BREAKING NEWS: Fantino served subpoena to appear at McHale bail hearing

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgNow, this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

Winston Churchill, Nov 10/42 following the Allied victory at El Alamein

OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino served subpoena to appear in Cayuga court  

march_for_freedom_oct15-06-059.jpgGary and Christine McHale have advised me that they attended Julian Fantino’s home in Woodbridge this evening where Fantino’s wife agreed to accept a subpoena on behalf of her husband to appear in a Cayuga courtroom to answer Gary’s questions during a bail variation hearing set to take place in March. Fantino was not at home.

[photo from inaugural ‘March for Freedom’ Oct 15/06]

McHale submitted a request for the hearing while in Cayuga this past Wednesday where he was filing a number of legal documents, including Small Claims Court actions and private informations (same process used by Jeff Parkinson after the OPP refused to lay an assault charge against Buck Sloat) with the Justice of the Peace. Some of these ‘informations’ relate to assaults on police officers and another witness who lied to police about what happened on Dec 01/07. More will be forthcoming.

McHale’s grounds for seeking a variation of his bail include:

  • an allegation that the arresting officer lied to him during his arrest with respect to the length of time he would have to spend in jail before being able to see a judge.
  • an allegation that Julian Fantino’s press release blaming us for the violence on Dec 01/07, and the bail conditions themselves are the result of discrimination against non-natives.
  • an allegation that the bail conditions, based on statements from Detective Murray’s testimony, were created due to direct or indirect political interference.

When Julian Fantino rushed to press on Dec 1st with his announcement falsely blaming non-native protesters for violence that was actually incited and perpetrated by the smokeshack thugs – before any investigation had been done – he made the dumbest mistake of his life.

More subpoenas will be delivered to some very well-known people (not Toby Barrett or Marie Trainer) in the coming days. None of them will be anxious to answer Gary McHale’s questions.

As Frontenac Ventures has proven, native lawlessness and their OPP enablers can be defeated. The steadfast resistance of Two Tier Justice has finally brought the attention of both the media and the politicians in a big way (Whewwww!!!). The next phase of the struggle against Two Tier Justice – the ‘Battle of the Paperwork’ – has begun.

Is it the beginning of the end for Two Tier Justice? I hope so, but I’m not breaking out the champagne just yet.

P.S. Christine advises that Fantino’s neighbourhood would be a great place to hold a protest.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality



7 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Fantino served subpoena to appear at McHale bail hearing

  1. Hi Mark:

    I am happy to see that those in power who have been so eager to subvert justice in the interest of political correctness and political expediency will finally be held accountable and made to answer to their actions.

    I will be at court early on the court date to get a front row seat to watch Fantino squirm and try to lie his way out from under his actions.

    Let me know when the convoy leaves for Fantino’s community I would like to be a part of the protest so that he and his wealthy neighbours can see first hand the anguish and fear a community fears when under occupation.

    The only difference is that we are peaceful protesters and adhere only to lawful acts.

    Unfortunately through Fantino’s own lies his community will surely be fearful of us because Fantino has stated so often in the media that we are the agressors and has maligned us so completely to promote his own personal agenda against us.

    Unless of course his neighbours have finally been exposed to the truth and realize who really has been misleading the media and public.

    May the truth prevail and those responsible for lies and deceit be held accountable by the people.

    Jim Anderson/ Interloper Exonerated

    VoC REPLY: As you have said, I think his neighbours already know who has been telling the truth and who hasn’t. If they don’t, we’ll help them – peacefully, unlike the thugs who have his personal cell phone number. Hmmmm…I wonder if Clyde called Julian on Dec 1st? Maybe that’s a question Gary could ask him.

    You’ll be the first to know about the Fantino convoy when it’s called. We’re a little busy right now…filling out forms.

    MAY THE TRUTH PREVAIL, indeed. Regards, Mark

  2. Mark,

    I sincerely hope that Fantino shows up.
    Didn’t McLean get out of it because it wasn’t served directly into his hand???
    I’ll keep my fingers, toes and eyes crossed on this.


    VoC REPLY: If Fantino doesn’t show up, the media will report it. Then, Gary serves him again, possibly with media in tow. If he still doesn’t show, Gary can ask for a Bench Warrant for his arrest. If his lawyers show up and try to quash the subpoena, the media will see that, too. Fantino can show or not show, it’s all good. I can promise you this though: absent a judge quashing the subpoena, Fantino WILL be in court answering Gary’s questions no matter how long it takes to get him there. Unless, of course, the Crown decides to drop the charge. So, relax and uncross your body parts, ML. Regards, Mark

  3. Mark I urge you to take another look at the recent court rulings in Sharbot Lake. Unfortunately in this case it doesn’t quite fit with your case that ‘two-tier’ justice being perpetrated against non-natives. If you actually take the time to do some more research you will see that the court rulings do not just pertain to ‘natives or native lawlessness’ as there were just as many and sometimes more non-natives acting ‘lawless’ (in your perception) as their were natives.
    In fact it was non-natives that started the protest in the first place.

    There are two non-natives waiting to go to court under the injunction and the stipulations don’t just pertain to the ‘natives’. For instance the past month has seen main non-native local residents being the main people outside the gates and they have been ordered to leave as well on threat of arrest.
    The threat of army involvement to keep the ‘lawless’ in check applied equally to the non-natives present. It would also imo behoove you to take the time to research the issue further in order to understand the extent of the non-native involvement in the political sphere. Namely the now 11 municipalities and mayors who have all officially come out against what is going on.

    In short the situation in Sharbot Lake is much more then just your typical “Natives” rebelling. I think that it does a disservice to you and your readers who I would hope would like to understand the situation in all it’s complexity. I also think it does a disservice to you’re overall arguments against ‘two-tier’ justice because in this case the reality of the people involved doesn’t match what you’re trying to say.

    In all respect.

    VoC REPLY: I understand that the Sharbot Lake situation is different from Caledonia in some respects, but it is identical in that some people believe, because of their particular grievance or beliefs, they are above the law. That cannot be allowed. This may sound strange, but I don’t have a problem with people using civil disobedience without violence, but they have to be willing to accept the consequences. One of those consequences is jail and/or fines. The problem is that, at least in Caledonia, the civil disobedience is accompanied with the threat – real or implied – of violence against police and those opposed to the illegal actions. If native people were using civil disobedience without violence or the threats of violence, and allowing the police to fulfill their role in the democratic process, I would never have gotten involved in Caledonia. Regards, Mark

  4. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Daayem!! I gotta pop out for some chips and sodas …this Fantinogate show is heating up 😀

    VoC REPLY: Hi WL, I wish I could tell you the half of what’s going on! I can tell you that Gary got another round of disclosure evidence from the Crown in another 3″ binder. Stuff like DVDs, officer notebook entries, OPP dispatch recordings, and video recordings made by smokeshack thug supporters. Really good stuff. Stuff that reveals more OPP lies. Also, some funny (but useful!) stuff, too.

    OPP officers seem to be warming up to us lately. Might have something to do with Gary laying charges against the thugs who assaulted officers on Dec 1st. As he said on Calgary radio yesterday, if OPP brass won’t protect officers, we will.

    He organized some new subpoenas in Cayuga today. We’re going to go for a drive north of Richmond Hill to deliver them. And north up University Avenue, too, I believe.

    Gary got a letter from the Attorney General; they’ve appointed a Special Crown to discuss his private prosecutions (so far). I’m looking forward to talking to the Crown about the private prosecutions I’m going to be filing over the two assaults on me.

    We’re just getting started, WL, so stock up on pop and chips; make mine Miss Vickies and Coke, please.

    Regards, Mark

  5. Mark you may want to check out this link. It gives some insight into the whole situation from both native and non-native perspective, including both the Liberal MP and Conservative MPP.

    VoC REPLY: Interesting material. Thanks. Regards, Mark

  6. David Hartless

    Congratulations…. this in itself is quite the milestone

    VoC REPLY: Hi Dave. Gary has said from the beginning that we have to get the OPP on the stand to testify under oath. That is beginning to happen and, given recent pronouncements by politicians and the media, I can’t imagine Julie and Dalton are going to be very happy about. Sorry it took so long to get your comment up; for some reason the WP system dumped in the spam file. Thanks so much for writing. Regards, Mark

  7. Respectfully, Mr. Vandermaas, Caledonia and Sharbot Lake are indeed two very different kettles of fish. One is a show of unity in diversity and desire, for a common end. The other is a show of division in diversity but not necessarily desire, which will end. How it ends is anyone’s best guess at this point.

    Caledonia is a beautiful town. It is home to many beautiful people. Many of those people are tired for various reasons – the least of which can be found on her shoulders for what seems like baring and bearing the weight of a National issue and embracement.

    I am not alone when I say that the residents of Caledonia cannot be fooled by political trickery or inaction. I am also not alone when I say that those who would stand up and state publicly that our town is in chaos and threat of individual personal physical harm day in and day out all day long is untrue.

    There have been many unspeakable events and acts that have happened in this town, my town, and my family’s home. Did you witness them? Did you see all of the people from Caledonia? Did you see all of the people from Six Nations? Did you see what they did to each other out of fear, anger and frustration because NOBODY in a position to resolve these issues would openly and honestly just speak to any of them?

    There is your anarchy Mr. Vandermaas. And there in lies the answer for all of our pressing needs and desire to have answers for our questions. It does not lie in the middle of Argyle Street, Caledonia. It does not lie in the fear and doubt that we have created within each or the other. And it does not lie in dismissing or despising law enforcement here in Canada or abroad.

    It is one thing to stand up tall, be strong and be heard. It is an entirely different kettle of fish to do it honestly without being an accountant for personal gain, personal loss or pointing a finger at someone else and blame ‘them’ for your lot in life just so that you can stand up to say “See here? See what I did?” without giving an ounce of consideration to the possibility that you have become what you despise or detest.

    There are very few selfless people that one will meet in a lifetime. I’ve met quite a few from Six Nations and Caledonia and the OPP while living out these last two years that have become known simply as “Caledonia”. I am grateful and blessed to have met and know them all.

    VoC REPLY: So, basically, you’re saying that you know there’s been violence against innocent Caledonians, but you’d prefer that I not draw attention to it and you resent the fact that politicians and media have now utterly and completely vindicated the position and statements we have made since the beginning of the crisis. Seems pretty clear to me. Thanks for writing ‘O.’ Mark

    Readers who want to understand my/our true feelings towards OPP officers should have a look at the VoC feature, ‘OPP Only.’