Highway of Heroes – the journey home

2inch_voc_logo-url.jpgI don’t know who to credit for this powerful and incredibly moving presentation of images taken as a funeral procession for Canadian soldiers moved from Canadian Forces Base Trenton to Toronto, but I do thank both Dave Hartless and Jim Anderson for sending it to me.

As a former soldier and UN peacekeeper myself, I was overwhelmed by both the sadness and the hope conveyed by this presentation. I think you will, too.

Highway of Heroeshighway of heroes


3 responses to “Highway of Heroes – the journey home

  1. This has been a silent effort that ordinary people supported before the government got involved, rightfully so, in an effort to pay homage to those who serve this great country and make the ultimate sacrifice.

    Here is the link to the Provincial site regarding the “Highway of Heroes”.


    My hope is that such a highway will not only be noticed for the men and women who have fallen, but for those who are still alive and have served, and those who travel that stretch of their own free will any time that they so desire.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for reminding us that the people lead the politicians, not the other way around. I sent this to my friend, Merlyn Kinrade, who is an ex-Navy man and a former peacekeeper himself. His wife, who couldn’t see what he was watching, asked him why he was crying. Thanks for writing, Sunray. Mark

  2. Hi Mark,

    Freedom is not cheap. Nor should it be cheapened or disrespected.

    My father is buried in a veteran’s cemetery in Burlington, Ontario. He lies shoulder to shoulder in death with the men and women that he fought with and for in living.

    HE alone is my hero. For in his honour and efforts I can speak. There was no band playing in his passing and burial. There was no tribute except the one that I leave here with you and your readers. Had it not been for “The Last Post Fund” ensuring that my father was given a place to rest eternally, I doubt that he’d have a place at all that ever marked his footsteps on this earth.

    I was 9 when he died. Before his death, he gave me an Easter card that he’d written in that said “For all of my lost dreams, hopes and wishes…Love, Me.”

    I may have been 9 at the time, but I got it. I knew what he meant and what he implied. He did what he did so that people like me and you could voice an opinion, own a computer, get married, have children, raise a family…….and then thank our lucky stars that there were men like him who once walked the earth.

    VoC REPLY: Amen. Mark

  3. To Sunray,
    What a beautiful testiment to your father.
    Although only nine you were wise enough to know what a dedicated, strong person he was.
    He left a strong, loving legacy that you have cherished your whole life. I hope somehow he knows and is proud of the person you have become.