

    Did you notice how the commenter never responded with a single ounce of sympathy for the victims of native extremists? All he/she has are insults. How sad. How can one negotiate with such callousness and blatant disrespect for truth? Now you understand why Martin Luther King Jr., in his famous ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail‘ of April 16, 1963 stated his belief that negotiations should only come afterthe ugly truth of injustice is exposed and dramatized through non-violent direct action. Mark

  10. “hurling baseless insults and accusations in attempt to defend the indefensible on behalf of evildoers. ”

    You did this exact same act yourself.
    You defamed a man because he doesn’t agree with your stance, tactics. Correct?
    You also lied to Police Re; your “I was just standing here Officer”
    Now start telling the truth.
    Don’t deflect, project, but answer please.

    VoC REPLY: First off, as you will see in my post, OPP Brass, native thugs ensure violence in Caledonia, I freely admitted that I intentionally blocked a car. I also put it in the ‘accident’ report that I filled out in the police car. I didn’t see you in the car with me. Your statement that I “lied to Police” is, therefore, another bald-faced lie in a day that was filled with them.

    As for what I may or may not have said on Dec 1, I don’t respond to anonymous allegations from a shadow using an alias. If someone thinks I defamed them, they can identify themselves in a written letter of complaint and provide an address for legal service, because once they confirm their identity, I’ll be able to direct my lawyer to file a suit against them for slandering me over the past year and a half. So, if you know who put up the video, please…encourage them to step forward because I’d love to know where to have them served.

    While you’re at it, ask them about the disgusting allegation made to me that was caught on Jeff Parkinson’s camera. Bet you didn’t see that part of the video. As for the allegations that I may or may not have made, regular VoC readers know that I’m not in the habit of making statements I can’t prove. They also know that I admit when I’m wrong. Nothing’s changed. Thanks. Here’s my address for service just in case the ‘shadow’ wants to begin the process: 371 Vesta Place, London, ON N5Y 1G4. Unlike the people whose hate, lies and violence you are trying to deflect criticism from, I own my actions, and I don’t lie about them. Try it sometime. It feels good.Mark

  11. Mark asks:

    “P.S. What the heck does ROTFLMAO mean?”

    Usegroup acronyms… ROTFLMAO means;

    “rolling on the floor laughing my AXX off”

    It denotes the cited comment created great hilarity to the point of uncontrolled laughter….as wazz-its-name’s lame and obvious attempt to slander you with a lie that the video records prove to be evidently false.

    It indicates to me these pro-DCE occupation fanatics are delusional, treacherous and are totally amoral….never turn your back to such lowlife Mark.

    I note also that wazzits name there issued a veiled threat to you from craven anonymity…another clue as to the character of the lowlife who side with criminals.

    VoC REPLY: Well, now you got me laughing, too Bill! Thanks. Mark

  12. Mark: Do I see a pattern here with all your “accusers” ( read; libellers) posting libelous statements anonymously?

    I think their accusations might have more validity if they attached a name and contact info to them and stand behind these statements….but I won’t hold my breath waiting for DCE occupation zealots to ever do anything that exposes them to be accountable for criminal acts.

    VoC REPLY: Yes, they must be pretty desperate to rewrite history now that all of Canada has seen the ugly face of landclaim lawlessness up close and personal. Now, all of a sudden, the rapes on DCE never occured, just as Sam Gualtieri was blamed for being attacked in his own home. I guess Gary must have assaulted himself because it seems that not a single supporter of the native violence that day is able to watch the videos and comment on anything other than fantasy versions of what happened, trying to find some silly fault with those who faced down thugs without retaliating. These comments are the signs of desperate people trying to bury the truth that can no longer be buried. Well, the Landclaim Terror Deniers can go crawl back under their rocks now because the jig is up. Two Tier Justice is not dead, but it’s on life support. One day, even the native audience and politicians they’ve been trying to hoodwink will come to know the truth.

    Thanks for writing, Bill. Sorry, I have to go now, the OPP are here to arrest me for smiling at the camera after I and my Canadian flag were attacked by smokeshack ruffians without retaliating. No wait…it must be for standing in front of a car for 2 minutes while the driver – who, by the way, was never identified – of a car – whose licence plate, by the way, was never recorded, lied about me deliberately hitting him in front of witnesses and a camera. No, no, no, I know, they’re going to charge me with permitting a native attacker to chew on my Canadian flag (Bill, you haven’t lived until you’ve had smokeshack gangsters assault you, threaten you, and chew on your Canadian flag!) without giving him some ketchup to wash it down. Thanks for injecting some humour into my day, Bill. We’ll have to meet some day. I’ll be in Cayuga tomorrow to help welcome Julie so, if you’re in the neighbourhood, drop in. As I said, I’ll be the one with the duct tape on my mouth – and a smile on my face. Let me leave you with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.:

    “You deplore the demonstrations taking place in Birmingham. But your statement, I am sorry to say, fails to express a similar concern for the conditions that brought about the demonstrations. I am sure that non of you would want to rest content with the superficial kind of social analysis that deals merely with effects and does not grapple with underlying causes. It is unfortunate that demonstrations are taking place in Birmingham, but it is even more unfortunate that the city’s white power structure left the Negro community with no alternative.

    You may well ask: “Why direct action? Why sit-ins, marches and so forth? Isn’t negotiation a better path?” You are quite right in calling, for negotiation. Indeed, this is the very purpose of direct action. Nonviolent direct action seeks to create such a crisis and foster such a tension that a community which has constantly refused to negotiate is forced to confront the issue. It seeks so to dramatize the issue that it can no longer be ignored. My cited the creation of tension as part of the work of the nonviolent-resister may sound rather shocking. But I must confess that I am not afraid of the word “tension.” I have earnestly opposed violent tension, but there is a type of constructive, nonviolent tension which is necessary for growth. Just as Socrates felt that it was necessary to create a tension of the mind so that individuals could rise from the bondage of myths and half-truths to the unfettered realm of creative analysis and objective appraisal, we must we see the need for nonviolent gadflies to create the tension in society that will help men rise from the dark depths of prejudice and racism to the majestic heights of understanding and brotherhood.

    The purpose of our direct-action program is to create a situation so crisis-packed that it will inevitably open the door to negotiation. I therefore concure with you in your call for negotiation.” Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963.

    Regards, Mark

  13. I applaud both you and Gary for your exhibited pacifism in the face of violent hateful people, I applaud you ability to keep a passive mindset when being unjustly libelled, slandered and criminally framed.

    That takes a lot. It takes commitment to a higher principle than simple self defense….I hope you haven’t any martyrdom inclinations. ;-)…..because from my observations and experience, the people you oppose are capable of anything.

    VoC REPLY: Our actions or ‘sacrifices’ are puny compared to those brave Canadians who faced the guns at places like Vimy Ridge, Normandy, Dieppe, the Medak Pocket, and today in Afghanistan. We will not dishonour them by allowing their blood to be wasted. We, however, will not use bullets and violence against our enemies though they may well use them against us; we will defeat them with truth. Yes, we are very well aware that the people we oppose are capable of anything, but we will not stop. If they take us down, I know now that others will take our place. Others, perhaps, like you. Mark