MPP Toby Barrett encourages Haldimand to demand ‘Peace, Order and Good Government’


UPDATED 1845 EST Feb 23/08: National Post, Feb 13/08 – Police ignoring native violence, MPP alleges 

At 1000 this morning I received an email from MPP Toby Barrett (top photo on right) outlining his attempt to encourage Haldimand County to issue a strongly worded proclamation  calling on federal and provincial governments to restore ‘Peace, Order and Good Government’ to their citizens. He even provided a draft proclamation for Council’s “review and action.”

Toby is encouraging feedback, so send him your comments at

Toby Barrett’s draft proclamation

Hi, Toby here,

Yesterday I was invited to sit with Haldimand Councillors during Committee of the Whole to discuss the impact of Aboriginal issues on the County.

As part of our deliberations I presented the attached proclamation for review and possible action by councillors

Your thoughts (additions, deletions or other changes) would be most welcome.




February 2008

WHEREAS, since February 28, 2006, people across Haldimand County and beyond have been subjected to arson, extortion, barricades, land seizures, occupations, militant protests, and related harassment, intimidation, mob violence and threats to public safety.

AND WHEREAS, the community safety, social and economic life, of Haldimand and neighbouring residents, has declined because of the climate of fear, chaos and uncertainty generated by various acts of lawlessness and related intimidation.

AND WHEREAS, there is a perception, and evidence, of two categories of law, of justice, of police protection, and government action based on one’s race and geographical location within Haldimand County and beyond.

AND WHEREAS, the lawlessness, and the less than adequate prevention and response on the part of police and other government authorities regarding these illegal acts appears to be tolerated, and perhaps condoned, by provincial and federal government policy.

AND WHEREAS, both the provincial and federal governments have legislative, regulatory, enforcement, decision-making and policy-making capability beyond the mandate and scope of Haldimand County.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that Haldimand County, in support of all of its residents, proclaim and request, with utmost urgency, that the following actions be taken where mandated at the provincial and federal level: 

  1. Restore police patrol, response and enforcement as well as justice, order and the rule of law, including court injunctions, throughout Haldimand County regardless of one’s race or geographical location.
  2. Cease all land dispute negotiations and related actions until extortion, and illegal occupations and protests are terminated.
  3. Budget and publicly set timelines and deadlines to continue to resolve legitimate land disputes expeditiously within a climate of openness, mutual respect, and justice for all affected.
  4. Compensate individuals, businesses and the municipality for loss, insecurity, economic decline, and any other collateral damage stemming from provincial and federal decisions and policy, or lack thereof, that have eroded peace, order and good government in Haldimand County and beyond.

Draft #1
Respectfully submitted, Toby Barrett, MPP Haldimand-Norfolk — February 11, 2008


VoC comment

People are inspired by leaders who aren’t afraid to stand up and show the way, and that’s what Toby Barrett did yesterday. I hope that Haldimand Council has finally come to its collective senses and realized that without the rule of law and equal justice nothing else matters. I hope they will unite behind their citizens with Toby Barrett’s help and speak with one, loud, clear voice to say to McGuinty and native criminals, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take this anymore!

Toby’s proclamation should be plastered on every utility pole in the county in recognition of the historic document it is, and framed and hung in every livingroom. Thanks to real leadership, Haldimand Council is now in the position of having to choose between taking a stand for justice, or continuing to obstruct citizens who cannot and will not be bribed, threatened or beaten into agreeing to abandon their constitutional rights.

If you live in Haldimand, you need to pick up the phone and call your councillor and your Mayor – right now! – and tell them to pass Toby’s Proclamation exactly as is, and while you’re at it…tell them you want it passed unanimously!

What can you say about Toby Barrett but, ‘Well done. Very well done. Thank you.’ Don’t forget to send Toby some appreciation at .

I sure did.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


8 responses to “MPP Toby Barrett encourages Haldimand to demand ‘Peace, Order and Good Government’

  1. Below you will se a response from me to a woman named Connie Kidd in response to her, for some unknown reason, copying me on her rant towards Mr. Barrett on this issue:

    (I’ve also sent this to the local papers, and for obvious reasons I would prefer that you keep my name anonymous)

    “Hello there,
    As you can see below, it seems that a response to Toby Barrett’s recent visit with Haldimand Council has somehow found it’s way to my email, and I have responded accordingly. If you would like to put some of this into your “letters to the editor” section, that would be fine. If not, that would be fine, too. As so, for obvious reciprocal reasons, it would be preferable if you would keep my name anonymous, since I would rather not be bothered by irate phone calls or worse, as some of our neighbours have experienced in the past two years.


    Mark D.

    “Excuse me!?
    Why have you copied me on this crap?

    While I agree with you that there were perhaps some shady dealings 200 YEARS AGO between the natives and the land agents, my family and my neighbours in Caledonia had nothing to do about that and shouldn’t be left as sacrificial lambs to this nonsense. If you have a problem with Ottawa or Toronto then take your rantings there and leave us alone.

    You may think that your cause is a noble one, and it may be, but holding Haldimand County and it’s citizens responsible for it by ransoming our futures and the value of our properties and businesses makes you no better than the con artists who screwed and abused your ancestors out of their land in the first place, if in fact that is what happened.

    We can’t change history nor can we right all the wrongs that were committed in past centuries. If we could then my family would still be living in our ancestral homes that were taken from us by a multitude of invaders over the last 500 YEARS!!! That ain’t gonna happen and neither is your little revolution.

    We the taxpayers of this country, which probably doesn’t include you, have been paying billions of dollars to the reserves, year after year. Where is that money going? Look at the organized criminals in your own comunities that you’ve allowed to steal that money before you point any more fingers at Canadians like us. “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” as they say! Where’s the accountability of your own chiefs and elders? Why does Six Nations have the third largest cigarette-producing plant in North America, yet some of your homes don’t even have proper plumbing?

    I for one have no intention of ever handing over what I’ve paid hundreds of thousands of hard-earned money for just because you think your great-great grandfather got taken in a 200-year-old land deal. When it’s finally paid for, my home will be mine, not yours to take, at least not peacefully.

    Hell, Manhattan Island was bought for a handful of beads….do you want to try and take that back, too? Get real, and try looking at your own internal problems before you start blaming and threatening others. Instead of behaving like spoiled children that can’t get your way, why don’t you forget the past like most of us modern people have and try to re-instill some pride in yourselves, some pride in the great native way of life that, until two years ago, I admired so much. Remake the reserves into healthy, culturally rich, beautiful places where the measure of one’s stature is not represented by how many cigarettes you can sell!

    You talk endlessly about protecting the future of your people and yet you measure that by offending your neighbours who have done nothing to you. I hope that is not what real native pride is all about. ”

    “From: Connie Kidd
    Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2008 3:00 PM
    Subject: Fwd: Notice to Toby: We have bigger problems than this!

    You are still pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes, trying to sound tough, sound like you are doing something when there is absolutely nothing you can do, except get used to it. The law has finally caught up to Canada: Canada has to stay within its own law, for a change. There is nothing Canada, Ontario, Brantford, Caledonia, Haldimand, Brant County can do, within the law:BECAUSE IT IS CANADA, ONTARIO AND THE MUNICIPALITIES THAT ARE IN VIOLATION OF CANADA’S LAWS, NOT SIX NATIONS.

    Canada’s law says governments must consult with Six Nations prior to approving ANY development. Ignorance of the law does not excuse Canada, Ontario, Haldimand, nor you. Six Nations is implementing Canadian law where Canada failed.

    As David Crombie said “We are in a new era.”
    Those who continue to try to bring back the past are doomed to personal frustration, by their own personal choice to stay ignorant of the laws, or to violate our laws.

    Canada’s past involves squatting on Indigenous land and calling it our own. But it isn’t legal, AND IT NEVER WAS. Why do you think the developers have learned from the Ontario Land Registry that Canada never ‘registered’ any land transfers from Six Nations to the Crown? Because there were none that’s why. The land was placed in their trust, but never paid for, so all of the sales and leases are invalid and the Haldimand Tract land all reverted to Six Nations ages ago.

    Even back then, our government knew it was illegal, knew it was land theft. Canada was founded on theft and lies and fraud. That is the ‘tradition’ you try to uphold. We have way more serious problems to address than MaryLou VanSickle’s childish temper tantrums.

    If Canada doesn’t negotiate in good faith with Indigenous Nations NOW, they may assert their land rights all across Canada. Canada has no land mass of its own except traditional Indigenous lands. Canada will cease to be a country if it doesn’t get its act together and negotiate in good faith for our future here. This is the position our politicians have put Canadians in through the fraudulent land deals of past centuries, and their continued violation of Indigenous land rights and squandering of good will at the negotiation tables.

    Canada tried (illegally) to ensure that Indigenous Nations would never have the strength to pursue their land rights. They tried by abusing and sometimes murdering en masse successive generations of children in the residential schools, by sterilizing Traditional women and men so they could not reproduce, and other methods of torture, abuse and harassment … know internationally as crimes against humanity, crimes of genocide.

    But Canada miscalculated their resilience.

    Now Canada is left on the wrong side of its own laws facing people across the negotiation table who know exactly how Canada tried to rid itself of “the Indian problem”.

    Humble, respectful good faith negotiation by Canada is the only solution, but it has yet to happen. All Canada does is posture and bluff and try to pretend Canada ‘owns’ something when Canada legally ‘owns’ nothing … Yes, that’s right … Canada, Canadians own NOTHING … by our own laws and International Law.

    And there is another issue now coming home to roost too: Where are the thousands of children who went to the residential schools and never came home?
    Who are the children who are buried under the trees behind the Mohawk Institute? How did they die? When will their families be informed of their fate? When will they be returned to their families to rest?
    The children’s spirits are not at rest.

    We are told a tree was planted to disguise every child’s burial place. There are a lot of trees back there behind the Mohawk Institute.

    Your ‘problems’ are puny by comparison. Shame on you for wasting people’s time with this foolishness.

    And shame on Canada for genocide-for-land against Indigenous Peoples of Kanata.

    THAT is the real issue we need to deal with right now. The families of the missing children are waiting to be informed how their children died, where they are buried, and when they will be returned to their families to rest.

    When you are guilty of genocide-for-land, as Canada is, you don’t have much negotiating room. Humility is called for, not more white-superior arrogance and greed. That is how we got ourselves into this mess in the first place.

    Connie Kidd”

    VoC REPLY: Hi Mark. First of all, I’m sorry it took so long to get your comment up; for some reason the WP system dumped it in the spam file. I despammed it, so future comments should get through.

    Thanks so much for forwarding your reaction to Ms. Kidd’s email. She is very well known to anyone who dares to speak out against the use of violence by native extremists. She writes under the screen name of ‘Saga’ or ‘Granny’ (as you can tell from her email address) and her comments are…well, I think you obviously have formed your own opinion.

    Thanks so much for responding to her ‘crap’ on behalf of all of us who believe that committing injustices against innocent people today is not a very good way to address injustices in the past.

    Someone using the ‘Saga’ handle launched a rabid defence of a Six Nations nurse named Timothy Sywyk who was disciplined by the College of Nurses of Ontario for sexually abusing a patient. After you read the post, scroll down and read the comments, and my replies.

    Thanks again! Regards, Mark

  2. What a difference, Toby is standing tall for Haldimand and the rule of law, Ms. Finley is content that we have an appearance of peace.
    Toby has been front and centre from the beginning. ” Right is right and wrong is wrong.”
    Thank you Toby!

    VoC REPLY: Hi Donna. Toby is certainly a breath of fresh air during a week where two ‘outsiders’ told Caledonia the federal government didn’t give a rat’s behind about you. Yes, thank YOU, Toby. Now, there’s still the matter of encouraging council to sign the Barrett Proclamation. They’re going to need some prodding because, quite frankly, their track record isn’t so good. Get your neighbours to pick up the phone and drive council crazy until they make it unanimous. Don’t let Toby’s work be in vain. Stay strong and keep the faith – this WILL end. Regards, Mark

  3. Mr Toby Barrett sir, you have certainly covered most points of threats and intimidation extremely well; I would however include in the beginning portion of your Proclamation/Declaration the fact of orchestrated physical beatings at the hands of native thugs, this will ‘hit home’ to some otherwise, closed minds. Please also DO NOT FORGET the children. The violence that has been so rampant for so very long has most certainly instilled the fact that if you want to be violent ‘it’s okay’ the cops won’t bother with you. The children have been traumatised far more than has now been thought. For ‘outsiders’ to realize that the seriousness against children will reach some that would otherwise not actually understand the seriousness; afterall, it’s not happening in their backyard.

    Thank you for your continued ‘push’ for a success in lawful negotiations.

    With respect
    Murray Hilton

  4. WL Mackenzie Redux

    This is great news and an indication that there is now mobilization of grassroots forces to coerce the powers that be into acting like a responsible constitutional government. I applaud Toby for putting his political life as a low priority to advance a imperative civil cause. I wish he had more demonstrative support from his party and it’s leader.

    I like your reference to “network” and Howard Beale’s cathartic outburst of civil indignation…a landmark in cinema screen writing brilliance. In it we see the writer’s portrayal of the traditional super idealism of average America’s belief in “the system” and their ability to wrest it back from abusers with mass outrage and civil action.

    However, later in the same film we see another landmark soliloquy delivered by Beale’s Corporate master, Jensen in the Network boardroom scene…in this the writers reveal that the way the world actually runs is quite different from the idealized civil principles we all believe to be at play…in this brilliantly insightful monologue we see that the world is one large interconnected business deal…and there is truth to this…too much truth… more truth than, those like me who believe in higher principle, want to accept …that politics is nothing more than a crass amoral business deal.

    However like it or not Jensen’s theory is correct to a large degree in modern governing cartels who redistribute wealth as their sole reason to be…they have money…a lot of it…they took it from us…. and they use it to swing hundreds of “business deals” which benefit the position of the governing clique in power…they buy support and sell political influence and patronage.

    In essence Canada’s governing institutions have become nothing more than patronage brokering cartels….this has been a fact of life in Canada ever since the revenues to respective governments exceeded (by many times) the revenues of private Canadian corporations.

    What has all this to do with the Caledonia grassroots action situation? …Well just as Jensen enlightened Beale as to the system of venal business forces that control the modern world’s society and politics, we find ourselve in “competition” with a brokered “business deal” between criminal extortionists and a venal patronage brokering government cartel.

    At the the moment the extortionists have presented the government with a deal that has stonger cost-benefit leverage for them than the “deal” civilly outraged Caledonians represemt. The extortionists offer political absolution and political currency as a friend of a so called oppressed minority…makes no difference that in reality the deal is secured by illegal occupation and renegade violence and the image as victims is totally concocted…these are the contractual offerings on the table in the deal.

    To beat this deal, angry citizens had an opportunity to present a better deal…that being for the government to act constitutionally or face defeat at the polls…well Caledonia missed its opportunity to foment this option by not getting its message out to the wider public ( because of petty factional squabbling and no fault of Gary and other dedicated activists) and the cartel was returned to office…now there is a chance to foment a better “deal” than the extortionists.

    In essence, you must out “extort” your rival extortionists to get your deal accepted over theirs …what better way than to get the piles of incriminating dirt on the leadership of the Caledonia occupation scandal and threaten wide public disclosure and pending filibustering class actions and federal RCMP investigations against the government unless your demands are met.

    But they have to fear your ability to access the media first…Toby and the Post may just have started this break through.

    I see a “new deal” going on the table shortly 😉

    VoC REPLY: You’ve outlined the ‘extortion’ game quite nicely, WL. Gary has said from the beginning that politicians hate to be embarassed, and it is that belief, along with the MLK view of non-violent confrontation that has served us so well. A relatively small group of resisters, within and without Caledonia, have turned the media around and made it politically impossible to abandon the rule of law. Check out ‘Mark’s’ comment (below, Feb 14/08 11:54 a.m.) about the tax revolt that Caledonians are using to send the message that ‘They’re mad as hell…’ and they’re not going to take it anymore. I love it.

    That we had to work so hard to ‘extort’ people who should have known better into standing up for the rule of law is frightening. I have to note here, however, that Toby Barrett, to his great credit, was a keynote speaker at McHale’s first March for Freedom on Oct 15/06 while every other politician (including John Tory) was running around like Chicken Little screaming, ‘The sky is falling!’ because ordinary citizens had the sheer audacity to speak out and confront landclaim lawlessness. I remember David Ramsay warning people not to come because their lives would be in danger. Still, 2,000 came, listened and marched. I knew then we were witnessing the start of one of the most important civil rights movement in Canada’s history.

    Gary and I talked today about how the time may now have come to put some ideas on the table, not only for ending the lawlessness, but for making damn sure that police forces and governments are NEVER again allowed to take us to the abyss of anarchy. Cutting off negotiations doesn’t hurt native thugs; they already have the land. What’s needed is legislated improvements to police oversight and reasonable limitations on police discretion. An ammendment to the Criminal Code making it a crime for a government or police force to violate someone’s civil rights, similar to the U.S. legislation that allowed the feds to enforce civil rights legislation on recalcitrant states, couldn’t hurt either. All of this, however, still has to be balanced by a determination to do right by native people. There must be justice for them, too.

    Talking about ‘fear’ and ‘new deals’ Gary has been very, VERY busy at the Cayuga courthouse lately. I can’t talk about it, but people in very high and very low places are getting some surprises coming their way.

    Thanks for writing, WL. Interesting commentary. Bring on the ‘New Deal!’ Regards, Mark

  5. Is this the same Toby Barrett who supported the illegal transport and transfer of tobacco from Norfolk tobacco farmers to leaders of the Six Nations Confederacy? Perhaps Mr. Barrett is not the ideal candidate to be speaking on the subject of the rule of law.

    VoC REPLY: Ah yes, Richard…I was wondering when someone would point out the obvious. I’m sure…I hope…I pray…that in retrospect, Toby has realized that being part of a group delivering illegal tobacco to the group that’s terrorized Caledonia was not one of his better ideas. If he really wanted to help make a point on behalf of the tobacco farmers, he could have hooked them up with us, with some Caledonia residents who would have been delighted help them do it without enabling the illegal cigarette trade and the thugs who have victimized the town. Still, we all make mistakes, and the ‘Barrett Proclamation’ is nothing short of an historic document; I mean, I would bet money that no document like it has ever been written in Canadian history. Even if Council continues to obstruct our efforts by doing nothing with it, or watering it down, it was written and it serves as proof positive that something is rotten in Denmark.

    By the way, before all the Landclaim Terror Deniers write in to ask ‘how dare I’ say the tobacco was given to those who have terrorized Caledonia, I have a picture from the Dec 12/07 Turtle Island News showing John VanDaele of the Oxford-Norfolk and Elgin Landowners Association shaking hands with Clyde Powless, the same guy responsible for helping to put Gary McHale in the hospital on Dec 01/07. If you really want to go after someone, give VanDaele a call and ask why he’s collaborating with people who use and support violence and sell cigarettes to children. We would have done it ourselves, but we’ve been too busy working behind the scenes on some stuff I can’t talk about.

    Your point is well-taken, and I thank you for making it. Regards, Mark

  6. I am truly surprised that Diane Finley’s opponent has not tried to make hay of her absence. Perhaps he has wisely kept a low profile. He can’t avoid it forever. He did show up the other week, so that is at least reasonable. We need words and stances from leaders. It is time to stop waffling, council needs to stand up for the county and Caledonia. Dalimonte and Sloat won’t. They proved as much when they promised to attend the car rally to Queens park, then went AWOL. Too afraid to make a stand. The cowards of the county. Why has no one held their hands to the burner for this abandonment of the people?

    VoC REPLY: Diane Who? Found Waldo – where’s Diane? ‘The Cowards of the County’ reminds me a recent National Post article! YOU are holding them accountable for their embarassing performance and, as Gary has told me from the beginning, politicians HATE being embarassed. Our combined efforts have turned around the media and made your suffering too embarassing to ignore. Keep it up. Regards, Mark

  7. There is a move afoot to address the town council regarding the penalties being applied to those who have with held their taxes in protest to the ongoing lawlessness in town. We are meeting with the media and have already applied to be heard by council. Since council has not supported protests regarding the lawlessness, they also may find it necessary to penalize residents for protesting through their taxes. In the end, the message from council is the same as that of the OPP and Province ( don’t rock the boat). Our council was elected to protect the town and it’s residents, not to support the agenda of wrong minded cowards in office.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Mark. Good for you for fighting back. With the lone exception of Marie Trainer, your council has been nothing less than shameful in the way it has consistently undermined those trying to oppose the lawlessness. If they want to push the issue, let them. I’d love to see the media coverage of residents being dragged from their homes, especially in light of the ‘Barrett Proclamation’ and John Tory’s renewed interest, not to mention the National Post’s stand against native crime. Please be sure to send us an invitation to the party! Keep up the good work.

    By the way, Gary has been very,(VERY!) busy working on some legal matters I can’t talk about just yet. That’s why you haven’t seen CWUC updated for a while. He’s been doing pretty much nothing but typing up legal documents and driving to Cayuga to file them during the past few weeks. Jeff’s been busy in the legal department, too. If you need any help reaching out to media, though, give Gary a call. He’s got quite an impressive contact list. Christine is going to take over posting stuff at CWUC, so the stories should start getting up again, soon.

    Regards, Mark

  8. Dear Mark,

    I just wanted to add to Murray’s post about the children. Some of the terrified children at Ipperwash, as adults today, are still not forging relationships with their native neighbours. In at least one case I am aware of , counselling is still ongoing to try and sort out a young man’s feelings of abandonment by authorities. These children waited in fear with their parents for the police to come back and escort them out of the area. The police did not come back for several weeks after. They first hand witnessed their parents and neighbours being victimized with the complete absence of law and order.

    Also, unlike the Haldimand Council, the council at Ipperwash supported the residents for many years in demanding that law and order be returned to their community. One Mayor in particular wrote a scathing letter wanting to know why the Town officials had not received a copy of the Federal Liason’s report which I understand David Crombie is to release soon for Caledonia. To my knowledge, the Town never did receive this report. Hopefully this will not be the case for Caledonia.

    At the Inquiry, the Town stated that Ipperwash had still not returned to the economic base it had enjoyed prior to the events of 1995. The Town has never received any information or financial compensation of any kind. Even the recent announcement of the park going back to the natives was not discussed before hand with Town officials. Third parties are still being crassly omitted from crucial announcements and yet government websites post for all to see that Municipal concerns must be addressed before any land is designated or returned to reserve status. I guess the rules are only for us to follow, not the Province or the Federal Government.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for sharing the stories of Ipperwash. People in Ontario need to understand that Caledonia was inevitable because of how the residents in Ipperwash were ignored by government, the police and the Ipperwash Inquiry. Instead of carrying out their duties to protect citizens, they enabled the criminals and revictimized their victims again and again. It disgusts me when people suggest that Caledonia is ‘quiet’ just because the crimes and resulting trauma are not visible as they drive down the road. Regards, Mark.