McHale letter to David Crombie re ‘get used to it’ message for Caledonia


Both the Hamilton Spectator and St. Catharines Standard published articles today quoting Federal Liaison for Caledonia David Crombie as telling Caledonia to get used to living with land claims. If Crombie made any statement as to whether or not innocent residents also have to get used to the terror, crime, intimidation and uncertainty caused by violent native extremists, it was not reported.

I wrote to Mr. Crombie today asking if he did, in fact, make any unreported statements about landclaim lawlessness. I also reminded him of my Sept 25/07 email in which I offered to brief him on the failures of the Ipperwash Inquiry and its awful legacy, an offer to which he did not respond.

Gary McHale has also written a letter (below) to Mr. Crombie to thank him for finally telling Caledonians the truth, and for revealing that his role is – apparently – to help innocent victims of landclaim lawlessness accept the fact that they will be receiving no protection from native criminals. The best they can expect are financial bribes to supply lipstick and mascara to help disguise the deep wounds caused by Two Tier Justice to their lives.

Here are links to the Spec/Standard stories:

Gary McHale letter to David Crombie


Feb 08, 2007 

Mr David Crombie
Federal Liason for Caledonia

Dear Mr. Crombie:

It is truly refreshing to have anyone who works for the Government finally tell the truth about the issues in Caledonia. Although people will not like your words about negotiations not solving anything in a few months, I can assure you that I have been telling people for 2 years that Government officials have been lying to them when they repeatedly claim that negotiations were going great and everything would be resolved in a few weeks.

spectator-jan-20-07-gary-mchale.jpgI recall David Peterson making several public statements leading the public to believe their lives would be back to normal in just a few weeks. I recall senior OPP officers and senior members of McGuinty’s Government telling the public that they didn’t need to get involved in rallies etc. because Negotiations were going great.

It is so refreshing to hear you proclaim what I have been telling people for 2 years. Clearly you and I share the view that the OPP, the McGuinty Government and Federal Government have been misleading the public regarding just how great negotiations have been.

Now the question is what do people do in a Democracy versus a Dictatorship? In a Democracy it is the people’s Rights, no, their duty, to hold police and elected officials accountable. As such your message to the people of Caledonia only further supports my claim that until people become active the politicians will do nothing but lie to them about how great everything is.

By the way, isn’t it the OPP and the Government who are doing their best to tell residents and the people of Ontario that everything in Caledonia is already back to normal and running smoothly?

Once again thanks for your honest assessment of Caledonia and for informing the public they have been lied to for 2 full years.

The problem now is the people of Caledonia were told you were there to hear from them and to help them and now they know you are only there to prepare them for years of ongoing violence and occupations.

I am sure Sam Gaultieri and his family will be overjoyed by your assessment that people should just live with the threats of violence that come from such illegal occupations.

Gary McHale


VoC Comment

Gary McHale has – as usual – hammered the nail right on its pathetic, politically-correct head. He/we have said many times that land claims will be with us for years, and that the law must be enforced while they are settled. To do otherwise is madness.

Caledonians are not overly concerned with landclaim negotiations, but with the race-based policing, crime by native extremists, and outrageous violations of civil rights associated with them. If David Crombie really thinks that landclaims are the real issue, and that financial bribes will solve the problem, then he needs to be replaced.

I will update this story if and when I hear from Crombie re my request that he provide a clear statement on his postition as to whether or not Caledonia residents should be required to endure native lawlessness until the last claim is settled.

If you would like to pass on your thoughts to Mr. Crombie, you can write to him at .

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Lead investigator – The Ipperwash Papers


4 responses to “McHale letter to David Crombie re ‘get used to it’ message for Caledonia

  1. Dear Mark,

    Why is everyone so surprised at this news release??? Mr. Crombie is stating what we at Ipperwash have been told for years. ” Normal policing will return when the land ownership is resolved.” In otherwards, suck it up, pretend nothing wrong is happening, and be patient and understanding until the native agenda is appeased.

    Get over your family, friends, neighbours and supporters being harassed, intimidated, assaulted, stolen from, slandered and libeled because you complain of two-tier justice.

    Learn to live and adjust to the fear, hopelessness and true losses in the quality of your life. You are the new Canadian Martyrs to a corrupt, vindictive government agenda. How dare you as law-abiding citizen expect compassion and answers to the trauma you are enduring??? After all, we, in the government, who are not addressing the issue or suffering the problems, are safe from harm. We, the government want to keep it that way.

    I am truly ashamed and disgusted with those elected to serve and protect all of us. This is taxation without representation and should only be seen in a Third World Dictatorship. And by the way, Who is the government cretin who allowed a public servant to deliver this unconscionable message???? Why isn’t he front and centre himself—the coward????


    VoC REPLY: Dear Mary-Lou, if anyone can spot a coward or cretin, it’s you; you have too much experience. one can only assume that Crombie is speaking for the Prime Minister. Someone said to me today that they’re thinking of voting Liberal next federal election – at least they KNOW they’re going to get screwed: corruption, politically-correct appeasement of criminals, and anarchy. Time to launch another class-action against the feds, maybe? Maybe the National Post should be doing an editorial called ‘The Coward in Ottawa.’ Regards, Mark

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Here’s MY message to David Crombie:

    Dave: get “used” to the abused electorate regarding political class parasites as enablers of criminal activity.

    Also get used to the idea of this self satisfied political class being held held personally accountable for their accommodation of criminal collusion with outlaw NGOs and malfeasant administrating…it seems that in the 21st century the citizens recourse is not the ballot box but the class action suit.

    VoC REPLY: Hi WL. See ‘The Barrett Proclamation’ – you’ll like it! This train is starting to move. Regards, Mark

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    BTW: Isnt Crombie an “outsider”??? Another non-Caledonian deciding Caledonia’s fate.

    VoC REPLY: Caledonia lawyer John Findlay already made that point in the National Post, rather eloquently I thought. But, I so love to hear you say it! Thanks, WL. Regards, Mark

  4. When it comes to Native criminals, truth is a scarce animal. Cover up, lies and avoidance are the orders of the day. Anyone who has truly followed events already knew that Crombie was just another well paid lacky to spread the pathetic word….’stay put, be nice, listen to the OPP and all will be well’. I just want some courage and reality to come from someone in power! Cowardice starts at the top and ends at the bottom (where the OPP reside)

    Do you sense a hint of anger? pathetic!!

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the comment Mark. Much appreciated. See Toby’s Proclamation story. You’ll like it! Regards, Mark