Lies, damn lies, and landclaim negotiation lies

A little trip down memory lane…

Negotiators trying to resolve an aboriginal protest in Caledonia, Ont., say the occupation will be over soon. 

“I think they are close to a solution, and I’m very happy with the way things are going,” Mohawk Confederacy Chief Alan McNaughton said Friday.

McNaughton said he expects the blockades set by protesters across the main road through town will be removed within a week.

roadblocked.jpgFormer Ontario premier David Peterson, who has been trying to broker a deal between the natives and the province, was also hopeful a peaceful resolution to the standoff is not far away.

“We are making progress,” Peterson said. “Obviously one of the things we are working very hard on to help turn the temperature down is to see if we can clear away some of the roadblocks.”

“We’ve made some real progress and I think everyone is very optimistic now.”, May 12, 2006: Caledonia land dispute nears end: negotiators

It was Peterson who derided the people who supported Gary McHale’s inaugural Oct 15/06 ‘March for Freedom’ as being ‘whackos.’

Who’s the whacko now, David? We now have the makings of an insurrection as the HDI tries to impose another unelected, un-accountable level of government on Ontario citizens through extortion. Violent natives have sent people to the hospital. The OPP have defacto declared that the Charter of Rights no longer applies to non-natives. And the provincial government is facing millions in lawsuits over the failure of the government to enforce the law.

To all those so-called community ‘leaders’ who swallowed the horseshit that this was going to be over in a couple of weeks, and refused to stand up for the people of Caledonia and the rule of law for the past two years: shame on you all.

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Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


4 responses to “Lies, damn lies, and landclaim negotiation lies

  1. There is nothing like rooting out the past to bring out the ugly perspective of the future. Everything you discussed 18 months ago is coming true. McGuinty owes plenty to the people of Ontario for the deceipt he has created and is sustaining.

    Thanks Mark for a job well done.


    VoC REPLY: Yes, ML, and thanks for sending me the story that reminds us we cannot just sit idly by on the sidelines sucking our thumbs waiting for self-serving politicians to do the right thing, because they won’t unless we make it politically impossible for them to do otherwise. We only know this because you helped us understand the lessons of Ipperwash where you trusted the politicians to your great detriment. Regards, Mark

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    If you believe Mohawk claims will end with this extortion payment, I have some mountain resort timeshare property in Florida I’ll let you have cheap.

    IF the government pays these extorting liars off, it sets a precedent that can be used in future claims…because the extortionists can claim the government bought their fabricated self-serving historic and factual rewrite.

    The fact of the matter is the SN do not OWN the property under dispute…that is a fact so self evident that they KNOW the courts will not accept their claims and dismiss them as fraudulent or frivilous actions.

    The entire course of the Caledonia occupation was to take a path to get payment for claims they could not run in court with a systemic extortion shakedown using violence and terrorism as a bargaining tool against weak and stupid political regimes.

    This is far from over…the extortion has just started.

    VoC REPLY: Hi WL, I’ve tried not to involve myself in discussions of the validity of the claims because the issue doesn’t really concern me; my only reason for getting involved is to stop the violence and civil rights violations while they’re being settled. Still, I have wondered, if the ownership of the Haldimand Tract is so darn clear cut as Six Nations claims, why they won’t go to court to present their evidence and have it settled. I guess threats, violence and extortion are easier, especially when it seems to work so darn well – at least in the short term. Regards, Mark

  3. Sadness has grown in Southern Ontario. The two year anniversary of the takeover of a previously healthy, prosperous and happy community of Caledonia is a sad day indeed. Caledonia’s attack and assult by members of the once proud Six Nations Aboriginal tribes are now in the news as: thugs, rapists, muggers, thieves and liars.
    Unfortunately Caledonia followed a similar trail to dispair that mirrored that of Ipperwash, Ontario. With heartbreak we see similar images growing in Deseronto, where the village/town refused to open their eyes earlier on and stuck their heads in the dirt so as not to see what was taking place.
    Recognizing that yes, there were sadly, unjust things done in past centuries, we’d wish that the Aboriginals in Canada are aware that they have been deemed the best treated ‘aboriginals’ in the world following the arrival on the ‘European’. Not a single native alive today has had any land or property taken from them that they in fact actually owned ‘themselves’. The world over there are wars, battles and ongoing fights over ‘past wrongs’, wrong being in someones mind, not everyones or they wouldn’t be fighting. In the words of the very successfull Chief Clarence Louie, “Get over it, move on”. This can only move to a further escalation of violence if cooler heads do not prevail. The real enemy of every person, either native or non-native greed and stupidity, oh yes, McGuinty and Fantino are there as well.
    Being mainly of Norse Viking stock with a bit of Irish, German and Scottish thrown in, I think that since my forefathers were on Baffin Island and in Newfoundland and Labrador a thousand years ago, we’ll get us a group of rowdies and take what’s really ours eh, har, har, har laddies.

  4. The real enemy of every person, either native or non-native IS greed and stupidity, oh yes, McGuinty amnd Fantino are there as well.

    Mark, by leaving a little two letter word out sure changes the sound eh. Murray Hilton