Caledonia residents give Fantino a ‘razzy’ for Tim Hortons performance

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgI received two ‘Letters to the Editor’ from Caledonia residents who sent them to media outlets for publication, but have asked us to reprint them. Both women have been very much impacted by the occupation of the Douglas Creek Estates and, apparently, didn’t think much of Fantino’s pathetic PR appearance at a Caledonia Tim Horton’s on March 02/08 while we were protesting at his home in Woodbridge.

Mr. Fantino, this is not a game
by Pauline McDougall

To: Christina Blizzard
Subject: Concerned Citizen

Hi Christina,

Just read your article about property in Caledonia. Great article [reprint]. Thanks for keeping our town in the papers. I’m writing to tell you that we are also stuck in the middle of this mess and hostage taking.

Our property values here are down as well. We also live next to the DCE. Yesterday there was a few people who gathered at Mr. Fantino’s home. It was too bad he chose to be a coward and not be home. I just happened to be at the local Tim Hortons when he and his “people” came in for coffee around lunch time. I asked why he wasn’t home servicing coffee for our people, the answer was “I don’t like to be played with.” I was stunned and said nothing. The coffee shop was full at the time. I would have liked to have asked him where he got the idea that we who live here want or like the game.

This is very serious. Mr. Fantino, this is not a game. We also do not like to be played with. It was said in the news that all of this should not be taken to his home where his wife and children would be. Do our husbands, wives, children and families not matter? We don’t want it at our homes either.

Thank you
Pauline McDougall

Arrogance And Public Indifference Played Out In Caledonia
by Donna Reid

Commissioner Fantino, who has repeatedly refused to meet with the citizens of our town to explain police policies, showed up here at the same hour as a group of Caledonia residents arrived at his home to protest his inaction. Mr. Fantino and his contingent of OPP officers, (entourage?) made a grandstand entrance at Tim Hortons in Caledonia, with the Toronto Sun there to capture his timely presence. The reason for his appearance in Caledonia was his need for a coffee after looking over the on-going, very expensive, renovation to the police station in Cayuga.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that there is a Tim Hortons in Cayuga?

Of course it is understood that the Sun would follow Mr. Fantino everywhere he goes. The arrogance of this individual is beyond belief. The OPP officers who accompanied this man should be ashamed of themselves for being party to this attempt to stick it to citizens of Caledonia. Mr. Fantino has brought the OPP to a new low.

Should we be surprised at this arrogance? NO! Mr. McGuinty had no problem giving himself and all MPPs a 25% raise while manufacturing jobs were being lost and plants were closing at an unprecedented rate, after which he closed the Ontario Legislative Assembly three weeks early. Native land claims have put Caledonia, Haldimand County, the surrounding area and the whole Grand River Water Shed in a head-lock. Two years of occupation in Caledonia has created race base policing; two-tier law enforcement, illegal smoke shacks, and a native group intent on extortion, not to mention tension in the town and loss of business.

Then we have numbers of OPP officers tripping over themselves in an attempt to do nothing about the illegal activities. With all the trouble that Ontario is in, would you not recall parliament and get down to business? No! Mr. McGuinty has extended the leave and blames all the problems of Ontario on the Federal Government.

Mr. Bryant came to town and had a meeting with a few individuals, by invitation only, at which time he took the names and phone number of people who wish to talk to him; with the promise that they would be contacted and he would meet with them. I do not know of one person who has been contacted. He has, however, done a You Tube video outside of Tim Horton’s, smiling and waving, in order to communicate with Caledonians. What exactly was that? To me it was the same as sticking his middle finger the air.

It is interesting to note that this arrogance seems to encompass many provincial ministerial offices as the Health Minister suggests that he would wear an adult diaper to see if the complaints by advocates for elder care are true.

When our elected officials have so little concern for the public they represent; when Ministers can thumb their noses at the distress of Ontarians; when the Police Commissioner, rather than addressing community concerns related to law enforcement, can mock the people who are being harassed and threatened, one has to ask, what kind of a government does Ontario have?

Disgusted Caledonia Resident
Donna Reid

VoC comment

Well said, ladies. Very well said. Thanks so much to Donna and Pauline for standing up and letting Fantino know that he can’t ignore them forever.

Sorry Julian, but you get to take home two ‘Caledonia Razzy’ awards for ‘Worst Performance of a Police Commissioner During a Native Insurrection.’

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


4 responses to “Caledonia residents give Fantino a ‘razzy’ for Tim Hortons performance

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux

    “I don’t like to be played with.”

    Pffffttt….who’s playing who Juli?

    Seems the widest part of this guy is his ego.

    Another arrogant bureaucratic putz who forgets what the ” civil ” in civil servant is.

  2. It appears Julian Fantino is representative of the greater public opinion that Native occupation and terror is OK. That resistance to this terror is not OK. Prove me wrong!

  3. I keep saying: and they still vote liberals in!

    Puke! The people in Ontario have no decency – if the trouble is not exactly in their backyard, they don’t care.

  4. Caledonia Is Dead

    The people of Ontario reelected McGuinty.
    Accept it. No one cares. The town is history.

    Warn others to stay away. There is no police protection.