NATIONAL POST: Police ignoring native violence, MPP alleges


UPDATED 1035 EST Feb 24/08 

During our excitement over ‘The Barrett Proclamation,’ we somehow overlooked this great story by the National Post that included these quotes from MPP Toby Barrett: 

Toby Barrett said police and government agencies have turned a blind eye to the acts of lawlessness and intimidation by native protesters in the Haldimand County area. In a proclamation presented to Haldimand council on Monday, Mr. Barrett, Conservative MPP for Haldimand-Norfolk, said illegal action “appears to be tolerated, and perhaps condoned, by provincial and federal government policy.”

“I empathize with the officers on the front line,” Mr. Barrett said yesterday. “They seem to be under a senior level policy to ignore certain things depending on the race of the person. There is a race-based policy here.”

National Post, Matthew Coutts/Melissa Leong, Feb 13/08: Police ignoring native violence, MPP alleges

My apologies for missing this one!

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
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2 responses to “NATIONAL POST: Police ignoring native violence, MPP alleges

  1. I notice that in this article Toby is urging other counties to support his proclamation.

    This is a great step as some in Caledonia to date have been accused of inviting outsiders and interlopers into their problem of policing and inflaming the relative peace. Let’s see if Fantino accuses Toby of interfering and causing problems by suggesting that outsiders influence the perception of lawless behaviour in Haldimand. I think not. Toby and John are two big a pair of fishes for even Fantino to suggest they are inciting to violence. Keep the ball rolling Toby and John. We now have the eyes of Canada in the National News on the woes of small Town Canada and the do-nothing leader that has allowed the chaos to continue. It is time for Fantino and McGuinty to re-study 101 Rule of Law and get on with cleaning up the mess they have created and contributed to.


    VoC REPLY: I’m waiting for Fantino to start calling Toby Barrett and John Tory names, too. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in the offices of Julie and Dalton? I’d like to be able to listen in on the discussions at HDI and the DCE ’embassy,’ too now that a native media outlet has ‘blamed’ us for the new focus on justice:

    “In a statement strangely similar to the banter of Richmond Hill agitator Gary McHale and his sidekick Mark VanDermaas [sic] of London, provincial Conservative Party leader John Tory recently made a statement widely covered by the media in which he calls for the “Rule of Law” to be restored to Caledonia. With Haldimand MPP Toby Barrett by his side, Tory declared that the PC Party is the only party in Ontario standing up for the Rule of Law.” Jim Windle, Tekawennake News

    I’m amused that supporters of the DCE/smokeshack thugs think we have so much influence (We DO work very hard at it, though!), or that the position we have taken on landclaim lawlessness is so bizarre that no one else in Canada could possibly support it. They just can’t grasp the simple concept that most rational people believe that using violence and crime to perpetrate injustice against innocent people is not the way to correct past injustices. Duh.

    Thanks for the comment, Mary-Lou. Regards, Mark

    P.S. Jim Windle is the reporter who demanded that I provide proof that Six Nations nurse Timothy Sywyk was disciplined for sexually abusing a patient. I haven’t heard back from him as to what he did with the evidence. See, ‘CNO confirms Six Nations RN disciplined for past patient abuse.’

  2. I don’t empathize with those who choose pay cheque and pension over oath.

    VoC REPLY: As a former soldier, I feel exactly the same, Aaron. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out ‘OPP ONLY’ in the top menu for discussion on the subject. Thanks for writing. Regards, Mark