‘Interloper’ John Tory sinks his teeth into ‘gutless’ Premier


UPDATED 1845 EST Feb 23/08 

What a difference a couple of weeks can make:

John Tory and the Ontario PCs sink their teeth into “gutless” Premier

sam-gualtieri-stirling-assault0001.jpgYesterday, John Tory and MPP Toby Barrett were in Caledonia doing what McGuinty has refused to do: meet with residents, including Sam Gualtieri. Last night Gary McHale got a call from brother Joe Gualtieri to let him know that John Tory had met with his family and their lawyer, John Findlay, who also happens to be our lawyer and author of the Caledonia Class Action lawsuit.

Joe mentioned that the Toronto Sun was doing a story today, and that they had taken a photo of the cover of our CANACE report, ‘The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations‘ which shows Sam Gualtieri recovering in the hospital following his attack by “a pack of [native] goons” in the house he was building for his daughter.

If Sam Gualtieri had died when he was attacked by a pack of goons last year, would Premier Dawlton [sic] McGuinty have come down for his funeral?

Toronto Sun, Joe Warmington, Feb 21/08: On the eve of the 2nd anniversary of the Caledonia Crisis, it’s time for the premier to apologize for a horrible wrong [REPRINT]

John Findlay also shared with Tory his reasons for defending McHale and me. It’s a great story that probably says as much about him as us, but it’s his to tell so I won’t relate it here.

Warmington’s editorial was scathing in its criticism of McGuinty:

Another question that came up in my [Joe Warmington’s] visit to Caledonia yesterday was: Has McGuinty forgotten about Caledonia? John Tory had the best line of the day. “He hasn’t forgotten. I guarantee you. It is on his conscience.” It should be. What a disgrace it has been. His gutless approach then and his gutless approach now is unbecoming a premier of this great province. The lawlessness that went on down there should not have been condoned or accepted by anybody.

It should be no surprise that the National Post was in Caledonia for the Tory visit. Allison Hanes quoted residents near the occupied Douglas Creek Estates:

John Tory stood yesterday before a crude wooden barricade erected on a suburban street that serves as a dividing line between order and lawfulness in this community of 11,000 on the banks of the Grand River.

She [resident] describes the empty tract as a “get-out-of-jail card” for scofflaws who have led police on high-speed chases, then thumbed their noses when authorities declined to pursue them on to the site. “They know if they make it there, they’re home-free,” said the woman, who, like her neighbours, was too fearful to give her name. “That we’re afraid of now is that the government is going to sit still long enough for us to get used to this, then they’re going to give [the Six Nations] the land.”

Walking her dog yesterday, Judy Coulter said Caledonia should serve as a warning for the rest of the province. “If they don’t stop it here, it’s going to go a lot further,” she said.

Mr. Tory yesterday reiterated demands that Premier Dalton McGuinty make an unqualified statement that the rule of law be upheld…

National Post, Allison Hanes, Feb 21/08: Tory condemns Caledonia ‘lawlessness

The Post printed a response to Tory’s criticism by a spokesperson for Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant who used the official cover-up known as the Ipperwash Inquiry to defend their wholesale abandonment of the people of Caledonia:

…the government is following the “road map” of the Ipperwash inquiry report…which prescribes talks, not force, to resolve crises. “The rule of law is preserved by negotiating,” Greg Crone said.

The Hamilton Spectator quoted Tory as he urged the people of Six Nations to reject the extremists in their midst:

Standing with his back to a native barricade at the edge of the former Douglas Creek Estates subdivision that protesters have occupied for almost two years, the Ontario Progressive Conservative leader called for an end to the “lawlessness,” arson, extortion, barricades, land seizures, occupations and mob violence and intimidation he says Ontarians are suffering.

And Tory urged Six Nations people who do not agree with the tactics of confrontation and occupying development sites claimed as traditional native land “to rein in those who are doing illegal things.”

Hamilton Spectator, John Burman, Feb 21/08: Return law to Caledonia: Tory  [REPRINT]

VoC comment

I wonder…

Q: Will Julian Fantino start attacking John Tory, MPP Toby Barrett, the National Post, the Toronto Sun and the Hamilton Spectator for saying exactly what ‘interlopers’ and Caledonia residents have been saying for a year and a half? ‘John Tory, Interloper’ – I like it!

Q: Will Julian start making irrational statements saying that Tory and Barrett want civil war, and are like bombs being thrown into Caledonia as he did about us in his interview with the Hamilton Spectator back in November? (When will the Spectator give us the chance to respond to Fantino’s lies? We’ve asked them 5 times.)

Q: Will Julian make public pronouncements regarding the policing costs associated with the attack on Sam Gualtieri as he did on Gary McHale? (link above)

Q: Will John Tory keep his teeth in McGuinty without letting go until the blot on Ontario’s history known as Two Tier Justice is dead and buried; the Ipperwash Inquiry is thoroughly discredited; and profound goverment apologies for the outrages committed against Caledonia and those who protested in the name of democracy have been issued?

Q: Will the media finally tell ALL the stories of Caledonia they have refused (with few exceptions) to tell for nearly two years? They can start here:

Q: What will poor McGuinty use to justify violence against innocent residents once the ugly truth about how the Ipperwash Inquiry suppressed evidence of native lawlessness against residents is revealed?   

VoC breathes a big sigh of relief 

There was a time, when the odds seemed overwhelmingly stacked against us, when almost no media, politicians, NGOs, Legions, government agencies or business leaders would step up and help, that I confided to Gary McHale my fear that the only thing we were accomplishing was proving that peaceful protests would not work, that others would use violence to defend themselves and justify it based on the failure of those in power to listen to us. I wrote of those fears on June 06/07 in Canada at the crossroads: Rule of law or anarchy? 

Today I believe that my country will be safe. Private citizens are filing charges against native criminals that the OPP refuse to lay. Some media and politicians are finally working to make landclaim lawlessness as socially unacceptable as drinking and driving. The first step to solving any problem is to recognize there is one. That has been accomplished. Phase One of the struggle against Two Tier Justice has been completed.

Once the extremists and criminals in native communities have been isolated and jailed, and every OPP and government official who had a role in perpetuating the lies and political interference that made Two Tier Justice possible has been denounced, fired or jailed, then meaningful progress towards a better, fairer, admittedly-imperfect Canada can continue.

Thank you, John Tory. Thank you, Toby Barrett. Thank you, National Post. Thank you, Joe Warmington. History will record that this was your most important work.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality
Lead Investigator – The Ipperwash Papers www.ipperwashpapers.ca


4 responses to “‘Interloper’ John Tory sinks his teeth into ‘gutless’ Premier

  1. Dear Mark,

    This is an excellent post that few could even attempt to try to improve. There is nothing I can add that hasn’t been said. The ball is now in the government’s park. Hopefully they have the good sense to run with it and make land claim lawlessness a thing of the past.

    There is and always has been legal avenues to discuss and settle land claims. This should be the goal of everyone involved and send the criminals and others who do not want to protect the electorate to coventry. It would be fitting, because the innocent victims of land claim lawlessness are already there and deserve to be rescued and appreciated for what they have endured without resorting to the tactics of militant natives.


    VoC REPLY: You’re very kind, ML. We’ve heard Tory talk about landclaim lawlessness before (pre-election), but my sources tell me that changes inside the party mean that he will be aggressively pursuing McGuinty on this issue. Yes, indeed, let’s marginalize the extremists, get the lawyers to decide whether the claims are valid, and end this sorry saga. Regards, Mark

    VoC Note: Mary-Lou LaPratte and others in Ipperwash were forced to defend their homes against a native land claim all the way to the Supreme Court at a cost of $500,000. Their lawyer was Derry Millar, Lead Counsel for the Ipperwash Inquiry. She is likely the most knowledgeable person alive re land claims and associated violence against third parties.

  2. Dear Mark:

    This is like a breath of fresh air that’s being given to some unfortunate soul that has been left alone to writhe in pain two years. The terrible history related to the neglect by the various arms of the News Media in letting ALL of Ontario know what’s going on in the Grand River area in Haldimand County has been dismal. We are so much more than just pleased, we are excitingly delighted with the National Post for their coverage for the past four weeks and looking forward to the next exciting expose’. Thanks as well to the Toronto Sun for the coverage that tells of two years in a two-tier unjust McGuinty and Fantino made ‘hell’.

    Please tell us that this lame quote by Greg Crone, speaking for Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant wasn’t really said, “The Ipperwash Inquiry report….which prescribes talks, not force, to resolve crises, The Rule of Law is preserved by negotiating”. McGuinty doesn’t let the poilce forces of Ontario operate like this, there would be mayhem. Are they going to ‘negotiate’ with Ontario’s terrible drivers by standing along the highways with signs that say Please Slow Down? People know what the law is, so when they break it, arrest them for serious infractions. So is Ontario going to retire all their Swat team members, if you want to negotiate for two years with gangsters and thugs, why not retire the Swat teams, save tax dollars.

    McGuinty has endorsed all the violence in Caledonia and Brantford by doing N O T H I N G about lawbreakers. This has only endorsed the Thugs to carry on in their violent ways. What sort of lesson is this? A precedent has been set by the Ontario government that violence is okay, this violence happened against persons and property for years at Ipperwash and is being repeated in Caledonia.

    Proof is showing again that ‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ With Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas and many others and now the National Post and The Toronto Sun working together with other news media perhaps all these ‘Pens’ will soon win the battle against thuggery.

    Words are being written that this is not only a Caledonia or Ipperwash problem, but people can see it’s a provincial problem, but please don’t think for a minute that it stops there; this is a Canadian problem. One law for all, honest negotiations with the thousands of Bands across the country and all done with a spirit of respect. Injustices have surely been done but more injustice as in Caledonia will NOT correct it. Respect and peaceful negotiation is the way to go.

    We want this to end with a “And they lived happily everafter”. Not practical, but lets try for that anyway.

    Murray Hilton

    VoC REPLY: Hi Murray. That quote from Greg Crone made me gag, too. The problem the Libs have right now is that the ONLY leg they have to stand on is the Ipperwash Inquiry which made native lawlessness OK. Unfortunately, the Libs know that leg is eventually going to be kicked out from under them because they are well aware that the Inquiry suppressed evidence of native crimes against Ipperwash residents. Even McGuinty can do basic math: Zero recommendations for preventing violence against innocent residents equals more violence against innocent residents. Only problem is, it was his inquiry with his mandate. Oops.

    Sure would love to be a fly on the wall in Julian and Dalton’s offices.

    I love your quote about the ‘breath of fresh air to some poor unfortunate soul.’ We’ve got a long way to go, but it seems the media are losing their fear of the ‘racist’ card in a big hurry as they begin to tell the whole, ugly, rotten, stinking, liberating truth. We can only create meaningful relationships with native people and help address their problems when the truth matters more than political correctness and appeasment of violent extremists. I, too, hope for a ‘happily ever after’ ending.

    Thanks for the pat on the back. Regards, Mark

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    “The problem the Libs have right now is that the ONLY leg they have to stand on is the Ipperwash Inquiry:

    Which was a totally stage managed political theater from start to finish meant to produce a prescripted faux-judicial pronouncement used to justify breaching the rule of law to install 2 tiered law enforcement and justice.

    All involved in this farce should be hauled before the courts to answer for their subversion of due process and suppressing evidence.

    VoC REPLY: Amen, WL. Amen. Mark

  4. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Sorry for another post Mark but this statement by McSkimark’s little flying monkey can’t go unchallenged:

    Crone said: “The Rule of Law is preserved by negotiating””

    What a total distortion!!

    The rule of law is preserved by the equal enforcement of statute without regard for class, sex, race or ethnicity.

    What “rule of law” is served by “negotiating” with armed robbers, rioting extortionists, cutthroats or insurrectionists?…you do not “negotiate” the letter of the law with law-breakers, you enforce it… the courts are the place for violators of the law to plea their case with the state.

    This Crone fartcatcher has been huffing too much hot air emanating from the nether regions of his dystopian overlords….he has an atrociously delusional concept of the operational mode of a civil society.

    VoC REPLY: I was going to comment on Crones wacky statement myself, but I figured my readers would get around to it. It was simply too deliciously stupid to go unnoticed. Maybe Crone would like to go to Iraq or Gaza to see what a county without rule of law looks like. Thanks for the comment, WL. Mark