‘Ipperwash legacy’ flyer for Ontario PC convention

We invited John Tory to speak at the pre-election ‘Remember Us’ March in Caledonia on Oct 08/07. Unfortunately, he didn’t see it as a priority at the time, so people like Joe Gualtieri and Sixth Line’s ‘Dancer‘ were forced to stand alone on the hill at the Lions Hall without the benefit of his support. 

Given Tory’s recent decision to aggressively join our fight to restore ‘One Law for All,” however, we thought we should support him by helping delegates to the Ontario PC convention understand the role that the Ipperwash Inquiry failures is playing in the victimization of Caledonia.

250 flyers distributed at convention 

On Saturday, February 23/08 a Caledonia resident joined me in London at the convention to help distribute 250 flyers to delgates calling for an inquiry into landclaim lawlessness in Ontario.


While we were there we had a few minutes to speak to MPP Ernie Hardeman (Oxford) and some delegates – including one former OPP officer who told us to ‘keep up the good work.’

A version of this flyer was handed out during Michael Bryant’s visit on Nov 26/07.

Caledonia and landclaim lawlessness was top of mind at the convention 

Delegates told us that out of 8 (I believe) symposia, 6 of them turned into discussions about Caledonia, and that Tory devoted about 6-7 minutes of his speech to the topic.

Tory and PCs have been kept informed about the Ipperwash cover-up

When we visited Queen’s Park on March 14/07 to release our Ipperwash Papers project, we left comprehensive press kits in Tory’s office for him, McGuinty and the leader of the NDP, Howard Hampton.

Tory and PCs have been informed about ‘Dancer’

dancer_oct08-07.jpgAlong with our Ipperwash Papers press kits we left CDs with a video of ‘Dancer’ reading from her Road of Hope project. These also went to the leaders of the other parties with each kit.

I am looking forward to the day, hopefully in the near future, when John Tory rises in the Legislature on behalf of Dancer and holds Premier McGuinty accountable for the failures of his Ipperwash Inquiry, failures that are victimizing children and putting Ontario on the road to anarchy.

That day can’t come too soon for me.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

One response to “‘Ipperwash legacy’ flyer for Ontario PC convention

  1. It is stagering how people view the crime that has been thrust upon Caledonia and all of Ontario. the Dunnville papers aparent celebration of the two year anniversary boggles the mind. They portrayed the Native celebrations on DCE as recognition of liberating and noble military campaigns. The paper seemed to be oblivious of the destruction of o town’s economy, health and stability. They ignore the lawlessness residents will have to tolerate as a result of OPP acceptance of Native violence. They ignore the slow asphyxiation of the democratic and free processes that so many have faught and died for. I am staggered that so much acknowledgement has been given to such monumental crime. Is every official body in this country pro Native occupation? Do they want our country torn apart? Do they support this ongoing anarchy. Do they accept OPP support of Native extortion of builders? Does everybody get a cheap thrill out of watching businesses fail.