OPP Press release re: Dec 01/07 violence by smokeshack thugs


UPDATED 1956 EST Jan 26/08 

Until yesterday, we were under the impression that the OPP news release quoting Fantino blaming the non-native victims of the Caledonia violence was issued the next day, Dec 02/07, which is the date it was published in the London Free Press.

We just discovered, however, a reprint of the release in the Turtle Island News which shows that it was issued on Dec 01/07 – the very same day we were attacked by native thugs! Not only did the OPP & Fantino rush to falsely blame the innocent victims in direct contradiction of the facts, but the full text of the release – coupled with statements by Detective Murray and subsequent bail restrictions on Gary McHale – shows that Fantino was clearly targetting Gary McHale and fellow “interlopers” Jeff Parkinson and me for arrest.

Here is how the OPP media release appears in the Turtle Island News… 


FROM: Haldimand County OPP
RELEASE: 01 Dec 07


(Caledonia, Ontario)

The Ontario Provincial Police, Haldimand County Detachment responded to a disturbance at the south end of Argyle St in the area formerly known as Plank Road, Caledonia, Haldimand County.

Today at approximately 10:00am, a small group of protestors known to pursue their own agendas approached a smoke shack on Plank Road taunting and provoking those present.

A confrontation broke out as police struggled to maintain order and peace. Haldimand County OPP was forced to call in numerous police reinforcements to restore peace and order.

Commissioner Fantino expressed his outrage at the interlopers; “The OPP will seek every legal remedy possible to end this madness and to bring them to justice. Taxpayers should be just as outraged at these instigators since these unintelligent acts have cost them in excess of a half million dollars. These incidents, where interlopers put their own personal agendas over those who are striving for a permanent and lasting resolution will not be tolerated.”

Haldimand County OPP Crime unit is fully engaged in a thorough investigation of all events including those leading up to today’s volatile situation.

The OPP is firmly committed to hold those responsible for today’s disturbance.

Turtle Island News, p6, Dec 05/07

Fantino falsely blames victims for violence against them 

Anyone who has read the text of Fantino’s Nov 09/07 interview with the Hamilton Spectator where he refers to McHale and company as ‘interlopers’ and blames us for costing taxpayers $500,000 in additional policing costs for (lawful, peaceful) protests knows exactly who Fantino is talking about in this press release. (McHale has just filed a lawsuit against the Spectator after we tried, at least 6 times, to get them to apologize and/or allow us to respond to Fantino’s bizzare statements about us.)

Unfortunately for Fantino, video evidence proves that non-natives – including the ‘interlopers’ targetted by Fantino – were the victims of the violence by smokeshack thugs, and NOT the perpetrators. The only exception is a minor assault that took place near the end of the event when a non-native resident allegedly pushed away a man aggressively videotaping Christine McHale after the numerous assaults on her husband.

There is no excuse for Fantino and the Caledonia OPP detachment not to know the truth – video evidence clearly shows the assaults on various OPP officers.

Incredibly, however, not a single arrest was made that day other than a non-native man quietly standing away from the police line holding a cup of coffee.

Readers who want to read a detailed account of what happened on Dec 01/07 with supporting video should see the CANACE report entitled, ‘CANACE calls for RCMP to take over investigation after Fantino blames victims of Caledonia violence.

Lies, lies and more lies 

Video evidence and additional evidence obtained from ‘official’ sources also proves that several women supporting the smokeshack thugs lied to police about what happened. One of these women, Camille Powless, has been charged with Public Mischief for filing a false report claiming she had been assaulted by Gary McHale when in fact she assaulted McHale after falsely accusing him of pushing her.

We even have evidence that an OPP officer may have ‘misled’ the investigation. Oops!

Fantino and Haldimand OPP cause loss of faith in judicial system

Later in the day, after Gary McHale was released from the hospital, we visited the Cayuga OPP detachment where we met Detective Murray who assured us he was ‘unbiased.’ After asking Christine McHale and me to leave the room, he had a short conversation with Gary during which Murray said that charges might be brought against Jeff Parkinson and me.  Before we left he advised Gary that someone had filed an assault complaint against him. This, of course, was the bogus complaint by Camille Powless for which she was eventually charged.

Fantino’s heavy-handed pronouncement of our guilt before the investigation had even begun caused me to lose what little faith I had in the ability of the OPP to conduct an unbiased investigation, and that’s what I told Detective Murray when he called me on my cell asking me to come in and make a statement. I refused to make a statement or complain about my assault out of fear that the investigation had more to do with nailing me for some non-existent offence than prosecuting the thugs who attacked me.

My belief that Jeff Parkinson and I were being targetted by Fantino was reinforced when Detective Murray forced McHale to agree not to contact us even though we had not been charged with an offence.

Where’s our apology, Julian? 

Now that it’s crystal clear who the perpetrators of the violence were, I wonder when Fantino and the OPP are going to issue an apology to residents and the ‘interlopers’ for for tainting the ‘investigation’ and our reputations?

Was it all planned in advance by the OPP?

When considered in light of the woeful lack of police presence despite having advance knowledge of the event, the fact that no OPP officers were videotaping, one can’t help but wonder if the speed with which the news release was issued had anything to do with OPP planning prior to the event.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for my apology.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality



2 responses to “OPP Press release re: Dec 01/07 violence by smokeshack thugs

  1. Hi Mark:

    One has to wonder what really transpired on December 1st.

    Was it an OPP/ Fantino setup to get charges against us to prevent further protests? Maybe…

    A lot of questions need answers.

    Why only a small number of officers present with no video or photo backup?

    Why were OPP blocking the entrance to Argyle street at Canadian tire and turning away all non Natives while letting all natives through their blockade?

    Why did the OPP allow only natives through their blocked road ? These same natives attacked us with impunity while 9 grossly outnumbered OPP officers fought for their lives along with Gary and the others?

    Save by the grace of God nothing more serious happened on that day.

    Nothing the OPP did at the time contributed to a safe outcome as the 9 officers present didn’t and couldn’t really make much of a difference.

    If reinforcements were called they didn’t come to the front of the action to really make a difference but from my observations they did aid and abet Native terrorists by directing all non native traffic away and allowing all natives in to attack us.

    Numerous OPP officers were punched and shoved by Native thugs on December 1, yet not one officer attempted to arrest any of the natives for these attacks.

    Why did officer Sloan stand by and watch while you were being assaulted by 3 native thugs and do nothing to come to your aid?

    One of these three attackers went on to commit numerous attacks that day including punching and pushing OPP officers and later participated in the brutal attacks twice against Gary Mchale?

    Had Sloan done his job and arrested the attackers right off non of this might have happened.

    Why did the Native’s who blocked Argyle street at the Highway six bypass not get charged for blocking the road and for only allowing native reinforcements in to attack us?

    Fantino and the OPP have a lot of questions to answer and their actions/inactions to account for on December 1st.

    Has anyone officially asked for a list of attending officers and their handlers at the December 1st protest?

    I think we should all file complaints against the attending officers and file court claims for personal damages for their breach of duty, reckless endangerment, trauma and deflamation of character by Fantino and the Officers directing operations on December 1st.

    It would be very interesting to get these fine Officers on the witness stand during their trials to see who gave what orders and find the truth about what really transpired on December 1st.

    I have a lot of issues at what transpired on December 1st and feel that the Officers present were put in harms way by their bosses unnecessisarily.

    I find it hard to believe that seasoned police bosses could have made such huge judgemental errors and created such a dangerous situation for not only us but the 9 front line officers being attacked along side the protesters by violent native terrorists.

    I will be in contact with both you and Gary to get the ball rolling in my court and will file court claims against several of the attending officers once I have reviewed all of the video evidence available to me and get the identities of the attending officers who failed to do their jobs.

    So far I have identified Officer Sloan for not making any attempt to intervene on the assault against you by the 3 natives and thus aiding and abeting a violent criminal terrorist to commit numerous violent assaults against numerous people on December 1st including Myself and Gary Mchale.

    It is sad that a Native thug can attack peaceful protesters under the watchful eye of the police and even be permitted to remain on site to commit other numerous assaults and acts of violence including uttering death threats against Jeff Parkinson as he lay defenceless and unconscious on the cold road.

    The police cannot deny that these things happened the video evidence they have shown me proves otherwise and their chosen response to the assaults and death threats of non action can only be describeds as aiding and abeting criminal acts and terrorists.

    Jim Anderson / Interloper

    VoC REPLY: Some very good questions, Jim! Someday, we might even have the answers:

    Gary and I have been talking about actions we will be taking soon, including lawsuits, police complaints and private prosecutions. Your name was mentioned. I’ll keep you posted. Gary has requested the names of all officers. He has already received a whole pile of very, very useful information in the form of OPP disclosure by the Crown, and is seeking additional information from them. Apparently, Camille Powless wasn’t the only one lying about what happened on Dec 1st. Regards, Mark

  2. Mary-Lou LaPratte

    Hi! Mark,
    Nothing surprises me anymore. I often said if I finished the book on the Ipperwash experience, I would have to publish it under Science Fiction , because no one would believe this could be allowed to happen in Canada. With the National Post and the Gazette now printing some truth about the mess in Haldimand, I feel you should be giving them the details of what Fantino has been up to since becoming Commissioner . The Ontario Pathetic Puppets would be a good series to run. It is unconscionable the restrictions placed on Gary in comparison to no restrictions on Clyde the Terminator is also a fact of life in this drama. It must be very refreshing for the OPP to know the ticking time bomb is A&W running around Caledonia and the man who didn’t assault anyone cannot even go near the place or live with his wife when she moves there. As we all knew would happen the residents of the Town have said criminal acts are still ongoing daily and Gary hasn’t been around for several weeks. Poor Fantino will have to find another scapegoat resident to blame the fall out on. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out in court.
    Keep the Faith.


    VoC REPLY: Hi ML! I’m still helping the senior journalism student working on her project on how the media has covered Caledonia. The other day, I asked Gary how many media contacts he has so I could share the info with her: as of today 163 media contacts have received approximately 200 emails from him regarding our evidence, stories, news conferences, press releases, etc. If the MSM don’t know what Fantino’s been doing, it’s because they don’t want to know.

    Unfortunately for the Fantino/McGuinty team, the National Post has taken the blinders off the MSM. The Landclaim Terrorists have now lost the battle for the media. The writing was on the wall when the Toronto Star and St. Catharines Standard wrote that amazing editiorial after we were arrested, but there is no doubt now. Watch as mainstream natives begin to distance themselves from the lawlessness and lies. It may not happen right away, but it will happen. The NP has let the cat out of the bag, and that cat ain’t goin’ back in! Other media will look foolish and irresponsible if they don’t start printing the truth. They will be looking for other stories to tell, and guess who has them?

    I can’t wait for the inevitable stories about The Ipperwash Papers and how the Inquiry covered up the truth. It’ll come.

    I recently met someone (for the first time) in Caledonia who was interviewed by the NP? When they went outside to take pictures, the natives threatened them and told them to leave. Thanks to them, the NP has first hand knowledge of how crazy the DCE/Smokeshack thugs really are, and that’s a good thing.

    Ontario Pathetic Puppets??? I like it! Stay strong, ML; one day you’re going to have to testify at the inquiry into an inquiry!

    Regards, Mark

    P.S. New readers should check out ‘Strength of a Woman’ – Mary-Lou LaPratte, Ipperwash hero.