CNO confirms Six Nations RPN disciplined for past patient abuse


UPDATE 1126 Jan 14/07: VoC used the term ‘Registered Professional Nurse’ as being represented by the acronym ‘RPN.’ The correct term is ‘Registered Practical Nurse.’ This article has been updated accordingly. VoC regrets the error, and thanks ‘Don’ for pointing out the mistake. 

UPDATE 1315 EST Jan 04/07: Updates, addt’l content, incl. thank you to Jim Windle and Tekawennake news.

VoiceofCanada has received confirmation from the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) that the Timothy Sywyk employed as a nurse at a Six Nations health centre is the same person who was disciplined by the CNO in 2007 for sexually abusing a patient. 

On Dec 10/07, I was contacted by Jim Windle, a reporter with the Six Nations Tekawennake news, who told me that he had investigated my statement on Dec 1/07 that Sywyk had been disciplined for patient abuse:

I have investigated your remarks through Six Nations health services branch and have come up empty. No such incident took place. I’m genuinely surprised that you would sink to that depth.

Please respond. If you have evidence of the incident you are referring to, I need to know about it. If not, consider the damage a statement like that can make on a person. That is utterly inhumane and no less sickening than the act you are accusing Sywyk of.

If you have any proof or evidence of such statements please let me know where I can see it since from time to time Sywyk does some freelance work of the Tekawennake.

Jim Windle, Dec 10/07 6:16PM

VoC sends Windle & Tekewannake documentation re Timothy Sywyk’s disciplinary hearings for abusing a patient

Between Dec 10-11/07 I sent Jim Windle two pieces of evidence to back up my statement: 

I sent him a PDF of a screen capture from the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) website showing that in January 2007, a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) named Timothy Sywyk faced a disciplinary hearing which included, among other allegations, that he “Engaged in behaviour or made remarks of a sexual nature toward a patient.”

I also sent him a link to a reprint of the CNO’s findings that was originally published on their website, and then re-posted many months ago on CaledoniaWakeUpCall in which the CNO announced that Timothy Sywyk had been found guilty of ‘Professional Misconduct’ for the following reasons (bold highlighting added by VoC):

1. Sexually abused a patient, in that he engaged in behaviour or made remarks of a sexual nature toward a patient;

2. Contravened a standard of practice of the profession or failed to meet the standard of practice of the profession;

3. Abused a client verbally, physically or emotionally; and

4. Engaged in conduct or performed an act or acts relevant to the practice of nursing that, having regard to all the circumstances, would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional. 

VoC offers to apologize if College of Nurses of Ontario refutes allegations of patient abuse by Timothy Sywyk 

Since I couldn’t contact Gary McHale myself at the time due to his bail restriction on communicating with me (now lifted), I suggested that Windle do so and ask if McHale had taken a screen capture of the CNO website page. I also suggested that he contact the CNO to verify the information. I even offered to apologize if the CNO issued a letter that specifically says Timothy Sywyk was never disciplined for sexually abusing patients, and provided my mailing address so Sywyk could send a letter of complaint to me. I wasn’t at all concerned about having to apologize since we already had the documents downloaded from the CNO website months ago.

Windle promises to contact CNO  

Windle thanked me for responding, and said he’d work on getting a letter from the CNO to me ASAP. On Dec 14/07, however, I received an email from a friend containing a reprint of an article allegedly written by Windle for the Tekawennake news in which Sywyk claims that he was never disciplined for abusing patients. The ‘story’ was copied from an internet chatroom, and also said – among other things – that Sywyk had filed complaints with the Brantford Police about Mark Vandermaas and Gary McHale for spreading “the same vicious stories.”

Given the evidence I provided him, I found it hard to believe that Windle would publish such a story, so I waited to see if I would hear back from him regarding his promise to obtain a letter from the CNO. I did not hear from Windle so, on Jan 02/07, I sent a copy of the ‘story’ to him via email, and asked if he had contacted the College of Nurses of Ontario to verify the information I had sent him regarding Timothy Sywyk.

Given my interaction with Windle and the details contained in the story, I believe it to be his work, however, since I haven’t been able to verify it yet, I’m not going to quote from it, or comment on it further.

VoC receives evidence from College of Nurses of Ontario

What I didn’t tell Windle is that I had already contacted the College of Nurses of Ontario myself and received two documents from them attached to their return email dated Dec 28/07. The documents prove that the Timothy Sywyk who is now employed as a nurse at the Gane Yohs Health Centre in Ohsweken is the same person who was disciplined by the CNO in 2007 for sexually abusing a patient.

Click on the document images to see the PDF files:

a. Dec 28/07 email from College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) to VoC w/2 attached documents (see b & c below – CNO docs #1 & 2)



b. CNO document #1, supplied to VoC  Dec 28/07: Public Register Report for Timothy Sywyk


 c. CNO document #2, supplied to VoC Dec 28/07: Discipline Committee, Results of Proceeding


d. Screen capture from CNO website showing discipline hearings list for January 2007 naming Timothy Sywyk.


Questions for the people of Six Nations

  • Did Tekawennake reporter Jim Windle actually contact Six Nations Gane Yohs Health Service to verify RN Timothy Sywyk’s story as he claimed to have done?
  • If so, and if the health centre was unawares, did they follow up on Windle’s inquiry by contacting the CNO themselves? 
  • Did Windle contact the College of Nurses of Ontario to verify the evidence I sent him? 
  • Did Windle publish a story in Tekawennake in which Sywyk denies the abuse allegations and accuses McHale and me of defaming him?  

The people of Six Nations deserve to know the truth about RN Timothy Sywyk

I have emailed a link to this post to Jim Windle and asked him to notify the management at Gane Yohs Health Centre. If you would like to contact them yourself, here is the contact information as per the CNO Public Register Report above:

Gane Yohs Health Centre
PO Box 220
Ohsweken, ON  N0A 1A0 

The sky is blue. “You’re a liar! The sky is green!”

crowd_laughing_at_village_idiot.jpgDespite VoC’s consistent track record for accuracy and accountability during the past 1 1/2 years I do receive occasional comments from those who resent our very successful efforts at exposing the ugly face of landclaim violence. Here’s a comment, for example, from ‘Concerned’ who accused me of lying about Timothy Sywyk’s past record of abuse:

“Again, show where there was a “Patient Molested.” VOC REaders should know that you besides being a slight embelisher, your a liar. You made that statement publicly with the intent to do harm, not to be the Truth and Justice crusader that you are trying to sell to the public. BACK IT UP JACK, but you cannot, as you lied, point blankly lied to all that were in earshot, I’d say about 140 ppl, including MSM. Good show, bad move.WE await your evidence. This ought to be good.”

‘Concerned’ Dec 11/07, 5:36PM

(For the record, I asked Sywyk if he had “sexually abused any patients lately.”)

Thanks for your patience, ‘Concerned.’  It IS good when people can back up their statements with evidence, isn’t it? Too bad you can’t back up yours. I won’t hold my breath waiting for your apology.

Another attempt to rewrite history? 

The simple fact is, Timothy Sywyk’s history of patient abuse was exposed long before now. As mentioned, the CNO’s discipline decision (‘c,’ above) was first published by them on their website, and reprinted on on July 23/07. Anyone involved with the Caledonia issue would have been well aware of the story back then, so the sudden outrage over my statement about Sywyk seems just a little too contrived for my liking. It seems to me that someone is trying to rewrite history.

You’d think people like ‘Concerned’ would have learned by now that, unlike the violent landclaim/smokeshack thugs they support, VoC and CaledoniaWakeUpCall don’t lie. 

It must be nice for the people of Six Nations to know they can rely on us to tell them the truth.

Thank you to Jim Windle and Tekawennake news for confirming ‘Timmer’s’ identity

I would like to thank Jim Windle for confirming that Six Nations nurse Timothy Sywyk RN is the same person who regularly videotapes events on behalf of the DCE/smokeshack thugs when he’s not performing his ‘nursing’ duties. 

Sywyk is commonly known by the street name ‘Timmer.’ His ‘modus operandi’ is to hold his video camera down low while making disgusting insults towards non-native protesters in an attempt to provoke a response that he can record and then post on the internet, or use to try to bring charges for threatening or assaulting him.  Naturally, his own provocations are left out of the video.

I wonder if Tekawennake news will continue to employ Sywyk to do freelance work for them.

As of today, Jan 04/08, I have not heard from Jim Windle regarding the evidence I sent him Dec 10-11/07 regarding Sywyk’s disciplinary record.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


14 responses to “CNO confirms Six Nations RPN disciplined for past patient abuse

  1. BINGO……..Bullseye…..Right on target.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks, Tod. Mark

  2. Great work as usual Mark. Freaks like these need to be exposed for the well being of the general public.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks, Larry. I can’t imagine that too many people on Six Nations would appreciate Sywyk’s activities. In addition to posing a risk to vulnerable patients, his off-duty support of the violent DCE/smokeshack thugs does no credit to 6N or the profession of nursing.

    Still, the exercise has been worthwhile if for no other reason, we have shown, yet again, that we can be relied upon to tell the truth, and back it up. This ‘incident’ reminds me of the Dancer story when the ‘Deniers’ were trying to say we fabricated her story. They just don’t seem to learn. It must be very demoralizing to them when their lies, fabrications and ugliness continually get exposed to the light of day. Regards, Mark

  3. 1) It is not true, and is under appeal. The CNO will be sued for damages.
    2) You and McHale will be sued for damages too. The extent of the damages will depend on how long you leave this blog up. McHale is screwed because he’s had it posted for ages.

    3) You are not allowed to contact Gary through a third party. I am sending this blog to the OPP as evidence that you have broken your bail conditions by attempting to get someone to contact Gary for you. I hope you like the food in jail. I hear it is cold there all the time.

    4) WTF has this got to do with anything anyway?

    VoC REPLY: Well, Saga, my delusional Premiere Landclaim Terror Denier, President of the Green Sky Society, Queen of the Big Lie, Grand Poobah of the Apologists for Abusers of the Vulnerable Society, you finally got me to approve some of your comments. 5 comments in 6 minutes??? Are you kidding? I think your fingers are working faster than your brain. Your comments would actually be quite funny if you weren’t trying to deflect criticism from a medical ‘professional’ who had sexually abused a vulnerable person under his care.

    Yes, definitely do contact the OPP. Be sure to give them my regards when you make yourself look like an idiot.

    I almost feel sorry for you, Saga. You really should seek some psychiatric help. Perhaps, you could find someone with a degree in Social Work to help you overcome your irrational delusions.Mark

  4. BTW … apology is not enough. There will be damages sought.

  5. NO ONE said there was no disciplinary hearing. What Tim said is that he did not abuse anyone.

  6. This lie on your blog is increasing the damages.

  7. You are a true, through and through low life.

  8. WL Mackenzie Redux

    The “Timmer” mythos exposed to daylight…and it gives of the noxious stench of contrived politically cleansed sanctimony.

    Political correct cleansing and historic revisionism is about denial, usually in the weasely ambagious ethno-babble which distorts and evades realities…and seldom stands up to honest critical analysis. It’s about avoiding staring reality in the face. It’s about shouting down facts because the truth does not align with the overall big lie of special interest revisionism.

    Delusional you called it Mark and delusional it remains. No greater use of revisionist PC than the native supremacist movement…the propagation of a myth which holds that the fanatic reserve culture has no warts, does not perjure, extort or hate and is incapable of racist barbarity, criminality and social malevolence is the current political cleansing mythology spun by this fanatic native cult.

    Frankly I think the cure is not “bargaining” with delusional native revisionists but actually getting them clinical help to cope with the schizophrenic sophisms they delude themselves in.

    The “spokes thingies” of native sophistry had best clean up their own act….it is foolish to throw stones when you live in a glass house.

    VoC REPLY: You are so right. Speaking of glass houses, be sure to see Saga’s latest comment that poor Sywyk never abused anyone, and it’s VoC that’s the ‘predator.’ I don’t usually publish ‘the sky is green’ comments, but they seem particularly helpful in this case in illustrating just how deluded some of the DCE/smokeshack thug supporters are. The fact that anyone can come to the defence of Sywyk and then accuse VoC of being a ‘predator’ speaks volumes as to their ability to speak the truth, or their capacity to be taken seriously.

    You know, Bill, I sure hope I’m right about these lunatics not speaking for all native people, because if I’m wrong…we’re all in for a rough time. The fact is, the longer that mainstream native people allow criminals and delusional supporters to rewrite history, the more damage they do to their cause. On Dec 1st, Gary McHale was attacked by two women, one of whom falsified a complaint of assault against him. The Dunnville Chronicle later quoted Chief Alan MacNaughton as saying that two Six Nations women were the victims of attacks despite the videos showing clearly they were, in fact, the perpetrators! He even went on to say that they “will not tolerate attacks on our women.”

    I would like to believe that MacNaughton was lied to by the smokeshack thugs about what happened that day (of course, he could have watched the videos before making his statement), but it doesn’t really matter whether he was lied to or not. If thugs and liars can falsify and manipulate the truth about what happened one month ago, or six months ago when they blamed Sam Gualtieri for being beaten in his own home, why should we believe their claims about what happened 50 or 200 years ago? The reality is that legitimate grievances cannot help but be called into question when liars are allowed free reign to rake muck, falsify criminal charges, and falsify/obfuscate history. Six Nations people need to get a grip on those who are doing serious damage to their cause and their credibility because even politically-correct, appeasement-minded politicians will learn, sooner or later, that you can’t negotiate with or appease liars and crooks.

    Regards, Mark P.S. I learned a new word today thanks to you, Bill: AMBAGIOUS – roundabout, circuituous: ambagious reasoning.

  9. Tim has not abused anyone. What you have is not the final result of the hearing. Get off this topic or you will regret it. I will see to that.

    How on earth does this further your cause? All it does is make you look more like what you are: a predator – one who preys of vulnerable people.

    VoC REPLY: I’m sure the people of Six Nations (and many, many others) are having their eyes opened very wide thanks to your attempt to turn VoC into the ‘predator.’ The more you defend Sywyk, the more you undermine your own credibility and the native thugs and gangsters who have shown their racist, violent agendas that you so dearly support. The more you defend Sywyk, the closer we get to someone of substance on 6N saying ‘enough!’ with the lies and lawlessness. The closer we get to native communities shoving the criminals aside and working out the issues honourably without violence. Every time you open your mouth you discredit those you support. Thanks. Mark

  10. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Mark said:

    “You know, Bill, I sure hope I’m right about these lunatics not speaking for all native people, because if I’m wrong…we’re all in for a rough time.”

    I hope this does not represent the majority opinion of first nations as well….however, if you are wrong, it is this fanatical revisionist reserve culture which is in for a rough ride by adopting self imposed apartheid and spiteful racism. An orthodoxy this vile take a large lie to hide it…it require a deep level of self deception.

    When the lie is this big (the victimhood con of SN lawlessness) it takes more to conceal it and as the job of concealing it becomes all consuming, the concealers/deceivers/myth spinners become frantic in their attempts.

    The fact remains that SN politics are overtly corrupt and lawless….all that feed that system are part of the problem.

    All parties that support and participate in official revisionist lawlessness, like the HDI permitting con/crime, are part of the big lie.

    I’m sure the SN fanatics who keep the lie alive rely on Goering’s observation that if you tell a lie loud enough and repeat it long enough the lie becomes the truth….unfortunately for SN revisionists the lie they spin conflicts with the facts, rule of law and historic record…at least Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Castro were wise enough to wipe out the historic record before they substituted their lie for the truth…watching the delusion of SN sophists propagating their lie in the face of fact and record is a little like watching a fool yell at and threaten a dead horse to get it to take him where he wants to go.

    Sometimes this shrill SN revisionist screed can be amusingly entertaining 😉

    VoC REPLY: Yes, LCTD’s (Landclaim Terror Deniers) like Saga provide a great deal of entertainment to us all, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. ‘The Big Lie’ is alive and well in Caledonia. Thanks to some help from McGuinty’s Inquiry, they almost got away with it in Ipperwash. As long as we keep exposing the lies, truth will one day matter in our province again. Speaking of truth, Gary had a meeting with a VERY influential person in Canada’s legal community today. He can’t provide a lot of help, but he may be able to open some doors. Mark

  11. Mary-Lou LaPratte

    The big lie has been permitted to continue with government approval at all costs with the Ipperwash Inquiry Report after three years of innocent victims watching the government throw twenty-six million dollars down the toilet SN isn’t the only one to blame. The whole system is corrupt.


    VoC REPLY: Hi Mary-Lou. Deluded, naive, politically-correct politicians and corrupt police officers have done more to perpetrate the ‘Big Lie’ than native gangsters, that is for sure. They are, however, about to receive a very rude awakening if/when the Caledonia Class Action lawsuit is certified, and all the govt/OPP documents become available to John Findlay. Hopefully, the judiciary has not yet been corrupted. In any event, the OPP and Liberal government are going to have to testify under oath, not only for the class-action, but for all the other lawsuits pending or to be filed. Sooner or later, the people on 6th Line are going to ask “why aren’t we suing someone?” Even people who lived in Ipperwash might get together and revive that class-action and sue the Ontario government for what happened there, and for the Inquiry’s cover-up of the truth.

    Gary tells me that one newspaper carried a story saying that the Caledonia Class Action is for $50,000,000. The number hasn’t been fixed, yet, but it’ll be up in that area. Add in a few more $12M suits like Dave and Dana’s, and it wouldn’t take much to top $100M or more. Remember, also, the Class Action only covers a few months in 2006. What about the rest?

    Hopefully, the courts will rescue Ontario from the stupidity of its leaders. If not…

    Thanks for the comment, ML. Mark

    Note: Mary-Lou LaPratte lived through the horrors of Ipperwash as she did her best to obtain justice for the residents there, only to be completely ignored by the Ipperwash Inquiry as were all those who suffered through years of crime, violence and intimidation by native extremists. Be sure to see ‘The Strength of a Woman’ – Mary-Lou LaPratte, Ipperwash Hero.

  12. Mark

    At the beginning of this you made a slight error

    [quote] ….”in January 2007, a Registered Professional Nurse (RPN) named Timothy Sywyk faced a disciplinary hearing which included, among other allegations, that he “Engaged in behaviour or made remarks of a sexual nature toward a patient.””

    An “RPN” is not a Registered “Professional” Nurse , the correct term is Registered Practical Nurse and there’s a big difference between the duties and responsibilities of a Registered Nurse (RN) and an Registered Practical Nurse (RPN).

    Other than that it was a fine article. It’s unfortunate you have to deal with so many SN “reality deniers” but it really is quite enlightening to hear what they have to say.


    VoC REPLY: Thanks for taking the time to point out my mistake, Don. I’ve updated the story. Re the LCTD’s: sometimes, their twisted, demented, bizarre logic needs to get printed in order to help readers understand what we’re up against, and this was one of those times. Regards, Mark

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