Carie Walker & Sachem ‘get it right’

Due to some other pressing projects and some sick time I only recently came across a very special news report that resulted from our protest at Fantino’s home in Woodbridge on March 02/08. It is a remarkable bit of journalism written by Carie Walker, a reporter for the Grand River Sachem. ‘Remarkable’ in that Ms. Walker actually invested more than 2 hours with me over the phone after the protest in an effort to understand my motivations, my actions and the evidence we have to back up our position.

The only other reporter to ever have done so was the journalism student who interviewed me at length regarding my opinions on how the media have covered the Caledonia issue. It was quite apparent that Walker ‘got it’ as evidenced by the opening paragraph to her story that captured the essence of why I/we protest against landclaim lawlessness and race-based policing:

“If past injustice legitimizes future injustices, then injustice will eventually become legitimate. This was the rationale behind the actions of protesters who took their case to the home of OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino last weekend.” 

The Sachem, Carie Walker, Mar 07/08: Fantino not home for rally [PDF]

In addition to accurately articulating my motivation for getting involved, it was also – to the best of my knowledge – the first newspaper in Ontario to talk at length about the Ipperwash Papers project.

Thanks to Carie Walker and the Sachem for a well-researched and factual article. I apologize for not acknowledging it earlier.

Jeff Parkinson video from Fantino home protest

Coinciding nicely with this post, Jeff Parkinson recently put together a short film about our visit to Fantino’s home on March 02/08 that expresses the message we sent that day to the Commissioner of the OPP. It shows first, Doug Fleming and then, Merlyn Kinrade putting up the flags on hydro poles across the street from Fantino’s home, signifying that Canadians will not be intimidated into abandoning their rights, and that even the most powerful police officer in Ontario couldn’t stop us from exercising those rights even at his own home.

One of the best videos ever made during this struggle, and it’s only 1:45 minutes long! Jeff’s timing and choice of music will send chills down your spine.

CANACE video, March 02/08: Fantino home protest  [DIAL-UP]  

One response to “Carie Walker & Sachem ‘get it right’

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Too bad this Journalkist writes for a weekly with 28K subscribers. I applaud her integrity.

    One wonders if journaistic integrity diminishes proportionally to higher distribution and subscriber numbers:

    This would sem to be true if the total lack of interest by the big dailies in the background reasons and personal motivators of the government protest leaders actually is…all I have seen is the press blindly accept what the government flunkies tell them your motives are.

    Lets add balance and objectivity to moral courage in the traits lacking in GTA Press.

    VoC REPLY: What was interesting about Carie Walker is that she didn’t really think she was doing anything special by taking time to ask me questions and review evidence and writing a factual article that reflected the truth about me, my motivations and our evidence. She could teach some of the ‘big boys’ a lesson about Journalism 101. Mark