Caledonia, Canada lose one of the ‘good guys’ – Doug Aldridge

UPDATED 2118 April 18/08

The people of Canada, especially those in Caledonia, lost an outspoken voice of reason and common sense when veteran broadcaster and web radio journalist Doug Aldridge was killed in a car crash on Highway 7 at the village of Maberly in Lanark County on April 15, 2008.

The Recorder & Times, April 17/08: Motorist killed in crash was former area resident and Reform candidate [PDF]

Those of us who have worked so long and hard to expose the evils of race-based policing have lost a valuable ally, a passionate journalist who covered the stories of Caledonia and Ipperwash right from the beginning with a depth and empathy that no journalist has yet matched. Doug was the first to interview us about our ‘Ipperwash Papers’ project; first to reveal the story of Sixth Line’s ‘Dancer’ and how she must take medication and go to counselling because the OPP refuse to police her street in Caledonia.

Here’s what I wrote about Doug on June 22/07 in ‘Truth emerges as Ipperwash Papers go mainstream’:

doug_aldridge.jpgThe Right Side: one lone media voice speaks out: There is one notable exception to the deafening silence of Ontario’s main stream media regarding The Ipperwash Papers: veteran broadcaster, journalist and now, webradio host, Doug Aldridge, of The Right Side. Doug has closely followed both the Caledonia story and release of The Ipperwash Papers and done numerous interviews that address key issues missed by other media.

As mentioned above, he was the first journalist to interview me regarding Ipperwash and has so far done a total of three interviews on the subject. He has also gone above and beyond the call of duty by making a concerted and generous effort to share this story with some of the influential names on his impressive contact list. I have been very grateful for his support and his genuine concern for the struggle against Two Tier Justice in Ontario.

Doug interviewed Gary McHale and I many times for his web radio show on, keenly following events closely for his listeners. It is fitting, then, that the last show listed on his website was an interview with Gary McHale marking the two year anniversary of Caledonia’s misery dated Feb 28/08. 


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Post February 28 Caledonia Occupation + Two Years


February 28. 2008

Its hard to believe, but it was two years ago, towards the end of February that militant Six-Nations protesters occupied the Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia. Since then, there have been hundreds of crimes committed by militants, with only a handful of charges laid by the Ontario Provincial Police. The most recent act of political cowardice by the Provincial Government of Dalton McGuinty is the statement by Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant. Bryant has told Building Contractors in the Caledonia area they are on their own…that the province will not protect them from extortion demands made by militant natives. Demands of up to $50,000 are being made of contractors. That being the price to allow them to go ahead with their legitimate businesses. Bryant says the OPP should deal with it. At the same time, the OPP has gone out of its way to deny the most basic protection to residents living next to the disputed land. To bring us up to date on what’s happening as we enter year-three of the occupation we welcome Gary McHale of Caladonia Wake-up to The RIGHT SIDE.

Gary McHale of Caledonia Wake-up Call on the Second Anniversary of the Native Occupation of the Douglas Creek Estates

Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:53 am  PROFILE


In addition to the injustices in Ipperwash and Caledonia, Doug took on other tough, politically-incorrect stories: Ezra Levant’s fight with the Canadian Human Rights Commission; global warming myths; Official Bilingualism over-spending; Ottawa University students’ ban on Canadian Forces ads; and English rights, to name a few.

When Jeff Parkinson and I couldn’t talk to Gary for a few weeks, it was Doug I turned to for help. He opened his impressive Rolodex and shared some of his media and political contacts he thought might be of help.

Doug had a lot of scorn for the ‘Drive-by Media’ as he liked to call the so-called ‘Main Stream Media’ outlets because of their pathetically superficial, predictable stories that barely scratched the surface of an issue. With Doug, you knew where he stood, and you knew you were talking to someone who cared…about the story and about the people in the story, like those in Caledonia. Like his show, he always stood on the side of the ordinary citizen, the whistleblower, the little guy standing up for justice, the underdog fighting against impossible odds and the victims of political correctness. As he said in one of his last newsletters describing one of his interviews, “Warning…if you are a Political Correctoidtake a pill, NOW!

Caledonia…Ipperwash…Ontario…Canada…we lost one of the good guys this week. Wherever you are Doug, we know you are, even now, standing on The Right Side.

In Sadness,

Mark Vandermaas, Editor



3 responses to “Caledonia, Canada lose one of the ‘good guys’ – Doug Aldridge

  1. I am so sorry to hear of Doug’s unfortunate demise. He is literally one in a million.
    I am thankfull for what he was able to accomplish in the last two years.


  2. Doug and I were friends for a long time.
    We worked together at the Canadian Forces Radio and Television Network in Germany.
    I was honoured to be asked by his mother to do the eulogy for Doug, along with Rick Bray. It was one of the toughest things in my life to do. We have lost a warm, caring person and a great friend.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Harry. I really appreciate that you took time to help us remember Doug. I do miss him. Regards, Mark

  3. Ken Neilson

    Recently learned of Doug Aldridge’s passing. He was a very articulate Journalist who was extremely passionate about his Craft. I knew him personally while serving in the Canadian Forces in Lahr, Germany (1978-1983), where Doug was working with Canadian Forces Network (CFN//RFC) in concert with the CBC. A great sports network announcer and commentator/interviewer. Not many like him left. Sad and unfortunate loss. A Great Canadian, Family man with a zest for Life and a all around Gentleman.

    So Mote it Be

    Ken Neilson

    VoC REPLY: Hi Ken. Thanks so much for taking time to pass on your thoughts about Doug. Regards, Mark