CTV News: Fantino walks away from VoC questions

300dec-12-07-fantino-at-psb5.jpgt-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgAs reported in the update to Fantino to meet with Haldimand Police Services Board, CTV News (Kitchener) filmed me as I asked the Commissioner of the OPP two questions as he was leaving his closed door meeting with the PSB at Haldimand’s admin building in Cayuga:

“Commissioner, why are you lying to the public about who was responsible for the violence in Caledonia on December First? Are you going to call in the RCMP to take over the investigation that you tainted?”

As reporter Nicole Lampa pointed out, the commissioner didn’t want to answer my questions.

Here is the teaser copy and link from the CTV website:

Federal government offers $26 million for Welland Canal, Dec 12, 2007 

An historic offer has been put on the table that could possibly settle land claims by Six Nations including the site in Caledonia. The federal government is offering $26 million dollars for the Welland Canal, near St. Catharines. This is one of twenty-seven land claims.

300pxdec-12-07-fantino-at-psb3.jpgMeantime, OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino was confronted by a group of protesters during a visit to Cayuga. They’re upset with the force’s handling of the situation in Caledonia.

Five gold stars for CTV Kitchener!

I have recently railed against the media for their very poor coverage of the issues in Caledonia and of us, in particular so it was very heartwarming to see them air my attempt to confront Julian Fantino with questions that professional reporters should already have been asking him. Thank you, CTV for having the guts to finally give a voice to the truth where so many before you have refused to listen!

If Julian sics his lawyers on you, I’d be delighted to share all the evidence we have with you to back up my statements, and – while I’m not able to literally speak TO Gary McHale due to his recognizance restrictions – I can most definitely speak FOR him in saying that he would be similarly pleased to help. Call me if you need his number. 

We have other evidence of OPP misfeasance, too 

We also evidence on other OPP Two Tier Justice subjects, too, that we’d love to share with a great media outlet who wants to educate the public, so feel free to call anytime. We’d love to have a chat about – for example – The Ipperwash Papers and how the Inquiry can NEVER help Caledonia or any other town facing similar lawlessness; children without policing in Caledonia; OPP taking orders from occupiers; our audio recordings of DCE occupiers threatening to kill OPP officers and civilians; how native people are victimized by landclaim lawlessness; internal OPP email showing how a Hamilton police officer was targetted for a Police Act complaint because of his association with Gary McHale; OPP officers allowing native suspects to escape without being identified or arrested; an OPP investigation that exonerated the officer that illegally held Gary McHale overnight after arresting him for trying to raise a Canadian flag; how the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is turning a blind eye to systemic violations of non-native civil rights violations, our Human Rights complaints, etc., etc. The list goes on and on.

We’d also love for you to have a look at the draft copy of a book we’ve written. Send me an email at info@voiceofcanada.ca and I’ll get it in the mail right away.

We have it all, CTV. Would you like it? It’s yours.

We have other internal OPP stuff, too. Stuff that I can’t mention here that we’d just love to talk to you about.

In the meantime, thanks for tonight – it was very much appreciated by those who have worked for more than a year to help us tell the story of Caledonia’s agony. Many thanks to those who showed up to welcome Julian today! It was cold, but it turned out to be well worth the wait.


Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


6 responses to “CTV News: Fantino walks away from VoC questions

  1. caledoniawakeupcall

    I really don’t think “walks” is the correct term as he hurried out of the building into his little taxpayer funded, chauffeur driven car to get as far from you as possible, Mark.

    I’d like to thank CTV on behalf of Caledonia Wakeup Call for their unprecedented, unbiased coverage of the true events of the day. It takes guts to run that kind of coverage and helps us greatly in exposing Julian Fantino’s role in misleading the public and Haldimand’s politicians into believing that somehow the problems in Caledonia were caused by Gary McHale and peaceful protesters, and not by violent criminals, and the OPP who protect them.

    The truth is going to catch up to you, Julian. Gary McHale is going to be vindicated, I’m going to recover from the injury suffered at the hands of one of your boys, and we’re going to keep fighting until 2 tiered justice is dead and buried.

    Jeff Parkinson

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for being there today, Jeff, despite your injury. Yes, it certainly was worth the drive to Cayuga, wasn’t it? Regards, Mark

  2. Mark I was amazed to see how chicken Fantino really was on December 12th when he fast stepped down the steps of the Haldimand County Hall into his get a way car. That’s what it was in the eyes of those that bore witness to his cowardice.

    Jeff did I notice a slight snicker on your face when you saw how chicken shit Fantino really is after the attempt by the OPP on December 1st and 2nd. to find charges against you after they injured you on the December 1st ralley?

    Fantino really is afraid of a handful of determined protesters demanding the truth.

    Fantino talks the big talk when he falsely accuses those that dare to stand up for law enforcement, justice and truth but he really shows his yellow streak when asked to face those that demand he give answers and account for his misfeasance in office and negligance as the top cop.

    I’m afraid time is running out for those that are lying to us, hiding the truth and covering up for the follies of our top cop.

    Julian should dust off his resume and look under “Bully Wanted” in the help wanted ads in the Newspaper.

    I hope he got our message that we won’t be silenced and we won’t be going away.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Jim. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this or not, but one day many months ago, Gary called me to tell me that he had ‘homework’ for me. He asked me to go out to see a movie that had just come out in the theatres called ‘Amazing Grace.’ It was about how slavery was ended in the British Empire thanks to the leadership of a man named William Wilberforce. He asked me to give me my opinion, after I watched it, as to how many people were actually responsible for accomplishing that goal – was it hundreds of thousands, or just a handful.

    Well, Amazing Grace is simply the most inspiring movie I’ve ever seen, and it should be required viewing for everyone who stands by while injustices are being committed because they don’t think one person could make a difference. Believe it or not, slavery in the British Empire was NOT ended because hundreds of thousands of people signed petitions – which they did – or because of they boycotted sugar – which they did. It was ended because a core group of passionate, committed people numbering less than a dozen, made it happen using – of all things – paperwork and perfectly legal subterfuge.

    Yesterday was a great day for us and you helped make it happen by being one of the ‘dozen.’ I’m honoured to have you by my side. Regards, Mark. P.S. Yes, I think Julian got the message, loud and clear. But, will he listen?

  3. And we heard in the hallowed rotunda, ringing out in the Forum, “Julie don’t go, don’t go Julie” but Julie went and the rest is history. Into his chariot he scurried and off he went to create more havoc.

    VoC REPLY:Thanks, Murray! Mark

  4. All bullies are cowards at heart….Fantino showed that when he ducked and ran instead of confronting someone he has slandered and threatened. The man has much to hide and hide from.

    Kudos for CKCO… Hey Mark; maybe there’s some of those “unbiased” UoW journalism students you met interning there 😉

    VoC REPLY: You know, Wild Bill, I’m beginning to think I’ve got bad breath or body odour or something because Julian just doesn’t want to seem to talk with me. Violent criminals. Terrorists. Landclaim Terror Deniers and Enablers. They get his personal cell phone number, his apparent promise to deflect attention from them onto us, and full OPP cooperation in subverting justice with bogus, trumped up charges. But, little old me; broke, average, middle-aged, law-abiding, non-native guy who hasn’t committed a single crime in Caledonia, a guy who gives speeches about how natives are victimized…he just doesn’t want to talk to me. Can’t figure out what he’s afraid of. Next time he comes to town I’ll be sure to take a shower, use some new deodorant and brush my teeth. Twice. With Listerine.

    Just to be clear: I didn’t meet journalism students at UoW, Bill; they were digital arts/drama students, but they were very nice to us! (Hi Guys!) The journalism student was from another university. Hopefully, they’re all following the stories here as FantinoGate Part II begins to unfold. Thanks, Bill. Mark

  5. Mark said:

    “Julian just doesn’t want to seem to talk with me. Violent criminals. Terrorists. Landclaim Terror Deniers and Enablers. They get his personal cell phone number,”

    Well it’s understandable…co conspirators have to be in constant communication to keep their alibis and concocted “facts” straight so the story seems collinear to a federal inquiry judge. 😉

    If the criminals are giving the OPP it’s policy orders what public property are the extortionists dictating to McGuinty behind closed doors?

    VoC REPLY: Today was the first time that the phrase ‘Two Tier Justice’ was uttered in a Canadian courtroom, and an OPP officer was cross-examined – by Gary McHale, no less! – under oath for their lies about us!

    The OPP were kind enough today to provide us with evidence that proves they are trying to limit Gary’s freedom to come to Caledonia, in part, because the “stakeholders” in the landclaim negotiations complained to the OPP about him disrupting negotiations. Heard it with my own ears from the horse’s mouth today. Gee, I wonder who the ‘stakeholders’ are? Could they be the provincial (i.e. McGuinty) government? The federal Government? Clyde Powless’ thugs? Could it possibly be that Gary’s arrest and onerous release conditions have political overtones? Duh.

    I also discovered today just how unbelievably badly misinformed and duplicitous the OPP truly are, as if I needed to be reminded. Despite all our letters, complaints and lawsuits, they couldn’t be bothered to listen, and today…today…well, let’s just say the OPP side of the room didn’t look too happy by the time McHale finished cross-examining the head of the so-called ‘investigation’ into the violence of Dec. 1st. It was actually sad to see them all there sitting there as the ‘investigator’ tried to manipulate half-truths and misinformation into a Gary McHale smear campaign. Merlyn Kinrade and I both commented on how we’ll never look at an OPP officer the same again.

    Bill Jackson of The Regional was there today. Be sure to pick up a copy when it comes out next week.

    Gary’s release conditions are still in place, but today has been a VERY, VERY, VERY good day in many ways – both in and out of the courtroom – most of which I can’t talk about. I CAN give you a few tidbits: the native woman who incited the violence against Gary by making the false allegation of assault against him before pushing him is going to be charged for filing a false complaint; don’t know when, but it’s going to happen. Pack your toothbrush, honey.

    (Note that Kyle was arrested on the day of the protest. Gary was arrested 6 days later. 13 days later, the woman who filed the false report still hasn’t been charged. But, it’s coming. The nice OPP investigator said so. And he wouldn’t lie to the court, would he?)

    Have you ever tried to break up concrete, Bill? You pound on it. You pound on it. And, you pound on it so more, and nothing seems to happen. And then, it all suddenly cracks and falls apart. Stay tuned, Bill. Be patient, but I think you’re going to like what’s coming next.

    Regards, Mark

  6. I can see you chipping away with a series of half wins…it’s still progress and the truth is slowly making the official support for criminal-directed policing back up.

    Tells me the powers that be are more afraid of the public seeing the total break down of duty and equity in the policing function and justice system than they are of persecuting Gary with race politics.

    A series of small victories…so the truth will out to the wider public perception and that is when the dynamite buried under the pile of concrete you have been hammering on will go off.

    It becomes apparent that at the top of this malfeasance pyramid the number one directive is to keep a cap on the true details of these events getting out to the greater public awareness by controlling information flow, spinning what they do let the media report and conducting all the dirty details behind closed doors in an info vacuum.

    When public afairs are done this way it is because officials fear “leaks” of their incompetence/corruption/anti-civil agenda will cause civil reaction before they seal the deal.

    Where this collusive secrecy breaks down is in court…the courts are still an open public form…and the more they bully you guys the more you call them to account in court where this malfeasance comes out and goes on public record.

    I think most Canadians have an inherent sense of fair play…the extortionists/McGuinty/Fantio/media sycophants have betrayed that trust and manipulated our sense of wanting to see justice done. They did it with half truths, extrortive violence, revisionist propaganda and media manipulation.

    Their intent and purpose is as felonious as their acts to suppress the truth and dissent.

    Once people see the truth, and realize they have been duped using their own sense of fair play as a weapon against them, the fur will fly….we have been betrayed by fantical extortionists and malfeasant officials who have actually robbed us of the one thing most precious to us….fair play.

    I, like yourself, and I’m sure others once they see the circumstances Gary has been placed in, will never look at an OPP the same again…that is; with any level of trust…a police function which has betrayed the trust of the people it serves receives no trust in return and when that situation is evident, the civil justice system lies in disrepute.

    VoC REPLY: Two Tier Justice has finally reached a Canadian court. Let us hope that there are still judges who remember what the Charter of Rights says. Thanks, Bill Mark the Interloper