MPP Toby Barrett speaks at CANACE presentation

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgLast night we released our latest CANACE report, Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations, at our presentation to a packed house at the Lions Hall in Cayuga that included MPP Toby Barrett who talked about his trip to Deseronto, and thanked those who have done research and kept his office informed.

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Last night’s meeting was a milestone in that several business people stepped up in a big way to help us help their community. Things are changing…for the better! I’d sure like to be a fly on the wall in Fantino’s office today. Be sure to check out the story at the link above for a list of things you can do to help end race-based policing in Ontario.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research,
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

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5 responses to “MPP Toby Barrett speaks at CANACE presentation

  1. Hi! Mark,
    Just read an article in the Spec written by Sue Clairmont.
    Officers during the by-pass closure in Caledonia felt intimidated, and threatened by comments and the erratic driving of natives on ATVs.
    If these thugs can talk such threats to OPP, come close to their person with vehicles driving in a dangerous way, and also threaten members of their families, can you imagine what type of intimidation they are actually doing to innocent residents knowing the police will do nothing to help the victims at the time the crime is in the works????
    These officers need to stand up and be heard as well. This is reckless endangerment by Fantino in not dealing with the lawbreakers.
    This was no action of support for natives in Desoronto. It was a blatant excuse to engage in criminal victimization of police and citizens of this Province. How dare anyone continue to support and espew that these protesters are peaceful. Both levels of government need to be held accountable immediately before the summer recess.
    On a side note, glad to hear you finally have the support of the builders. I am sure they are thankfull to finally have someone listen to them and have a plan in place to attack the problems, and also in a legal manner.


  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Kudos on your foray into the realm of direct public educating Mark…Canadians in general need reality lessons but those who are constantly BSed by the various swindles at play in the SN shake down industry really need to be shown a path to fight back…legally against their oppressors.

    Hope this program bears fruit in the development industry reading the McSkidmark regime the riot act.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Bill. A builder in Cayuga signed a document giving CANACE permission to access his property today to gather evidence to be used to lay charges against the Floyd and Ruby Show and for lawsuits and complaints against OPP officers. We got some nice video and photos of the OPP standing by while the property was blocked again.

    The funniest video of the day is a toss-up: either Ruby telling us she has ‘colour of right’ and not to take her picture, or the Sergeant in command who told us that the builder’s title deed isn’t good enough to prove his ownership!

    The OPP and extortionists discovered, thanks to CANACE and a builder who isn’t going to roll over, that the game changed today. Stay tuned for a news release. Are you on Gary’s email list? If not, send him an email at

    Regards, Mark

  3. Watched the video on the builder’s request for Ruby to leave or be charged. The officer stated he was there only to maintain the peace. How is it fair that the builder must always back down losing money, his job, and livelihood where as the other side has nothing to lose?????

    Keeping the peace should never mean that someone on either side stands to go bankrupt and lose the ability to support his family.

    That threat of how many Indians do you want to kill to get your building done was totally uncalled for. Why can’t the natives just maintain the peace until negotiations are completed without making more victims?????


    VoC REPLY: Even after all this time, I was shocked at how little respect the OPP have for the Supreme Court, their own Attorney General’s opinion on Colour of Right, the Police Services Act, the Criminal Code and the Ontario land titles system. The sergeant in command even admitted that he’d read our report, so they know the truth. They know the law. They really don’t care. I might as well have been talking to a member of the DCE occupiers instead of an Ontario police officer. It was nothing short of outrageous. Fortunately…we have video.

    Check out Karen Best’s article in the Dunnville Chronicle today, May 14/08: Development grinds to a halt in Cayuga; Ruby Montour delivers ultimatum to developer: Comply with HDI or face permanent shut-down.

    Buck Sloat is talking about extortion and saying someone should do something. And Karen is talking about how CANACE is laying charges.

    Gotta go. Thanks for the comment. Mark

  4. Well, well…the famous Bill Montour ‘thank you’ letter surfaces after being in the hands of Michael Bryant for two weeks. Of course the letter is thanking Michael for intervening on behalf of SN in the recent Caledonia by-pass blockade of which the OPP were supposed to be in charge of operations. Strange how the OPP acted at Deseronto and not at Caledonia even though they themselves were being threatened to be carved up, killed, and their family members next. Fantino and Bryant of course deny government intervention in police matters, but the stench of that letter is overwhelming.

    An RCMP investigation needs to be done immediatley and Michael Bryant, Fantino and Rick Bartolucci need to step down until this is resolved. What a bunch of two-faced liars.

    It is past time to pay the piper for the manipulative and detrimental policies that have been in place taking this Province to destruction.


    VoC REPLY: Hi ML. The arrogance of the Liberals is beyond belief, isn’t it? Let’s also not forget that this isn’t the first time that Mikey is alleged to have interfered in policing; he was the Attorney General who OK’d the deals not to prosecute native criminals (David Ramsay) and not to call in the military to protect Caledonia (Monte Qwinter) back in 2006. See ‘$12M lawsuit: “Misfeasance” by OPP and Liberal ministers re agreements not to enforce law.‘ Thanks for writing, Mark

  5. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Mark said: “The funniest video of the day is a toss-up: either Ruby telling us she has ‘colour of right’ and not to take her picture”

    The only color on Ruby is the color of green in here eyes. 😉

    As for the most memorable comedy moment in that video I’d have to say it was that oafish atavist who accused you of “killing more of my people” by lawful owners refusing to submit to criminal extortion and fraud.

    That made my day. We should freeze frame that goof’s mug and put it on tee shirts with the caption Caledonia rage-boy…sort of a cousin to “Islamic Rage boy”.

    Just a thought, might help throw some merchandising revenue your way…might as well capitalize on the comical SN bogus “rage” which is really frustration over the failings of an extortion plot.