Native racist: “You and all like you don’t belong here.”

This post was inspired by a racist who needs to have a look in the mirror. Apparently, he was inspired to share his hate, by leaving the comment below, after I exposed how the violence in Caledonia on Dec 1/07 was actually incited by a native woman who falsely accused Gary McHale of assaulting her before assaulting him. Be sure to see, Caledonia violence incited by depraved liar.

It would seem that ‘shaun’ has a low tolerance for the truth.

By the way, Detective Murray testified under cross-examination by Gary McHale on Dec 14/07 that the woman was going to be charged with filing a false report.

shaun michael |

Hey Mark
Quit your sniveling, you want this, you want that, why dont you just get on the mayflower and go home, because you and all like you dont belong here. you may as well get a subpoena for god with what you want. And for wanting to call in the RCMP, i think they have their plate full with the scandals they are involved with, (money, tasers).
Think they have time to put another crap shoot on the table for them.
You talking to Gary anytime soon? Tell him you have room on the ship, leaving ASAP.
Whaaaa Whaaaaa, get some cheese over here.
damn w(h)iner.
I may as well be a racist like you, because i despise people like you. Thinking you are always right. You arent always right. You think “white is right” well youre wrong bud, youre fng wrong.

Look at what your kind has done to this country, (world). We are on a downward trend because of your greed. Stop and get off mother earth.
Because she cant handle people like you.
take care
shaun michael

VoC REPLY: Hi Shaun, thanks for proving where the real racism in this issue is coming from. I’m going to turn your comments into a post of its own. Did you happen to watch my speech: Natives are victims of Two Tier Justice? Pretty racist stuff, huh, talking about how native people in Ipperwash and Caledonia have been victimized? Talking about how I don’t believe that the violent criminals speak for all native people? Talking about my hope that native people and non-native people can come together? Yeah, I can see how you would come to the conclusion that I’m a racist – NOT! Get a clue, buddy.

The only racists associated with this issue that I see are the ones using racist slurs like yours when they attack peaceful people demonstrating against injustice. Your blind hatred is very ugly and very revealing. Thanks for helping me to expose it for all to see.


Dec 18, 11:34 AM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — Caledonia violence deliberately incited by depraved liar

Other than wanting to put me and other non-natives on a boat to somewhere, at least shaun didn’t threaten to ‘kick my white ass to the ground’ like a previous native racist did as I reported in  ‘Ipperwash Papers provoke racist threats.’



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  1. Good afternoon Mark:

    I believe that as meanings of words slide on through the years they take on a different meaning or become deviated from that which the word used to be meant for in a sentence. Racism and Racist are so often used in places that they don’t really belong. Resulting in the true meaning originally intended, to get somewhat lost in a ‘fog’.

    Originally the meaning described ‘a belief in the intrinsic superiority of a particular race, or it described antagonism towards another race.

    Examples can be seen in all the places of ‘ethnic cleansing’ going on in many areas of the world at this very minute, a terrible example is Darfur in Sudan and what took place in Bosnia as well as the worst case in modern history, The Second World War.

    Today if you or I say something about someone, (something that is proven 100% correct) this statement may be in some way different than their view, they might well say that we are ‘racist’ towards them.

    You can quote true and accurate statistics about a particular group that doesn’t show them in a good manner, they may well call you a racist.

    Telling the truth and expressing ones opinion based on statistics and is current to the topic at hand is not at all being racist. A topic not being at hand or discussed and just blurted, merely to offend, could be described as racist.
    Use a rule of, why is it that this particular statement is being made, is it pertinant to the conversation and is it in fact true facts; these will tell you yourself if it’s correct to say.

    In the example of numerous people saying extremely derogatory things about and towards the OPP, it might be said by the OPP that you are showing racism towards the OPP. They, the OPP being a noticable minority in the general population could say you’re a racist.

    I believe that the words, racist and racism should be used only in their proper place so as not to water down the true and accurate meaning. There are far too many words misplaced and misused today. Unfortunately the three ‘R’s’ are not being properly taught today, if at all.

    Keep up your good coverage of the mess going on in Caledonia. It’s already moving to more areas in the country only because the lazy Fantino doesn’t know right from wrong and stop the lawlessness.

    Murray Hilton

    VoC REPLY: Right on, Murray. If you’ve watched the videos from Dec 1st, you’ve seen what real racism looks like up close and personal. It’s not pretty. The problem with overworking the word ‘racist’ or ‘racism’ is that when you cry wolf too many times, no one’s going to come running when there is a need to confront real racism.

    Thanks for the compliment; I’m not going anywhere, especially now that we’re starting to get OPP officers on the witness stand, and MPP Toby Barrett has been questioning the government as to who is directing the OPP. Things are starting to get interesting! Regards, Mark

  2. Checkmate and match Mark! 😉

    “get back on the Mayflower”?????

    My God education is lacking there as well as historical reality.

    Hey Mark; ever been to a pet shop where they kept some of those psychotic little spider monkeys…ya know, the ones that were so vicious and demented they threw their own feces at their keepers?

    My ancestors were farming in Canada before the British Crown transplanted the Mohawks from New York state to Canadian crown land purchased from native Canadian tribes.

    I ain’t going anywhere soon redneck …and delusional misanthropes like Shaun and his ilk are destined to end up coping with their violent psychosis in mental health institutes if they don’t get a handle on with living in the real world and getting along the diversity of people and cultures that now live here.

    Good luck with that hate management problem Shaun… has made you loose your self respect, credibility and your grip on reality….don’t let it take your soul too.

    VoC REPLY: It’s sadly amusing to read disgustingly racist comments from people who obviously haven’t read any of my words. I’m not angry with Shaun at all, though, because every action serves a purpose; Shaun’s comment has provided more evidence to help readers differentiate between true racism and fabricated racism. Shaun helps us all understand that racial hatred has many faces and races. For that, I am grateful to him. Perhaps, one day, he will decide to become a peacemaker instead of a hate monger and help make the world he claims to care about just a little bit better. Thanks for writing, Bill. Mark

  3. I was about to hike in Petun conservation area and read about the history of that place. It told me that originally Petun indians lived on the slopes of Escarpment until Seneca indians slaughtered many of them and Petun had to take off and leave for USA where they’ve been offered land.

    Just one of the many events in the history of North America that has nothing to do with the evil white man.

    So you boys think that life of the white men is easy and fun and for some reason the evil white men don’t let you, indians, enjoy the same fruits of it? You are mistaken – life sucks and in the end we die, but it’s patience and persistence that let us succeed.

    You keep raving about how evil white man prevents you from living traditional lifestyle on ‘your’ land, but you never actually live traditional life when given opportunity. You want money, vehicles, houses, utilities, healthcare – all the fruits of white man’s labour and in exchange you are not offering anything of use.

    I too would like to live on a large parcel of virgin forest with a lake and hunt deer, but I have to work to feed my family and provide them with quality of life they are used to, so I STFU and attend to my business or go to work 5 days a week. Who’s the whiner?

    VoC REPLY: I find it very ironic that some native people, especially people like Dawn Smith and ‘Shaun’ think they know all about me and my life because of the colour of my skin. I never had the chance to go to university. Never had a single role-model in my childhood who’d been. I had my own identity ripped away from me when I was 6 when my birth mother put me in an orphanage because her fiance didn’t want me. I drive a beatup Toyota Camry with 255,000 km on it because I can’t afford a shiny $50,000 Avalanche like Clyde Powless or the tax-free gas to put in it.

    Gary McHale’s life was no picnic either. He grew up in a dysfunctional household where crime was a way of life, but he raised himself above it.

    Everyone has a story to tell, and one cannot judge the value or the suffering of another human being’s life simply by looking at the colour of their skin. It almost sounds stupid that I have to make such a point, but there you go. It is the reason I have gone out of my way to differentiate between native peoples as a group and the criminals within their community that dishonour their cause.

    Thanks for writing, Aaron. Mark

  4. Mary-Lou LaPratte

    The sad part about someone like Shaun is that in all his vitrol about getting on the cattle boat etc., he never once suggested regret at how innocent people are being deliberately hurt by those exhibiting his attitude towards the white man. My ancestors also were in Canada long before the Six Nations ancestors got the invite to cross the lake as well. Our family arrived in 1649. Be careful what you ask for Shaun. If we all left there goes the money tree.


    VoC REPLY: Hi ML. The whole argument that one group should be treated differently because ‘they were here first’ is an odious one to me. How anyone can argue – in multicultural Canada of 2007 – that the date of one’s arrival in Canada determines the level of protection under the law that one receives is beyond me. Merry Christmas! Mark

  5. As I have said before, you’re a far more tolerant man than I Mark. Had “Shaun” or any of his demented ilk called me such a name and made these accusations, I’d be serving him papers for libel…hell, I might even take one of these SN racist snots to the CHRC for racist slurs….what he said fits all the definitions of a hate crime as per section 13 of the CHR act….about time Canada got a good look at the ugly racism beneath the fraudulent mask of SN “victimhood”.

    VoC REPLY: I have seen Dec 01/07 video in which Clyde Powless tells police to “get the whites out of the area” and that “any whites left are on their own,” a clear threat that non-natives were going to be attacked. No doubt you have seen the Dawn Smith video. Remember, Dawn Smith was one of the original occupiers of DCE. So, clearly, the DCE gang leaders are motivated, in large part, by racist dogma.

    Given the racial comments made by the smokeshack gang against us on Dec 1/07, one could certainly put forward the argument that the attacks on non-natives were hate crimes. One could also argue that the police were complicit in allowing them to occur, and that they even encouraged them by their actions and non-actions.

    I’d love to go after ‘Shaun’ and everybody like him, but we’re suffering from a SERIOUS lack of resources and time to do everything we need to get done. Shaun may be a racist, but his role to me is merely instructional; if I’m going to file complaints with OHRC or CHRC, I want the big fish, the leaders of the violence, the ones that Shaun looks ‘up’ to, and the police who enable or co-operate with them.

    Before he was arrested, Gary talked about filing a complaint with the Attorney General that he was the victim of a hate crime. I may well do the same. Given that the Attorney General works for McGuinty, I’m not especially hopeful that our complaints would be given a lot of sympathy, but one still has to try. I know that Gary has already complained to the AG about native supremacy material.

    In a similar vein, Gary has already filed a Police Services Act complaint against an OPP officer for their role in allowing the situation to get out of control on Dec 1st. He let Bill Jackson have a look at it when he was in court on Dec 14/07.

    Once I can communicate with Gary and review all the evidence, I will have a few complaints of my own to file, as will Jeff Parkinson.

    Thanks for the thoughts and encouragement, Bill. Merry Christmas! Mark

  6. I just wanna say–in regards to the OPP not handling these complaints and such:

    The OPP screwed the pooch. They shoulda stopped this before it even began, or got this bad, but unfortunately, they didn’t cut it off at the head, it and got worse and worse.