Cayuga builder authorizes CANACE to gather evidence against native occupiers

CANACE co-founders Gary McHale, Mark Vandermaas, Jeff Parkinson and Merlyn Kinrade were invited by a Cayuga builder to gather evidence for the purpose of laying criminal charges against native protesters who have demanded money and the signing over of their title deed to Six Nations in return for ending the blockade of their property.

Please see CANACE news item, ‘Cayuga builder authorizes CANACE to gather evidence for criminal charges.’ This article contains links to media stories and video.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality



2 responses to “Cayuga builder authorizes CANACE to gather evidence against native occupiers

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux

    I saw the video of the evidence gathering foray…priceless…the vacant android cop repeating the mantra his political overlords programmed him with:

    ( do your duty…are you going to do your duty and uphold the law?…No I keep the peace)

    The duplicity and hypocrisy of this cop’s statement totally eluding his realm of consciousness, perhaps his civil conscience has been compromised by nepotistic promises of political perks, promotion and early pension?

    Funny, a cop who can’t see that “keeping the peace” and “law enforcement” are mutually exclusive concepts ….it was morbidly satiric the fraudulent justifications the police political brass have indoctrinated the ranks with…watching them spew this inane rationale in the presence of lawlessness. That made a stunningly shocking image. I wish that footage made it to TV news casts.

    …And poor pathetic delusional old Ruby and the band of atavists that surrounded her making demands like a demented emperor from an asylum as the cop joins in her dementia claiming a deed in isufficient evidence of ownership…..I spit coffee over my keyboard that one. Classic situational comedy

    I wonder if the Zuker brothers stole their ideas for “Police Squad” from watching these OPP “keep the peace”?. Police Squad’s Frank Drebin seems to parallel Fantino’s fumbling and bumbling in a lot of spooky coincidental ways.

    This type of surreal bizarre theater you can’t write…it can only come from impromptu glimpses of a real dystopia. Get this video into media distribution. Shockingly funny!

    VoC REPLY: Hi WL. Yes, it was sickeningly funny – a deed from the province isn’t proof of ownership, but Ruby’s assertions are enough to convince him. Yeah.

    You should see the video of the same OPP sergeant asking me why we were taking pictures of the natives! I felt as though I were living in a Salvador Dali painting.

    As for getting the video on TV, the media doesn’t generally care unless there’s blood or flames. Mark

  2. Murray Hilton

    Good morning (I hope) to you Mark.

    I am most grateful that CANACE is now representing a builder, or hopefully many builders. My guess is that as soon as one person has a form of logical opposition to this terrible ongoing fiasco, there will be a large group ‘Jumping Onboard’ to fight this illegal Criminal activity and property blockades that go unanswered by the rather useless OPP.

    WL certainly does have a total, all encompassing grasp on all that is going on and words things in a most enlightening manner.

    Your last sentence in the VoC REPLY says what you had intended, but it also says more perhaps, than was intended. “The general Media is there for the blood and flames”.

    In my words, “Unless the Ont. Government and the OPP do the correct and right thing ‘For All Ontarians’, and start to see ‘the error of their ways’ and begin to uphold the laws; the Media will certainly get their “Blood and Flames”, plus the proverbial ‘Pound of Flesh’ to write about.

    Question: Is it too late already? Let’s hope that it’s not too late; but the longer the OPP and the Wimpy Government of McDinky wait to do the CORRECT THING, by UPHOLDING THE LAWS FOR ALL, the more difficult a peaceful conclusion will be. We are well aware that the Terrorist Natives (a small percentage) do not want a peace; they want violence, that’s just their nature.

    Keep up the great coverage of what’s REALLY HAPPENING in Ontario; many thanks.

    Murray Hilton

    VoC REPLY: Hi Murray. We’ve received word that the City of Brantford is asking the Superior Court to notify the Attorney General that the city wants the Canadian Forces on standby.

    Brantford Expositor, May 23/08: City wants Armed Forces on notice; Physical confrontation and disturbance of the peace or riot is inevitable and imminent, says motion seeking injunction

    For nearly two years we have worked to try to stop landclaim violence, but even today, major media outlets refuse to report the truth about the Ipperwash Inquiry. The OPP refuse to prosecute native criminals who attack police (don’t let the Deseronto arrests fool you; there were plenty of assaults on police in Caledonia on Dec 01/07 for which not a single arrest has been made).

    The OPPA is blaming McGuinty for not having enough OPP officers. Fantino falsely blames us for violence that we were victimized by, but all the while the OPP and the OPPA have known that the the real dangers to their officers are from native extremists who are being allowed to assault and threaten officers at will.

    We have devoted thousands of hours to try to prevent violence, but few in positions of leadership wanted to listen. Contrary to what you might think, while we are pleased that Brantford is taking action, we lament the fact that things have been allowed to deteriorate so badly to this inevitable result.

    The media which has refused to expose the Ipperwash cover-up will show up to take pictures if there is violence and flames. Then, they will begin writing their self-righteous editorials wondering disingenuously about how the politicians and police could ever have been allowed to get so close to the abyss. I say, Phooey! If people are injured it will be on their heads, on McGuinty’s head, on Fantino’s head and on the head of every single OPP officer who ‘was just following orders.’

    I curse you all today.