National Post exposes role of corruption, mismanagement, incompetence in reserve misery


UPDATED 1103 EST Feb 27/08: Six Nations ex-councillor charged with theft, fraud, forgery .

Occasionally, when I talk to people about landclaim lawlessness, their reaction is something like, “Yeah, but look at how we (Canada) treat natives on the reserves. They don’t even have safe drinking water for God’s sake. No wonder they’re angry.”

The latest installment in the National Post’s ‘Rethinking the Reserve’ series entitled, ‘Problems of Governance‘ completely destroys  – once and for all – the myth that it is Canada’s lack of compassion or deliberate misfeasance that has led to the problems on reserves. 

water_tap_glass_cartoon.jpegIncluded in the Post’s shocking revelations about how reserves are riddled with unbelievable corruption, mismanagement, incompetence and unaccountability by native leaders and managers is the jaw-dropping story of how the Kashechewan reserve had to be evacuated due to contaminated water because the plant managers didn’t follow up on an automatic alarm that sounded after a $30 chlorine injector failed. Rather than fix the problem, they simply disconnected the annoying alarm and allowed the reserve water system to be poisoned by E.Coli. Incredible.

Two Tier Justice – on a national scale

In Caledonia, native people have been victimized by the OPP refusal to enforce the law against native gangsters who have hoodwinked the McGuinty government into believing they speak for all native people. Now, the National Post has exposed how the lives of natives across the country have been made miserable by so-called native ‘leaders’ and a federal department that rewards rampant dysfunctionality with billions of dollars from taxpayers.

I have often said that Two Tier Justice is the ultimate expression of racism towards native people. If there is blame to be assessed against Canada and the provinces it should be for allowing native people to be victimized by policies that exempt native leaders and criminals from being accountable for their actions.

Thank you (again) to the National Post 

Once again, I must say ‘Well done!’ to the National Post for exposing the truth about reserve realities and for providing a repository of information – no matter how ‘ugly’ the picture it paints may be – that can help move us meaningfully forward towards improving the lives of native people in Canada.

They are our friends, neighbours, co-workers and fellow citizens and, as such, deserve the same accountability from their leaders and public servants as the rest of us.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


4 responses to “National Post exposes role of corruption, mismanagement, incompetence in reserve misery

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux

    I am no fan of the MSM…they are the compliant sycophants who seed the conditioning mantras into the public which they adopt as truth….like your standard conditioned guilt answer about aboriginal living conditions being society’s fault.

    This series in NP has broken the mold. This is without doubt the most factual myth breaking expose on the “indian industry” I have ever seen.

    Massive Kudos to Kevin Lubin who drove this NP project and the NP editors for having the balls to print status-quo shattering facts about first nations realities.

    I was really taken with Calvin Helin’s audio interview on the NP site (the native author of Author of Dances With Dependency) and his take on the unsustainability of reserve/program government funding. it exposes the lack of preparedness to cope with the coming crash of defunding due to the boomers retiring and going off the tax rolls as major payers to net service users…total lack of readiness from both the government and the native leadership….the key is for FNs to own their own problems…weaning the native reserve community off self destructive welfare state dependency/blackmail should be incremental and start immediately.

    VoC REPLY: The NP just opened a huge barn door to expose the truth that it is mainly the work of corrupt, incompetent natives keeping other natives down, and NOT evil, non-native Canadians as the likes of the DCE/Smokeshack thugs & supporters would have you believe. This is, indeed, a huge step forward for Canada. Politicians can no longer say they didn’t know, and they can stop apologizing. As I said above, if they want to apologize, they should apologize for not having the guts to hold native leaders and criminals accountable before now.

    Gee, I wouldn’t be surprised if the NP actually got around to writing about The Ipperwash Papers some day soon. If I were Julian and Dalton, I’d be getting a little worried especially since we left copies of our press kit for the Premier and leaders of the Opposition after the news conference, so they know that we know! The Ipperwash coverup is going to unravel, sooner or later. When it does, the entire foundation of lies that OPP/Liberal Two Tier Justice is built upon will fall like a house of cards, and this province will be forced to stop racial policing and policy-making for the benefit of us all – native and non-native.

    Thanks as always, WL. Regards, Mark

  2. Hi Mark:

    The National Post has hit the nail on the head this time.

    I find it hard to believe that the politicians don’t know what is really happening on the reserves.

    When I talk to friends employed as police officers to enforce the laws and hear their stories about the reserves in western canada I can’t imagine how such horror stories aren’t getting back to the politicians through the police managers.

    Maybe when the NP is finished with the Ipperwash Papers they could take a look at the policing across Canada and the lack of communication (read listening) that is happening between the front line Police Officers and their managers.

    The real problem is the lack of accountability by all levels of Government including those tasked as managers of the police in charge of enforcing the laws.

    I have heard time and again from my contacts that laws are not being enforced when Natives are involved in criminal activities and their police bosses are responsible for perpetrating this injustice.

    One doesn’t have to look too deep to see that trillions of dollars of our tax money is being thrown away with no accountability at all by governments who so far have displayed no interest in starting to do so.

    Look at the Kelowna accord the liberals had implemented when in power for just one mega example of a government out of touch with reality. There were no checks or requirements at all fo accountability in that piece of legislation.

    Martin is as I understand still Flying around out west trying to justify this huge boondoggle by his government.

    I think Harper could get a real boost in the popularity poles if he would stand on a platform of fairness for the First Nations based on total accountability as to who gets the money and how it is spent instead of the past Liberal plans of throw the bags of money to the wind and hope the problems go away.

    For too long the Government has acted on appeasement to the warlords with no accountability as to the outcome of the expenditures of our money. It is similiar to paying protection money to the mafia in exchange for non violent interaction by disgruntled natives.

    What we really need is a huge education program to inform the average natives on the reserves about what has been really happening to the huge sums of money that was thrown their way by irresponsible governments so that they will look within and purge out the criminal elements from their communities who have for too many years taken advantage of their positions of power.

    I’m surprised that they haven’t noticed the disparity between themselves and the privelaged few in power on the receiving end of the huge bags of government money.

    Hopefully we as a group can help those Natives most in need by exposing all of this rot and bring accountability and some prosperity to the average underprivelaged Native Canadians.

    It would be good if those people from First Nations on the short end of the government’s money conveyer would come forward to help us expose those in power that are so blatently keeping the spoils for their own gain and not distributing them for the benefit of the whole community.

    It will be a tough road because as the stories unfold we will see more pictures of retaliation by the money flush warlords and the ostracism against anyone speaking out within the Native Communities.

    Unfortunately these steps are necessary if anyone from the First Nations wants to see a change towards equality and fairness as compared to the privileged few on the receiving end of government money.

    VoC REPLY: Don’t quote me, but I think it was actually Trudeau and Chretien who wanted to do away with reserves but couldn’t make it happen. It would be nice if native people started rising up against these leaders who are screwing them over. I suppose, though, that’s why most live off reserve. It’s probably easier to leave than fight against ingrained corruption. Look how hard we have to fight against non-native politicians who aren’t handing out refrigerators to buy votes.

    As for politicians, the difference now is that they know that we know. Times, they is achangin’.

    Thanks for the thoughts, Jim. Regards, Mark

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    I think you should send the “Ipperwash Papers” to Kevin Libin C/O the NP…you will be surprised at his willingness to publish any truth that smashes a status-quo political myth.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the suggestion, WL. I’m pleased to report that a major media outlet has given approval in principle today to an article by me and Mary-Lou LaPratte about the Ipperwash Inquiry coverup and its legacy. We’re just working out a few very minor details. Not sure when it will run. Stay tuned. If it doesn’t work out for some reason, I’ll contact Kevin Libin. Regards, Mark

  4. A logical follow up for the Post would be similar exposure on how the scum of the “Indian industry” feed off of the misery and anger on the reserves.

    These are the Toronto lawyers charging over $400 an hour to argue cases that if aboriginal interests were not involved, would be laughed out of court (Aaron Deltor comes to mind here).

    These are the band cronies hired by your tax dollars to “research” (read: manufacture) historical evidence to support whatever crazy grievance is currently on the agenda (because a non native cannot possibly understand native culture and is therefore automatically disqualified from being able to comment on anything native).

    These are the so called chiefs, elders and hangers-on who embellish and warp legitimate aboriginal concerns and then use the resulting reserve anger to buttress their own self interests (this is particularly evident in Caledonia with the “Confederacy”).

    And these are the judges, JP’s government negotiators and their staff and their research departments and the government lawyers and even the politicians that are forced to respectfully consult and accommodate whatever whim the “Indian industry” can invent for them to deal with.

    If you can’t tell I have had some experience in battling the “Indian industry” and I have very little respect for those involved in it.

    However, in an amusing – and completely unexpected – turn of events – and in keeping with Calvin Helin’s article – my family recently discovered that my wife and therefore my children are actually part native on their grandmothers side – and given the recent wisdom of the Supreme Court are now eligible to apply for official “Indian Status”! And yes the application has already been submitted.

    Say we spend an average of $15,000 a year on food, clothes, toys, home improvements etc – we would save about $2,000 a year just by whipping out the native card every time we buy something. If we live another 50 years that saves us $100,000 just on retail sales tax! Its like winning the lottery – not to mention the free university education and guaranteed plum public sector jobs for my kids.

    Guess I shouldn’t complain.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Simon. I don’t have a problem with native people receiving compensation or consideration based on legitimate treaties or bad acts by our government; I just don’t want the extremists in their midst receiving state sanction to commit horrendous crimes against other people, including their fellow natives. Thanks for writing. Regards, Mark