Hagersville resident: “Thought this was a free democracy”

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgThe letter below originally appeared in The Regional This Week on Dec 12/07. I contacted the writer to thank him.

Mr. Wilson kindly gave me permission to reprint it on VoiceofCanada.

Thought this was a free democracy

Doug Wilson, Hagersville
Dec 12/07

Over a year ago I wrote a letter comparing our O.P.P.’s policing to pre Nazi Germany when their police allowed Hitler’s “Brown Shirt” gangs to terrorize Jewish citizens with no fear of prosecution. At that time I hoped the force we were calling our O.P.P. would mend itself internally given time but this has not happened.

Our O.P.P. is headed by Mr. Fantino who seems to be on his own ego trip. In his opinion laws are his to apply or not apply at his discretion according to your race. Should this make the citizens of Caledonia and area feel protected and served? I think not! Should the native “Protesters” feel empowered? I think so!

I felt I lived in a free Democracy until two years ago. I would read of citizens in other countries fearing their police and its power and wondered why such things happen but I now see how easily men can be misled in their duty. Until now I felt men like Gary McHale and Doug Fleming had the right under our laws to an opinion and the right to express it. Apparently not according to Mr. Fantino and our council! That we have a council spewing the same rhetoric as Mr. Fantino and blaming those who take a stand for their rights for all Caledonia problems appalls me.

In this latest fiasco over the “eyesores” called Smoke shops the citizens who dared defy Fantino’s lack of law enforcement were once again taught a lesson as peaceful protesters were arrested by police and assaulted by natives. Do the townspeople dare to oppose their “masters” again? I hope so.

Fear – do you feel it if  a police officer stops you on the street? No yet? What about when they crush the last resistance to their lack of rule of law. When we accept that we can live under Fantino’s thumb and be good little citizens will the problems go away? No, but the fear will deepen.


Thank you, Doug!

Thanks so much for speaking out, Doug. Your voice means a great deal.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality



3 responses to “Hagersville resident: “Thought this was a free democracy”

  1. The theme is unwavering. Silence in the face of injustice is deadly. Fear of the OPP is real, and it should be. We (non-natives) are targets for sure. A police state does not happen in one feld swoop, it happens in graduated steps. Democracy and Civil liberties are removed the moment Police decide they are.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Mark. Democracy and Civil liberties may be removed when the police decide they are, but they are only really gone the moment the People decide not to resist. Silence is, indeed, deadly. Merry Christmas! Mark

  2. Democracy and the rule of law died in this part of Canada Oct. 2, 2003.

    That was the date a malfeasant political junta conspired to concoct a theatrical political trial of the previous administration under the guise of an “inquiry”,… in which a sycophant puppet jurocrat would pronounce a prescripted excuse for this malfeasant regime to gut the just equity in the rule of law and replace it with politically motivated race politics.

    All the subsequent events of 2 tier policing and OPP malfeasance sprang from this original coup.

    Ontario has experienced a coup in it’s political leadership. It was done in the very best tradition of soviet era theatrical show trials and with a propaganda mill that Joseph Stalin would envy.

    Essentially the province’s gate keepers have subverted the rule of law and made race politics and native crime an officialy defended right.

    Damn them for it!

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Further thoughts on the “closed door” limited democracy in Onterrible.

    Re: Gary’s bail hearing publication ban.

    I see that the courts are no longer a place to air indictments of official injustice in public…particularly when the evidence involves exposure of malfeasance in upper levels of government and bureaucracy….once again proving the Ontario court system is not for dispensing civil justice but is just another level of government bureaucracy which will suppress public information when the “boss” is caught red handed in conspiracy .

    The publication ban on an innocuous preceding like McHale’s bail condition hearing shows us all the degenerated state of open democracy in this woe begotten jurisdiction.