PCs pound Bryant over alleged interference in Caledonia policing


The Ontario PCs pounded Michael Bryant this week over alleged interference with the OPP in connection with the 4 day Six Nations highway blockade that began on April 25/08. The blockade was begun to force the OPP to stop arresting native protesters in Deseronto. During the blockade, natives threatened to ‘carve up’ OPP officers and kill their families.

On April 29/08 MPP Toby Barrett questioned why arrests were made in Deseronto and not in Caledonia. 

On May 07/08 Toby Barrett came out to speak at our presentation in Cayuga where we released our latest CANACE report, ‘Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations’ (link above).

This week he and PC leader Bob Runciman have been pounding on Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant, calling for his resignation for his alleged role in interfering with the OPP in the Caledonia/Deseronto confrontations:

Our compliments to Mr. Barrett and Mr. Runciman for sinking their teeth into those responsible for the outrageous state of affairs in Ontario with respect to land claim lawlessness.

Not the first time Bryant has allegedly interfered with policing in Caledonia

On behalf of CANACE I sent emails – with follow-up calls – to the Queen’s Park offices of Toby Barrett, Bob Runciman and Tim Hudak to advise them of some important developments that are occurring behind the scenes, and to remind them of the allegations in the Brown/Chatwell suit regarding Michael Bryant’s role in approving deals not to prosecute native criminals and not to call in the military to protect Caledonia.

Hopefully, the PCs will raise this earlier alleged police interference in the Legislature.

The PCs did a bang-up job this week on behalf of the people of Ontario, and I look forward to more of the same until this bankrupt excuse of a government is forced to account for its fraud on the people of Ontario. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to read the latest CANACE report, ‘Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations‘ – it reveals the utter lack of legal justification for race-based policing.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality 



2 responses to “PCs pound Bryant over alleged interference in Caledonia policing

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Yes I see that as I follow provincial hansard.

    I also note that the speaker saved the bacon of these lying weasels each time by limiting follow up/supplimental questioning.

    This is a good tac by the PCs…they are actually discovering what a real and effective opposition is supposed to look and act like.

    If they keep hammering Bryant, and McGuinty on they will crack because this scandal is too big to hide…and at the same time this makes the PCs an effective opposition in the public eye , which is good training for a government in waiting.

    I can’t figure how the PCs went totally to sleep the last 4 years in the legislature and on the election trail…it’s like they were sleep walking with no purpose or direction…people want a government that acts on its convictions and the PCs sent out no signals what their convictions were by sitting on their butts while Mc Guinty emptied the treasury, broke a hundred election promises and installed race politics in stead of rule of law creating a civil morass that is now effecting the deeding system and development investment capital…the silence the last 2 years from the PCs was deafening.

    Perhaps this is the start of a re-focus on core PC vales and policy.

    VoC REPLY: Hopefully this is the emergence of some real opposition to McGuinty in the Legislature. They’ve given him a free ride for far too long. Thanks WL. Mark

  2. It appears to me that the opposition was intent on letting McGuinty off the hook until all the new raises they agreed with kicked in.

    Although I am grateful for the attention now on the antics of Michael Bryant and company, I am offended that Caledonia and native lawlessness as a whole was never the important topic of the day. Too many victims have suffered too long for the complacency exhibited on both sides of the house. I do not know how any of the parties can sleep at night knowing the havoc they have caused with their complacency. There can definitely be no excuses now for their lack of action. Let’s see who really steps up to the plate and doesn’t give up. Two more years of the previous crap of two years will put this Province and all who live here in ruins. What does it take to get Canadians off their ass long enough to look around and see what is happening. Perhaps the government is drugging our water.


    VoC REPLY: We’ve certainly had a few false starts, so let’s hope the PCs do intend to start using all the evidence we know they have at their disposal. In the meantime, I’ll keep drinking Coke. Thanks Mary-Lou. Mark