VoC reader to Caledonia resident: ‘Thank you, sir’


This post began as a comment to ‘Caledonia resident: What do we tell our kids?‘ – a letter to the editor by Caledonia resident Mark Delio. I liked WL’s take on Mr. Delio’s letter so much I thought it deserved a post of its own.

Mr. Delio has his optics unclouded and focused on the primary causes of civil strife:

1) A government prepared to breach the constitution and rule of law

2) A government that has adopted Marxist race based policies and identity group politics, abandoning the inherent legal equality of individuals under liberal democratic rule of law.

You can scold Fantino for his bumbling attempts at justifying race based policing.

You can chide Bryant for being a hypocrite and enacting policy diametrically opposed to his legal beliefes and duty as the province’s top prosecutor.

You can rail against native criminals taking advantage of the civil justice gap created by race based policy implementation….but at the end of the day the buck stops at the premier’s office where all these policies are initiated and rubber stamped.

It’s time opposition members pulled McGuinty out from hiding under his desk and confront him with his gross malfeasance.

We are seeing the start of this but the confrontation must include the backing and force of the courts as this breach by government is so constitutionally serious.

Dalton McGuinty, will you man-up and correct this rule of law malfeasance or do the courts have to make you comply with your constitutional duty?

To Mr. Delio I say: thank you sir, for forcing us to stare at the inconvenient truth. Canada is a constitutionally weak nation in the onslaught of the bureaucratic rush to autocratic unaccountable statism, we need an impeachment and recall mechanism more now than any charter guarantee. Without forced public accountability of power, a charter is worthless paper. Governments will breach it when ever they feel they can get away with it….like they did at Caledonia.

WL Mackenzie Redux
The Reformer’s Firebrand


VoC comment

Yes, indeed, it’s time that the Opposition drag McGuinty out from under his desk by the scruff of his neck, and if he won’t come out, they need to ask the RCMP and federal Attorney General to help make it happen. Enough of race based policing! Enough of ignoring the Supreme Court! Enough of ignoring the Police Services Act! Enough of ignoring the Human Rights Code! Enough of ignoring the courts! Enough of ignoring the Criminal Code. ENOUGH!!!

There is much more than enough evidence to show that the McGuinty government has perpetrated the greatest fraud in Canadian history over the last two years in terms of human and economic costs. If you don’t believe it, please see ‘CANACE report: Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations.’ If the Opposition isn’t up to the job of forcing McGuinty to respect the law, then the feds need to get involved using whatever tools they have, including emergency legislation if necessary.

I agree with WL – Some form of impeachment mechanism is needed to force accountability when there is sufficient evidence that a government is out of control.  I submit that there must be some form of legislation to give teeth to the Charter of Rights, either to make it a criminal offence to violate someone’s Charter rights and/or to allow the federal government/RCMP to intervene when a provincial government has abandoned the law.

This crap has gone far enough, and it must never happen again.

P.S. We have confirmation that at least 20 copies of 4 CANACE reports are circulating in Ottawa and are ‘causing quite a stir.’

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality 




One response to “VoC reader to Caledonia resident: ‘Thank you, sir’

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux

    I’m humbled that my small effort appears to have started a constitutionally responsible government revival movement.

    No More Malfeasance!!

    As far as impeachment and recall are concerned, these are tall ticket items taking changes in the federal and provincial constitutions and elections acts. gettting bipartisan buy-in will be nearly impossible.

    We can (despite what yankee-haters say) learn from some of the public accountability mechanisms in place in the US…particularly their lesser jurisdictions like state and city level governing acountability…in many states any citizen can file a complaint ( we call them an information here) with a state court judge alleging malfeasant or unconstitutional acts by an elected official. The Judge reviews the information and witnesses/evidence then if it appears legitimate hands it to a prosecuter’s special investigation team for evidence gathering…if a case is there, the state or feds may prosecute depending on what statutes or constituional breeches took place. ( remember Americans elect their local judges and prosecutors)

    This is defacto impeachment because as soon as the court puts the crooked poli under investigation he is suspended from public office until after his trial…if convicted he is either fined or jailed and his constiuency has a by-election.

    I like 2 things about this system:

    1) it is citizen initiated [anyone can file the complaint]

    2) The courts and state MUST act if malfeasance in office is evident. The State initiates action.

    It would take just a change in Provincial statute to implement this at a local level…wonder why polis of all stripes deny this?

    Could it be that they know ALL politicians are malfeasant at some time?