Spectator publishes McHale’s ‘blunt questions’ for Six Nations

gary_hospital-dec01-07-small.jpgThe Hamilton Spectator has published a letter from Gary McHale to the people of Six Nation asking some probing questions about their role in allowing native extremists to use Caledonia residents as ‘pawns.’

After working with Gary for more than 18 months I must say it is one of the best things he has ever written.

I especially like this quote since it echoes my own message to readers since the beginning of my involvement in the struggle to end race-based policing:

“The injustices of the past are used to explain the injustice of the present which can only lead to more injustice in the future. The cycle of violence must end. It is up to the good people of Six Nations to unite against the violent few who are found in any society. When that happens, all Canadians will see a clear demonstration of a true desire for peace.”

Hamilton Spectator, Letters to the Editor, Gary McHale, April 29/08: Blunt Questions

Well said. Very well said.

NOTE:  The photo of Gary McHale above was taken by me in the hospital following multiple, unprovoked assaults on him by members of Six Nations during a peaceful protest by residents at an illegal smoke shack on Dec 01/07. See CANACE calls for RCMP to take over investigation after Fantino blames victims of Caledonia violence.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality 



2 responses to “Spectator publishes McHale’s ‘blunt questions’ for Six Nations

  1. Hi! Mark,

    Gary’s questions were very well documented.

    I would like to add one other. Michael Bryant and McGuinty constantly refer to the Ipperwash Inquiry report to excuse their in-action on native lawlessness. Justice Linden was not asked to re-write law. He was asked ONLY to make recommendations on how to avoid violence in the future. Could it be illegal for the government to use the Ipperwash Report to excuse lack of law enforcement???? I do believe this report does NOT supercede laws made by the legislature, and that all laws are to be enforced equally in Ontario.


    VoC REPLY: You ask a very good question that illustrates some key points that the Opposition seems to be missing:

    1. The Ipperwash Inquiry does not have the force of law, and does not trump the Charter of Rights, or the courts with respect to Aboriginal Rights, Duty to Consult, or Colour of Right.

    When Bryant uses the Inquiry to defend the lawlessness, he’s trying -emphasis on trying – to make a ‘moral’ argument not a legal one. The only problem one has when trying to make a moral argument is that it has to be based on a genuine belief that arises from an honest set of facts, and NOT on an Inquiry that suppressed evidence of native crime and race-based policing that would have shown that Dudley George died because Two Tier Justice allowed native crime/violence to escalate.

    2. When a government’s ministers knowingly use a cover-up to allow lawlessness that has already injured and traumatized people and could well lead to someone’s death…well, if it’s not a crime, it should be.

    The only question I would pose is: if the Opposition parties knowingly sat on the evidence of the Ipperwash cover-up for more than a year, what is their culpability if someone dies? What about the media that still refuses to run the story? Will they like what they see when they look in the mirror?

    We have invested the last 18 months of our lives…you have invested 10 years of yours to try to prevent another tragedy like Ipperwash. Yet, here we are again at the brink. The Ipperwash recommendations are going to get someone killed and no one with the power to do anything about it will listen to the facts.

    Thanks for writing, ML. Regards, Mark

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Do you expect any answers that aren’t dripping with threats, hatred, racism, revisionist propaganda or victim-culture guilt peddling?

    If you do get an honest reasoned temperate answer, it probably will not be from any of the degenerate careerist hacks or criminals involved in the SN/FN public extortion rackets.