Kyle Hagan: arrested for ‘Protesting While White’

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpg has just posted photos and an editorial called, ‘The Arrest of Kyle Hagan for being ‘White‘ in connection with the outrageous arrest of Caledonia resident Kyle Hagan during the demonstration on Dec 01/07 that turned ugly when native smokeshack thugs launched unprovoked attacks on peaceful demonstrators. Kyle was charged with ‘Obstructing Police.’

I saw what happened that day, and I will also testify that Kyle was standing quietly on the road when Sergeant Sloan came up to him, spoke to him for a moment, and then arrested him.

Sergeant Sloan is very same officer who witnessed the assault on me and my flag at the very beginning of the protest and refused to arrest or even identify those who attacked me. When I demanded that he arrest them, he told me to ‘Get back.’ 

Oh yes, Sergeant Sloan will definitely be the target of lawsuits and complaints.

Call me Kyle. I’d be happy to explain how the Police Act and Human Rights complaint processes work.


The fact that charges still haven’t been dropped against Kyle is yet another sign that the RCMP need to be brought in to take over the tainted, so-called investigation into the events of Dec 1st, and into how the OPP handled it.

Thanks to Fantino’s vicious defamation about Gary McHale on Nov 09/07 and his pronouncement in an OPP media release – before any real investigation had begun – that we were responsible for the violence, the OPP are simply not capable of conducting a fair, independent investigation.

For additional info, see articles listed in the category: Caledonia, Dec 01/07.

Information WANTED – Please Help 

Be sure to see the CWUC feature: Information WANTED . We need your help to identify people who may have commited acts of violence against us and/or police officers on Dec 1/07.

Apparently, the OPP seem to be having a hard time identifying and/or charging them, including the woman who incited the violence with a bogus assault charge against Gary McHale. Since she filed a police report, you wouldn’t think it’d be that hard, would you?

Me either.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality  


5 responses to “Kyle Hagan: arrested for ‘Protesting While White’

  1. I watched all your videos and the ones available on numbers watch dog and things are apparent from the video evidence:

    1) the natives ( Powless in particular) are directing the OPP to initiate unreasonable force and harrasment against the protesters while they ignore native assaults and single out people Powless has pointed out to them.

    2) You and the other illegal smokeshack protesters did not initiate any violence nor did you incite any with what could reasonably be called inflammatory invective….that was coming all one way from the native side.

    3) The resulting charges do not reflect the realities of the incident and display stupefying bias by the OPP. Just on the video record alone, the natives were guilty of 3 assaults and several attempted assaults plus numerous incidents of inciting mischief and conspiracy to obstruct justice with false charges/evidence Plus they were as guilty as anyone of blocking the street.

    My concepts of justice are offended by this type of obvious attempt to frame you and Garry and Doug…I personally think the cop that did in Jeff should be at least suspended and Jeff should charge him with excessive force and sue the OPP for damages.

    The videos make one thing obvious…the OPP were taking their orders from Native agitators.

    Another thing the videos made apparent is that Powless pointed Kyle out for OPP harassment/abuse…my guess is because he runs a blog that is uncomplimentary to the OPP and DCE crime..”hey there’s that kid with the OPP “Hate” site..go get him”.

    ….as a matter of fact all the people in the protest group who have e-media/websites that were uncomplimentary to OPP and the DCE criminals were targeted for violence…either police or native…and my intuition tells me it was planned that way.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Bill. Thanks for taking the time to watch all the videos. Believe it or not, I haven’t seen them all myself because I’m working flat out trying to keep up. Can you please send me the link to the one that shows Powless pointing out Kyle to You’re now the 3rd person to tell me about it. I want to update this story, and my CANACE incident summary ASAP because I’ll be sending out a media release.

    We all smelled a rat once we realized that there was no back up sent even though officers had called for it. 18 officers for Dec 01/07? 350 officers, including the London riot squad to keep us from putting up Canadian flags on Jan 20/07? Do the math. There is no evidence to suggest that Dec 1st was anything other than a deliberate OPP attempt to allow violence to destroy the credibility of the residents and the people who help them. Wait until those charged get ahold of all the officers’ notes and other evidence for the day.

    I watched one video where Powless is talking to Sgt. Sloan (same guy who refused to charge my attackers; later arrested Kyle). When they’re done, Sloan has a ‘knowing’ smile on his face, as if he and Powless just shared a secret. I’d love to see footage of him pointing out Kyle. We already have other evidence proving that the OPP are taking direction from the occupiers, but it would be simply delicious to have it on video for the inevitable Police Act complaints. Even without the video, Kyle’s arrest was outrageous given the other crimes committed by natives who were never charged that day.

    Of course, Fantino ‘knew’ exactly who to blame. How he could have been so stupid to gloat about it before the bullshit OPP ‘investigation’ was done..well, you got me. We also noticed that there were no OPP officers videotaping that day; think that was by accident? They knew what was going to happen, and they were hoping there wasn’t going to be any evidence. How they could have thought they’d get away with it is beyond me. What’s that smell, you ask: PURE DESPERATION.

    I hope there’s a few senior OPP officers who don’t want to go down with Fantino for Dec 1st, and decide to step forward and become police officers once again. God knows Ontario needs them now. Keep up the good work, Bill. Send me that link if you would, please. My next ‘project’ will be to get a Police Act complaint together against Fantino and the good Sgt. Sloan.

    Regards, Mark

  2. “How he could have been so stupid to gloat about it before the bullshit OPP ‘investigation’ was done..well, you got me.”

    Because he’s confident that civil justice in Onterrible is as frigged as its politicized 2 tier police function.

    Send the link in the AM .


    VoC REPLY: Bill, we’re about to find out what our justice system is made of. Let’s hope it’s not as ‘frigged’ as the police and the politicians who are influencing them. Mark

  3. Hi Mark and Bill; It’s Kyle Hagan. Mark, we’ve met, however, I’m not sure who Bill is. Perhaps one day we can meet. My attention has been directed to your discussion. It has been interesting to read and thank you for your support.

    However Bill, above you state that “… videos made apparent is that Powless pointed Kyle out for OPP harassment/abuse…my guess is because he runs a blog that is uncomplimentary to the OPP and DCE crime…”

    I do not, nor have I ever had a blog pertaining to any issue, let alone the one you refer to here. So my question Bill is where have you got this information? Are you confusing me with another Kyle,

    Furthermore, I’ve also heard about the video where Powless points to me while in discussion with Sloan following which, Sloan arrests me. Similarly to yourself Mark, I’d love to see this video. I hope it can be forwarded to me.

    Thank you, Kyle.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Kyle! First, thanks for correcting the record that you don’t have a blog. I think maybe Bill was, as you said, confusing you with

    I’ll be emailing you some info re your question, plus my contact info so we can have a chat. I guess you heard by now that the charges against Doug Fleming were dropped. 1 down. 2 to go. Regards, Mark

  4. You crybabies, mind ur own damn business. U shoulda stayed home and u’d have nothing to bitch about, no assaults, no charges, by going there u would have avoided all this.I bet i wont see this comment on your selective site, it seems its one sided and if ur side is not supported you wont print it.

    VoC REPLY: You know…you’re right…why didn’t I think of it before?!? If we just gave up demanding that our Charter and Human Rights be respected, and kept our mouths shut about illegal cigarettes being sold to children, life would be wonderful – for the smokeshack thugs who attacked us and the police who arrested us on Dec 16/06 for daring to exercise our rights. I’m sure the rednecks and racists in the deep South would be very proud of you. Yes, indeed, let’s blame the victims for getting attacked; very enlightened attitude! Not.

    I guess you’d blame a woman for being raped because she walked down the wrong street?

    I guess you’d be happy at the fact that blacks were attacked by dogs and fire hoses while marching for their rights?

    Sorry, but you really need to have a look at the ‘PROVOKING VIOLENCE’ feature in the top menu.

    BTW, I only publish material that helps move us closer to the day when all citizens are treated equally before the law and violence is no longer used by native thugs to get what they want. Your comment helped me do that by showing readers, once again, what real ‘supremacist’ thinking looks like. Thanks for that. Mark

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