Mark Watson, Caledonia – The dangers of ignoring Civil Rights

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgMark Watson, a Caledonia resident, has written a wonderful rebuttal to all those who would put their heads in the sand rather than stand up and fight for their civil rights during the native occupation of his town.

I’ve met Mark in passing, but I don’t know him well, so I had to track down his number in order to leave a voice message telling him how much it means to me and – to my wife – that he has so eloquently come to the defence of all those – residents and ‘outsiders’ – who are defending our country from those who defile the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms rather than fulfilling their duty to uphold it.

Thank you, Mark!

The Realities of Citizens Under Occupation and
the Dangers of Ignoring Civil Rights

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What are people to do in a democracy when the Police refuse to enforce the laws of the land?

What are people to do when the Police refuse to carry out court orders?

What are people to do when one cultural group is allowed to take over parts of towns, stop businesses from operating, assault those who stand in their way while under the watchful eye of the OPP who are commissioned to prevent the breakdown of law and order?

Is it not the duty of the people to stand up and demand that the Politicians get control of a police force that is acting outside of its intended purpose? At what point did the people decide, or even had debated, the role change from Law Enforcement to Peacekeeper. Who among us agreed that our Civil Liberties would be suspended in order for the OPP to carry out their version of security?

Were it not for the efforts of Gary McHale, Doug Flemming, Mark Vandermaas, Jeff Parkinson and countless others, the OPP and our elected officials would hide the ongoing crimes being perpetrated upon innocent citizens of this Province.

For the court to accept the obvious ‘trumped up charge’ being applied to Mr. McHale’s actions would be tantamount to accepting that Julian Fantino has the unlimited authority to quell free speech for all of us. Surely an informed person can recognize ‘race based’ policing when they see it, surely an informed court can recognize the intimidation that the average citizen experiences when stifled under the blanket of a disgraced and misguided police force.

Crimes are being committed on an ongoing basis against citizens of Ontario and the OPP has made it their mission to mislead, deny and outright lie about the severity and frequency. They are being sued on many fronts for their deceit in order to silence free speech and opposition to Native crime.

The residents of Ipperwash were abandoned because there was no avenue for truth about Native Crime and police failure to protect citizens to be heard. Caledonia has that in McHale, and Fantino, McGuinty and others of influence hate him for it.

At what point are the courts of Ontario going to stand up for the people of this Province and put an end to the ‘Police State’ being created under the pretence of ‘Keeping the Peace’.

I am a resident of this Province and Caledonia, and I object to the intimidation and personal attack that Julian Fantino has thrust on all of us who oppose Native Terrorism.

McHale today, Me tomorrow!

Dec. 8 2007
Mark Watson – Resident of Caledonia


9 responses to “Mark Watson, Caledonia – The dangers of ignoring Civil Rights

  1. Not only do we have a police state, which means that OPP brass can target whomever they wish and enforce whichever law they wish or search the law books looking for some obscure misdemeaner charge, there is video, audio and media proof that the OPP are taking direction from the same natives who are breaking the law.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Donna. We have audio recordings of Inspector McLean telling a resident the OPP had no problems with us putting up the flags until the occupiers complained. We have audio tapes of occupiers telling the police where they can go and interfering with an ambulance and a police response to an attack on an OPP officer. Oh yes, the OPP are under direction from criminals, all right. And let’s not forget, they’re also under the direction of the McGuinty government according to allegations in the Brown/Chatwell suit that accuses 3 cabinet ministers of ‘Misfeasance in Public Office.’Mark

  2. from the grapevine Tuesday Dec 11 …

    Let it be known we should expect 5 more arrests today, … and Mark is going for a ride today.

    Share the great news.

    VoC REPLY: Well, it’s Wednesday Dec 12th and I’m getting ready to go to Cayuga to welcome Julian. Funny, the OPP haven’t taken me for ‘a ride’ yet, Saga. Lies, lies and more lies. Keep the lies and slander coming; the more you write, the more readers realize just how depraved and deluded the supporters of violent native extremists can be, never mind the thugs themselves. Could it be that your sources are lying to YOU. Now that would be a surprise, wouldn’t it?Mark

  3. William H Jensen

    The OPP and the RCMP are both laughing stocks and a total embarassment. I don”t recognize them as a legitimate force.

    VoC REPLY: Hi William. Thanks for writing. The RCMP have had some embarassments as of late, haven’t they? Perhaps that means they’ll be on their best behaviour if they’re called in to take over Fantino’s tainted ‘investigation.’ Who else can we call – the FBI?

    December 01/07, Fantino’s rush to judgement against the peaceful residents and ‘interlopers’ who were viciously attacked without retaliating, and the politically motivated arrests are going to come back to haunt them, I suspect. Thanks again for the comment. Regards, Mark.

  4. Mark Watson: I don’t know if I know him! I have met so many people but I would be proud if I did!
    I am proud of ALL the people who stand up and fight this cause: our Right’s!!

    To do nothing: is to allow another town like us to become us: LAWLESS!!

    Jim Smith

    VoC REPLY: Hi Jim. Thanks for letting Mark Watson know how you feel. I know he’ll appreciate it. Jim Smith spends a lot of time contacting media and politicians about the Caledonia situation. It was his house that had a Nazi swastika painted on it at night. You can see the picture in CALEDONIA PHOTOS in the top menu. Thanks for writing, Jim! Keep up the good fight. Mark

  5. Amen for Mark Watson.

    Mark I hope to meet you tomorrow when we meet in Cayuga to extend a warm Caledonia welcome for Fantino.

    You have said it all and speak for a lot of us when it comes to the travesty of the corrupt policing of Caledonia and appeasement of Criminals and Terrorists.

    Again thanks for your words and welcome to the frontlines of this very important battle.

    Jim Anderson.

    VoC REPLY: Thank you for supporting this struggle, Jim, and for your kind words. See you today. I’ll bring the duct tape! Mark

  6. When will the supposed “victims” realize that the native people have been living this horribly biased and unjust way of life for generations, and simply will not take it anymore? Someone inconveniences you for a time and all hell has to break loose. Our people have suffered nothing short of genocide at the hands of the Canadian government for centuries, and our basic rights have never been what you might deem a priority under this (or any) legal system. Our children were stolen and beaten/raped/murdered only 40 years ago and where the hell is the public outcry for justice? Our cries fell on deaf ears, and those tears became goddam bitter as a result. Our entire race has been described as a problem and I for one REFUSE to watch history repeat. Before those of you “in the know” go off on me as just another bitter misfit, I have to say that I own my own home and pay land and income taxes just like you all. There is no room for my family on what little land remains on the reservation. You may soon come to realize when an entire race of people have become this desperate for action, that this type of demonstration is the “only” way to get results. If a whitewashing is all you (a very visible group of people with a voice) are able get from the government, imagine what a small group of opressed natives have gone through for centuries? Kind of boggles the mind eh? How about 5 grand for being raped and abused for years in residential schools? This is an embarrasment…then someone has the NERVE to write that there was concern the natives couldn’t handle this HUGE influx of cash, and drug/substance use would be more of a problem…I’m a college grad and I live with crap like that every day…ugh!
    Try to understand that this dispute is a last resort, and an effort to force the government into action. My people will not be pushed any further…let them do their work. A smoke hut is pretty insignificant in view of all that is at stake here, and understand that no protest made by anyone, anywhere will carry any weight with regards to the land reclamation.
    Do you think the government views us differently from one another? You bet they do! Right up until someone makes a fuss. Then we become not so different after all.

    I hope this has added a small amount of food for thought.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Donny, thanks for the comment. I don’t have a lot of time to respond, so let me leave you with a couple of links if I may to help you realize that I/we are not the enemy of native people. I just want to stop the violence and victimization of all people – native and non-native. First, check out the link at the top called VICTIMIZING NATIVE PEOPLE. Be sure to listen to my speech from the Oct 08/07 Remember Us March (where we allowed Clyde Powless to speak). Then, check out the posts in the OUR STRUGGLE link that are listed under the heading ‘Is the struggle against Two Tier Justice about racism towards native people?’ Then, let me know what you thought. I’d also like to know your thoughts about peaceful people being attacked, and if you think native protesters should lie about being assaulted as was done on Dec 1st.

    While you’re at it, check out Gary McHale’s speech on Oct 8th in which he talks about how the CBC did a piece on the ‘positive’ aspects of Residential Schools, and his belief that the first people who complained about them were probably ignored by the media, and vilified for speaking out just as we are today. It’s listed on this page, as is my speech mentioned above.

    Believe it or not, Donny, we’re not as far apart as you might think. In fact, I wish you could understand just how badly the non-native people of Caledonia are hurting because of the damage done to their relationships with their friends and relatives of Six Nations because of the lawlessness being committed by a small group of extremists.

    Gotta go. Thanks for taking the time to write. I do appreciate it. Mark

  7. Thank you for posting my comments Mark. I have never been one to write down my thoughts but someone, somewhere has got to bring this whole affair back to some level ground. I attended high school with Doug Fleming (he’ll know who I am) and we got along well. Not once did our race ever come into play, and we had a lot of laughs back in the day. Hard to believe when tensions ran even higher then! Knowing Doug this way, I have kind of chuckled along while he played this cigarette game, and never mentioned any of this when I had the opportunity to say “hi” to him for the 1st time in 25 yrs. recently.

    Well Doug’s little business venture (selling smokes out of his truck) was kinda funny until it got taken to the next level.
    It is everyones right to hold a peaceful demonstration yes,…but someone should have had the where-with-all to know that this was not a good location. Someone knew this would lead to even more confrontations, so why continue?
    Find an alternate location, and let well enough alone. I cannot agree with this last demonstration as being helpful to anyone. Maybe the huts are illegal. They will be dealt with in time.

    The lawlessness you mention has to be seen for exactly what it is. A wakeupcall to the Government! How did Dougs demonstration of “lawlessness” improve anything? It never does, but it does draw attention.
    As far as me understanding how the people of Caledonia are hurting…I certainly try, and empathize with everyone affected. I am in Caledonia twice weekly as my son plays basketball there, and I am a volunteer coach for a boys houseleague team. (2 years running)

    I have only gained friends in Caledonia, and feel I made the right decision to support this organization.
    I think if people are truly about change and making things right, then our efforts can be put to much better use. You mention a once strong relationship between Caledonia and the people of the reserve. I refuse to accept that there is a problem so big that our different backgrounds/beliefs will be strong enough to keep my son from receiving the BEST coaching anywhere, or to keep me from cheering on my gang of kids.

    The damage will only be what is allowed, or provoked into being. I am about making things work.

    I am off to view the links you suggested, and look forward to your reply.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks so much for your reply, Donny. I really do appreciate you taking the time and effort to write it. I also appreciate that you’re going to read some of my stuff.

    There’s a big difference between what the non-native demonstrators were doing on Dec 1st, and the smokeshack thugs who came deliberately down the road to attack them and the police. I know, I was there, and I was attacked myself. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such blind hate in my life towards people who had done nothing to deserve it other than being of the wrong race.

    Protesting 101

    Donny, if the DCE/smokeshack people were peacefully doing occupations where they were willing – as we have been – to be arrested without resisting, and they willingly face the consequences of the law without resorting to violence or the threat of violence, they would have a lot more support. Believe me, if that were the case, I would never have gotten involved in Caledonia. Democracies tolerate a certain amount of civil disobedience. I think it’s very healthy because it DOES get attention and lead to negotiations. That’s why Martin Luther King Jr. used it. But, he – and we – draw the line at violence. That’s why I did not retaliate when I was attacked. That’s why Gary did not retaliate when he was accused of an assault he did not commit and then assaulted several times. We know that when the cameras capture unprovoked, vicious attacks on us, the thugs lose all credibility as they did on Dec 1st.

    Misleading Six Nations people

    What’s really sad to me is how the truth about what happened that day is being manipulated to mislead Six Nations people. The Dunnville Chronicle carried a recent story about how Chief MacNaughton said that two Six Nations women were attacked on Dec. 1st. Unfortunately, the allegations are completely false. In fact, video shows that one of the women yelled that she had been assaulted before pushing McHale who was then attacked by other natives from behind. SHE was the one who instigated the real hostility and violence towards us with her false allegation. The OPP testified in court yesterday under cross-examination by McHale that she was going to be charged with filing a false report.

    The second woman was Lynda Powless who claims to have been ‘attacked’ by McHale in a Turtle Island News story. Sorry, but the video shows her hanging onto McHale with both arms as Clyde Powless jumps McHale from behind as he’s trying to do what the police told him to do – “Keep walking no matter what!” Lynda Powless wasn’t attacked any more than the woman who filed the false report was attacked. If she was, then she should file a complaint with the police.

    Do non-natives have no right to peacefully protest?

    Why am I telling you all this? Because, I’m trying to get past the silly argument that, somehow, non-natives who have been victimized continuously by the DCE occupation and now by the blight of illegal smokeshacks should just sit back and allow injustice after injustice to be committed upon them without peacefully protesting. I’m trying to get past the fiction that non-native people are not allowed to protest, and that when they do, the unprovoked violence against them is somehow their fault. Donny, I want us to be friends very much, but I’m not going to give up my Charter rights to do it, and I want our relationship to be based on respect for one another’s rights, not based on fear of violence.

    Blaming peaceful non-native protesters for being victims of violence because they should have known better than to exercise their rights is like blaming a woman for being raped because she walked down the wrong street.

    I think I would speak for Doug when I say that we will not give up our rights simply because it makes others uncomfortable or angry or even violent when I peacefully attempt to exercise them.

    If you’ve read my stuff, you know I’m not against native people, or valid land claims. I am only against the violence, intimidation and vandalism that the OPP have been willing to tolerate from a small group of criminals who are bringing dishonour to your people and to your cause.

    Believe it or not, I understand very well where the rage against the system comes from. For more than a year and a half we have been fighting the lies and injustices against us, and NO ONE WILL LISTEN!!! (Does that sound familiar?) I am incredibly frustrated by the system that has allowed the injustices against us to continue unabated, but I will not use violence to change it. Democracy may not be perfect, but it’s a lot better than anarchy.

    Let me paint an imaginary picture for you…

    Imagine for a moment, that a group of Six Nations people were peacefully demonstrating at a newstand that was illegally built by a non-native person from Caledonia on Six Nations land from which the owner was illegally selling cigarettes to 6N kids.

    A group of non-native residents rush out to meet them and attack the Six Nations people.

    The first native is attacked and his flag desecrated, but an OPP sergeant tells the victim to “Back off” when he asks that the residents who attacked him be arrested. Not long afterwards, the same OPP sergeant picks out a native man standing quietly on the road with other native people quietly watching from a distance with a cup of coffee in his hand and arrests him. The native man is not yelling. Not fighting. Just watching and drinking his coffee. They charge the native coffee drinker with ‘Obstructing Police’ and take him away.

    A resident blocks the road with his truck, but is never arrested.

    A native blocks the road with his truck, but he is later arrested and charged with ‘Mischief.’

    A Six Nations man who suggests that other natives block the road with vehicles is charged with ‘Counselling Mischief’ even though the first native man rejects the suggestion, and no ‘crime’ is committed.

    One resident – a woman – pushes a native man and falsely screams that the native pushed him. Other residents attack the innocent native man and punch him in the head. Then, the leader of the residents jumps on the wrongfully-accused man’s back while another resident – a second woman – grabs onto him with both arms to try to keep him from getting away. Other residents swarm the native man while he’s on the ground, kicking and punching him as the group yells, “Get him! Get him. Get the fat fuck” and “Kill him. Kill him.” He is taken to the hospital, as is another native man who suffers a brain injury when a police officer throws him to the ground as he is videotaping the assault.

    As some of the police officers try hard to prevent violence against the peaceful native protesters, they themselves are sworn at and assaulted by violent residents, but the police never arrest them – not one.

    As the police refuse to arrest anyone – other than the peaceful, quiet, coffee drinking native man – the situation escalates, but no back-up comes. In previous protests there were hundreds of officers to prevent violence. This time, there were about 18. Later, it turns out that no OPP officers were videotaping the event as there always has been during past demonstrations by Six Nations people. The day after the attack, the Commissioner of the OPP blames the violence on the peaceful native demonstrators for “taunting and provoking” the residents, and vows he will bring the natives to justice. You start to wonder if the OPP deliberately set up the situation so the Six Nations people could be attacked, and then blamed for the violence against them.

    Days later the people of Six Nations read that the Mayor of Haldimand is outraged by the (completely false) ‘news’ that two Caledonia women were attacked by natives.

    Donny, that’s what happened to us on December 1st – in reverse. Now, you tell me how any part of that is OK? If residents had done to Six Nations people what was done to us on that day, well…I’d hate to even guess at what would have happened. Injustice is evil no matter who it’s perpetrated upon, and no matter who the perpetrators are. I wish Six Nations people would join with us in calling for an end to the disgusting violence and racist hate and lies that were on display Dec 01/07. Unfortunately, some in your community seem to have a vested interest in keeping the hate and violence very much alive.

    The evidence

    To see the stories and video evidence to back up what I’m saying, please see CALEDONIA VIOLENCE in the top menu. If you’re short on time, check out: CANACE calls for RCMP to take over investigation after Fantino blames victims of Caledonia violence

    Let’s work together for all people – native and non-native

    I hope that the two communities aren’t that far apart. But, as I said earlier, there are people in yours that seem to believe that they can commit any injustice, no matter how great, to further the cause of Six Nations and/or their own personal agendas. I have said many times that I do not believe they speak for all native peoples, and I pray that’s true. I hope you’ll help me prove it.

    I’ll leave you with the final words of my speech at the October 8/07 ‘Remember Us’ March (where we allowed Clyde Powless to speak, by the way! Ironically, he spoke of wanting peace and non-violence.):

    “My hope is that one day people will come to Caledonia, not to study the destruction caused by those who would do evil to other human beings for their own selfish purposes, but to learn about your culture, about the damage that was done to it, and how Caledonians – native and non-native – came together as one in the dark days to peacefully proclaim Six Nations and the rest of Haldimand County as a sanctuary from that evil.” VoiceofCanada to native reader, Jan 12/07; ‘Natives are victims of Two Tier Justice’ speech, Oct 08/07

    Thanks again for writing, Donny. Say hi to Doug if you see him first. Tell him to give you my number, and give me a call if you like. Regards,Mark

  8. David Hartless

    I wish to respond to Donny, I speak for myself and no other in this regard… I have never had issue with the Native people, I have never had issue that throughout history wrongs have been done to the Native peoples and these must be addressed. I have never had issue that Native peoples have been forced into a situation that required a strong stance and protest to make the governments listen and act with due diligence. I take issue with the fact that innocent residents have become the stone upon which some Native peoples have decided to grind their axe in order to accomplish the goals as stated above. I take issue that basic principles of law and the enforcement of such equally have been abandoned and twisted into a situation where animosity is bred between us. I take issue with the fact that I am only in my 30’s and my children are under 10 years and had no hand in anything that occurred in the past yet we are subject to the backlash of frustration that has built over the past two centuries…

    I hold nothing against the Native people as a whole, I have always respected their culture and have been fascinated by their history, I do however hold NOTHING BUT CONTEMPT for those who have caused and been complicit in the lawless, viscious and scatter gun effect type of violence and belligerence that has been wrought upon the citizens of Caledonia… We are not the problem, we never were…your issue is with the governments as it is they who have wronged you. Instead we are used as if we are a hostage.

    The hate and animosity that has bred from this conflict in Caledonia is completely unacceptable and should never have been allowed to occur. Constant pokes and incursions and belligerence toward one another serves NONE of us, it serves only the governments who weigh us out as nothing of importance. Caledonia did not pick the fight, Caledonia did not want the fight to think otherwise is nonsense. Just to clarify for you the difference in view…. An inconvenience is when your pipes freeze due to the weather, an inconvenience is when you get a flat tire on your way to work, an inconvenience is when a pigeon flies over and craps on your clean suit on your way to an interview…. An inconvenience is a phrase that cannot describe Caledonia and what has occurred here, the word that comes to my mind is ATROCITY.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Dave. You, of all people, are well qualified to comment from the perspective of someone who has suffered both from landclaim violence and lawlessness, and by OPP attempts to suppress your rights. Thank you for taking time to reply to Donny.

    OPP Email: Hartless complaint was OPP revenge for McHale association!

    March for Freedom – Caledonia supports Dave Hartless

    Regards, Mark the Interloper

  9. Ridiculous!

    class action here people!

    VoC REPLY: It IS ridiculous, isn’t it? There is a class action under way. Here’s the link: Regards, Mark