Kenora: Beware Fantino bearing gifts


The City of Kenora is seriously considering whether or not to replace the Kenora Police Service with the OPP (stop laughing, it’s not funny. They’re really thinking of doing it!). Fantino was in Kenora recently to plug the OPP’s bid, but, according to a news story, he didn’t have time for the little people:

“It’s all about trying to make sure that people are comfortable with the decision made and they have all of their concerns aired,” Fantino said. “And so we’re out to listen to those issues and clarify some misinformation. And it’s always good to dialogue with people at a grassroots level.”

“He [Fantino] began his day with lunch with the Kenora Rotary Club, followed with a meeting with First Nations elders and band members before addressing a public council meeting. While Fantino addressed two questions from Coun. Rory McMillan, community members were denied the chance to put questions to Fantino, who had to meet a plane back to southern Ontario.”

Miner and News, April 08/08: OPP Commissioner addresses policing issue

Gee, does any of this sound familiar? Fantino says it’s important to talk to ‘people at a ‘grassroots level?!?’ Who’s he kidding? Hasn’t happened in Caledonia so I hope the people in Kenora don’t expect it to happen there. As Dr. Phil says, “The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour,” so if landclaim lawlessness erupts in their area, the people of Kenora better get used to being ignored and insulted by Fantino and the OPP while their rights are being violated. And, they shouldn’t expect any help from McGuinty’s government, either.

Here’s my follow-up email to ‘Kenora: Beware Fantino bearing gifts.’


April 15, 2008  

Re: Kenora: Beware Fantino bearing gifts  

Dear Kenora Council:  

I have been actively involved in the struggle to peacefully and lawfully oppose landclaim violence and OPP civil rights violations in Caledonia since October 2006.  

Since that time, the OPP and the OPPA have defamed us with statements they knew or ought to have known were utterly false. Both are being sued as a result of those statements. In an interview with the Hamilton Spectator on Nov 09/07 Fantino said that our use of the courts is “mischief making.”

More recently, the Minister of Aborginal Affairs Michael Bryant, upon hearing that Fantino was being asked to appear at a mediation session to deal with my complaint about race-based policing to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, defended Fantino by publicly attacking my character and my complaint. His remarks were eerily similar to Fantino’s. The evidence of racial policing in Caledonia under Fantino is overwhelming, yet the government, rather than put a stop to it, supported the man in charge of the force that is perpetrating the practice.

The OPP and Liberal government are working together to suppress the civil rights of those who speak out against OPP race-based policing. Even worse, Bryant’s comments reveal that he does not believe that non-natives should be allowed to enforce their Human Rights during aboriginal land claims.  

The political connection between the OPP and the Ontario government is, I think, the single most important reason for not allowing the OPP into your town. If you do, you will never be safe from blatant political interference of the most outrageous kind. I would strongly urge you to read the shocking Statement of Claim by Caledonia residents Brown/Chatwell located on this page at VoiceofCanada. Their lawsuit alleges – among many shocking things – that 3 Ontario cabinet ministers (Kwinter, Ramsay and Bryant) committed ‘Misfeasance in Public Office’ by directly interfering with OPP policing in Caledonia. The suit alleges that they made deals not to prosecute native criminals and not to call in the military to protect Caledonia from those terrorizing their town. The OPP gave in to that pressure to the complete detriment of the community.   

On behalf of the Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality we are prepared to come to Kenora at your invitation to meet with council and citizens to explain, based on our extensive, first hand experience, why you should not replace your police force with the OPP.  Please feel free to call me any time, day or night with any questions you may have.  


Mark Vandermaas, Editor, VoiceofCanada
Director of Research, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality 
Co-author, ‘The Ipperwash Papers’ 
Co-author, ‘The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations’  cell:  

VoC Comment

Please, Kenora, don’t make a mistake that will be very, very difficult to undo. Caledonia’s residents discovered just how hard it was to get rid of the corrupt OPP even though their town has been devastated by race-based policing. I encourage Caledonia and Ipperwash residents to write to the Kenora Council (see link inside CANACE letter to Kenora Council listed in References below) and tell them to send Fantino and his Political Police Force packing.



One response to “Kenora: Beware Fantino bearing gifts

  1. Murray Hilton

    Hi Mark, it’s truly sad that lessons aren’t learned by ‘new’ people from the mistakes of others. Caledonia has escalated to the fractious point it is at today because of the lies and cover-up at Ipperwash and the phoney inquiry that totally mishandled the facts available. All the truths were there for viewing but the Federal and Provincial Governments covering up ninety percent of the facts that took place at Ipperwash. Today the same Governments and the OPP are covering up what’s really happening at Caledonia. Deseronto didn’t want to believe what was really taking place and thereby buried their heads in the sand. Now Kenora is being fed a huge pile of regular OPP and Fantino BS.

    With illegal performance by governments and the Ontario Provincial Police and their acceptance of the two tier race based legal system, you have the governments and OPP basically endorsing any and all violent, illegal actions by native protestors.

    Can people not see that the OPP, Ottawa and Queens Park have become fully instrumental and behind the lawlessness of native thugs and terrorists?

    The national and provincial native chiefs are now planning protests against the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver/Whistler.

    The new ‘day of protest’ planned for May 29th, just over a month from now, with planning by an ex-con terrorist thug from the Warrior School of Terrorism will be condoned by OPP and the RCMP as well. The non-natives on the side lines will be subjected to the RCMP Tazer ‘Killer’ Squad.
    In Caledonia just for ‘being there’ as has happened, innocent non-natives are harrassed and arrested, ‘for drinking coffee’.

    When the Laws of the Land are not being up-held by those in place to do so, civilians have had to step in, as history has shown many years ago.

    Immoral and illegal land claims are growing across this great country of Canada. Similar to what’s taking place in Ontario; March 31st in Campbell River the CR Indian Band states that property they sold in 1921 (and received money for) by their chiefs was conducted improperly, so now the want it back, in total they seem to think that they want one hundred acres of Campbell River, a population of 32,000.

    In the mid 1970’s I purchased a 41 lot subdivision in the Fraser Valley; houses were sold for $39,900.00 for a three bedroom rancher with two bathrooms and carport. I now think that was far too cheap, the sales were obviously conducted improperly, I want those houses back so that I can resell them for $400,000.00 plus today. When the weather gets a bit warmer we’ll go camp on those properties and not leave until we get some form of compensation.

    Common sense obviously isn’t common any more. Let’s hope that things don’t continue to get worse and force non-natives to react. Remember Isaac Newton’s ‘Law’, ‘For every action, there’s a reaction’.

    When Horace Greeley said, “Go west, young man, go west”, he wasn’t meaning any Mohawk Warrior terrorists in that general statement.

    Murray Hilton

    VoC REPLY: Hi Murray! Firstly, thanks for the envelope of info; it just arrived. Very much appreciated.

    I don’t understand why other towns and cities insist on learning the hard way. Brantford reneged on a room rental agreement with Gary McHale in Oct/06, forcing him to speak on the grass under street lights. Nope, they didn’t want to hear about landclaim lawlessness; they didn’t give a shit about the people of Caledonia. Now that it’s happening in their town, they seem to be taking an interest.

    Deseronto wouldn’t rent us a hall and neither would the Legion there even though Merlyn and I are both former members of the Forces. Figured they’d hide their heads in the sand and things would be just ducky living like mushrooms being fed more shit by the OPP. The Belleville Intelligencer ran an editorial praising Deseronto for not allowing our ‘inflammatory rhetoric’ in their town. The same edition carried a story about how an OPP officer was lured into a roadside attack by Mohawk thugs, but the editor didn’t feel that story warranted an editorial. Now, some guys who were told to stop clearing brush on their property by natives are making it clear they’re going back and they aren’t backing down. But, oh no, Deseronto didn’t want their citizens to hear how the people of Caledonia have fought race-based policing legally and peacefully.

    The Hamilton Spectator has to be single worst paper in painting us with a derogatory brush even though we have consistently promoted a peaceful, non-violent agenda. Refused at least 4 requests from me to meet and brief them. No politicians in Hamilton have risen to speak out for Caledonia. Now we hear that Six Nations protesters shut down a construction site there. Gee, who could have seen that coming?

    Even in Caledonia, their councillor, Craig Grice, who lives right beside the occupied land, couldn’t be bothered showing up at a briefing we gave the Mayor regarding The Ipperwash Papers in March 2007. He promised to be there, but never showed, never called and never apologized. The most important issue facing his town, his province and his country, but he didn’t give a damn.

    Any politician in Kenora who believes OPP promises, especially about ‘open and honest communication’ is deluding themselves. I mean, really, if the people of Kenora can’t get Fantino to answer questions BEFORE they sign a contract and dismantle their independent police force, what makes anyone think he’ll answer questions AFTERWARDS?

    Still, I sense that people currently affected by landclaim lawlessness and OPP/Liberal enablement are gaining a new determination to enforce their rights. I do hope they follow our example on Dec 1/07 by not retaliating when provoked or attacked. The media will be forced to report the truth, that it was native thugs who attacked without provocation, and the OPP will be forced to lay charges against them. It is hard to do, but the benefits are oh so sweet! Fantino rushed to press with a news release blaming the non-natives for violence only to discover that the video evidence showed that all the violence was provoked and perpetrated by the native smokeshack gang and not by us. Boy, did he look stupid. And a bunch of native thugs got charged with assault, including the woman who got caught on camera falsely accusing Gary McHale of attacking her.

    Let us hope that the natives who want the land in BC are prepared to use the courts instead of violence.

    Gotta go, my wife deserves some of my time, too! Sorry to go on so long. Thanks again for all the support, Murray.

    Regards, Mark