Lawyer John Findlay blasts Caledonia’s “real interlopers”


UPDATE 1222 EST Feb 03/07: Don’t miss the latest installment in the National Post’s ‘Rethinking the Reserve’ series, ‘Problems of governance‘ in which the myth that Canada is at fault for the misery of natives living on reserves is utterly destroyed, once and for all.

In ‘National Post takes the blinders off MSM,’ Jeff Parkinson and I gave some well-deserved recognition to the Post for taking a strong stand against landclaim lawlessness and political cowardice with their recent editorials and series, Rethinking the Reserve.

Today, we must recognize a true, unsung Caledonia hero for his continual efforts to hold the government accountable for their miserable failures in the face of outrageous aggression by native criminals: lawyer, John Findlay.

On Jan 30th, the National Post published a full page op-ed piece by Mr. Findlay, a Caledonia resident who is also the author of the Caledonia Class Action lawsuit in addition to representing Gary McHale, me and Caledonia residents in our suits against the OPP, OPPA and Ontario government.

‘Sacrificial lambs at the alter of Ipperwash’ is, arguably, one of the most hard-hitting, take no prisoners, tell-it-like-it-is statement of pure, unadulterated truth that has ever been written on the subject of Caledonia by a man who knows what he’s talking about, and has the evidence and experience to back up what he says. The story’s subtitle says it all:

A blow-by-blow account of how the Ontario government has left Caledonia residents to fend for themselves against native criminals and ‘warriors’

knight-w-sword.jpgFindlay also makes a point of vindicating those of us who have been victimized by OPP Commissioner Fantino’s irrational obsession with blaming ‘outside’ activists for Caledonia’s troubles. In his very learned opinion, it is Fantino, native criminals, Toronto bureaucrats and politicians, and out-of-town police allowing their own agendas to interfere with law enforcement that are the real ‘interlopers:’

Mr. Fantino has blamed white activist “interlopers” for the problems in Caledonia. But the real “interlopers” that have caused the harm are the self-proclaimed native “warriors” from Montreal and Cornwall — not to mention Toronto bureaucrats and politicians; and the out-of-town police, including Ms. Boniface and Mr. Fantino himself. None of them have been able to distinguish between the criminals and the responsible members of the native community.

These “interlopers” are the ones who have harmed Caledonia, by letting their own agendas interfere with the proper enforcement of the law. If I can paraphrase Tecumseh: Caledonia was once a peaceful town — now made miserable by the likes of these.

National Post, John Findlay, Jan 30/08: Sacrificial lambs at the alter of Ipperwash

I called Mr. Findlay on Wednesday to congratulate him. Apparently, he’s been overwhelmed with positive feedback that includes an offer of assistance from one well-known political science professor/commentator. When I expressed my admiration for producing such a hard-hitting statement, he replied, “I was very careful when I wrote it. I didn’t say anything I couldn’t back up.” 

‘Sacrificial Lambs’ is nothing less than an inspiring ‘must read’ document that helps bring us all just a little closer to a meaningful relationship with native people based on truth and reality, and not on the lies, obfuscations and desired naratives of criminals, politicians and police bullies.

The eventual publication of ‘Sacrificial Lambs’ began with a simple letter by Mr. Findlay in response to the National Post’s request for Caledonia stories. After reading his original letter, they asked if he would write a longer op-ed piece. They asked for 800 words; Findlay gave them 2,000. He told me that the Post published his letter virtually unchanged. The lesson for all of us is that good things can happen when we take the time to speak up.  

Thank you so much for speaking up, John Findlay!

Well done, National Post!

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


3 responses to “Lawyer John Findlay blasts Caledonia’s “real interlopers”

  1. Hi Mark:

    John Findlay’s speaking out on behalf of the good citizens of Caledonia cannot go unrecognized and I would like to thank him for all he has done to help those unable to help themselves against the huge odds created by the conspiracy perpetrated against them by all the Government agencies, the OPP and the silence of the citizens of Six Nations.

    The National Post has provided a platform for the truth to rise up upon for all to see and we should all grasp the oportunity the Post has provided.

    I feel the anger, sense of despair and outrage that all those persons directly affected by this terrorist occupation must surely feel and commend someone like John Findlay who has so selflessly provided his knowledge, expertise and time towards making a difference.

    With the Post on side exposing the truth and a creditable, knowledgable experienced spokesman like John Findlay hitting hard at the lies and telling it like it is interlopers like Fantino, Sergeant Murray, Toronto Bureaucrats and politicians, out of town OPP (confused about what their duties are by the orders imposed on them by their bosses) and the self- imposed Native Warriors from Montreal, Cornwall and the USA may finally be held accountable for the travesty that has been bestowed on Caledonia’s innocent citizens.

    Surely all those interlopers mentioned above have a conscience and can see the shame of their actions more clearly now thanks to the powerful words of a strong neighbour, friend and spokesman John Findlay.

    Thanks John for making a difference.

    Jim Anderson / Exonerated interloper

    VoC REPLY: Hi Jim. “Exonerated Interloper.” Yes, indeed. It feels good, doesn’t it? Regards, Mark

  2. Mary-Lou LaPratte

    Hi! Mark,
    I wrote a letter to the NP regarding Mr. Findlay’s article. So far they have not printed it.

    The resolution to Caledonia will be a long and slow process as at Ipperwash. It is sad to see that the OPP have swallowed the horrendous assault on a builder as not being strong enough to intervene on a resident’s behalf or themselves to stop the violence. This does not even include the gross assaults in Ipperwash.

    The OPP should and could declare that their job is unsafe due to the detrimental policies in place in the Response to Native Land Claims. Everyone in Canada has a right to refuse to do a job they feel is unsafe or unlawful. The OPPA is a strong association but will not even stand and be counted when their own are assaulted nor press charges if the perpetrator is native. No one is tying them to a job that compromises their safety and that of the public except themselves.

    The Ipperwash Inquiry report is being used as the excuse to make it impossible to change the detrimental policy in place at present for finding the natives blameless and not being upfront about the evidence submitted on native lawlessness and violence before during and after the death of Dudley George.

    I have no sympathy for the government position or the police when they are willingly ignoring the Police Act and accepting taxpayers money knowing they will not serve and protect them. It has been suggested by others that the money be stopped to the reserves until they curtail the violent ones within their midst. I would suggest rather stop the money to the OPP until once and for all they realize that everyone in Ontario and Canada deserves freedom from oppression and violence and that Democracy is not based on selective policing or policing based on race.

    It is plain to all that the Assembly of First Nations has no desire to curb the violence within it’s ranks, nor does Phil Fontaine express any regrets or sympathy towards innocent people victimized in land claims. Who gave these people the right to think they could treat other citizens in Canada this way?? The answer is plain and clear—–the government both Federal and Provincial and the Ipperwash Inquiry. Will these organizations see the folly of their chosen path??? Not likely until more victims and death occurs. A very sad legacy for a Country in the 21st century that sent our army elsewhere to help others caught in violence and oppression.

    Mr. Findlay is a true hero, but then again everyone who voices concern for what is happening publicly is also a hero for not letting the truth go unsaid. It is unconscionable that innocent people must go to court against their own government and police to obtain justice for what is strictly a commons sense issue.

    Justice for all is so fundamental to a Democracy, that I cannot understand why our government would be completely inactive in not ensuring this very important facet remain front and centre. I can only assume that those in power realizing how short their political careers may be are only after the money and their assurance of a job in the next election. History will not be so kind to any of them, as the victim tally gets higher and higher.

    Dudley George died for being complicit in the victimization of innocent residents and the OPP – period. The myths surrounding his death have cost us plenty in money , cruel and unusual treatment of innocent residents of this Province and the loss of Law. When is enough , enough????

    VoC REPLY: Yes, indeed, ML; when IS enough, enough? Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end for Two Tier Justice. You may live long enough to see justice for the real victims of Ipperwash. Regards, Mark.

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    “David Peterson was appointed to negotiate and mediate. At one point during these negotiations, he publicly called the understandably upset local residents a “bunch of wackos.””

    A lot of people will miss the significance of this in Findlay’s article, but not those of us who know the “illiberal” elitists who populate the Liberal political cliques.

    First on display here is the nepotist patronage networking of liberaldom….Why Peterson? Why Stewart? There are no better “negotiators” with first nations experience?…Of course there was but these are Liberal partisans and insider elite networkers…they can be trusted to carry the McGuinty race politics agenda forward.

    Second displayed illiberal trait was the obvious hubris on display in Peterson’s comment…the contempt for average people who are not in the political insider establishment. The insinuation here is that common people are mindless beasts that need their affairs straightened out for them by their betters…the cloistered political elite.

    Seems there is nothing more illiberal than a dogmatic Liberal insider….particularly where respect for public intelligence is concerned.

    Looking at the wasted money, intensified endangerment, degeneration of the rule of law, escalation of violent attacks and general malaise from the lack of any resolution to illegal six nations occupations, the liberal elites seem no more capable of “managing our affairs for us” than a venal butler who steals the silverware and opens the house to burglars.

    VoC REPLY: As the National Post has shown, not even ‘illiberal liberals’ can bury the truth forever! The jig’s almost up, Julian and Dalton! Wait till you see the next phase of our struggle, WL. You won’t believe all the good stuff that we’ve got our hands on. Thanks for writing, WL. Regards, Mark