CANACE founders hit back at Fantino/Bryant defamation

UPDATED 1054 EST April 28/08

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgOn April 23, 2008, just one day after personally serving Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant with notices under the Libel and Slander Act for his public comments about me, my complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission and CANACE co-founder Gary McHale, OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino appeared on the John Oakley Show on AM640 Toronto Radio and earned the right to a similar notice by falsely accusing us of being ‘involved’ in violence and having a violent agenda.

Bryant is served, CANACE helps Mayor Trainer expose a key OPP fabrication 

I served Bryant right before the start of his meeting with Haldimand Council on April 22/08 while he was going around the room shaking hands.

It was a bad day for Bryant; not only did he get sandbagged with defamation notices from me and McHale, he got nailed with some tough questions from Councillor Buck Sloat, and by Mayor Trainer who asked what may prove to be the most important question in Ontario’s history when she quoted from a legal opinion contained in a document (provided by CANACE) that was submitted to the Ipperwash Inquiry by none other than – ta da – the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General which clearly states that natives did NOT have the ‘colour of right’ defence in connection with their illegal occupation of Ipperwash Provincial Park. 

In other words, the OPP have been lying to land owners and native protesters with the full knowledge of the Ontario government. Watch for a new CANACE report shortly that will explain this and other legal misrepresentations being made to builders and municipalities. In the meantime, you can read the AG’s legal opinion and watch a delicious video of Bryant’s muddled, disjointed response to Mayor Trainer’s question on CWUC.

A transcript of Bryant’s answer can be found in the CANACE document shown below. The Minister wasn’t expecting to get caught with his pants down and boy, does it show. In essence, he told the Mayor he doesn’t care what the law says, he’s going to do it his way no matter how many innocent people get hurt in the process.

CANACE’s Caledonia Liaison Merlyn Kinrade got the last lick in on Bryant on the front steps of the Haldimand County offices where he shook the Minister’s hand and told him he had some more YouTube videos coming out. No doubt, Bryant was glad to get back to Queen’s Park for Question Period.

Fantino is served with the help of the Attorney General’s office

The Attorney General’s office saved us the trouble of serving Fantino at his home by agreeing to accept service on his behalf. The notices were sent on the evening of April 24th and read at 0846 hours the following morning.

Our notices to Bryant and Fantino under the Libel and Slander Act

Be sure to read the Fantino notices; they include testimony from OPP Detective John Murray, MPP Toby Barrett and Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer that puts the lie to Fantino’s outrageous assertions that we have a violent agenda. Oops.

By the way…

Guess who the Attorney General was at the time his Ministry told the Ipperwash Inquiry that natives can’t justify occupations under ‘colour of right?’ For the answer, see the following posts:

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality



2 responses to “CANACE founders hit back at Fantino/Bryant defamation

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux

    “OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino appeared on the John Oakley Show on AM640 Toronto Radio and earned the right to a similar notice by falsely accusing us of being ‘involved’ in violence and having a violent agenda.”

    Rudimentary partisan propagansit work there. Fantino was a loud mouthed oafish police spokes-thingie as TO’s police brass, I bet there’s cringing and regret in Queen’s Park he was made the salesman for McSkidmark’s racial-dichotomy politics.

    This kind of smear is endemic of banana republic political hegemon…it is obvious and certainly out of place in the Canadian political theater…then again McSkidmark has introduced a lot of 3rd world political ethos to the public panorama in this nation…Theatrical pseudo-judicial stage managed hearings to justify ad-hoc law and justice…Allende-like contempt for the legitimate courts and democratic bodies, Chavezian identity group politics… Junta-like administrative control and policing directives… so there is no surprise he was enamored of Fantino’s ability to bully like a banana republic generalissimo…but it is still embarrassing how bloody obvious it is.

  2. caledoniawakeupcall

    I wonder if Julian, McGuinty, and Bryant have figured out yet that we’re not a flash in the pan group who’s going to go away.

    When Merlyn shook Mr. Bryant’s hand as he was leaving, he explained to him that he’s ready to do more video’s. Bryant said he would be watching.

    I do hope Mr. Bryant enjoyed my feature “A minute with Michael” and that he will keep watching because Merlyn and I are just getting started.

    Jeff Parkinson