National Post takes the blinders off MSM

UPDATE 2054 EST Feb 01/07: On Jan 30th, the National Post published a full-page, absolute-must-read, op-ed piece entitled ‘Sacrificial lambs at the alter of Ipperwash’ written by Caledonia lawyer John Findlay, who is also the author of the Caledonia Class Action lawsuit. Don’t miss ‘Lawyer John Findlay blasts Caledonia’s “real interlopers.”

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgjeffparkinson-dec01-07.jpg‘National Post takes the blinders off MSM’ was originally written and published on the blog by fellow civil rights activist and CANACE co-founder, Jeff Parkinson.

Jeff has been laid up for a while due to temporary brain damage caused when an OPP officer threw him to the ground during the attack on Gary McHale in Caledonia on Dec 01/07.

I was planning to write about the National Post’s recent contributions to the defence of democracy against native extremists, but Jeff beat me to it and saved me the work!


by Jeff Parkinson, CaledoniaWakeUpCall blog 

The National Post has run some excellent editorials about the Native terrorism in Caledonia in the past week and in doing so they have begun to take the blinders off of the mainstream media.

Thanks to the National Post, more and more jounalists are going to start questioning the  leadership of the OPP and the McGuinty government in an effort to find out why the OPP are refusing to act as a police force and why their tax dollars are supporting this criminal occupation instead of putting an end to it. If you have not done so yet, I strongly suggest reading these.

The Coward at Queens Park.  Q&A with Calvin Helin.  Living off the Band Land.  Send in the troops.  Caledonia Redux.  Rule of law missing in Caledonia Dispute.  Natives demand royalties for land and The disgrace of native lawlessness in Ontario

The biggest battle that those of us who fight for equality have endured has not been with the Mohawk warriors, the OPP, or the McGuinty government, but with the mainstream media who have turned a blind eye to the bleak reality of life in Caledonia for almost 2 years now out of fear of offending someone.

There are endless stories of media bias to be told but I’ll stick to a few from my own experience.

In February of 2006, I remember reading the cover of a local paper which stated “Aboriginals occupy disputed land in Caledonia” and buying it so that I could read the great coverage that surely must have been lurking inside. Curiously all I could find was a sob story based around interviews with a few Native people, and nothing at all about the effect on the town on Caledonia.

The media printed and broadcasted a count of the days of the occupation and aired more interviews with angry Native people who spoke like a broken record of oppression, and since there were no interviews with residents and it was reported that DCE was approximately 1km outside of town, I much like many others no doubt assumed that this was some barren land and had little effect on the residents.

Having spent very little time in the Caledonia area, I had no concept of where DCE was in relation to the countless houses of innocent residents at the time, nor of the torment they were being subjected to on a daily basis because the media simply didn’t care enough to tell me.

One story explained that the OPP “have everything under control” and had a picture of a provincial highway being blockaded by a hydro tower with warrior flags all over it. Things didn’t look particularly under control.

While standing in line at a local Tim Hortons one afternoon, the power went out, and I happened upon an OPP officer in the parking lot. I asked him if a line had fallen and he said “Natives took out a transformer..  Looks like we’re not getting the hydro back anytime soon”.  Ironic that an OPP officer sparked an interest in me that would lead me to where I am now.

The OPP reported that they didn’t know who had destroyed the station, and the media echoed that every chance they got. This was when I started to realize that the media was lying to us every day so as not to offend the criminals who were terrorizing Caledonia.

My first personal experience with the media was on December 16, 2006 at a flag raising event. I had brought 20 Canadian flags with me and had given away all but 2 when someone suggested that I give the last 2 to OPP officers who were forming a human barrier to protect a sacred hydro pole from a flag. Reminding them that they’re Canadians sounded like a great idea so I tried my best but no officer would touch the flags.

As soon as I turned around, I was swarmed by TV cameras, microphones, and people scribbling frantically on notepads. Minutes later a Native swerved from the road and came within inches of hitting a bystander with a flag, and the same media had no interest in talking to him. One of the TV stations had captured the event and ran a 2 second clip of it before talking about how Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas had been arrested, then cutting to interviews with Natives.

When we learned last winter of a young woman on the 6th line road who was trying to bring attention to the plight of the children there whom the OPP abandoned to Native criminals, Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas took her to Queens Park to tell her story to the media. Not one media outlet cared enough to print or air one word about it.

The tide began to turn in October 2007 at the Remember Us March. Several local papers wrote excellent stories from the point of view of someone other than a Native criminal, and the plight of the children of the Sixth line was finally told.

Since that day the coverage from local outlets like The Regional and The Chronicle has been excellent, but only this past week has the terrorism in Caledonia started to be revealed by any national news outlet.

Thanks to the National Post, the tide is turning but the question remains, how will average citizens react when they see the story of Caledonia told without the stories of oppression, genocide, and a fantasy about sovereignty used to justify and cover up the despicable true nature of these thugs?

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

VoC Comment

During the past couple of weeks, as the National Post rolled out one hardhitting story and editorial after another, and launched their in-depth ‘Rethinking the Reserve‘ series, I was busy supplying a journalism student with evidence to help her finish an important treatise on how the media has covered the Caledonia story. I first wrote about this important project in a Nov 13/07 article entitled, ‘VoC interviewed for journalism school project.’ She has also interviewed Gary McHale.

You can imagine my excitement, then, at being able to report to her that journalists from the Post had become the first MSM to join the fight for the innocent victims of Caledonia in a really big way. In the past 18+ months, Gary McHale has sent out more than 200 emails each to 163 media contacts while I have written more than 150 stories on Caledonia and native lawlessness, so it was very gratifying to see the Post take such a strong position on behalf of those abandoned by their police, their government and most of the MSM.

As I said in my last email to the journalism student, “Media self-censorship and lack of critical scrutiny in the name of political correctness is NOT helping to bring our communities closer together; it is, in fact, destroying the opportunity for creating a meaningful and respectful relationship based on truth.”

Without truth, there can be no reconciliation. In a reply to one NP article, Phil Fontaine of the Assembly of First Nations decries, “the politics of…painting us [native people] as wasteful, errant, criminal…,” but not once in his essay does he decry the violence used by native extremists against innocents.

The title of his letter is ‘Deal with us as First Nations.’ Sorry, Mr. Fontaine, I can’t take you seriously while rogue elements in your ‘nation’ have declared war on Canada and you refuse to acknowledge the fears and suffering of thousands of people already terrorized. 

The National Post, in exposing the issues and realities that some in native communities would rather not talk about, has done more to lead us to a fair and just society than all the cowardly, politically-correct media outlets who have continually ignored the suffering of innocent Canadians at the hands of native criminals for fear of being accused of racism, or out of some paternalistic belief that native people should not be criticised.

Even the Post had trouble understanding why Canada’s journalism community have done such a poor job of speaking out for victims of landclaim lawlessness:

“Not only has the Ontario government ignored the plight of people in the Caledonia area, but so has much of the media, which often evinces a reflexive pro-native bias. In fact, some of our letter writers were surprised that anyone was taking an interest in their situation. Much as we are proud to take this issue on, we find it astonishing that it falls to a newspaper to air the grievances emanating from a patch of Canadian territory that a provincial government has surrendered wholesale to thugs.

National Post, Jan 19/07: The coward at Queen’s Park   [REPRINT]

For all those who have struggled so hard and so long and paid such an awful price to defend Canadian democracy, and for those who have suffered personally at the hands of native extremists, I am profoundly grateful to the National Post for clearly recognizing their obligation as journalists, as fellow Canadians, to speak out, especially when so few others in their profession have done so.

I hope the Post will go on to use the evidence and print the stories that we – with your help – have worked so hard to gather and expose. If you’re reading this, NP, please take a look at the list in ‘VoC interviewed for journalism school project‘ when you’re ready to take the next step in revealing the whole, ugly, stinking, rotten, wonderfully-liberating truth for the benefit of all Canadians – native and non-native.  

Keep up the good work!

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Lead Investigator, The Ipperwash Papers,
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

4 responses to “National Post takes the blinders off MSM

  1. “Sorry, Mr. Fontaine, I can’t take you seriously while rogue elements in your ‘nation’ have declared war on Canada and you refuse to acknowledge the fears and suffering of thousands of people already terrorized.”

    Nothing like painting all natives the same over the actions of a few. Then why post this. You’ll just delete it or it will automatically delete.

    VoC REPLY: From time to time Jafo sends me insulting and/or ‘the sky is green’ Landclaim Terror Denier comments like this one that I don’t usually print, but I thought that, after using ‘Saga’s’ nonsensical comments in ‘CNO confirms Six Nations RN desciplined for past patient abuse‘ to show how deluded the LCTDs are, readers might enjoy some more of the same.

    For the benefit of Jafo only: the phrase “rogue elements” means that I am NOT painting all natives the same over the actions of a few; it means exactly the opposite. This is grade school stuff, Jafo. Of course, you already know that, but the truth doesn’t matter to you, does it? You would rather make irrelevant, silly accusations to try to twist my words than deal with the real issue which is: violent native extremists and their supporters – like you – have lost the battle for the MSM. Mark

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    In an effort to help assuage these ruffled feathers, we present the Top 9 New Names For First Nations Terrorists.

    9. Canadian Flag Ignition Specialist

    8. Historic Record Avoidance Technician

    7. Aboriginal Imperialism Consultant

    6. DCE Virgin Violation Expediter

    5. Renegade – OPP Relations Facilitator

    4. Cuddly, Furry Kitten Hugger

    3. Public Property Conversion Troubleshooter

    2. Criminal Relocation Specialist

    1. Roadway Obstruction Engineer

    VoC REPLY: Hi Bill. Your list would be a whole lot funnier if the titles weren’t so dead-on. For readers wondering about #6 on Bill’s list, see DCE rapists enabled by OPP “best practices” endorsed by McGuinty Inquiry.

    I just realized something, Bill – the NP’s decisive position on Landclaim Terrorism fulfills 1/2 of my #10 prediction for 2008! I’ve got 11 months for them to get to the other half! Thanks for the Top 9 List. Regards, Mark

  3. Mary-Lou LaPratte

    Dear Mark,
    It is exceptional that the National Post has decided to get the ball rolling on agressive and illegal tactics being used to further some native agendas. It has been fifteen years coming. You have not painted all natives the same as supporting these militant natives causing the gross harm being done to innocent people caught in land claim communities. However, having said that, where are the voices from the native communities denouncing these abhorrent tactics???? I did not hear any from Desoronto, Hagersville, Dunnville, Sharbot Lake, Ipperwash , Gustafen Lake, Manitoba or Ipperwash.

    Philip Fontaine has never stated that native violence towards residents of Ontario or Canada will not be tolerated by the National Assembly. Nor has he stated that the National Assembly internally would take care of the problem of militant activity once and for all.

    He has not offered any solutions to keep the native population within the boundaries of the laws of this Province and Nation. In some quarters not speaking out about lawlessness in the native communities could be interpeted as thinking the method is just fine.

    Hopefully as time goes on with the National Post doing their five week series on native issues and government inaction we will see more Canadians speaking out about their non-acceptance of the native militant agenda and the lawlessness that goes with it. You don’t have to have the shit in your face to know that the Ontario government is wrong in what is occurring, but you do have to be made aware that it is taking place and your neighbourhood could be next. For this we can thank the National Post and all those individuals before it who had the guts to stand up and be counted.

    Kudos to you and Jeff and Gary.

    VoC REPLY: Hi ML. Seems as though we’ve all had a lot of the brown stuff shoved in our faces for too long. Sniff. Sniff. Nice to see the NP catching up to help us clean things up, though. Thanks so much for compliment from a woman who has endured more than her share. Let’s hope the NP decides to be the first MSM in Ontario to share our Ipperwash revelations. Regards, Mark

  4. I hate the National Post. bunch of damn neoconservative bastards! I hope you all burn in hell you racist assholes!

    VoC REPLY: I know, I know. Everyone but you is a racist. Everyone who disagrees with you is a racist. Funny, though, you’re the only one using obscenities about people you don’t even know. If you actually, God forbid, took some time to read the stuff I’ve written (including the material found in the great big link at the top called ‘VICTIMIZING NATIVE PEOPLE,’ or the stories found in ‘OUR STRUGGLE,’ you’d feel pretty darn silly. I won’t hold my breath waiting for your apology. In the meantime, how ’bout that National Post, huh? Truth hurts, but it is very liberating.Mark