‘CraZee’ idea – “If you do not listen no one will listen to you”

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgThis post was inspired by a hopeful comment from a reader named ‘CraZee’ who needs to reconsider that handle because I don’t think he/she is crazy at all.

You can find her original comment in OPP Brass, native thugs ensure violence in Caledonia.

CraZee December 8, 2007 at 8:45 am

Mark I went and read the post you referenced as your reply [Provoking violence in Caledonia]. I still do not agree…but I can RESPECTFULLY disagree after LISTENING.

Problem is many cannot……shouting at and over each other is all that happens in these confrontations….it gets us nowhere, it adds to bad blood and it has now caused injuries and criminal charges.

The Laws of the Universe…basically if you put out negative you will get it back. If you do not listen no one will listen to you.

And again……what do the children think as they see “adults” behaving in this manner? What are the children learning? Will they grow up hating their neighbors while not even knowing why? We owe them more respect than that………

“If you do not listen no one will listen to you”

Many months ago I had an exchange on VoC with one of the DCE occupiers by the name of Karone:rorakwe (“She:kon Mark” – Karone:rorakwe shares thoughts from DCE with VoC). He told me how a Residential School destroyed his life. We talked about Jan 20th when a group of DCE occupiers stood and hurled filthy insults at us for half an hour trying to provoke a reaction as we stood silently holding our flags. He told me how ashamed he was that the children had to hear what his people were screaming at us. I’d like to think we both learned a little from one another.

Karone:rorakwe left me with a reminder from our ‘discussion’ that I put into the right side margin of VoC:

“She:kon Mark. You are a very committed man. I hope your “new” education serves you well. You have much to say but harken to an old Native expression if you will; “be silent before your tongue makes you deaf.”

Karone:rorakwe, March 04/07

Like some who write in to criticize me, we did not get started off on a positive note, but I sensed something in his message, so I asked if he would read some of my other posts and then come back and tell me if he still thought I was disrespecting native people. Karone:rorakwe honoured me greatly by investing several hours into reading my words. When we parted, he imparted the wise words above.

 I have tried to follow his advice as best I can. I am not perfect, and I try to get better and bolder in trying to listen and reach out when I can. Sometimes my hand is slapped away, sometimes not. Still, no matter how many times I get slapped, nothing shakes my belief that one day a ‘peacemaker’ will appear from Six Nations to say enough. Enough lies. Enough violence. Enough crime. Enough hate. Enough intimidation. Enough.

In the meantime, CraZee’s idea that we can at least listen to one another sounds pretty good to me.

Thanks CraZee!

I appreciate CraZee taking time to read some VoC stuff and give me some hope that reasonable discussion is still possible. Thanks for that. You should consider changing your handle to ‘BreathofFreshAir.’



3 responses to “‘CraZee’ idea – “If you do not listen no one will listen to you”

  1. There is hope…why are civilized voices like these not prevalent in SN politics and leadership?

    I endorse Kraz-ee’s mindset of showing respect even if you disagree…I will add only this:

    The right to disagree is entrenched in our law through the Charter of rights and is protected by the law….Respect for others however is not something which is an option…it is a demand of the law.

    SN have had the right to respectfully disagree with the government…but they chose to disrespectfully disagree so there is the crime and the burden of instigation.

    Saying this truth does not make me racist nor disrespectful…I simply state fact and seek to have the law re-establish the balance between respect and disagreement.

    So far in this fiasco we have seen the keepers and enforcers of the law become as disrespectful of it as the original criminals….so if one values the legitimate balance of respectful disagreement provided by rule of law we see both sides in this dispute ” negotiation” to be in breach of constitutional duty.

    This occupation has taught me 2 things.

    1) Native racism is an ugly fact, but not all natives are racist. Many try to build bridges but their efforts are drowned out by the fanatics.

    2) Police/bureaucratic malfeasance is an ugly fact, but there ARE still some good people trapped in these corrupted institutions trying to make a difference….but they are repressed by the command structure.

    What will result from a corrupted law/bureaucratic system conspiring with criminal fanaticism was demonstrated Dec. 1
    Criminal fanaticism protected as a “right” by malfeasant law enforcement.

    ….it is a grim statement of our nation and our culture that this incident was not more widely denounced by both sides in the Caledonia dispute.

  2. Hello Mark,

    You’re quite welcome. I’m glad you agree we can learn from one another…..Happy holidays to You and Yours and Peace in the New Year.


  3. David Hartless

    I just wanted to commend you on the inclusion of Crazee’s letter.. I know (sort-of) Crazee from the chat boards and find her to be one of the more thoughtful, intelligent and often times inspiring of all posters on those forums… She holds a standard in her words that a great many of us should aspire to achieve, her words here are very much welcomed…. Thank you