Caledonia resident: What do we tell our kids?

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpgThe letter below was published by both The Regional and The Sachem. It was also sent to the Hamilton Spectator. None of the founders of CANACE had known or met the writer before receiving an advance copy of his letter.

What do we tell our kids?

by Mark Delio 

I’m always amused at all the posturing and name-calling that surrounds the controversy about land claims, native’s rights, blockades, and the like. While not everyone likes the methods he uses, Gary McHale, and the website he started,, is still a very effective tool for exposing the government’s one-sided racially motivated handling of the situation.

It matters not what side you sit on, or who you think is right or wrong, the facts speak for themselves, and have been for over two years now. Without a doubt there is a double standard being exercised by the government and the OPP when it comes to fairness, the rule of law, and the appropriate response to trouble. 

A great number of people in Caledonia and the surrounding areas would love nothing more than to see this all go away. They’d like to bury their heads in the sand, forget the names, forget the faces, turn the clocks back a couple of years and pretend that all is well. That same attitude was prevalent in the late ’60’s when the likes of a couple of guys named King and Lennon were making people uncomfortable with their messages of peaceful protest and equal rights. Their messages don’t seem so crazy now, do they?

I don’t for one moment think that Mr. McHale is in the same league, but someone has to try and keep the torches burning, and he has managed to do that. For that he deserves a lot of credit, as does Merlyn Kinrade, Mark Vandermaas, and the rest of that group. At every corner the powers-that-be have been trying desperately to silence the complainers, or expose them in a manner that brings criticism and ridicule from government leaders, the media, and from the very people they’re trying to protect. At every corner they have turned a blind eye to the law-breaking of one group, based on racial profiling, and tried to enforce the full weight of the law on others. Is it any wonder that they are now being called before the Human Rights Commission to explain their two-tiered methods?

Is it any wonder that the small group that continues to try and stop the government from sweeping Caledonia under the carpet, as they have done to Ipperwash, has to resort to human rights complaints to have their voices heard? When the traditional protectors of our rights, the police and the government, openly refuse to uphold the law and protect those rights, who else can you turn to? Should the people of Caledonia start filing complaints with the United Nations, as the natives have?  All is not well in this province, and in this country for that matter, but no one seems to be noticing.

Somewhere, at some time, governments have become unaccountable to the people that have elected them, especially in this post-9/11 world we’ve been kidnapped by.  Somehow they’ve managed to throw away the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the very fabric that used to make our society the greatest in the world, exchanging it for the heavy-handedness of the taser, the pepper spray, the SWAT team. More and more they tell us what we will do, not what they’d like us to do, regardless of the wishes of the majority. Somehow they’ve become dictatorial and refuse to listen. Their new agenda has become the furthest thing from democracy as one can get. When will it end? What do we still have to look forward to? What do we tell our kids?  

Mark Delio


VoC comment

Thank you Mr. Delio – for defending us and for defending democracy. We are profoundly grateful.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


5 responses to “Caledonia resident: What do we tell our kids?

  1. Awesome letter.
    I am deeply moved by this man’s candor and common sense.


    VoC REPLY: As are we all. Merlyn reports that he is receiving some good feedback regarding Mr. Delio’s letter. Regards, Mark

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Mr. Delio has his optics unclouded and focused on the primary causes of civil strife:

    1) A government prepared to breach the constitution and rule of law

    2) A government that has adopted Marxist race based policies and identity group politics, abandoning the inherent legal equality of individuals under liberal democratic rule of law.

    You can scold Fantino for his bumbling attempts at justifying race based policing.

    You can chide Bryant for being a hypocrite and enacting policy diametrically opposed to his legal beliefes and duty as the province’s top prosecutor.

    You can rail against native criminals taking advantage of the civil justice gap created by race based policy implementation….but at the end of the day the buck stops at the premier’s office where all these policies are initiated and rubber stamped.

    It’s time opposition members pulled McGuinty out from hiding under his desk and confront him with his gross malfeasance.

    We are seeing the start of this but the confrontation must include the backing and force of the courts as this breach by government is so constitutionally serious.

    Dalton McGuinty, will you man-up and correct this rule of law malfeasance or do the courts have to make you comply with your constitutional duty?

    To Mr. Delio I say: thank you sir, for forcing us to stare at the inconvenient truth. Canada is a constitutionally weak nation in the onslaught of the bureaucratic rush to autocratic unaccountable statism, we need an impeachment and recall mechanism more now than any charter guarantee. Without forced public accountability of power, a charter is worthless paper. Governments will breach it when ever they feel they can get away with it….like they did at Caledonia.

    VoC REPLY: Hi WL. I liked your comment so much that I turned it into a post of its own:
    Thanks. Mark

  3. As long as land claims are being controlled and negotiated in back rooms where the government can manipulate the proceedings, Big Brother will be alive and well in Canada. At least for the non-natives caught up in the mess. They always say “we need to get the natives to the negotiating table” well, what about the non-natives that are involved? The government makes it seem like the issues are between the government and the Natives only. There are a lot of non-native people affected by these land claims but the public is not made aware of it.

    Michael Bryant says the best way to deal with land claims is through negotiation. This enables the government to reveal to the public what they want them to know. If it is done in the courts, everything, sooner or later, becomes public and this is what the government is afraid of. The problem is that most people caught up in land claim issues can’t afford to go to court and are subjected to unfair mediations. An inquiry, a report, a mediation result, or anything else that is manufactured by the government doesn’t mean anything if it is only the government that has their say.

    The public has been subjected to a deluge of propaganda from the government and the media in regard to native issues. I find the CBC (radio) to be the worst offender. There is rarely a day goes by that there isn’t something being reported in regard to Native issues. All the press about their entitlement as Native people and how Natives have been mistreated has swayed public opinion into believeing they’re entitled to everything they claim, unconditionally. Why would anyone care about Caledonia or non-native land claim victims? They deserve it, right?

    I myself have been involved in a Native land claim for the last 12 years, yes 12. There is no end in sight and the federal government is doing everything it can to support the Native claim. There is no regard to how this affects my life. I fear the agenda the government has given the lawyers they hire. The message is win at all cost regardless of evidence or what is right.

    I have found Wake up call, a very useful site for information. To know that I am not the only one that is having their rights violated is also sadly comforting. The only thing I find a little disturbing is that you seem to have let the federal government off the hook or have at least lost focus about their place in all of this. It is understandable in light of all the other issues you deal with.

    I’m afraid the only way the public will ever begin to realize how fragile their liberties and freedoms are would be if they themselves become involved in a Native land claim.

    They have no idea.

    D Dobson

    Sauble Beach

    VoC REPLY: Hi ‘D.’ Thanks for the comment. re the feds: policing is a provincial responsibility, not a federal one. Have a look at the letters to/from politicians in Section ‘H’ of The Ipperwash Papers. Having said that, I believe the Feds have a moral, if not legal, duty to ensure that the provinces uphold the Criminal Code and the Constitution. I would hope they would do so. I have been advised that at least 20 copies of CANACE reports have been circulated in Ottawa and are ‘causing quite a stir.’

    As for the feds settling landclaims, I try to stay out of discussing land claims, but I have learned enough to know that there are many reasons why settlements could be delayed that are not the fault of the feds. My only position is that the province has to enforce the law until the feds and natives reach an agreement.

    Thanks for compliments and the comment. Good luck with your situation. You might want to read Mary-Lou’s history of Ipperwash and the claim against the West Beach area at The Ipperwash Papers site. See document A-1 and Section ‘C’ in the Document Index (link above). Mark

  4. It is interesting how a few people have always been able to sift through the clouds of pointless theoretical debris conveniently wrapped in a circular argument.

    Delio sees it as do more and more citizens.

    The Brantford EXpositor is writing articles that we have seen for over a year. I guess it takes time for reality to settle in. There is no more room for discussion, definitive action is required to stop the slide into a Police State disguised as the protective Big Brother.

    Unfortunately, Canadians are incapable of this thought process. Say goodnight.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the comment Mark. We are taking even more definitive action; keep the faith and keep watching. It doesn’t take many people to make a difference. Note to readers; this ‘Mark’ is not the same ‘Mark Delio.’ Regards, Mark.

  5. Jim Anderson

    Mr Delio has summed up nicely what You, Gary, Jeff and Merlyn have been highlighting for months now.

    Finally through your unrelenting efforts at public education, media exposure and court challenges others are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Four average people, all except one outsiders have worked hard to make a difference.

    We can all learn through Mark’s, Gary’s, Jeff’s and Merlyn’s lead to confront the pretenders and force the police and politicians into doing their jobs., especially when it comes to the fundamental rule of Law.

    Without this basic Rule of Law our society will break down and lead us into total anarchy.

    I thank leaders like Gary, Mark, Jeff and Merlyn for all of their work, dedication to details and the super efforts they have all made to effect a change in government attitudes.

    Without the threat of the private prosecutions it is doubtful that the recent arrests we have seen would have happened. We only have to review the events of the past two years to verify that since no meaningful arrests or convictions were made in relation to the many acts of terrorism ,assault and violence committed by the Native Protesters until Gary, Mark, Jeff and Merlyn started to file their own private prosecutions.

    I thank your dedicated group for all you have done to highlight the importance of Law and Justice and the difference you have made through your efforts and I hope you keep up the fight.

    I look forward to working with you all again when I get back.

    Jim Anderson

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the compliments Jim, but we didn’t do it alone; we did it with the help of people like you who showed up at every protest, who wrote letters, acted as witnesses, supplied vital information, etc.

    Jim is the step-father of Caledonia music school owner Chris Syrie, and was there when Chris went toe-to-toe with the native thug who threw his Canadian flag on the ground on Jan 10/07. Be sure to see VIDEO EVIDENCE: Two Tier Justice – By the Numbers.

    Jim has volunteered to spend the summer providing technical support for a cross-Canada fundraising drive for some very promising spinal cord research being led by McMaster University. The trip lasts 88 days, beginning June 10/08 in Victoria, BC and ending up in St. John’s NL on Sept 05/08. Be sure to check out for more details. Be sure to see the ‘Marathon’ movie that explains how close the program is to being able to repair spinal cords in humans.

    Good luck to you and the Wheel-to-Walk Marathon, Jim!

    P.S. I put up a new post about you and the WTW marathon: Wheel-to-Walk Marathon has Caledonia connection