Merlyn Kinrade gets ‘personal’ with Fantino

UPDATED 1747 EST Mar 04/08

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgYesterday’s protest at Fantino’s home was, according to those who took part, the ‘best ever.’ Not only did we get some awesome media coverage for Caledonia’s agony, but Fantino was forced into lamely dealing with the fallout of his continued refusal to meet non-native protesters by going to Tim Horton’s in Caledonia for a PR stunt that backfired.

Fantino makes ‘planned’ trip to inspect renovations at Cayuga OPP detachment 

One of our number got a call from a reliable source in Caledonia saying Fantino was in Tim Hortons, so Gary McHale – who was not on site – sent out an email to his very extensive media list. We started getting calls from media who were trying frantically to confirm the Timmy’s siting, the significance of which was not lost on them.

Caledonia resident and operator of, Lisa Parent, caught up with Haldimand Detachment Commander, Inspector McLean, who explained why Fantino came to town. Apparently, despite the fact that (according to one resident) he was accompanied by a reporter for the Toronto Sun for his routine inspection of police facilities, it was just a coincidence that Fantino ducked the protesters he’s been ignoring for a year and a half to make a PR stop in Caledonia.

Lisa also recorded some remarks shared with residents before we left for Woodbridge. Thanks are due to Judy Laszlo for encouraging residents who weren’t able to go to come to see us off. (See Judy’s great letter to the National Post, ‘We want our lives back.”

Other coverage of Sunday’s protest at Fantino’s home 

1. CaledoniaWakeUpCall feature: FantinoGate 

2. Toronto Sun, Mar 02/08: Caledonia’s (gone) boom  [reprint] Christina Blizzard’s blistering commentary on how people on the Sixth Line have been hurt by lawlessness and the government’s attitude to it appeared the same day as our protest and hammered home our message that it is unacceptable for the OPP and native thugs to deny policing service to Canadian citizens. Blizzard gets gold stars for the best quote to-date on the Ipperwash Inquiry and the government’s reliance on it when justifying the Caledonia agony: 

Bryant kept repeating last week that Mr. Justice Sidney Linden’s report on the 1995 shooting of native protester Dudley George at Ipperwash Provincial Park warns against using violence to resolve native standoffs.

That’s true.

All the same, I’m not sure the Linden report said any time an aboriginal group takes it upon itself to use lawlessness to achieve its ends, that it’s a cue for the aboriginal affairs minister to roll over and have them tickle his tummy.

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Protest forces Fantino onto AM900 Bill Kelly show – ‘There is NO Two Tier Policing” 

Not only did Fantino make a stop in Caledonia yesterday, today he was on the Bill Kelly show ( followed by protest organizer and Caledonia resident, Merlyn Kinrade who took some jabs at Fantino who had the audacity to say earlier there was no two tier policing in Caledonia. I sent Bill Kelly a message thanking him for getting Merlyn on, and letting him know that Fantino must be the only person in Ontario who believes the OPP aren’t conducting race-based policing:

Hi Bill,

Thanks so much for having Merlyn Kinrade on to respond to Fantino. These issues are important to our whole country, not just Caledonia so I
hope you’ll forgive me for a somewhat long email – I wanted to give you some references that can help you understand how Fantino is misleading your listeners.

1. Fantino seems to be the only person in Ontario who doesn’t think there’s
Two Tier Justice in Caledonia. The National Post has said it. The Toronto
Sun has said it. The Toronto Star has said it. The St. Catharines Standard
has said it. Mayor Trainer has said it. John Tory has said it. Toby Barrett
has said it. And we have been saying it before all of them.

May I suggest that you have a look at the ‘Proclamation’ that Toby Barrett
recently submitted to Haldimand Council for consideration.

2. Fantino says no one is interfering with the OPP. Check out paras 113+ on
page 47 of the $12M Brown/Chatwell statement of claim which outlines how the OPP were allegedly influenced by 3 Liberal cabinet ministers no less! This story went completely unreported by the media prior to the election.

3. Please read about how a 14 year old girl on the Sixth Line has to take
medication and go to counselling because she (and her family) are afraid in
their home. She is the reason I went to Fantino’s home, and why I will go to
Bryant’s and to McGuinty’s, too if necessary.

4. Imagine if a future government held an inquiry into Caledonia, but never
allowed a single resident to testify and excluded all evidence of native
crimes against them. Now imagine that this inquiry was used to justify a
‘hands off’ approach to landclaim lawlessness in other Ontario homes. That
is today’s legacy of the Ipperwash Inquiry for Caledonia.

Fantino, Bryant and McGuinty know the Ipperwash Inquiry suppressed evidence because we went to Queen’s Park on March 14/07 to release our ‘Ipperwash Papers’ Project to prove it. We left copies of our press kit for McGuinty with John Tory’s office.

5. Fantino is deliberately misleading the public about Caledonia, about us
and about our protests. A perfect example of this was his reaction to the
violence on Dec 1st. when native extremists attacked peaceful non-native
protesters and police officers who were protesting at an illegal smokeshack.

The same day, before any investigation had begun, Fantino issued a news
release falsely blaming us – the victims – for the violence. I suggest you

No one in positions of authority like Fantino or Bryant want to debate the
facts head to head with us because they know we have the documents, the
information, the contacts and the experience to back up what we are saying.

It is not possible to fully appreciate what is going on in Caledonia via a
few minutes on air. Gary McHale, Merlyn and I are prepared to meet with you (and any other CHML staffers) at your convenience to brief you fully on the issues mentioned above (and others, if time) and our role in trying to stop landclaim violence and OPP civil rights violations. We are prepared to give you as much time as you wish to address any concerns or questions you have in order to prove that it is Fantino who is lying to the public and not us.

In the meantime, you may want to read a draft copy of our report called ‘The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations.’ You can download a PDF copy at this link:

Thanks for listening. Please feel free to call anytime, day or night.

Mark Vandermaas

What did we accomplish by going to Fantino’s home?

I can’t reveal everything that this protest has accomplished in addition to the terrific coverage of the day, but I can tell you that one promising sign is that media people are making contact with us and paying serious attention to Caledonia’s issues beyond the ‘gotta meet a deadline for the story of the day’ reporting.

The combination of Merlyn Kinrade’s determined leadership on behalf of his community, those Caledonians who have stepped forward with us to tell their stories, and our extensive repository of evidence and research is going to prove deadly for the politicians and the OPP brass who can no longer get away with pretending everything’s just peachy.  

I would definitely say that we have gotten closer to the day when OPP cars are rolling down the Sixth Line. That day can’t come too soon.

P.S. If you are a journalist looking for some stories that haven’t been reported, please have a look at ‘VoC interviewed for journalism school project.’ You’ll find a partial list there.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

4 responses to “Merlyn Kinrade gets ‘personal’ with Fantino

  1. Merlyn was very dignified and effective in his remarks and demeanour. He did the same with his radio interview. Fantino showed his absolute disdain for the citizens of Caledonia with his Howdy-Doody swicheroo act.

    I am pleased that the media has picked up the militant, violent and crime filled agenda of some of those on Six Nations that are making life hell in the land claim area. It is about time. McGuinty, Crombie, Bryant , Harper , Fantino and Sydney Linden are on the hot seat. Is this enough??? NO. They should have the privilege of feeling the same native aggressive tactics as the constituents are feeling.

    To SN–We have become educated enough to stand up and fight two-tier justice. Get used to it and Get over it. We are not going away until all who reside in Ontario are once again protected against aggression in native land claims disputes.
    How did our governments ever think that we would roll over and play dead while increasing numbers of innocent victims were not being protected???? That is not Democracy in action.

    This is Anarchy condoned and accepted by those we elected in good faith to keep Ontario strong and safe.

    VoC REPLY: As I told a reporter last night during an interview that lasted over 2 hours, during which we reviewed documents, VoC posts and newspaper reports, this never ends until Two Tier Justice is dead and buried forever. There will be no more Caledonias. The lies of Ipperwash will NOT become the lies of Caledonia. Sooner or later the so-called leaders of this province and of the OPP will have to answer to our evidence of what they did to two innocent towns. I told her, it was no wonder that Fantino has tried so hard to defame us – do you think he and McGuinty want to admit that they are justifying the sacrificing of a town, and subverting the rule of law in Canada based on a tragically-flawed Inquiry they KNOW suppressed all evidence of crimes against the residents of Ipperwash? Regards, Mark.

    Note to readers: Mary-Lou LaPratte is, arguably, the most knowledgeable person alive on the subject of land claims and associated lawlessness. She and the residents of Ipperwash were forced to deal with native lawlessness for more than a decade as they defended a land claim against their own homes. It cost them $500,000 to do so.

    P.S. Fantino’s Tim Horton’s stunt has backfired. Residents close to DCE have sent me copies of letters they are sending to media telling them how disgusted they are with Fantino’s arrogance.

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    I was gagging by the time the Fantino sound bite finished…I can’t believe this guy is still running the denial-in-the-face-of-overwhelming-opposing-evidence tack that the Libranos had perfected to an art.

    Judging by the brash bullying tone and boneheaded denial of fact that he displayed I gotta believe there is a lot of rank and file dissatisfaction with such lacking leadership.

    VoC REPLY: What else can he and McGuinty say? Gee, we’re really sorry we allowed your community to be ripped apart, but let’s put this little race-based policing ‘misunderstanding’ thing behind us and be friends? Gee, I knew the Ipperwash Inquiry covered up the truth, but I still used it to justify nearly destroying the rule of law in Canada? Gee, sorry about your brain there, Sam? Gee, sorry we made deals with native thugs not to police your street, Dancer?

    Fortunately, John Tory and the media are now after these clowns like hungry dogs after a T-bone. Whewww. It’s about bloody time. Wait till Tory starts demanding that McGuinty be accountable for his Ipperwash cover-up. I hope you’ve still got a supply of snacks and refreshments for the show that’s coming, WL. Remember, I like Miss Vickies chips and Coke.

    Re the ‘rank and file’ OPP – I had an OPP officer contact me to tell me to ‘keep up the good work.’ They may not like that we have held them accountable for being a part of the Two Tier Justice machine, but they know who the ‘good guys’ are. Please see ‘OPP ONLY‘ for my personal message for OPP officers.

    Regards, Mark

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Mark: IF Tory can boil McSkidmark’s malfeasant butt over the the Ipperwash show trial’s mockery of law and justice, I’ll buy the chips and soft drinks and we can all party watching McSkidmark taking a well deserved fall from his phony moral pedestal.

    Remember; I said the second and most important part of our bet is that the scumbags directly responsible for issuing the directives to defraud justice be charged and convicted for the criminal acts committed when they breeched public trust and conspired to subvert justice and the rule of law.

    Whatever Tory has become, He is still a politician and these polis always stop short of throwing another poli to the justice system to deal with…professional courtesy between larcenists…oooops my cycnicism is showing again.

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