Parkinson & Kinrade show Haldimand councillor not above law

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgYesterday, CANACE co-founders, Jeff Parkinson and Merlyn Kinrade managed to do what the OPP refused to do – lay a charge of assault against Haldimand Councillor Buck Sloat with respect to an Aug 07/07 incident at the Haldimand County office in which Sloat allegedly grabbed Parkinson’s shoulder while he snatched Parkinson’s tape recorder from his pocket and dropped it on the ground. Fortunately, the recorder was running at the time and recorded the incident.

buck-sloat-ward2.jpgParkinson was standing quietly waiting for his turn to ask a question as Merlyn Kinrade and Sloat were talking when Sloat noticed the tape recorder in his pocket and got upset. I was nearby at the time of the incident, but did not witness it.

After taking an hour to consider the matter, Parkinson decided to file a complaint with the OPP who did their best to talk him out of it. Parkinson, however, believes, as do I, that if he had done the same to Sloat he’d have been arrested and charged, and deservedly so. Sloat’s status as an elected official should make him more accountable for his actions, not less.

Yesterday, in a Cayuga court – several court appearances and 5 months after the OPP refused to act – Parkinson and his witness Merlyn Kinrade convinced a judge that there were grounds to lay the charge. In doing so, they have sent some powerful messages to the OPP and Haldimand Council – that elected officials are not above the law, and that citizens will not allow the OPP to get in the way of justice.

Congratulations to Jeff and Merlyn for their persistence and determination to hold Buck Sloat accountable for his alleged assault. I salute you both!

Be sure to read Jeff’s story listed in the References below.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality



3 responses to “Parkinson & Kinrade show Haldimand councillor not above law

  1. Murray Hilton

    Dear Mark and Co.

    Please let me express my wishes for 2008; Peace and a satisfactory solution to the disorder and mess that seems unending in Aboriginal land claims in Caledonia and other areas of unrest in Canada.

    Thanks, that cannot be expressed enough to Marylou LaPratte, Merlyn Kinrade, Jeff Parkinson, Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas plus many others for leading the way to ‘Truth and Justice.’

    The tragic misfortune that is playing out in far too many different locations across our country must be resolved and very soon. There appears to be a momentum growing that breeds lawlessness and contempt against the social justice that we in Canada base our lives on. Lawlessness and two tiered justice cannot be tolerated and the OPP along with the RCMP that perform the similar duties as the OPP does, but in other provinces must realize what their duties are.

    Respect doesn’t just ‘pop-up’ it has got to be earned. The RCMP were looked up to world-wide, it seems forever. But they have performed too many ‘bloopers’ and have gotten to where they HAVE GOT TO BE rebuilt in a way that they can get respect again. With the deaths in BC at RCMP hands and the murder of Robert Dziekanski at YVR, Vancouver airport by four RCMP officers, respect has been all but totally lost.

    Respect for both the OPP and the RCMP has got to be earned again, it’s not too late, just start upholding the true intent of the law in an equal manner.

    Thanks again to Jeff and Merlyn for your common sense and for following through with single tier ‘justice’.

    We all wish for peace and goodness for 2008.

    Murray Hilton

    VoC REPLY: One day the OPP will be “rebuilt” just as the RCMP is about to be. One day the law will apply to all, and all will be protected by it. Every effort, every victory, no matter how seemingly small, brings us closer to that day. Thanks for the encouragement and support. It is very much appreciated, and I’ll be sure to pass it on. Thanks, Murray! Regards, Mark

  2. I support all resistance to these illegal occupations and Police abuse of citizens. I am concerned about the request by some of our citizens, well intentioned as they are, to have a by-law expecting Native smoke shacks be licenced. They are illegal in every sense of the word. Licencing organized crime shacks not only sends the wrong message, it undercuts legal operations by beating their pricing by as much as 66%. This solution rewards dangerous, violent behaviour by giving them the fac’ade of legitimacy. Cheap smokes and other goods are only to be consumed on the Reserve for Indians, not the rest of the country.
    In the end, Indians don’t ‘recognize our laws’, so why create new ones.
    Great article by McMaster in the Newspaper clarifying the financial cost and implications of Native business advantages.
    A report by the housing organizations have indicated the highest average prices in history. Not where I live. Native and OPP crime have a tendency to devalue real estate. But no problem in Caledonia according to our ‘leading’ real estate people.
    Solutions can not start unless truth and reality are acknowledged. Natives can lie, politicians can lie, Police will always lie, but for ‘pete’s sake’, let’s not lie to ourselves.

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    I wish Jeff well in his endeavor…not sure if assault is the proper charge… but certainly property damage and mischief.

    What struck me in listening to the audio of the event was the vitriolic hubris and contempt this petty civil service worker has for those who confront him asking for justifications…as if he is above scrutiny and public accounting…that the soiled masses cannot possibly grasp the arcane enlightenment of bureaucratic agendum so the business of government is best kept in a small “cliques” who understand the esoteric nature of “running things”.

    The autocratic arrogance and hubris just dripped from this petty official…what cultures this in the public service?

    It comes from the top down….the attitude in public office/service is that public input, oversight and accountability is not welcome nor needed…all we are here for is to pay the bills the illuminated bureaucratic class run up…pay your tax, keep your mouth shut and bow when you are in the presence of the ruling class all ye surfs…..who’s next to give elitist attitude to tax-paying citizens…the meter readers?

    The time is now for a real people’s revolution to put this arrogant obtuse bureaucratic pugnacity back in the box before it strangles what little freedom and accountability there is left in this quasi-democratic system.

    I wish Jeff luck…if only to see this belligerent bureaucratic pismire humbled and reminded WHO serves WHO.