Brantford Council takes a stand while Haldimand dithers

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgOne of the saddest aspects of our struggle to restore the rule of law in Caledonia has been the consistent refusal of Haldimand Council as a group to take a stand on the side of justice.

  • They allowed themselves to be manipulated by OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino into being part of a secret ‘mutual understanding’ intended to blame Gary McHale for tensions in Caledonia despite him having committed no crime. (see also, Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations, Myth #3)
  • They allowed Julian Fantino to speak to Council after he threatened them to remain quiet, but refused to allow McHale, Kinrade and I to appear as a delegation in order to clear our names. 
  • On July 09/07 Council issued a silly press release blaming the federal government for the crisis in their community instead of holding McGuinty and the OPP for not enforcing the law – which is a provincial responsibility.
  • They refused to stand with15 year-old Dancer and the brother of Sam Gualtieri to speak at the pre-election October 08/07 ‘Remember Us’ March.
  • They refused to ratify Toby Barrett’s historic ‘Haldimand Proclamation for Peace, Order and Good Government.’
  • They recently cancelled a scheduled meeting with CANACE directors because ‘they were too busy’ and because ‘Council has no appetite to go after Michael Bryant’ – even after CANACE helped Mayor Trainer expose how the Ontario government – and Bryant in particular – has knowingly allowed the OPP to lie to landowners regarding the ‘Colour of Right’ myth. (see also, Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations, Myth #1, link below)
  • Not one member of Haldimand Council showed up to see our May 07/08 presentation of ‘Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations.’

It has been heartbreaking to watch. Even as the lawlessness escalates in their community and elsewhere in Ontario; even after we exposed the OPP and Ontario government for the liars they are, Council as a whole refuses to stand up for justice. It seems that, at every turn, when given an opportunity to do the right thing, Haldimand County turns away – to the detriment of its community.

Certainly there are some positive signs: Mayor Trainer has spoken out intermittently, and now, Buck Sloat has begun to demand that someone ‘do something.‘ [PDF] Councillor Sloat also asked some pointed questions of Michael Bryant during his recent visit , following which the Mayor quoted from the CANACE-supplied legal opinion from the Ontario Attorney General that says native occupiers have no defence under Colour of Right.

CANACE report: Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations, Myth #1:Colour of Right

Yes, there are some signs that Haldimand Council will one day realize the importance of taking advantage of the work being done by tireless volunteers who have risked much to protest against injustice, to gather the information, and disseminate it, but it is frustrating in the meantime that the people who are in the best position of all to make a difference – local municipal politicians – should be so determined not to know, so determined not to benefit from those who have never lied to them even once. 

In fairness, I do understand how they were misled into believing the worst about us. How could they have known that the Commissioner of the OPP would deliberately lie to them? How could they have known that the OPP was lying about Colour of Right with the full knowledge of the Ontario government? The lies are so enormous and so sweeping in their implications, what municipal politician would have been willing to take our word over that of respected police officers and politicians?

Brantford takes a stand while Haldimand dithers

I have to confess that I never even considered the possibility that the City of Brantford would take a strong stand against landclaim lawlessness, especially since the city’s Mayor reneged on a room-rental agreement with Gary McHale, thereby forcing him to speak on the grass under streetlights on October 05/06 where he was viciously heckled by supporters of the DCE thugs as he tried to explain why he was organizing the inaugural March for Freedom.  It was this spectacle that made me realize how important it was to Canada that race-based policing and native extremism be confronted. It caused me to produce my first – and only – movie, ‘MARCH FOR FREEDOM.’

Brantford seemed firmly in the grip of those hostile to justice and common human decency when the Brantford Expositor used lyrics from a Christmas carol to make fun of Gary McHale’s injuries suffered at the hands of a swarm of native smokeshack thugs on Dec 01/07. (The Expositor and their owners, Osprey Media, refused to apologize for the editorial and refused to meet with us.)

So, what a pleasant surprise it is to find that Brantford Council has united to pass two by-laws directed at stopping illegal blockages of construction sites, and illegal demands for money by the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI). The by-laws were passed on May 12/08 and, according to the Brantford Expositor, Mayor Hancock – the same Mayor Hancock who cancelled Gary McHale’s room rental agreement – had this to say:

“Mayor Mike Hancock said it Tuesday: the city is reasserting its authority over planning and will not tolerate Six Nations acting as another level of government in the city.”

Brantford Expositor editorial, May 14/08: A city out of patience [REPRINT]

I wonder if the good mayor has been reading our recent CANACE report: Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations which was released on May 07/08?

Now, no one should be under any illusions that a couple of by-laws will do what the Brantford Police have refused to do; after all, if the police won’t enforce the Criminal Code, how would the City’s by-law enforcement unit do so? Still, the important message that Brantford sent to Six Nations and the Ontario government is that they will not allow themselves to be lied to by the province, and will not submit to extortion and mischief. Wow. Well done, Mayor Hancock and Council.

I hope the people of Haldimand are watching and wondering why their own politicians continue to dither impotently in disunity as their town is in crisis all the while persisting in listening to those who have been subverting justice and lying through their teeth about it for over two years. May you all find unity soon.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


3 responses to “Brantford Council takes a stand while Haldimand dithers

  1. Dear Mark,

    What a mess. Michael Bryant can only verbally run down a Federal MP who had the nerve to call the HDI tactics extortion. He was incensed to hear this term from guess what— an outsider.

    All of Haldimand is in a Catch 22. The Liberal government itself has declared HDI illegal, but will do nothing to stop it. However, anyone else with any brains who comments in agreement it is illegal is insulted. The fiasco continues with more money thrown at natives to give them a level playing field. I would say the citizens are the compromised ones who do not have a level playing field.
    What does the government intend to do for them other than allow them to be victims and go bankrupt. Michael Bryant and the Liberals are lying to prevent a death of a native. They continually refer to the Mike Harris government as interferring with OPP operations when the Inquiry proved this did not occur. Harris should be threatening to sue them again for slander.

    The Liberals have been at the helm for almost five years and have created more detrimental policies and corrupt activities than any other government in native land disputes before them. Ontario is no longer yours to Discover, It is yours to Recover from.

    Someone will get killed and I know the government will have no concerns if it is a non-native. Just like they have totally ignored the Gaultieri situation and the attempted murder of the OPP officer with a SUV. Brantford council has taken a huge step to show the government they cannot continue as is. This will not work if the police will not act.

    People cannot be expected to be patient and understanding while being victimized indefinitely. How dare Michael Bryant tell a Federal MP that he should not have to do his job for him. How dare Michael Bryant refuse to protect the innocent residents of this Province and NOT do his job. He is behaving like a Neanderthal.


    VoC REPLY: The OPP and the Liberals are knowingly subverting the justice system in Ontario. They know there is no legal justification for their actions, but they simply don’t care. The PCs are starting to find their voice, so let’s hope they keep the pressure on.

    I can tell you that the federal government is starting to take notice; we have confirmation that CANACE reports have begun to circulate in Ottawa and are ‘causing quite a stir.’ Perhaps the Harper government will send some help for Ontario and do whatever is necessary to force the McGuinty government to obey the law.

    We will continue our non-violent resistance until sanity returns to Ontario. Thanks for writing, ML. Mark

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Not surprising a self interested mook like Sloat only changes his opinion when these crows come to roost and dump on his nest…typical NIMBY hypocrite.

    VoC REPLY: Our sources tell us Councillor Sloat has tried to be supportive to developers. He and another member of council even went to a meeting with the HDI with one of them. Unfortunately, the developer was the most prepared person in the room because we had supplied him with the information re the Haida Nation decision and Colour of Right material (before our Cayuga presentation) – material that Council is ‘too busy’ to listen to.

    For some reason, Council keeps backing itself into a corner to nowhere – it’ll listen to Fantino and Bryant even though it’s become clear to everyone they’ve been lying all along, but it won’t listen to the people who have invested thousands of hours into gaining knowledge that could make a difference. Go figure. As I said, though, I do understand – to a degree – why they initially trusted an OPP Commissioner and a cabinet minister over us; what I don’t understand is, now they know they’ve been lied to, why they don’t want to confront the liars. Thanks for writing, WL. Mark

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    “what I don’t understand is, now they know they’ve been lied to, why they don’t want to confront the liars.”

    Probably because the “liars” hold the purse strings and allocate the transfers…an allocation process which is now obviously a political partisan patronage process.

    Just a guess. 😉